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Reasons why I love every SVT member

I have laughed AN D CRIED a lot because of this fine group. I’m sure many others can relate to that.
I would like to take some time to appreciate and note the members individually because they all deserve the world, thanks.
(Prepare yourselves, I wrote lots???? Like…. lots.


Some might say that Seungcheol isn’t fit to be in charge of the group. Well let me tell ya baby boyz why he most certainly is. S. Coups naturally has that fatherly type of image. Like “dad of the year” award type of fatherly. There is something about him that influences others to feel protected. He genuinely cares for all of the members and keeps everyone’s emotions in line. It takes a special kind of person to do that. One incident that spoke volumes to me was how he handled “Seventeen Project.” He knew when things were starting to take a negative turn and he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions. (In a calm and rational way). BOI I CRIED. Despite the put-together (and sometimes tough) image he projects, he’s a rather sensitive person. The reason why he’s so supportive is because he longs for support himself. I think being in Seventeen has made him feel a sense of belonging. The mans has done a wonderful job and he deserves respect. I don’t think there is anyone else meant to be leader.  

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anonymous asked:

So, I'm really curious as to what kind of "Awkward Romantic Crap" Keith did during the first three weeks of dating Lance when they were "boyfriends-who-don't-know-how-to-be-boyfriends" XDD Could you maybe give some examples?

I could, but, really, isn’t stuff like that sometimes best left to the imagination? ;) … Right, who am I kidding? I’m a bit sleepy, so my apologies — I’m gonna just give ya one example of Keith being an awkward turtle of a person :)

Awkward Romantic Crap, The First

Keith adores Lance a stupid amount. He spent several months contemplating (between the denying and the repressing because feelings why?) the many ways he would kiss that loudmouth into silence, give him all the reasons as to why he was wanted and valuable, not allowing him the chance to doubt himself ever again, but now they were boyfriends and Keith … He just couldn’t find the words.

So he tried with this one romantic gesture — he tried to get Lance flowers. 

Lance had no allergies (Keith sacrificed his dignity to ask Hunk), the flowers were normal and totally not flesh-eating (Keith gave up a little more pride to ask Coran for where to get a bouquet), and flowers were a thing couples did (according to Shiro, and by this point Keith sort of wanted to live inside Red and never face the team again).

So the reason why this became Awkward Romantic Crap is because Keith just could not find the right time to give them to Lance. 

There had to be some kind of special boyfriend-sense he was lacking because it never felt right to just suddenly give Lance flowers. And he really didn’t want to do it in front of the others, and his private time with Lance was hard to come by and most of it they spent feeling out their relationship and having some truly humiliating (albeit necessary) talks about boundaries or whatever.

They bouquet stayed in his room for a week, the special space blooms starting to droop. 

Until Lance came into his room, rubbing the back of his neck, sheepishly asking if they could have a date-night on the observation deck couch … And going mute halfway through his question when he saw the flowers.

Silence for a few seconds. Then, “Uh, who’s brought you flowers? Wait, was it that chick with the Elvis hair? Keith, Keith did you bond with another mullet? Are you … Okay, I mean, no, I’m being dumb. You can get flowers from admirers, it’s fine. Just … you could have mentioned it? Do we have to talk about this kind of stuff too? Or am I being, like, possessive if I ask you to tell me? Oh god, am I a controlling boyfriend —”

Keith shut him up with a kiss (maybe this made his heart speed up in the most awesome ways, but that didn’t negate the strategic value for getting a word in when Lance was full-ramble.) And then, trying to keep the blush down and failing, he said quickly, “They’re for you. They were … I got them, a week back, and I just … I couldn’t figure out when to give them to you?”

“A week — were you hiding them whenever we were hanging out in here?”

Keith didn’t answer except to turn even redder.

Lance wasn’t a silly jackass all of the time (though Keith actually found that silly jackass behaviour kind of fun and/or sweet because he was doomed), so he didn’t mock Keith at all — he just smiled and said, “Uh, you can give them to me now, if you want?”

Instantly, Keith reached over to the vase, pulling the flowers out, a few navy blue petals falling as he all but thrust them into Lance’s chest, the stems dripping water. “These are for you.”

“And what’s the occasion?” Lance asked, pink blossoming along his cheeks, down his neck.

“Just … just that I … I’m good with us. Now. And … happy. Because of you. So, thanks. For your existence.”

Lance’s face was doing a thing — Keith couldn’t tell if he was fighting back laughter or tears, but then two arms wrapped around his shoulders, bringing him into a soft yet lingering kiss. Satin petals brushed against Keith’s face as Lance still gripped the bouquet tightly.

When they both pulled away, Lance was grinning and Keith didn’t feel so awkward anymore. 

Except when his boyfriend started speaking again … “Dude, would you have just let my flowers die before you grew a spine and gave them to their rightful owner? For shame, Red, for shame.” He dragged the bouquet into the limited space between them. “Look at my precious babies! Did you change the water? You’re supposed to change the water, Keith, you can’t just —”

Keith crushed the flowers between their chests in order to gain access to that irritating (delicious) mouth. Lance wailed about his flowers even as their lips met again. Keith let Lance go long enough to get the flowers some fresh water, watching him carefully tend to the blooms that were still intact.

And then Keith dragged him in for more kisses — he was always better with actions than words. Except flower-giving, apparently. But Keith had learned that he could do that kind of romantic crap, at least once. Better luck next time — he’d give them to Lance in front of everyone, come hell or high water, damn it.

(And maybe, at some point in the future, Keith finds a few dark blue flowers pressed between the pages of an old Altean book Allura had given Lance for his birthday. 

Keith will blush again, cringe at the memory, and then kiss his boyfriend stupid when he walks through his bedroom door because he truly adores Lance a stupid amount, and Lance always appreciates his awkwardness, sees his efforts as the most sincere gestures of love, and Keith can’t help but see any mockery that did come his way as endearing. 

So doomed.)

I am off to bed, and oh so tired, but hopefully this drabble makes some kind of sense. Hope you found it both awkward and enjoyable! ;D *hugs* Many thanks for asking!


Bucky Barnes/Reader/Matt Murdock.

Warnings: SMUT.  Threesome, porn without plot, terrible writting, double penetration, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex (this is fantasy, we’re all adults. Remember that safe sex is the best sex), dirty talk, excessive use of endearments. Me being a shameless thirsty hoe.

Word Count: 3866.

Rating: 18+

This came up thanks to @asirenscalling because, while I was rewatching Daredevil, we started to talk about this scenario, so thank her for this.

Also @sexylibrarian1 said she needed it and @thecrownedrose because she’s amazing and we like to spoil each other. 

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I just thought of something sad. I'm picturing a neglected child Severus and, well most children who are neglected (physically; who go without food) tend to hide food. Now all I'm thinking of is baby First Year Sev pocketing food from the Great Hall and hiding it under his pillow in his dorm.

Severus had never seen so much food in his entire life.  Even the meager grocery shop down the street (where he’d nicked more than a couple loaves of bread when there was no money and his stomach has won out over his sense of morality), was a pittance in comparison.

He ate as slowly as he dared, hiding bits of food in his napkin when he felt no eyes on him. Oddly enough, he had barely any appetite, though he gorged himself anyway.  Lucius Malfoy had known his name! Severus had swelled with pride at that.  Pureblooded families stuck together, even disgraced Pureblooded families it seemed.  Probably due to how few offspring there were.  He knew at once that his mother had called in a favor. Abraxas Malfoy, who his mother had spoken about in reverent tones, had come through.  But first thing first.  Food.  As much of it as he could carry back to his dorm room without being spotted.  Severus had already managed a halfway serviceable Stasis Charm earlier that evening while practicing spells with Lily.  They would show Hogwarts who the best first year students would be.  He was certain that Lily, with her knack for instinctive magic, would be a natural at charms.  She practically breathed magic.  Severus’ magic, however, was always so reactive- only when he’d been provoked to the breaking point, which sadly never took long.  The first time he’d tried the Stasis Charm, he’d burnt his subject (a discarded crisp) to ash.  However, with enough control over his emotions, he was able to get it to levitate in the Stasis Bubble quite well indeed.

Severus was glad that he’d set aside part of his trunk to be a pantry.

He’d read about the feasts at Hogwarts, of course. He’d dreamed of them while sitting on the roof and looking at the stars in the summer, his father thundering with drunken rage in the house below.  He’d imagined the flavors he’d sample when he’d forced himself to shove something putrid and boiled down his throat without any sauce to mask the earthy flavor of rot.  He’d seen pictures on the front page of the Prophet, the one that his father did not know his mother had a lifetime subscription for, as she burned them in the stove as soon as both she and Severus had read them.

