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Advent Day 4: Teachers!AU

Pairing: JongKey
Rating: G
Length: 600~
Warnings: Again, nothing. Um jokingly threatening students? Sort of, but not really. 

Summary: Their students ship them.

“I’m going to punch every one of my kids from eighth period straight in the face,” Key said as he stormed into the music teacher’s classroom. 

“You know that you sound deranged, right?” Jonghyun asked as he saw the theatre teacher walk in fuming. He didn’t stop grading the original compositions that had been turned in by his last period students, though, unsure of where this was going. “You can’t actually hit kids. They did away with corporeal punishment long before we were even teachers.”

“I know,” Key let out a long sigh. “It doesn’t mean that I can’t fantasize about it though.” 

Jonghyun chuckled, understanding the frustration of his fellow teacher. It was difficult to teach high school, even more so when your subject was an elective. There was always kids who were just looking to get an easy A without really trying at anything. “Wait, eighth period? Aren’t those your theatre company kids?” 

Being company kids, in whichever performing art they were in, meant that the kids were actually interested in the subject as they were a set group of performers who were involved in most productions. They were usually upperclassmen who had been with the teachers for longer than a year. Jonghyun rarely heard Key complain about those kids. Sure they got on his nerves from time to time, as all teenagers did, but never to the point of threats of physical violence. That was usually reserved for freshmen who thought they were cool because they were in high school now.

“Yeah, but those little shits,” Key continued to huff, “they think they know everything about me and that they can just make assumptions about my personal life!” 

That gave Jonghyun pause; he raised his head and saw that not only had Key stormed into his classroom in a snit, but he was also blushing from the tips of his ears down to his neck where his button up shirt began. “What did they say?” 

“They said they shipped us!” Key said, sounding vaguely indignant, but mostly mortified. “I didn’t even know what the hell that meant until Jin took pity on me and explained.”

Jonghyun chuckled loudly and continued grading papers. “I told you to download Urban Dictionary onto your phone. It comes in handy when teaching high schoolers.” 

“Yeah well,” Key sighed loudly again, surely trying to justify himself and why he never listened to Jonghyun. “I thought I was still with it.” 

“No one says ‘with it’ anymore, either,” Jonghyun said shaking his head. 

“Shut up,” Key said, with no heat in his voice. The original surge of anger seemed to have died down as soon as he sat down on the edge of Jonghyun’s desk. “Can you believe those twerps though? They said that because we were the only two openly gay teachers that we should get together.” 

“That’s kind of really close minded,” Jonghyun replied, finally done with the composition that he was grading. 

“I know, right?” Key questioned with raised eyebrows. “Like just because we’re both gay doesn’t mean that we should date.”

Jonghyun cocked his head to the right, scrutinizing his boyfriend. “So…” 

“Well I mean we’re obviously dating, but they don’t know that. And I’m not dating you because of proximity or anything. We’re together because we have compatible personalities and we love each other and all that.” Key explained with an eye roll. 

Jonghyun stood up and stepped between Key’s spread legs. Just as he leaned in for a quick peck, Jonghyun chuckled quietly, “Imagine if they knew their ship was canon.” 

Key’s confused grunt was swallowed by Jonghyun’s kiss, but he knew he’d have to look that one up too.  


I think some of you know that I already apologize about what I’ve drawn to be such a sensitive artwork. So, I’m sorry to what I’ve done everything in this problem. Take my words, if I apologize, I meant it. I’m not a kind of person of apologizing it in fake way. Also, I know some of you tries to tell me its not my fault or I shouldn’t apologize about it, but that’s alright, whether its my fault or not I’ll still apologize to everyone.

I know I make mistakes, I’m no perfect, and I’m glad to say I’m pretty aware to what I’ve done. I’m still young to learn what is right or wrong as an artist, and since I’m thankful I learned something for today, I know now what to avoid.

But anyway, I know its all about ‘I can draw what I like’, the freedom of my desires to draw what I want, and to what I’m about to say, I have no intentions to dig myself to draw more of that said of sensitive theme, even if I apologize or not. I have lots of ideas of my own to draw, why should I even stick to that only and to come out it was actually a sensitive thing too? 

I will leave the mistaken drawing just a form of my gift for kokoko-sir, but if anyone of you wanted me to remove it from my blog, feel free to ask me to! 

For now, I’ll still continue my journey as TF fanartist, my usual thing to draw about robots and my OTPs and everything. And for an exchange, I want to ask a favor to everyone else… As a consideration of my apology, if you would please not to drag my name anymore in this issue. To be honest, I am a silent stalker to myself, I have seen all of you who mentions my name, who makes comments about me even on twitter.

