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I aspire to reach Peter Quill’s level of self-confidence and not-caring-attitude so that I can break into song or dance in any place, at any time.

I mean, seriously.

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I’m already too shy to dance in my own house ‘cause someone could walk in and see me being a untalented dork. That’s a life goal, here!


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

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Midnight pondering: do you think you'll ever go back to your original comic with Willow? I can't remember the name of it, but I was just wondering? If you're not going to finish it, would you ever consider releasing like a mini scenario of the plot? Cause I wanna know what happens and it keeps me up thinking about it every once and awhile. Like no pressure or anything either way, I'm just rambling. Goodnight!

Maybe someday, but not anytime soon. I still think about it from time to time, and a fan approached me at a con recently to ask about Willow where she was the lucky one person who now knows basically my entire plotline for that cuz I’m not going to work on it in the forseeable future so why not. :sighs wistfully: one day…But now why not. Spoiler alert?

Mini synopsis: Focus is on her twin sister Holly, who has become obsessed with finding out more on Willow’s disappearance (she insists Will’s been kidnapped by a demon which landed her in a psych ward for a while), and Adam the boy who had confessed to her in the original comic. He and Willow used to be best friends before his confession and her ‘death.’ He now runs a eccentric books and oddities shop with his aunt where Holly finds him when they’re adults. Adam doesn’t quite believe Holly until he finds out that she’s basically immortal and can’t die or age due to the deal Willow made with Death (that as long as her sister gets to live, she would be his).  He soon gets unwillingly pulled into the strange mysteries and mythos on Holly’s quest to find Willow again.

There would have also been some smaller stories on how terribly miserable and homesick Willow adapts to her new role as Death’s companion, and how she eventually comes to terms with her situation and Death in general. It would eventually show how they’d become equals and partners and how she also has to deal with the very strong connection to feels with her twin that prevents her from letting go of her mortal life. 

The two sisters would eventually be reunited and they’d have to deal with the fallout and consequences of that and it all ends neatly I swear, but that’s about the basic plotline of “Willow.” There’s too many projects I have wanted to get to before that so who knows if this will ever happen, but here enjoy the blurb. 

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Yesterday I told you about how my dad didn't know I had that pitching well I guess he felt bad cause he came home with earrings. My very gruff and country father went into a icing store to get me earrings. I now have like 15 pairs of earrings just laying. And idk i thought of Bruce he goes out to some fancy Hewlett store to buy his daughters earring cause he didn't know they had pierced ears idk I'm just kid of rambling at this point. love you 😍have awesome night🤓😎

… That is absolutely adorable, you have a good dad there, I’d keep him.

But yes, Bruce totally would. Because while he is vengeance and the night, he is also awkward dad and he wants his girls to be happy. He sees Steph has lots of shiny things in her ear and even Cass has put earrings in. His girls like shiny things, fine, he will go get more shiny things.

So Bruce goes to a mall and is very seriously asking the people at Icing and Claire’s about the best types of earrings and which is best for sensitive ears just in case and do you like Stephanie would like butterfly earrings or ladybug earrings? Bruce Wayne, Batman, Billionaire, overly salted, pruned potato chip, walks out of those stores with his little girly bags of earrings and he is so proud. His girls will be happy now.

So he goes off and shows off what he bought and the girls are just stunned because not only did Bruce go out and do this very sweet thing for them but he has terrible taste in jewelry. Steph is mildly horrified at some of the weird and awkward earrings. Cass puts in the googly eye hamburger earrings and tells Bruce she loves them and will treasure them forever (and she will, in a box, they are too precious to wear). Bruce is still super proud of himself because Stephanie laughed really loudly at some of the earring choices, good, his girl doesn’t laugh enough and he bought extra silly ones for her. He occasionally catches Steph wearing some of those silly earrings an it makes Bruce smile.

GT Couples | Concepts

GT couples, platonic or romantic, who are new to vorish snuggles and all their many beginner moments:

  • The giant just hovering over the tiny while they choose what they’re gonna wear/bring with them. The larger counterpart constantly fusses over the tiny’s decision, much to their little bud’s distress. ’ Ew, that sweater is scratchy….. That’d get lint everywhere……. Ugh rubber boots taste weird…. Wait, wait your bringing your iPod?’
  • The giant warns against bringing their phone or tablet, but the tiny does it anyway; it ends up getting completely soaked. After that, the giant can’t stop snickering while the tiny tries to find towels and rice.
  • The tiny does serious research and gets this long list of things the giant needs to do before they attempt anything and all the rules they need to follow; brush their teeth, floss, no biting whatsoever, etc. The giant remains unamused as they read through it. ’ what, my breath doesn’t even smell, why…’  
  • Whenever they manage to get the tiny in their mouth comfortably, they always find an arm or a leg sticking out still.
  • The giant’s in a constant state of almost chocking because the tiny keeps moving too close to the back of their throat.
The first time they finally do it right, the giant has to immediately let the tiny back out. Cause’ they need to go to the bathroom or something :Y

I’ve just had a bunch of GT related ideas and concepts these last few days~

New Years Confessions - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by two Anon, i combined the requests (Can you please write one where you have never had a boyfriend and you really like michael but you think he doesn’t like you back because you no one had ever liked you sooo and it’s chistmas break and Y/N and Mikey spend the new years eve togetherrrrr pls) and (Please write one where he takes you to see snow for the first time for Christmas like it’s kind of just a general request so you could write what you want. If possible could it be with Michael?) Hope you like it, ENJOY!!!