But now, under the guise of wiping his mouth on his napkin, Severus instead ferreted away plenty of food, folding the napkin into his pockets (his mother had done the Undetectable Extension Charm work on them), and strode off to his dorm, hoping to get there before anything got too mashed up.

He did not see the outstretched foot on the ground.

Severus fell on his face, instantly feeling the wetness of various pilfered food items staining through his robes into his underthings.

“Hahahaha, looks like you’re already off to a terrible start as a wizard, Snivellus!” shouted the boy with the crazy black hair and Gryffindor robes- a boy who Severus recognized from the train.  His looks were unmistakeable- his thick, regal hair and nose were obviously inherited from the Black family, so he must be the black sheep of the family with some star name or other, as the Blacks were wont to do.  Another Gryffindor boy, who had flat, black hair, but who was apparently halfway through the motion of trying to make it look messy, joined in laughing, and Severus soon felt his face go scarlet with shame. He looked up to see that Lucius was looking back at him, his mouth half-curled into a sneer.  Severus could see his status going up in smoke after less than a day. 

His mother was going to be so disappointed in him.

He turned back to the jeering Gryffindors, his fury pouring from him in waves, and pointed his wand.

“STUPEFY!” he shouted, and both of the boys flew back so quickly that they slammed against the far wall and stuck there. Severus stood with his legs spread out, his head bent forward. He breathed in slowly, feeling his heartbeat going back to normal.

A hand rested on his shoulder and Severus looked through his greasy hair at the handsome seventh year Slytherin.

“Impressive,” Lucius said, his proud face still filled with mild surprise, “My father was right, you are one to look out for.  As for you two….ten points from Gryffindor…each.  I daresay that Gryffindor is starting out at a negative this year.”

With a chuckle, Lucius turned and let Severus catch up to him.

“My…robes,” Severus mumbled, still feeling a bit of humiliation as the mess dripped coldly down his leg.

“Do not worry,” Lucius said, waving his hand dismissively. “Use the House Elves. When you get back to your room, just call for Hogwarts House Elf Room Service, then tell them what you want. They also deliver midnight snacks if you find yourself peckish, though don’t overuse them or you’ll get scolded by the professors. Not Slughorn, though.  He’ll just take some of it if he catches you.”

Severus knew he was staring with his mouth agape, but Lucius seemed amused by this.

“You’re rather skinny, Snape,” he said with a soft chuckle that sounded undeniably cultured. “I should hope you take ample advantage.”

Snape smiled, then, and he could feel the joy growing in his heart, even if it was small and tentative and he did not know if it would last.  He would have food whenever he wished, and he had successfully convinced Malfoy that he was worth mentoring.  Plus, it didn’t hurt that those two Gryffindors were still stuck to the wall, their respective pride more bruised than anything else.

Severus had an entire hot fudge sundae before going to bed, his eyes only opening halfway through the night when a House Elf popped into the room with his clean and pressed school robes hanging on a cedar hanger.

Severus smiled as he drifted back to sleep.  Oh yes,  Slytherin truly was the best House after all.

Coming Home

Set after 6x14 – Killian returns and Emma finds him sitting on the steps of the front porch, in front of their house.
Word Count: 824
Read it on ao3 here ~ Read my other fics here 

Emma could feel her fingers going numb even though she had her gloves on. She didn’t mind – the cold nipping at her made her feel better than she had in the last two days. She hadn’t even driven the bug to the loft, which didn’t help her case. Every time she thought of the loft, she would picture the pitying glances she got from her parents, Regina, and Henry. Instead of it giving her consolation, she felt white, hot anger every time she thought of that. She chose to think about that instead of him. Instead of how it had felt to come back to an empty house – to know he had left; to know he had abandoned her. Which was why, as she hurried towards the house, she stopped short in complete shock. Relief spread through her as she saw him sitting on the porch. He looked up at her and she could see how unsure he was about her reaction.

“Killian,” she barely whispered, not moving. It was as if he was an illusion that would shatter the second she moved towards him.

“Emma,” he responded, standing up, trying to hide the crushing guilt that he felt when she didn’t walk towards him. It was one of those rare times where he wasn’t able to read her emotions behind her expression of shock. He couldn’t tell if she was happy to see him or not. There was a deafening silence before he said, “I’m sorry.”

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Growing Together

There we go. I can’t believe I did it. Finally. I do apologise again for the long wait. I truly appreciated your patience and I do hope you’ll love the second and last chapter as well. I read all your comments, tags and reblogs, and I treasured all of them. Thank you for the time you spend reading my work!

Part II / II
Part I is here

Demetra Trevelyan X Cullen Rutherford, NSFW

“There you are.” Dorian’s voice interrupted her reading, as the mage marched inside the hidden library under Josie’ office “Why are you working here, in this dark and smelly place?”
“It’s not smelly!” Demetra protested weakly, closing the ancient volume in front of her. She wasn’t able to concentrate in any case. Yawning, the Inquisitor rubbed her swollen eyes. Blessed Maker, she needed a good night of sleep so badly. Dorian shrugged “I’m glad at least you tidied up this place a bit. Now, I’m here to invite you to have a drink with your handsome Tevene friend.”
“I don’t drink, Dorian.” she forced a smile “And I fear I wouldn’t be a good company today.”
“Fine.” Dorian sat graciously on the simple seat in front of her desk “Let’s skip the tavern part, it was an excuse anyway, and arrive straight to the explanations.”
“About?” she prompted, leaning heavily on her more luxurious seat.
“About why you barely eat, speak, and spend your time hidden in this library.”
She bit her lip, lowering her eyes “Dorian, I would rather not…”
“And why Cullen spends his time buried between his reports and the armory, brooding more than usual, and scaring the living life out of whoever tries to make him sleep, eat or speak.”
Demetra clenched her jaw, looking at some scratches on the old desk surface. She didn’t want to talk about their fight. She didn’t want to say aloud how badly she had messed up. She didn’t want to tell Dorian she had tried to speak to Cullen, just to have him avoiding her.
She was sleeping in her bad alone since three days now, and she had no idea how to fix this. If this was something she could fix. Maker knew that if the situation was reverted she would put Cullen through the Void, so she truly couldn’t blame him for being so mad at her.
“Demetra.” Dorian’s voice was soft and he leant on the desk, grabbing gently the hand she was fisting “Fights between lovers can’t be solved refusing to talk to each other.”
“I tried.” she said, her glare fixed on their hands “He didn’t listen.”

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Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Honestly it’s really fucking cute when haters pop up doubting BTS and Yoongi because he’s been calling them out forever now. “Oh oh my haters, curse me some more. Keyboard warriors, please put effort into it. Yeah, just like that keep looking down on me, proving you wrong is my hobby.( We On)” Literally he’s the one who had to choose between eating cheap and walking home or eating even cheaper and riding the bus home. All in the name of music. All so he could work in his studio for no pay and struggle with a feeling of incompetence/depression when he literally performed for only a pair of people. A pair. Like two people. 

That’s why he didn’t think it was wrong to be an idol, because fuck it, some people can barely survive while only doing music. Yet, that’s all Yoongi wanted to do. That was the most important thing for him and he couldn’t imagine giving up music or shoving it the the side for another job. He’s being realistic, he’s making a living while doing something he loves and that path happens to be one of an idol. What did he get in turn for giving up everything else, for leaving home, for dancing at early hours in the morning, for lacking sleep and food and going through rigorous training? What did he gain from finding a median to allow him to keep dreaming? Unwarranted hate.

“You’re idols so even without a listen I can tell it sucks, I don’t like your lyrics even if I don’t see it it’s a video. Since you don’t have much power you must have done some dirty stuff, seeing the things you do you’ll fail soon. (Two!Three!)” You really think that came from nowhere? Of course not. He’s literally been called, to his face with others watching, an “icon” for girls, not “real” hip hop just rap. They called him an “industrialized icon” and not music To. His. Face. And that’s right, he didn’t have power. He sat there listening to these so called, self proclaimed “experts” of hip hop gang up on him.

But the funny thing is BTS and Min Yoongi were bound to gain popularity, they were bound to be recognized, way more than these hip hop experts could ever dream of; why? Because “during that time, at the least, I slept less and moved more.(Agust D)” Also because he’s had truckloads of more experience and because he, as a person, always gives and cares for fans. Being a bling bling “icon” for girls? Fine. Why not? As long as his music was doing what he always wanted it to, giving a voice/ energy/ hope/ warmth to the people who didn’t have it. “I can withstand tiring and harsh trips back and forth from work because my people are watching. Even if my body hurts, i can withstand it because the screams come crashing. The difference between pre and post debut, even while living on a line between rapper and idol my notebook is full of rhymes. Between the waiting room and stage i hold a pen and write lyrics, this is me, in your eyes what has changed? Damn shit i’m the same, I changed? Go and reiterate i didn’t change and guarded my roots i’m still rapperman. (Born singer)” Hard working and a true pinnacle of somebody who does everything for music and to connect with fans. It’s no surprise he got fame, unimaginable fame that shut out all the “real” hip hop haters and made them admit, in shame, they were schooled.