Let me leave alone and just continue on drawing what I like. I am no longer going to talk or argue about this issue after this post, I’m not going to put myself on which side I was, I’ll just be here drawing quietly. 

I send my thanks to you all for making me realize things.

Thank you.

A day where Saitama wakes up before Genos, and tries to get him out of the futon but he whines about it refuses. When he starts dragging him out by his arms from under the blankets, he only makes a little progress before accidentally pulling his arms off. /////

He asks if they’re…supposed to come off that easily or if he just broke them ///

Also, he then puts the arms down and kneels down to pull Genos into his arms. They act out an over dramatic death scene (this isn’t the first time something like this has happened) that ends with Genos saying he won’t last any longer before just going back to sleep with Saitama screaming his name. Quietly. A whispered scream. (Does Genos play sad piano music from the hypothetical speakers in his chest when this happens? Maybe.)

So Saitama just puts him back under the blankets and leaves his arms on the table so he’s not rolling onto them before going to change out of his PJs like normal ///

haganenoheichou  asked:

L for Ereri?

L. -  A stolen kiss.

It was early in the morning and the barracks were quiet. They had returned to base not long ago, dirty and tired and no more hopeful. Warmer weather didn’t bring an ounce more happiness, just the dull, heavy knowledge that if the Titans didn’t get them, at least they wouldn’t freeze.

Sometimes it was hard for Eren to pull up his old anger at the injustice of it all—he was usually just tired, like everyone else. His passion had dulled from repeated pain and loss. He had grown weary from beating his fists against the earth, only for his hands to come up bloody.

And yet, something still shimmered in his heart, golden and strong. A sliver of fight, a pebble of defiance in the face of such hellbent destruction.

It was Mikasa, a lethal whisper at his ear.

It was Armin, the current that pulled him forward.

It was Jean, heroic in his loyalty. 

And it was Levi, the one who had given him the power of choice when none dared breathed the word.

So when he saw Levi, sitting at the table and staring at cold cup of tea with unseeing eyes, he didn’t hesitate to stand before him.

“Captain,” he said breathlessly.

Levi’s narrow gaze moved to study him. He wasn’t pretty. His face showed years of wear and worry, and the purple that pooled beneath his eyes did him no favors. He wasn’t nice. Every word was shit this and shit that. He was terribly awkward and never knew how to give compliments.

But he was what Eren knew, the one person who looked him in the eyes and didn’t see him as a means to an end.

“Jaeger,” he said and his voice didn’t waver.

“I’m going to do something now,” Eren said, wetting his lips. “Frankly, it’s long past due, and if you don’t want me to now would be the time to say it.”

Levi’s eyes didn’t widen in surprise. He held Eren’s gaze and nodded his head slightly in permission.

Eren bent his head and kissed Levi then, chaste and sweet. As their lips pressed together quietly, he thought he tasted a little like hope.

If you are one of those who dreams

Of going to Paris, London, New York.

Who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘home’

If you can find it in a far-off picture, doctored,

and distant.


Who thinks if ‘if I can just go there’

‘If I was born there’ ‘if I live there’

then I’ll be happy.

Who expects to find themselves more whole

According to their street address.



Cities are old.

We have chewed up and swallowed

A thousand dreamers before you and we are


Of your phony dreams. your little lives

Your disappointment at not finding your soul

Within the cracks of our pavements.


We are just not for you.


You are no better than


Rich children who go to Mumbai and Dehli

To stare at brown skin and pretend to find answers

In stolen henna.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that a spiritual journey should happen within?

The miles you must walk inside your skin.


Rivers shaped us long before your skyscrapers did.

We do not belong to you. We do not owe you.

Our roofs shelter more than human lives.

You are as


And the stars will remain.

Long after the last human has looked up.


Holidays to Roman and Greek ruins

Should have taught you that.

Humans die.

Cities remain.

Our bones, at least.


So if you must come

Do so quietly. Open your windows. Share your food.


And we will breathe together.

But do not come with demands and expectations

And arrogance.

And hope.

We are old. We are tired. We have none left.


A City cannot save you.


“Imagine being hurt in the maze and Newt becomes really protective of you when you want to go back in the maze again.” - requested by anonymous

~Imagine~ (I felt as if it needed a bit of a story to go with it)

Words: 505 - Newt/Reader

You had twisted your ankle quite badly the last time you ran the maze. You could hardly walk and you had to hop your whole way out, it almost caused you to be trapped out there over night. That’s a memory you would never forget, you felt the ground rumbling as the gates started to slowly shut. You were only a few yards away, but your ankle slowed you down so much that you thought for a split second that you might not make it.

