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Red, I really need help. I need to clean my apartment because movers are coming in two days to take everything to another country. My husband has left me in charge and I just... fell apart by myself. There's flies everywhere, the rice cooker is filled with maggots. It's like no one has lived here for months and it looks like a sewer... I'm having a massive panic attack and can't really face up to all the work that needs to be done. I want to just... disappear

Hey, listen to me for a second, now we’re gonna breathe. Stop for a second wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe until you’re doing it calmly and then open your eyes again, alright? 

Now, with a bit more clarity of mind, I want you to know it’s okay. It might be a lot of work but nothing’s impossible if you organise everything and pace yourself properly. All you need is a plan and a bit of mental order and I can help with that. Don’t think about all the things you need to do, pick one single task, and complete it. Pick a room, say the kitchen, since you mentioned it, and forget about the rest of the house completely for a minute. You have enough time, I promise you. 

Grab a bin bag and throw in anything that’s rubbish in the room, anything that can go straight into the trash can. Any leftover food, useless garbage, throw it all out. Once you’re done with that, clean the rice cooker. If you have any dirty dishes that need washing, do that after the rice cooker. If you have any bug spray, get rid of the flies. If not, don’t pay attention to them for now, just clean around the room and leave the windows open. They will leave once everything’s clean. Pick your tasks, one by one, baby steps… don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Clean the dishes, then clean the cupboards, then the counters, then the fridge, and then floors. Do it like this, and follow the same rule for the rest of the rooms, focus on one thing at a time. Calmly, and breathe. Remember to breathe. You’ve got time. You can do it, step by step. 

Good luck, baby. 


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Hey Erin! I haven't watched R&M since, psh, since start of season 2, watched a recent one and one of the character's voices was SO familiar it was starting to drive me crazy. I wait for the credits and I'm like "THAT'S who it is! No WONDER it sounded familiar!" So now Rippen and PENN have been on R&M (My guess is you knew about this already since you keep up with Thomas Middleditch and I'm late to the party LOL) (Second guess is spoilers so I'll hop in the dimension where it didn't happen! LOL)

I actually didn’t know he was going to be on R&M! When I heard him it was driving me crazy too until I closed my eyes and it just hit me like a truck. 

@samakaphyllis we gotta keep the train going of PZ VAs on R&M, when’s Phyllis’ VA gonna make that guest appearance?

Natza Drabble - If Natsu had been more assertive
  • Erza: Why did you stand up for Jellal? You hated him, didn't you?!
  • Natsu: *closes his eyes for a few minutes* ... Nope. I'm not gonna talk about it. Talking about it is only gonna piss you off. >__>
  • Erza: Natsu...! -__-
  • Natsu: You wanna know why I stuck my neck out? I'll show you, but you gotta promise not to hit me right away. >__<
  • Erza: Hit you...? *brow furrows in confusion* I wouldn't...
  • Natsu: You might not have much of a choice, trust me. I just want a little head-start first. Ten seconds, 'kay? That's all I ask. ^^;
  • Erza: Natsu, what are you going to do? >__<
  • Natsu: *doesn't say anything, strides forward 'til he's right in front of her; then, without giving her much reaction time, he leans in and captures her lips - not a peck on the lips, but deep, searing kiss that Erza is caught completely off-guard by*
  • Erza: 0.0
  • Natsu: *after a while, he pulls back and steps back good meter or two out of arms' reach* Th-That's why, 'kay? You know I don't do good with complicated. It's just... that. ^^;
  • Erza: o.o
  • Natsu: Uh... Erza?
  • Erza: o.o
  • Natsu: Eeerza...! Yoohoo!
  • Erza: o.o
  • Natsu: Huh... I think I broke her.
  • Happy: Who'd you break~? *floats into the area and sees the glazed-eyes Erza* Whoa! How'd ya do that?! I didn't hear any sparrin' or nothin'!
  • Natsu: ^^; That's really between me and Erza, bud. If she decides to tell you, then okay.
  • Happy: I bet you did something stupid, suicidally stupid~
  • Erza: *brain seems to be rebooting* Nat...su...?
  • Natsu: Aaand I gotta go! *Happy seems to anticipate his fear and catches him by the vest right before he runs* YOU FURRY TRAITOR!
  • Happy: If I hold you down, then she doesn't beat me up, too! ^.^
  • Natsu: -__-*
Stargazing | C.H.

word count: 1024
requested?: yes
a/n: all my calum ones turn out like this. i love this one so much.

It’d been so sudden that you weren’t even sure what he had planned. Half an hour ago, you were planning on having a night to yourself: just you, your book, and maybe some music. That, of course, couldn’t happen in Calum’s mind.

“Come over,” his text read. “I have a surprise.” Your first thought immediately went to where you thought his was going. “It’s not that. Just come over, please,” he begged. Following the text was a picture of him pouting and with that, he knew he had you.

You didn’t bother to change out of your pajamas as you slipped on your shoes and made the trek next door to Calum’s home. The lights were all shut off, meaning the rest of the family was asleep, and you knew better than to knock on the front door this late at night. You and Calum had been caught out way too late too many times.

Before you could even reach the front door, you saw his head poke up over the fence in the backyard. “Babe?” he called, as quietly as he could. You grinned as you saw him, always surprised by what he managed to come up with.

You let yourself into the backyard through the fence door to see he’d set up a tent for the two of you to share, along with two sleeping bags that he had zipped together to form one big one. You could just see him through the flashlight that he had on the ground.

Calum tugged you into his arms first thing, planting a kiss on your cheek as he hugged you tightly. “Missed you, sweetheart,” he mumbled, swaying lightly as you held each other.

You laughed lightly. “You just saw me an hour ago,” you whispered back, poking his nose as you separated from him. He grinned as he watched you sit down on the giant sleeping bag before joining you himself. “So what’s the surprise?”

“That’s one hour too long,” Calum pouted, taking your hand in his. He always had to be touching you someway, even if it was just your fingers laced with his. “I wanna watch the stars with my star,” he explained. You bumped your elbow into his side at his cheesy comment. “I’m trying to be romantic.”

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Night mare meme: syn woke startled from the scream but then instantly remembered Voce she stumbled a bit running out of her room into his. She was by his side in seconds holding him close, "sh sh sh it's ok Voce, sweetly I'm here it was just a dream it's alright nothing's gonna hurt you" she rubbed his back and kissed his sweaty forehead, "sssshhhh I'm here I'm here" she whispered softly humming

*let’s thread this fits my mood right now* 

He just cried unable to talk eyes closed the things he’d dreamt the voices in his head. He felt sick and doubled over throwing up.