He’s always built a wall because of this, and Yoongi does a good job of hiding it. We’ve never seen Min Yoongi openly cry. He’s always managed to hold back. He’d pat his members on the back, he’d smile at them, he’d hug them, but he’d never cry. Because to those just waiting for their time to pounce back, to them it’s a weakness. “아… 아이돌 다 됐내.” You’re just fully an idol now… that’s exactly how they’d belittle him. But look at him. Finishing tours successfully, breaking records, dominating charts world wide. He spreads more music and leaves more of his legacy in the k-hiphop scene than anybody who’s ever talked ill about him. So yes, he deserved this award. He deserved it so much. Because even if it hurt him inside he knew how harsh reality was, he took the title that was slaughtered and seen through colored lenses and he bore it proudly even if people tried to break his back with it. He made music, he lived his dream and this was the physical proof of his effort. “That’s right, keep (hating) on and on. We’ll be happy by ourselves, good yeah i’m good (Two! Three!)”

That’s why haters are pointless. “Take it away from them? It was stolen from ______? They don’t deserve it?” Give me a fucking break, do yourself a favor and get over it. You can’t steal this glory from him, you can’t for a second downplay it. This was all him. It was all his. (As this is a Yoongi appreciation post i’m using singular nouns) but seriously. The countless doubts and ridicule he faced to produce something that would make a wide audience happy is rewarding him and being recognized. So don’t you dare, ever, not even for a second, argue that he didn’t deserve this. And don’t you dare call him out for finally releasing his emotions because he’s achieved his goal. This is his moment, his year, his prize. 건드리지마 손도 대지마 “Don’t touch it, what’s mine, don’t even put a hand on it.” (Give it to me). Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

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i'm flipping tables because SLBP new event is about the lords and their family. the event doesn't include SHINGEN!!! shingen's main route talked a little about his brother and father, it would be a great opportunity to go into depth about shingen's family but NOPE!!! SMH VOLTAGE. it just makes me sad😭

Originally posted by sweetums

Flipping tables like this, friend? HAHA. Look alive, dear anon, because I completely agree with you. I know I’m super extra for Saizo in my fangirling, but in all seriousness I like all of them equally from a creative standpoint for what they manage to provide us; the other six lords explore themes, aspects, issues and developments we don’t see with the more ‘popular’ lords. It’s a damn shame, because just like you say, characters like Shingen, or Ieyasu, or even freaking Mitsunari have the potential for incredibly heartfelt stories that ruminate on what it means for them to have something as special as a family/wife. It goes doubly for the lords with tragic family histories. 

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HELLO I AM HERE WITH PROMPT! SO... KNUXOUGE... sonic forces knuxouge... where they're watching the world they loved, in ruins, the master emerald probably destroyed/stolen for what appears to be for good... hurt/comfort ?! (hahah i just copy-pastad from our chat q v q i'm so excited aaahhh)

Me too, AHHHH


“It’s a shame the world has to end like this…”

Rouge walked up to the cliff where the fire was finally taking out the remaining percent of the last city they were trying to save.

Knuckles had his arms crossed, watching solemnly as a skyscraper fell down into the burning pit.

“…” Rouge looked over at him, seeing no real expression and growing slightly concerned.

“Strange, by now you would have shouted out something about me being pessimistic and unfeeling.” she closed her eyes and gestured a hand out, before blinking them open and still seeing no real change in him.

“..You okay?” she dropped the act, but remained looking seriously towards him.

“…Is this what it comes down too?”

She looked out over the hopeless scene.

“All my life… I’ve been one thing.” he held up his fists, and tightened it, gritting his teeth together, “A HERO! Guardian of the Master Emerald! When that was taken from me, I spent every last strip of strength I had left to retrieve it! Only to find it was melted down along with Chaos still imprisoned inside it. Now it’s used as fuel to all of Eggman’s goons… Without Super Sonic, we were forced into hiding while Sonic used my very life’s purpose to destroy the ends of the world! And for what? THIS!” he gestured out at the burning city, “I’ve never known a more wasteful appetite!” he slashed his arm down, truly enraged, as Rouge held her other arm and brought it close, looking down, as if ashamed she couldn’t stop this grim fate either.

“Knuckles..” she turned to him, being much more gentle, and speaking very soothingly to him.

She put a hand daintily up to his shoulder, giving the kind of comfort only a woman could offer. “It’s not any of our faults. Sometimes… the world has it’s cycles. Where one life dies…”

A robot collapsed in the flames, sending off a huge domino effect of explosions, before the flicker of the fires below let out more popping sounds of things being crushed under their influence and destroyed.

“Where’s the rebirth? Are you suggesting we have to live like Phinoexes from now on!?” He turned to her, lifting a fist and shaking it, but not directing it at her.

“No… All I’m saying is that from the ashes… wings do take off.” she flapped her own down to her sides, and against her back, before folding her arms and closing her eyes, looking down in grief.

“Tails said that with this last victory, there’s nothing left to lose.” she looked up to Knuckles, tenderly relaying the news she was sent to give him.

“Sonic’s going all out now. He’s not holding a single thing back. We’re all going with him. I came to get you, too.”

He gruffed at that, turning around and moving his shoulder to get her hand off it, not taking her comfort anymore.

Nothing was really piercing his heart anyway, and she could see that, that she was failing at helping him.

“That good for nothing… so, he tries to help, sure. But what good does Super Sonic do when he can’t even harness the 7 Chaos Emeralds properly!?”

“He can’t help it, Knuckles! Without Chaos, none of us, not even Shadow can fully wield their might!” she lost her temper then, gesturing a tensed hand out, before swiping it down and yelling clear to his face.

“Has it ever occurred to you that Sonic may this world’s last hope?!”

“If you ask me, our last hope died along with this city.”


Knuckles had to bend his knees from the pressure of that slap for a moment, feeling it upon the back of his head.

His teeth tightened as he roared while spinning around, about to jab back before pausing, his anger suddenly washed away when he saw tears in her eyes.

“…You imbecile! Watch what you say!” her emotions swarmed her, and she wasn’t able to hold them back. “You brute! You selfish, ignorant, and pompous fool! Some of us still hope for a future with better times! Some of us hope that your island comes back, that your stupid, precious emerald can keep it afloat again, and that some bat’s can return there to pester a lovable echidna again!”

He blinked his eyes, slowly lowering his fist down, watching her as if he hadn’t noticed how she truly felt.

Which, he didn’t.

“Rouge…” his eyelids arched back, realizing his folly.

“Oh, shut up!” she turned around, holding herself to try and keep it in. “Haven’t you caused enough suffering!? Even without you causing it, there’s still enough for everyone in this world!”

“….I’m…” he lifted a hand up to her bouncing shoulders, as she continued to cry, not able to hold it back anymore.

He pulled her in and she willingly turned around, crying in his chest as she squinted her eyes shut, hitting his chest lightly.

“You idiot..! Watch what you say… you’ll break hearts that way.. don’t you know…”

He lowered his head, and closed his own eyes.

“…Maybe I still have something left to fight for then.”

He looked up, “As hopeless as it seems… there never really is a ‘rock bottom’ I couldn’t climb myself out of.”

She slowly blinked her eyes open.

“I’ll just have to carry you with me.”

“What..? Ah!”

He lifted her up upon his shoulder, and started walking towards camp.

“Alright then. No more guarding. It’s time to start fighting without a cause. And if there is one, heh…. I’ll have to start piggy-backing off of yours.”

He looked up to her with a smile she hadn’t seen in a long time, and winked.

She held her hands up in surprise for a moment, before being touched and hugged his massive head, kicking her feet out in a feminine manner as he had to wobble to keep balance.

“R-Rouge! S-settle down up there! Hey!”

“Aww~ Aren’t you my little Guardian Hero~”

“Quit that! Why are you rubbing my chin like that!? Not it off!”


Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Originally posted by giribyo

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

You huffed walking up the trail, regretting your decision to pack so many clothes and toiletries for an overnight camping trip. “Oppa are we almost there yet?” you panted looking over to Swings.

“Five more kilometers before the camp ground”

“Yah Five!?” you slumped.

Daewoong dropped to the ground face first. “Hyung…go on without me…I’m done for…”

“I fucking quit” Siyoung tossed his bag on the ground and took a seat.