Hopping as fast as you could, you had barely made it passed the gate before it shut.

Now that you were healed, you were ready to enter the maze again. You had jogged around the homestead for about an hour, making sure you were ready, when you saw Newt walking towards you with a conflicted expression.

At first he didn’t speak, he just let out a sigh. “What’s wrong?” you asked, genuinely confused.

He seemed unable to find the right words. “I..It’s” he started.

“Yes?” you said, with a small confused laugh.

“I don’t think you should go back in the maze.” he spoke quickly.

“What?” you said as your smile faded.

“A-atleast not yet.” he added. He wouldn’t look you in the eye.

“Why does it matter if I go now or later? The maze needs to be patroled, and I’m a runner. It’s my job. Everyone always goes on and on about doing their part around here and I'm goingto do mine.” you said angrily. You stepped around him to leave, but he grabbed your wrist before you could go.

“I’m sorry.” he spoke so quietly you almost didn’t hear him. Or did you imagine that.

You glanced down at his hand grasping your wrist and then up to his eyes. You raised your eyebrows, waiting for him to let go. To your surprise though, he only loosened his grip until he was softly caressing your hand.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt…I don’t want anything to happen to you.” he said, unable to look away for your hand in his.

His words made your cheeks blush. “I’ll be ok.” you said, just as quiet. He finally looked up into your eyes, just looking at you for a minute. Finally he nodded and released your hand.

It was about time to head into the maze so you jogged over to the gates where Minho was waiting. The other gladers gathered around as well, they came to see off the runners.

“Alright, you ready?” Minho asked.


“Then let’s head out.” he said and took off into the maze. You followed behind immediately. After a few yards in, you looked back at Newt’s anxious face. You gave him a smile and a wink, hoping to put him at ease.

“I’ll be back before you know it!” you called. Before you turned back, you thought you saw Thomas give Newt a look. This made you laugh to yourself and you sprinted ahead to catch up with Minho.

Visit/closed starter for doctorkiebeth


Edward had had to wait a whole 2 and a half weeks to visit Aristel after their last contact, there’d been little else for batman to investigate so he simply hadn’t given up looking for riddler as he normally would, that was until joker blew up a building, predictably Riddlers case was pushed right to bottom of the pile and he was out the very next night, not to commit a crime, rather to pay the visit he had promised to Aristel.

He strode casually up to her door having given her no warning he intended to visit, he’d assume she’d of seem that joker was now a priority case and that would lead to eddie turning up on her doorstep, she wasn’t stupid after all, he walked as if there wasn’t a reason in the world why it was wrong for him to be paying casual visits to an Arkham doctor, and knocked loudly adjusting his clothes, he’d rather of been in his suit but he felt that was still to risky so here he was in his civilian clothes, white shirt, black dress trousers and blue pullover sweater vest.

But Don't You Think We Came Close? (Scene extension from TEH)
  • Molly: *softly* You're back.
  • Sherlock: Just flew in the other day actually, traffic was terrible.
  • Molly: Traffic is always terrible. *pauses* Have you seen John since the other night? Mycroft told me about the um-
  • Sherlock: No, not yet. I wanted to come here first.
  • Molly: Oh? *gives a small smile* Well I'm afraid you can't check on your experiments. There wasn't enough space in the lab. *quietly* They had to go eventually.
  • Sherlock: I know.
  • Molly: it's been a long time.
  • Sherlock: *softer* I know.
  • Molly: *closes locker* Right *turns to leave*
  • Sherlock: I thought about you constantly you know.
  • Molly: *pauses at the door* I did too.
  • Molly and Sherlock: *simultaneously* 317 days
  • Molly: I - I can't believe you counted.
  • Sherlock: Well you know
  • Molly: *nods and turns around*
  • Sherlock: I love you.
  • Molly: *twirls engagement ring and turns to face him resting a hand on the door knob* I can't.
  • Sherlock: I figured.
  • Molly: *pauses* When did you know?
  • Sherlock: The fall. Tough luck it had to be then when I figured it out. I really am oblivious about these things.
  • Molly: *watery laugh* I know. *begins to walk out*
  • Sherlock: *calls after her* But don't you think we came close?
  • Molly: *pauses* Yeah Sherlock. We came close.