‘Come in, it’s gonna be amazing, please’ Michael begs you again; you roll your eyes turning in your bed to press your face into your pillow. ’(Y/N) give me a good resin why we should miss this’ he continues. You fly up turning to him fully 'Michael I have told you to go, so just go without me’ you snap, he is taken back and you can tell by the way his eyes have grown and jaw slackened. 'I’m sorry I didn’t mean not to sound that harsh, I’m just saying, I don’t want to go but I’m not expecting you to stay with me’ you explain with a softer voice and Michael sighs lying on your bed.

'Fine, then what are we doing New Years?’ He asks and you groan. 'You’re going to London to go to the biggest party ever to end the year and I’m gonna sit her watching shitty films’ you laugh a little as you repeat his subscription if the party.

'Well shitty films it is then’ he nods closing his eyes and you groan. 'Michael you know I will feel bad if you don’t go because of me, don’t emotionally blackmail me, this isn’t fair’ you whine.

'I’m not blackmailing you, we made a promise to spend ever New Years with each other until we hate each other and I’m sticking to my promise, I will never let you down’ he explain 'I’m giving you a get out of jail free card, take it and run, we both know I don’t mind being alone, and we both know you will be pissed with me if you stay, and by you not letting me down, I’m letting you down so just go’ you ramble.

'Please come with me’ he asks again sitting up and holding your cheeks in his hands. Your try to keep your eyes on his, not letting them wonder down to his lips, but looking in his eyes only reminds you of how much you love him so you look away, which only causes him to pull your face back 'Please’ he whispers.

'Fine, fine, fine, fine, now leave me alone’ you agree, he jumps off the bed cheering and jumping around before leaping on to you, he flattens his body to yours and stars to bounce in top of you still cheering and you laughing so hard you belly starts to hurt, he brings his lips to your cheek pecking it and as he pulls away it’s like slow motion, and all you think about it grabbing his face and smashing your lips to him, but you remind yourself, he doesn’t want you, no one does. 'I’ll book the flights’ he cheers rushing out of the room.


‘So man, who you got your eye on for the count down?’ Michael asks Harry, who’s smirk grows a little wider as he glances at you, ‘Take a guess’ he challenges, Michael’s eyes start to search the room, until he finally stop moving his head in all directions, he turns and wiggles both eyebrows ‘The blonde with the blue dress, with the t..’ Michael stops himself looking down at you and smiling innocently ‘big chest’ he corrects and looks back to a chuckling Harry. ‘Idiot’ you mutter, ‘What? You could do better?’ Michael defends and you nod ‘The brunet with the black dress, dancing with the group of girls’ you look up to Harry and he pulls a slightly agreeing face before nodding ‘She’s right, it would definitely be her’ Harry confirms and you smirk as you glance at Michael ‘Shut up, it was  a lucky guess’ he mutters and you laugh ‘No it wasn’t, I know who you’d pick to’ you tell him, hearing Harry chuckle, ‘No, you don’t’ Michael argues and you roll your eyes.

‘He would go for the red head dancing on the table or the light blonde sitting on the stairs watching everyone, depending on his mood’ you tell Harry who nods as he finds the girls you’re talking about. ‘Wrong’ Michael hits, ‘No I’m not’ you argue ‘Yes you re, they aren’t who I would go for’ you glare at I’m ‘Whatever then, are hole’ you mutter jokingly and he glares at you too.

‘What about you? Who have you got your sights on?’ Harry asks you, you don’t have time to open your mouth before Michael answers for you ‘No one, she isn’t like that’ he tells Harry and you feel your heart drop a little, like Michael is saying no one wants you, as much as it hurts you know deep down that’s not what he is implying but you throw back on the smile as you play with him ‘That’s Michael’ you mutter faking annoyance, ‘So you don’t think I could get a guy?’ you challenge, his eyes grow a little wider as he shakes his head ‘No, no, that’s not what I said, I just mean that you’re not the type to go around getting with people you don’t know’ he explain and you nod pulling a face to make out your pissed off with his comment, ‘Come on you know I didn’t mean anything by it’ Michael whines and you laugh ‘I know, but you’re so easy to wind up’ you tease and he glares again.