You’d admit you were the first one that was excited to hear that Swings wanted to bring everyone on a retreat. You’d only been a member of Just Music for a year, it was rare that you all got to spend time like this outside of the studio or a restaurant. You couldn’t even remember the last time you actually left the city for anything. Although you imagined something a little more glamorous, you were still looking forward to going camping.

However this little hike before the camp grounds was not something you signed up for.

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#9: Meeting siblings:


A/n: OK, this is quite short and it might be my lest favorite update. honestly I feel like this one is shit, and it’s just a filler and yeah sorry about that. but I promise the next part will be hella long and the good parts are about to come I hope, and well get some good badboy action so… hang in there? I’m sorry


Creaking the door open, (y/n) warily stepped into the Hemmings household, her eyes carefully inspecting her surroundings. Sure, she had been inside the house more times than she could count, but never had she entered without permission. Technically, she was granted permission, Luke’s text from earlier asking her to come in. Their plans to get some studying done for the finals were made a few days ago, agreeing on meeting in the library. However, Luke had other thoughts in mind, asking her to come by his house as he was nearly ready and suggested to give her a ride.

Her eyes were taking in her entourage, recalling every memory she had lived inside his house. The walls were witnesses of every baby step she took, telling stories of two little toddlers running around in loud giggles, bearing memories she held close to her heart.

Her head turned abruptly at the sound of footsteps, and she quickly grabbed her bag as she noticed the familiar blond locks. However, her mouth hung open upon realizing that the person she was faced with was not Luke. Although the resemblance was far too outstanding to go unnoticed, the man’s features strikingly familiar. His eyes were just as puzzled as hers, raising a questioning hand as his eyes narrowly stared at her. His mouth opened and closed a few times, until he finally managed to croak out a few words, “What- You came in- Do we know you?”

“Luke- Luke asked me, I –um- I’m just waiting for him.” She stumbled at her words, heat filling her up due to her embarrassment. She should’ve just waited outside! But as she was expecting reprimanding words to come out of the blond’s mouth, she was confused by the smirk he wore on his face as he eyes her.

“So you’re the girl, huh,” He mumbled –mainly to himself. (y/n) creased her eyebrows together at his words, tilting her head in a question manner; “w-what?” She whispered, what girl? “Oh come on, we all knew a girl was involved,” The man shrugged, taking a hand out of his pocket as he offered it to shake, “I’m Jack by the way.”

Relief flooded her at his words, the uneasiness leaving her body as she remembered him. Although she was fairly familiar with Ben –the eldest Hemmings- her encounters with Jack were few. Jack on the other hand was eyeing her with amusement, knowing instantly that he’d be teasing Luke about it for as long as he could. Little behavior changes never went unnoticed by him, especially not when it came to his younger brother. He had indeed been suspecting that someone was responsible, most probably a girl that had him whipped. Still, he never expected to see her in flesh, knowing Luke’s private nature.

“Ready to go?” Luke’s voice echoed through the empty house, his feet hopping down the stairs in a hurry as he slid his hands through his jacket. At his cue, (y/n) threw her bag over her shoulder, giving Jak one last smile as she turned around. “You know, mum’s gonna want to meet you.” He chuckled at her, stopping her midway. He was very much entertained by the whole scenery, more than eager to tease his baby brother –and embarrass him most likely.

“I- I already met her,” (y/n) spoke up, waiting for Luke to gather his stuff as the awkwardness becoming a little too much for her to handle. But in all honesty, Jack’s reaction was quite priceless. His eyes brows knitted in confusion, a sigh leaving his mouth; “How come I’m always out of the loop! How did you meet her?” He whined, feeling like he was left out of the story whilst he wanted to know every detail.

“She’s our neighbor you dumbass,” Luke spoke from behind you, his hand reaching out to the small of your back to guide you outside, his own backpack held in his other hand. “Wait!” His brother’s voice stopped them, the two looking back at him. “You can’t be (y/n). Little bug (y/n)?” Jack’s smile grew wider as he watched her hide her face in her hands, chuckling because she hadn’t been called that ever since she turned six. “How’s Josh doing? I haven’t seen him in a while.” He and Josh was inseparable as kids, much like their younger siblings. “He’s alright, he’s coming home soon,” (y/n) answered, finally feeling like the tension was fully lifted. Luke’s eyes gazed at her, a small smile on his lips as he did so. Something about the way she already seemed like a part of his family made his heart swell, the interaction between her and his brother meaning much more to him than he could explain.

After bidding Jack goodbye, Luke’s hand guided (y/n) out, the cold air hitting them as soon as they left the house. “You look a lot like him,” (y/n) spoke up once they were seated inside his car, her eyes staring at him, gauging his reaction. Luke’s gaze didn’t shift from the road, but a smile made its way to his lips as he spoke, “He’s someone I really admire, so it means quite a lot to hear that.” (y/n)’s hand found his free one, lacing them together as her words failed to express the feeling welling up inside of her.


Her phone buzzed for the third time, making her answer it abruplty, a scowl visible on her face, “What?” she barked, rolling her eyes at the voice on the other end. “I miss you too baby” Calum’s voice sang on the other side, and as much as she hated it, she couldn’t fight back the smile on her face. She could literally feel him grin as he spoke the words. “Calum, I swear I’m two seconds away from killing you,” She teased, jumping off of her bed, phone still in hand. “But I want to see my baby girl,” His whines earned nothing more than an eyeroll from her, chuckling albeit at his childlike behavior. “It’s a girl’s night baby, which means no boyfriend calls.”

(y/n) glanced back at the two girls lying on her bed, their teasing smiles making her turn around instantly. The phone call didn’t last long, as she was quick to dismiss her pouty boyfriend, bidding him a goodnight mischievously before she hung up. Turning back, she hopped on the bed, giving a warning look to her friends, already expecting the teasing. “Who is that?” the question was fired just as anticipated, a giggly laugh escaping her lips, her hands covering her face. “My boyfriend,” She ushered out, heat rising to her cheeks at the mere thought.

Shocked glances were exchanged between the two girls, huffing at how they weren’t informed earlier. That was the main reason she had wanted a girl’s night, planning a sleepover with her friends. Surely, her friends at school were obviously informed of her relationship status, the news of her and Calum known to the whole school. But the two girls she had over didn’t go to school with her –much to her dismay. They were a few years older than her, the roots of their friendship running back to the summer camps she used to go to as a child.

“Spill! Who is he? What is he like?” The questions were thrown in a hurry, the room quickly filling with excited laughs. (y/n) lied down on her pillows, a sheepish look on her face as she stared at the eager girls. Well, she wasn’t about to hide anything from them, really.

“What is Calum like?” She mumbled to her self, her expression turning into one of awe and tenderness at the thought of the boy who invaded her every thought. “He’s turning me into a mess. Most of the time he’s a cheeky bastard that knows how to tick me off; at other times he’s so unpredictable. But then,” (y/n) Stopped, taking in a deep breath as her chest felt heavier with the emotions she held for him, “But then, he has these moments where he makes me feel like it’s just me and him. The way he looks at me and talks to me just takes my breath away. And right now, my chest feels like it’s on fire just by talking about him.” (y/n) bit down on her lip, her fingers fiddling together, the pillow case suddenly feeling too cold for her burning face.

The rest of the night carried on, the girls urging her to spill every detail, teasing her every now and then about her blushing cheeks. And as she got lost in telling the various stories she shared with him, she couldn’t stop her heart from yearning to see him.

Although, she hadn’t expected to find him at her doorstep first thing in the morning, a wide smile on his face as he greeted her. She was walking her friends out, complaining about how early they had to leave when she was faced with him, his hands tucked behind his back as he smiled sheepishly at her.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, walking closer to him and pulling him into a hug, mindful of her friends behind her who wouldn’t let her live if they were to witness excessive PDA. “Well, it’s the morning, so technically your girl’s night is over,” Calum cheekily replied, his hands pulling her closer as he spoke. Her eyes widened as she took in his full appearance, her hand reaching out to touch his trimmed hair, “You shaved your head?” She scolded, yet as soon as he hand touched the short strands of hair she found herself smiling. “I miss your curls, but I like this.” She chuckled, playfully patting his head, his face breaking into a huge grin that displayed his sublime dimples.

A cough broke the two from their bubble, their heads spinning back. “Mali? What are you doing here?” Calum asked, making (y/n) send him a questioning look. “Nice catch you got there, brother.” The blond girl spoke, a million-dollar smile on her face. Realization flooded (y/n) quickly, her eyes widening at the situation. Stuttering and ‘excuse me’, her feet ran before she could register what was going on, her hands covering her face in shame. Oh my god! Of course she’ll tell him, oh my god! Her thoughts ran wild, but were cut short as a pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a warm embrace.

