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Word count: 1444

Part 3

You spent weeks in your room at the Salvatore’s house because you felt safe there. Safer than anywhere else and you knew if Kai came for you again, no one would let him do that. You couldn’t figure out what Kai wanted with you and why he did those terrible things to you. It wasn’t enough that you  were thinking about it all day and every day, you even had nightmares about Kai trapping you and siphoning you. You stopped counting the times you woke up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat because of that. But you couldn’t spend the rest of your life hiding inside the house. You had to move and live your life, even if that meant running into Kai and come face to face with him.

You were sitting on the grass in front of the Salvatore’s house, reading a book. Your skin soaking up the sun light. You weren’t concentrating on anything but the book, but when you heard a well know voice, you looked up and saw a person that was last on the list of people you ever wanted to face again.

‘Hi’ Kai said as he started approaching you slowly.

'Stay away from me!’ You said with a raised voice and closed your book.

'Please, let me explain-’

'There’s nothing to explain!’ You stood up, walking towards the house, Kai following you.

'Please, I-’ he didn’t even finish his sentence. You slammed the doors and leaned against them. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes for a minute or two.

'Everything ok?’ Damon asked, standing in front of you.

'Yeah, yeah, everything is just… fine..’ you said as you walked straight into the living room and sat on the couch, opening your book again.

You knew it was pointless to hide from Kai all the time, but you just couldn’t find yourself to face him and tell him everything he deserved to hear. You weren’t even focusing on the book anymore. You were turning pages in the book, but you weren’t even reading them. Who knows what was the last page you actually read so you closed the book and looked up to find Kai standing right there in front of you.

'Damon?’ You said as you looked around.

'Just listen what he has to say.’ Damon said, crossing his arms.

'Oh, so what, you two are like best buddies now? Awesome.’ You said sarcastically.

'Hey, listen’ Kai started talking as he sat down next to you, really closely. He ran his fingers through his hair, clearely unsure of what he wanted to say.

'Spit it out!’ Damon said, looking at Kai.

'I'm… really sorry. For everything I ever did to you. But  mostly I’m sorry for the last thing I did to you.’ Kai said, looking at you. By the look on his face, he really looked like he was sorry and telling the truth but you weren’t completely sure of that. You weren’t saying anything. You kept looking at him, processing words he just said.

'So…’ Kai said, but you just got up and went upstairs to your room. You couldn’t find the words, you couldn’t focus on anything, everything from that day when Kai took you came flooding back. Generally, you weren’t that scared of him, the thing that was scary, is he could siphon all of your magic and then you’d die. He could do it while you’re asleep, but then again, something deep down inside you was telling you that maybe there really is something good inside him that cared about other people, but maybe you were wrong. Maybe it was like that because he merged with Luke. He surely wouldn’t have apologize to you when he was just Kai.

'Hey’ you turned around and saw him, standing right there, leaning against the door frame, looking at you.

'Hi.’ You said, crossing your arms, not taking any steps closer to Kai.

'So how about we talk in private, like here, where Dam-’ he tried to take a step and come into your room, when he did that it bounced him back again to where he was standing.

'I put a spell on this room so…’ you said proudly, lifting your hair up into a ponytail. 'And Damon can still hear us even if we’re up here. He has super hearing, remember?’

'Did you forget that I’m a heretic? You know, a vampire and a siphoner that could suck up any magic? Including, the one you put on this room?’ Kai whispered, you could barely hear him, but then again somehow his words were loud and clear.

'I didn’t forget. You just won’t do that now. You apologized and you don’t wanna hurt me anymore so, what would be the point of you getting into this room?’ You said proudly, this time feeling more confident and managing to keep your heartbeat as still as possible. Kai kept looking at you, a smile appearing on his face. 'Acting brave, aren’t we?’ He cocked his head to the left, with that familiar grin that’s always on his face.

'I’m not acting anything.’ You said, stepping closer to him. 'I am brave.’ You whispered, standing in front of him, only a few inches seperating you. His tall figure towered over you.

'You are, except when it comes to me.’

'Can you blame me? You hurt me, Kai. That’s why I don’t want to face you ever again.’ You said, as you stepped back, playing with your fingers.

'If you’re not afraid of me, why are you hiding here with a spell on this room?’ Kai asked, waiting for your answer which seemed like it took you forever to say.

'Fine’ you waved your hand, taking the spell off, as you saw Kai slowly stepping inside the room, each second getting closer and closer. With every step forward, you took a step back until your back faced the wall and there was no way to go from there. Your breathing was suddenly shallow, Kai being that close caused some sort of mixed emotions that you couldn’t explain, but it wasn’t fear anymore.

'You’re not gonna hate me.’ Kai whispered, now closing the gap between you two, looking deeply into your eyes.

'I already do and there’s nothing you can do that will change that. You wrote your own destiny Kai and if I see your face again’ you got closer to his face 'in an attempt to just talk to me or siphon me again, I will break every single bone in your body.’ You whispered, as you freed yourself from his body pressed against you, proud of your courage and the words that came out of your mouth. You turned around to see Kai standing there, befuddled, an expression on his face that seemed like he was hurt. He was standing there for a minute or two, you not taking your eyes of him when he suddenly took a few large steps towards you, coming as close as he could’ve and looked deeply into your eyes.

'You’re gonna forget I’ve ever hurt you. You’re gonna forget we’ve ever met and-’

'You can’t compell me, Kai. I’m a witch and witches can’t be compelled.’ You whispered, Kai’s lips almost touching yours. Your breathing turned shallow. Neither Kai nor you were moving. You stayed like that for what it seemed like forever.

'Wow, so much tension is in this room, you can cut it with a knife.’ Damon said, making you and Kai both jump and making you go around Kai and walk to a different corner of your room.

'See you around.’ Kai said, disappearing in a second, leaving you and Damon stumped and in silence.

'You should just forgive him so he stops coming to my house all the time.’

Damon walked out as you sat on your bed and ran your fingers through your hair. You kept thinking what  you should do, forgive Kai or not. He did hurt you, but that could’ve ended up completely differently. He could’ve killed you and take your magic. But why would he take your magic if he had his own? Also, even though you weren’t afraid of Kai anymore, at least not as you were before, the thought of having to face him again, alone, gave you chills all over your body. You took a deep breath as you grabbed your jacket and ran downstairs and stormed out of the house, deciding to face Kai again and this time it would be the last time and you were ready to cut him out of your life once and for all.