‘I think my first kiss of the year will be from my mum when I get home and she realises the plane didn’t crash’ you half joke and Harry laughs, ‘I’ll be your first kiss of the new year’ he winks clearly joking ‘No, you won’t’ Michael snaps and you laugh a little at his outburst as Harry’s eyes widen ‘You know because its (Y/N), why would you kiss her?’ Michael tries to cover but this time what he says does hurt you and you can’t hide the hurt on your face, you know Harry and Michael have noticed because Michael’s jaw goes a little slack and he opens his mouth to speak but closes it not sure what he wants to say.

‘See you guys later’ you smile towards Harry and gives you a sympathetic smile back as you turn away, you head outside to the back yard and as you step out you notice a thin layer of white on the floor, snow? Is it really snow? You have never seen snow before, you haven’t really travelled out of Sydney and it wasn’t known for snow.

‘(Y/N) I didn’t mean it to sound how it did, you know I think the world of you, and your stunning any guy would be an idiot not to see how amazing you are. I honestly didn’t mean for it to sound like that’ Michael explains rushing in front of you and holding both of your hands, you pull them out of him and nod a little. ‘Its fine, I don’t care’ you sigh looking up to the sky to see if it looked like more snow was coming but it didn’t and you put a little to yourself.

‘I care, I care that I hurt you, I’m s…’ you cut him off with a simple word ‘Snow’ he frowns for a second until he realises and a smile breaks out on his lips. ‘You’ve never seen snow’ he speaks and you laugh a little, ‘I’m not as well travelled as you’ you tease and he laughs a little. ‘Come on’ he tells you, wrapping his hand around yours and pulling you down the path to the front of the house, ‘You drive, I’ve been drinking’ he calls throwing you his keys and you no climbing in. ‘Where to?’ you ask and he starts to give you directions, he finally tells you to pull over and as you climb out the car you notice it only half an hour until midnight. You turn to see a hill, glistening white with snow, Michael comes round and wraps his hand in your which is something he does often but still sends tingles through your whole body. Without a word he starts to pull you up the hill, and you thank god you wore boots with no heels with your dress, talking about dress you’re getting pretty cold, as you reach the top of the hill you freeze, the view from here is amazing, you can see all buildings dusted in white snow, the dull streetlight in the black night and you smile feeling a strange sense of warmth inside ever thought you were freezing. ‘It beautiful’ you sigh, and then you feel Michael wrap place his hoodie over your shoulders and you smile sliding in your arm. ‘So are you’ he whispers, so quietly you think you miss heard. ‘What?’ you ask, Michael turns to you and a soft smile tugs on his red lips.

‘There is a reason I wanted to be with you this New Year’s. Because I needed to tell you how amazing you are, I needed you to hear at the beginning of the year that you are the most wonderful people I have ever met, I needed you to know so that through the year, when you start doubting yourself you will remember how you stated the year. Look (Y/N) your my best friend, I know every little thing about you, your nail biting, your period cravings, your dress style, your favourite books and movies, your obsession with Harry Potter, the weird way you eat pie and knowing it all, from the perfect to the damn right weird, I love you, I love everything about you, all the weird shit, I love it, I love your hair in the morning, I love your sarcasm, I love you, just you and everything about you.’ He takes in a huge breath and you just stare at him.

‘We should leave if you want to be at the party for the countdown’ you whisper, un able to find your voice, you don’t know why you said that, it’s like you can’t believe or take in what he just said. Michel slips out his phone and shows you the count down on his screen, 30 seconds until midnight. ‘I’m sorry’ you tell him looking away. His fingers hook under your chin and raise it a little so you’re looking him in the eyes, ‘I’m not, this is exactly where I want to me, I love you (Y/N)’ he whispers, he holds your gaze for a second before looking at his phone which he is holding between you and you look down to, ‘five’ he whispers ‘four’ you join him, ‘three’ he glances up at you ‘two’ your eyes meet ‘one’ he whispers before softly pressing his lips to yours, your frozen as he moves against you, one of his hands wrapping around your back holding the small of you back so your closer to him while the other brushes the hair from your face, he pulls back when you don’t kiss back after a couple of second, but you know, you know now this is right and so you press into him. You pull away breathless and notice the small smile on his face. You slip off his hoodie and hand it him, ‘Let’s do what we did when we were kids’ you remind him and he laughs softly sliding into his hoodie, you stand back to chest as close as possible and he reaches around your front to zip up the hoodie with you both inside.  You chuckle as the zip reaches your chin along with Michael fingers and he raises your chin a little so he can lean forwards and press his lips to yours.

‘I really do love you’ he whispers, and then you feel something wet on your forehead, you look up to see the snow starting to fall and you sigh resting your head on his back as he rests his chin on your head. ‘I love you too Michael, Happy new years’

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