“What’s wrong babe?” Calum chuckled in her ear, his cheeks pressing against hers as he snuggled closer to her. “Did you like say something embarrassing about me?” his phrase made (y/n) turn abruptly in his arms, her eyes scolding him. If only he knew. “Don’t you dare ask her about anything!” she scowled as she pointed her finger at him, and he couldn’t help but comply, her pleading eyes affecting him more than he liked to admit.

“Alright,” He agreed, “But maybe someday, you can tell me,” His words were hushed, meant only for her ears to hear. His thumb was soothingly rubbing her cheek, his arm wrapped around her waist. Maybe I’ll be able to tell you just how much you affect me, he wanted to add but bit his lip. Surely, Mali-koa would have his ass for the upcoming years, teasing him about how whipped he was and how much of a lost puppy he became when it involved her. if he had to endure that then so be it, because at the end of the day he knew it was all true; he knew that your fingers played with the strings of his heart without even realizing it.

A/n: ok yall only after writing his part did I realize that NO it’s fucking unrealistic to be friends with someone for so long and not know their second name hence hood and make the connection, so sorry about it pretend it works alright bebs, lol I’m a mess sorry


“Did you ever like, play some fancy instruments as a child?” (y/n) asked Michael who was walking right beside her, her eyes amusingly watching him. “You know, like in the movies.” She added. Surely, she had always believed rich families always learned how to play instruments, movies being her only insider.

Michael sighed, his arm wrapping around her shoulders to bring her closer. “They taught me piano,” He mumbled, “They tried to get me to learn violin as well but I sucked balls at it. So I ended up learning guitar because I liked it most, though they’re not very fond of it.”

“But you’ll play for me someday, yeah?” She mused after a long silence, moving her head from his shoulder to look up at him. Michael was ready to fire a ‘no’, the request far from his comfort zone or preference. But as soon as his eyes landed on her, her eyebrows raised in question, he found himself giving her a little nod. “Someday” He murmured.

Coming to a stop, the two stood in front of the elementary school, her eyes scanning the scenery for the small four year old. Since her parents were out of town due to some family business, she was left responsible for her younger brother. Michael, having heard about that, insisted on tagging along –if she didn’t mind of course. Which left the two walking towards the elementary school her brother studied at.

“(y/n)!” A high-pitch scream attracted their attraction, a little boy running towards her and wrapping his arms around her legs as best as he could. “Hey there little man,” Michael joined in, crouching in front of the toddler, an inviting smile on his face. Noah turned around to face him, the shy smile on his face reminding Michael of (y/n). The little kid seemed dazed for a second by the punk boy squatting in front of him, the burning red color of his hair capturing his full attention. Finally, Noah managed to look away, glancing at his big sister who sent him a reassuring nod, before he introduced himself to Michael, “Hi, my name is Noah. I like your hair.” He exclaimed happily. Ruffling his hair, Michael offered a genuine smile to the younger boy, “Why thank you Noah, I’m Michael.” And with that, you ushered the two boys to get going so you could reach the house in time.

Stopping at the front door, (y/n) fiddled with the key in her hand before she opened it, allowing the three of them to get inside. But as Noah went flying to his bedroom, mumbling about grabbing toys for him and his new friend to play with, Michael and (y/n) were left alone at the entrance. She found herself fiddling with the hem of her school uniform that she was still wearing, eyes the tall boy cautiously. She had been inside his house, and she knew it was nothing like hers, thus feeling somewhat insecure as his eyes roamed the small space. “It’s not much, but it’s just the four of us.” She found herself mumbling.

“It’s a home. I like it.” Michael spoke softly, his words laced with sadness. He couldn’t look away from the decorated wall, displaying multiple family pictures. But unlike the frigid portrait that hung in his own house, the pictures were full of laughter and joy. (y/n) felt guilty as she finally realized that whilst she was insecure about her modest home, Michael didn’t have an actual one.

“I got my cars and trucks! Do you want to play?” The tension was cut by Noah’s words, the little boy running with his collection of toys in his hands. He insisted on playing with Michael, the two boys sitting in the living room and making loud car noises.

Meanwhile, (y/n) was busy making a snack for her brother and ordering pizza for her and Michael. Once the delivery boy came, the hot pizza was quickly devoured as they all sat on the couch, watching Big Hero 6 at Noah’s request. And as he got sleepy, (y/n) offered to take him up to his room, but the toddler declined her offer and went to cuddle Michael instead. Her heart fluttered at the action, admiration clouding her thoughts at the sight in front of her.

“You know, he’s normally very shy. He doesn’t open up quickly just to anybody.” (y/n) whispered so as not to wake up the sleeping boy, sending a smile to Michael as she said so. “Well then,” Michael began, his words getting caught in his throat as he glanced at Noah, “Maybe he knows I mean well” He muttered, the fair skin of his cheeks flaming at his words.

Seeing as it was getting late, (y/n) offered to take her brother up to his room so she and Michael could watch another movie without disturbing his sleep. But as soon as she left to put Noah in his bed, Michael found his mind drifting to her. He wondered how he could have missed out on her all of those years, how he could miss someone as amazing at her.


(y/n) walked out of the school with a scowl on her face, re-reading the text she had received a few minutes ago. Ashton was held back in detention along with his friend Calum, the reason behind it kept hidden from her. She sighed as she made her way towards her car, stopping only as she noticed someone else standing not far from her. Actually, he was standing right next to Ashton’s car. Puzzled, (y/n) walked closer to him, pondering whether she wanted to adress him or not. But at the sight of his Golden locks, she found herself approaching the boy.

“Hey,” She said, earning his attention, “are you waiting for someone?” she asked. The boy turned to face her, his eyes warily looking at her. He looked around 7 or 8 years old, his backpack tugged over his shoulders, his figure tense as he carefully eyes his surrounding. He nodded at her words, “For my brother, he’s supposed to drive us home.”

(y/n) offered a warm smile, understanding the situation at hand. “Is Ashton your brother?” and again her words were answered by a nod, “He’s held back in detention. Did you come here by yourself?” She asked, looking for any company he might have had. “Yes, my school isn’t that far.”

She kept silent for a little while, wondering how she could help him as Ashton wasn’t leaving until a couple of hours. “Say, How about I drive you home? Do you know the road?” She offered, before adding “I’m a friend of your brother, I’ll send him a text.” which soothed the boy, as he finally agreed to ride with her.

Once they had reached the Irwin’s home, the younger boy led her in, explaining how his sister was already home. But (y/n) felt uneasy about leaving the two alone at the house, at least until their big brother came, so she offered to stay with them. The two agreed instantly to her request, especially after her offer to make Mac’n’cheese.

Ashton almost broke the door handle as he stepped him, his heart pounding in his chest as his frantic eyes roamed the house. Fuck! He didn’t think he’d get held back at detention that day, resulting into him feeling like he was on fire for the past hours as he begged the teacher to let him go. With his mother out of town, he was held responsible for his younger siblings, and she insistently instructed that he would have to pick up Harry with him since the walk from school was really far.

But as his mind was busy worrying about his brother, he did not anticipate to find (y/n) on his couch, a ball of popcorn on her lap as she watched a movie along with his brother and sister. His loud entrance had caught the attention of the three, (y/n) carefully getting up and walking towards him. “How did you-?” Ashton mumbled, feeling puzzled yet thankful. (y/n) simply took her hand in his, guiding him outside so they could talk freely.

Standing on the porch, (y/n) took her time to explain how she had found Harry by their school, and went on from there until she reached where they were. Ashton only nodded at her words, a smile playing on his lips as he listened to her story. Truthfully, he had stopped listening once he figured that Harry must’ve walked to his school when he was too late to pick him up, focusing after that on her rather than her speech. “You’re not listening, are you?” (y/n) finally caught up on his act, smiling nonetheless at the golden boy. His smile was precious, the little dimples engraved on his cheeks showing as grinned at her. “Not really,” He whispered, his face leaning closer and closer towards her. His heart was hammering in his chest, but the feeling bubbling inside his stomach was urging him to keep going. Keep going until his lips finally touched her and their eyes shut closed at the feeling.

Smiling against his chapped lips, (y/n) pulled away slightly, her eyes still halfway closed as butterflies bees erupted in her belly. Ashton had already taken her breath away, along with every trace of sanity she had, but that one kiss was enough to send her over the moon and make her head dizzy.

“We should go inside, the kids are alone.” She mumbled, Ashton pulling her into another giggly kiss as his large hand moved to rest on the side of her neck. His smile was the epitome of sunshine and rainbows, and he couldn’t possibly stop himself from grinning. He had finally done the one thing he wanted to do ever since that first encounter at the hallway.

“Come one, I made Mack’n’cheese.” She bantered, getting up on her feet and pulling him by the hands. “Oh you did?” He excitedly asked, instantly standing up at her words. “And you’ll find it’s the best you’ll ever ever have!” She added, a victorious smile on her lips and boy he just wanted to feel them again, but she was already getting inside to heat a bowl for him.

HEADCANON- RFA Members Find Out About MC Self-Harming

Requested by anon. “Everyone’s reactions to finding out mc cuts?”

A/N: If anyone out there is struggling with depression and/or self-harm, or just having a bad day, HONEY. I AM HERE. I will always be here if you guys need to vent about anything, I won’t judge. The whole point of starting this blog is hoping that I can make someone’s day a little better. Guys, it gets better! I understand how you feel! I had depression because of certain family issues, but everything is and has been perfectly okay for years, I’ve gotten through it, and you can too. So if anyone needs to talk, I’m here, boo.

707- He immediately blames himself for not noticing. He was the great Seven Zero Seven, with nothing in his way. He had known every little fact about you. He knew your mother’s maiden name, your favorite ice cream place as a child, where you used to get your hair done. Yet, he had somehow been so caught up in his own world that he didn’t notice such a big thing. And looking back on it, it was quite obvious if he knew what he was looking for. He had just never thought someone as amazing as you would have to go through something like this. He immediately does everything he can to support you, and uses his computer knowledge to his advantage. He would get you bags of that one candy that you mentioned you like once that’s only legal in Norway and find the oddest methods to help you that are from like Russia or something. You’d laugh and tell him that him being in your life would be enough. He knew that he was doing something right, because you got better and better every day.

Jumin- Needs to blame somebody. He feels that someone definitely did this to you. He has the power to completely destroy them and he’s not afraid to use it when someone hurts you. When someone hurts someone so precious to him. When you tell him, anger immediately bubbles inside of him, and he demands that you tell him exactly who did this to you. He’ll go on about how he won’t let Jaehee or anyone on his staff rest until they learn their lesson. You’d pull him in for a hug and softly ruffle his hair, something you’ve learned calms him down You tell him that there’s no need for him to destroy someone, and all he needs to do is be there for you. He of course complies, but he would always wish he could do more. He would use all of his riches if he could somehow buy a miracle solution to help you, but he understands that it’s a very hard process and he will support you in any way you wish. And of course, he makes it very clear to you that if anyone ever hurts you, he has the connections to make their entire lives miserable for messing with his love.

Zen- He pulls you in more a loving hug immediately, and will not stop showering you with compliments like you do to him daily. Actually It’s more of him showering himself with compliments and you simply agree because wow look at him mmmhh He’ll say the sweetest things to you, like “You know you’re beautiful, right?” and “I’ll stop the world and give up everything in my possession to help you.” He doesn’t leave you or doesn’t understand you like you feared he would. He gives you all his support. He tells you that you don’t need to hide your scars around him, he would never shame you for anything. As much as it pains him, he knows that no matter how hard he tries there’s nothing that can fix you immediately. He knows it’ll be a long, step-by-step process, and he’ll be there every step of the way.

Yoosung- He cried harder than you did when you told him. He’d been through the same intense pain when Rika died, and it hurt him even more that you, the love of his life, had to go through it. Alone, up until now. You’d squeeze his hands and tell him that he needs to be strong for you, and that you’ll promise to try your best to get past this emotional trap. With tears running from his face, he tells you that he’ll always be there for you and that your love would be strong enough to get through this. He tries harder in life for you. He makes sure his grades are sky-high, eats properly, and cuts down his gaming time to check up on you. He wanted to make sure that there was nothing about him that you needed to worry about so that you would spend all of your energy in your recovery. He understands that this process will take time, and would never push you through it. The best feeling in the world for him is seeing your smile a little brighter every day, and knowing that he had helped with that.

Jaehee- She’s noticed that you’ve been keeping something from her for a while. For a few weeks before you told her, she had already suspected that you were self-harming. She wouldn’t say anything, but she would always notice when you would take a little longer in the bathroom, when you were sweating like crazy and still wearing a hoodie, when you would stiffen up when she took your hand in hers. When you finally told her, you weren’t the only person with a confession. When she told you that she knew, as well, you were shocked. You were convinced that she would think you’re weak, or freak out and made you feel worse about it, or the worst possible, leave you. But she offers you all of her heart, and that she would prioritize you over Jumin’s work any way. She would call you when she’s at work to make sure you’re eating properly and tell you that she’ll make you some nice tea when she gets home. She knows she can’t fix everything, but she can make sure the time you have with her is the best possible.


Pairing: onjongho

Rating: nc-17

A special thank you to taketaemtoyourleader because they are the bees knees and infinitely patient.

“Is everything ok in there?” Came a soft, gentle voice from behind the curtain in the doorway. Jinki pushed the curtain aside, barely glancing at the sales associate who had come to assist him after Jinki had pushed the call button on the side of the fitting room.

 "May I have this in a larger size?“ Jinki asked, gesturing toward the slacks he was holding, which felt like they were cutting off circulation to his thighs when he had tried them on. “They fit everywhere except my thighs, so I might just need one size up.”


 Jinki looked up, wondering if the man who had come to check on him had already left in search of the slacks Jinki needed, but he was still there. The sales associate had one hand against the doorframe to the fitting room, his eyes scrunched shut and his cheeks flushed a lovely deep red that reminded Jinki of the color of Jonghyun’s ass when they got done with a round of play, the color it had been this morning after Jonghyun had nearly caused Jinki to be late to a meeting for the second time this week.

 "Excuse me?” Was he ill? He didn’t look ill, he looked… Oh. Oh. Jinki let his eyes travel down the sales associate’s body. Cute face, beautiful tan skin, lips that looked like they belonged stretched around a cock but we’re currently parted slightly as the man’s chest moved quickly with his breathing. Jinki stopped briefly at the man’s chest to read his name tag before moving lower. Minho; his name was Minho, and, as his eyes travelled lower, Jinki could see Minho’s dick pushing against the front seam of his pants, stretching the fabric in a way that Jinki knew mustn’t be very comfortable. Dress pants didn’t often have a lot of give in the fabric. What had gotten this man so riled up, and so quickly? Jinki looked down at himself. He had remembered to rezip himself into his slacks, hadn’t he? Regardless, I know I’m big, but surely that wouldn’t send anybody into that state.

 "Are you ok?“

 Minho whimpered at the sound of the man’s voice. Smooth like honey, rough like a tongue running over his skin in all the right places. He could feel the customer’s eyes on him, traveling down his body, and he knew how obvious the man’s effect on him was, his slacks straining in the front. Minho knew how certain voices affected him; he wasn’t sure if it was a specific tone or pitch that got to him, and it didn’t happen often, but man was it happening now. He thought briefly that he should feel ashamed that he was acting like this in public with a man he had never spoken to before this moment, but Minho wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch himself. Or, better yet, ask the man with the siren’s voice to touch him.

 As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Minho’s eyes snapped open, the arousal in his brain dying as panic set in. How could he be so unprofessional? They had hundreds of people coming in and out of the department store every day, and never once had he behaved like this. But that voice. Minho felt like his nerves were on fire, and all he really wanted was to hear that voice again.

 "I-I’m sorry, sir,” Minho said, his voice rough and his eyes cast down. He brought his hands to his front, knowing that the customer was watching as he held his hands together in front of his body, hoping to shield his erection in the least obvious way possible. “May I ask what size those are so I can get you a larger pair?” Minho’s body was already anticipating the customer’s answer. He needed to hear that voice again, but he also wanted him to answer so that he could help him already and stop embarrassing himself.

 He looked up as he felt the customer moving toward him, his own large eyes meeting the dark ones in front of him. The face was smiling and Minho frowned. That wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted this man to open his mouth again and tell Minho exactly what he wanted. The thought crossed Minho’s mind that he would do anything that voice told him to, and his eyes dropped down again as he attempted to swallow past the dryness in his mouth.

 Jinki heard the gulp, smiling larger as Minho’s eyes fell to the ground again. Was he naturally this submissive? Or had something triggered it? Jinki was honestly puzzled as to why the sales associate had reacted to him like this in the first place, but he wasn’t going to argue with it. He liked how turned on he had made this man without trying, and he loved the reaction he received. Eyes turned to the floor, cheeks flushed, even the way the man had called Jinki “sir” in a professional context made him wonder what it might be like to hear it in another setting. Namely, Jinki’s bedroom, though he wouldn’t mind grabbing the sales associate and dragging him into the fitting room, closing the curtain, and seeing just how far he could push him. The thought had him smirking, wondering what Jonghyun would think.

 "Minho.“ He called the man’s name softly, watching as his head shot up to stare at Jinki with eyes that were dark and wet looking.

 "I’ll go get the pants myself; no need to trouble yourself.” He watched in satisfaction as Minho’s hands, still in front of his crotch, pressed down, whether in an effort to hide his arousal or to relieve it, Jinki wasn’t sure, but he listened to the panted breaths that fell from those beautiful lips. Ah. Maybe that was it.

 Minho could feel his breathing getting heavier, warm weight pooling low in his stomach. He fought it, pressing his hand to his erection in hopes that he could postpone the inevitable. Stop talking. No, keep talking. He couldn’t decide. He focused his eyes on the customer’s lips, watching as each sound came out, biting his own in order to keep back his sounds. This man probably thought he was a freak. Not only had he scared off a customer, which he would undoubtedly get in trouble for, but the customer would likely never return, leaving Minho without the pleasure that crashed in waves through his body from the sound of his voice.

 "My name is Jinki.“

 Minho’s eyes widened impossibly, filled with shame and so much arousal that Jinki’s eyes darkened. A whimper fell past his bitten lips, his hand now rubbing at the crotch of his pants, and Jinki chuckled lightly. He wouldn’t touch. He needed permission first, and this man was not mentally in a place where he could give it.

 "I’m going to leave now, but I’ll be back.” Jinki felt strangely like reassuring the man. He would be back. There was no way he would let someone like Minho slip from his grasp. Not when he could be trained, when Jinki had so much to teach him.

“Do you understand?”

 Minho nodded, automatically responding to the owner of that voice. The voice that now had him touching himself through his slacks, aching for him to just say one more word. He needed to come so bad. He ran his fingers over the head of his cock, sensitive even through the material of his dress pants and underwear, moaning. He forced his legs to move, walking into the fitting room and pushing himself against the wall, giving the customer, Jinki, room to get out. He couldn’t go out into the department store right now, not with how far gone he was, so he knew the safest plan of action was to wait it out until Jinki left and he had control of his body again.

 Jinki laid the too-tight slacks on the bench against the wall Minho was leaning on. He wanted to wait, to talk Minho to his orgasm, but he needed to leave. Minho seemed like he was already embarrassed, and Jinki couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if he had to worry about actually coming for a complete stranger. Jinki gathered his jacket up, slipping it on as he left silently, laughing quietly as he heard the other man’s frustrated groan.  

 When Jinki got home, Jonghyun was already asleep, sprawled out in the middle of the bed, as he tended to do when Jinki wasn’t sleeping with him. Either napping or out for the night, Jinki couldn’t tell; Jonghyun’s sleep schedule was somewhat erratic. Bending over the bed and shaking him awake gently, Jinki gave him a kiss on his sleep-swollen lips, telling him that they had something to talk about. Groggily, Jonghun turned over to face Jinki as Jinki seated himself on the edge of the bed, his hands reaching. Jonghyun’s fingers automatically grasped for Jinki’s shirt, clinging lightly as he turned and maneuvered himself to lay his head on Jinki’s thigh, huffing sleepily as the sheets tangled around his legs.

 "What is it?“ He asked, his jaw clicking as he yawned, trying to wrap his body around Jinki’s seated one.

 "I met someone.”

 At this, Jonghyun froze, his eyes opening fully with interest. “And?”

 Jinki relayed the whole story to him, running his hands through Jonghyun’s blond hair soothingly. He didn’t think that Jonghyun would be jealous, they’d invited others into their bedroom before, and Jonghyun had enjoyed it thoroughly each time, but Jinki already knew he wanted to try to make this more than a one-time thing with this Minho. If Jonghyun wasn’t ok with it, Jinki would drop it. He might like being the one in charge, but he never wanted Jonghyun to feel uncomfortable. Though, needy little thing that he was, Jonghyun was probably aching for more attention than Jinki was currently giving him. It had been a while since they’d invited someone else in.

 Jonghyun laughed when Jinki told him the story. “A voice kink, you think? I mean, you do have a nice voice, but that seems a bit odd.”

 Jinki swatted him lightly on the ass, liking the way Jonghyun’s hands tightened in the fabric of his shirt and his breath hitched a little. He’d barely touched him. “It’s no weirder than some of the shit you’re into,” Jinki reminded him.

 "I guess that’s true,“ Jonghyun nodded, his hands clenching and unclenching, wrinkling Jinki’s shirt. His ass felt warm where Jinki had swatted him, even though it had been a playful touch, not meant to arouse. He pushed his head closer to Jinki’s crotch, inhaling, feeling himself growing hard.

 "Again?” Jinki said, his voice lower.

 Jonghyun nodded. “Please?” His hands inched away from Jinki’s shirt, falling to the button at the top of his slacks.

 Jinki grabbed hold of Jonghyun’s wrists tightly, making Jonghyun whine. “Please what?”

 "Please, sir.“

 Jonghyun’s cheeks were flushed, and he pressed himself closer to Jinki’s thigh, but Jinki moved, rolling Jonghyun from his side to his back, pinning his wrists above his head as Jinki’s body arched over top. Jonghyun lay still as Jinki’s body hovered over his own. He’d already received one punishment today, and while he wouldn’t have minded another one, he figured he should at least try to be good for a little while.

 "Before we start, I have a few questions. First, would you like to meet Minho?”

 Jonghyun nodded, and he watched Jinki’s eyes narrow. Shit. Maybe he’d be getting a punishment sooner than he thought.

 "Yes, I’d like that very much, sir.“

 "Would you be ok with me inviting him to play with us?”

 "Yes, sir.“

 "If you’re uncomfortable at any time with him or what we do, I expect you to tell me. Do you understand?”

 "I understand, sir.“

 Jonghyun was starting to get anxious. His skin felt hot, and he wanted nothing more than Jinki balls-deep inside him. He struggled lightly against Jinki’s hands, watching as Jinki’s nostrils flared.

 "Good. Center of the bed, baby. You know how I want you.”


 Minho wasn’t counting, at least that’s what he told himself, but it had been two days. Two days and Minho was left stewing in his own doubts. What if he doesn’t come back? What if I embarrassed myself too much? What does he even want from me? Do I want him to come back? Minho’s face flushed. I do. He needed this man to come back, to use his beautiful voice to make Minho’s body do whatever he wanted. Minho wanted him. What if he comes in on a day I’m not working?

When Jinki came in to the department store, Minho was manning the dressing rooms again, and the poor man nearly jumped out of his skin when Jinki touched him on the shoulder, a soft sound of alarm leaving his lips. He must’ve been more wound up than I thought.

 Jinki smiled disarmingly and Minho’s eyes immediately focused on his lips, waiting for the words he was sure would come. When none came, Minho swallowed, his throat dry, before attempting to pull himself together.

“How can I help you, sir?”

 Jinki stepped closer, and Minho could feel his warmth. Would his body feel as good as his voice sounded?

 "I wanted to invited you out.“

 Minho’s eyes fluttered shut, fire spreading through his veins once more. The words that the man had just said hit him several moments later, and his eyes shot open again as he very articulately said, "Huh?”

 The man in front of him chuckled, and Minho swore the sound was pure sin. His slacks were tightening, and he shifted on his feet, trying to hide it. He knew it was no use, the man obviously knew what he did to Minho, but he tried anyway.

 "Come to dinner with me. With us. My boyfriend and me.  We wanted to talk with you, get to know you.“

 Boyfriend? If he has a boyfriend, then why is he here?

 "Yes,” Minho said, his voice strained. He was shocked by his own answer, but perhaps his thoughts hadn’t quite caught up with his mouth. Stupid. He has a boyfriend, so what could he possibly want from you?

 Jinki’s shoulders slumped a little, relieved. “When do you get off tonight?”

 Whenever you want me to. Or right now. The tightness in Minho’s slacks was becoming uncomfortable, and as much as he wanted to come, he really didn’t want to embarrass himself in that way quite yet. Jinki had barely spoken to him, and he was already like this.

 Minho glanced at his watch, struggling to read the hands when his brain was clouded and trying not to focus on the way Jinki said “get off.”

 "In-“ Minho cleared his throat. "In an hour or so.”

 "Do you like Thai food?“

 Minho nodded sharply, clenching his hands in an effort not to let them move to the front of his pants this time. He actually did like Thai food, very much.

 "Great!” Jinki smiled, and Minho felt some of the tension leak from his body. Jinki had a lovely smile, one that made his eyes crinkle up. “Why don’t you meet us at Thai Jasmine when you’re finished this evening? Do you need directions?”

 "No, I’ve been there before.“ Minho really liked the little Thai restaurant, and he felt relieved that they would be eating in a familiar place.

 "I’ll see you in a while, then,” Jinki said, flashing another smile before turning to head out of the store. When he reached the entrance, he turned, only to find Minho in the same spot he left him, his hands clutched tightly in his slacks, wrinkling the fabric. Chuckling to himself, he waved, waiting until Minho’s wide eyes met his and he waved shyly back before making his way out.

 Grabbing his phone, Jinki dialed Jonghyun’s number, beginning to talk as soon he heard the click of connection on the other end.

 "He said yes.“

"What? I don’t even get a hello anymore? You find a new guy and suddenly all phone courtesy flies from your mind.”

 Jinki laughed. He knew Jonghyun wasn’t angry. After their time together two nights ago, Jonghyun had been able to see how excited Jinki truly was for this, and how nervous. Jonghyun had to admit, he was beginning to build this up a little in his mind, and he hoped that Jinki was right about this guy.

 "I’m coming to pick you up. You’re still at the apartment, right?“

 "Yeah, I’m here…” Jonghyun hummed absently, sounding as though he was focused on something else. “Working. Wait. We’re meeting him now?”

 "In an hour. He’s meeting us for dinner after work.“

 "Jinki…” Jonghyun whined. “I look like shit. I’ve been working all day, so I haven’t taken a shower.”

 "Well, take one now.“ Jinki was at his car, and he unlocked the door, sliding into the front seat. "I’m leaving now, so you should have enough time.”

 He heard Jonghyun sigh and the click of a door that he could only imagine belonged to the office; Jonghyun liked to write in there, said it had the most breathing room.

 "Ok. Where are we going? How should I dress?“

 "Just Thai Jasmine. Nothing fancy. But Minho will probably be coming in his work clothes, so he’s dressed nicely, so…”

“Alright. I can work with that. What about that white sweater you like so much? And… Hm. Dark jeans?”

 A rush of pleasure shot through Jinki at the idea of Jonghyun wearing something because he liked it, and he smiled, starting his car.

 "That sounds perfect, baby. I’m leaving now, so I’ll be home soon, ok?“

 Jonghyun hummed his understanding. "I love you.”

 "I love you, too. Go shower.“


 When Minho got to the restaurant, the woman at the front, who, from previous visits, Minho knew was called Ploy, looked at him and smiled.

 "Just you today?”

 "Ah, no. I’m actually meeting someone. I mean, a couple friends.“

 "You can go look for them, if you think they’re here,” she said, grabbing two menus as a couple came in behind Minho. Minho nodded, moving past the entrance and further into the small restaurant. Most of the seating was in a large, wide-open space, but Minho knew if he turned the corner at the end of the restaurant, there was a smaller wing with a few tables and a small, gold and blue statue of an elephant.

 It was there that he found Jinki, and he was glad the restaurant wasn’t crowded, because it seemed like Jinki and his… Boyfriend… Were the only people in this wing.

 They were engaged in a quiet conversation, and Minho shivered in anticipation before gathering his courage and approaching the table.

 Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, Jonghyun was the first to look up as Minho approached.

 "Cute,“ Jonghyun whispered to Jinki, whose head turned to watch as Minho made his way to their table.

 "He is,” Jinki confirmed, standing up as Minho reached them, his eyes looking focused on Jonghyun as he cleared his throat.

 "It’s nice to meet you,“ Minho said to the other man, Jinki’s boyfriend. "And thank you for inviting me.” His eyes traveled to where Jinki was standing, smiling at him comfortably.

 "Go ahead and sit down,“ Jinki said, gesturing to the other side of the table. Minho shivered and chose the chair across from Jinki rather than Jonghyun, eyeing the white-haired man nervously.

 Jonghyun took in everything about Minho, watching him appreciatively. He’s tall. Jonghyun sighed to himself. As much as he liked to bitch and complain to Jinki about being so short, he really did like taller men. They made him feel comfortable and snuggly. Dark hair, big eyes… Eyes that would look really nice blissed out as he was being fucked or maybe fucking Jonghyun. Jonghyun shook his head, trying to do away with his already-dirty thoughts as he smiled at Minho from across the table, watching the way the man was watching him.  

 "My name is Jonghyun,” he said softly, hoping for the calm, soothing tone that Jinki often adopted. It seemed to work, because Minho smiled a small smile before raising his head a bit and answering, “I’m Minho.”

 "Oh, I know,“ Jonghyun laughed, loving the blush that spread across Minho’s cheeks. "After Jinki met you that first day, he wouldn’t stop talking about you.”

 Jinki, who had returned to his seat, watching his boyfriend and Minho interact, grinned a bit at this. “It’s true,” he confessed. “I was a bit smitten.”

 Minho choked on air. Smitten. This man with the voice that was currently doing sinful things to his body was smitten with him? What does that even mean? He already has a boyfriend. A very pretty, sexy boyfriend who looked really nice in the white sweater he was wearing.

 Jonghyun and Jinki watched in amusement as Minho collected himself, stealing glances at each other long enough for Jonghyun to nod at Jinki, permission given, at least on a trial basis. He was cute, and Jonghyun definitely wouldn’t mind trying him out. He saw the shivers that wracked Minho’s body when Jinki spoke, could bet that underneath the table Minho was already hard, and he wondered if Jinki would wait, or if they’d bring Minho home with them tonight. Provided Minho was willing, of course.

 Their waitress came by to drop off menus and take their drink orders rather quickly, which Minho was thankful for. He still wasn’t quite sure why he was here, and both Jinki and Jonghyun were being frustratingly silent on the whole issue. What exactly do they want from me?

 They spent some time deciding what they wanted to eat, Jinki’s quiet voice causing Minho to flush and bring a hand to his lap in order to relieve some pressure. He could feel both Jinki and Jonghyun’s eyes on him, but strangely, he felt little embarrassment, and what he did feel had more to do with the fact that they were in a public setting than how he was reacting. They weren’t judging him, just watching, eyes more hungry than Minho cared to take notice of.

 They decided on several dishes, determining that they would eat family style because “Jonghyun really likes to eat a little bit of everything, rather than settling for one dish.”

 While they waited for their food, Jonghyun attempted to fill the space with chatter. Jinki, noticing how squirmy Minho had become after Jinki had ordered for them, resolved to stay quiet for the most part, letting his boyfriend  ask the questions while they both got to know Minho.

 It started out with mundane questions. “Where do you work?” “What part of town do you live in?” “How old are you?” Jonghyun wasn’t all that surprised to find that Minho was younger than both Jinki and himself, though perhaps it was Minho’s nerves that we’re giving that impression.

 "Do you live alone?“ Jonghyun asked. Jinki continued stirring his water with his straw, his attention focused on Minho’s answers. All of this would be for nothing if Minho was attached to someone else, though Jonghyun supposed he wouldn’t mind adding in two people, at least for a night. "I mean, are you seeing anyone right now.”

 "Ah… Yes. I mean- No. “ Minho’s eyes flitted over to Jinki, assessing the blank look on the other’s face. "I live by myself. I… Haven’t dated anyone in a while.”

 Jonghyun didn’t look at Jinki, but he felt the small puff of air he let out in relief. Jinki must’ve really been excited about this. It’s strange how a man who’s so demanding in the bedroom can be so vulnerable when it comes to the actual dating part. Jonghyun reflected fondly on how nervous Jinki had been when they had started seeing each other, nervousness that quickly vanished as soon as Jinki got Jonghyun in bed for the first time.

 Their waitress came by with their food, creating a sufficient distraction that allowed near-silence to descend upon the table, the only sound being Jonghyun’s happy little noises as he scooped up noodles and his hiss as he burned his tongue on the soup.

 Jinki chuckled at Jonghyun’s antics, and Minho could feel his body heating up again. He had been grateful that Jinki had let Jonghyun take over the conversation, not wanting to embarrass himself, but he had to admit that he was already craving Jinki’s voice and the things it did to his body.  

 Looking up from his food, Minho cleared his throat, causing both Jinki and Jonghyun to look at him.

 "I… Um. I’m really happy that you invited me out to dinner. But… I guess I’m a little confused.“

 Jinki and Jonghyun shared a look before turning back to Minho, whose wide eyes were locked on Jinki.

 "We…” Jinki began.

 "We want to date you,“ Jonghyun blurted out. He could feel Jinki’s gaze burning him, but he continued. He had a feeling Minho wasn’t just going to go for a roll in the hay. He was too cautious, too embarrassed about his reaction to Jinki’s voice. "I mean, we want to do other things, too. Definitely,” Jonghyun was nodding to himself. “We definitely want to do other things. But, dating would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

 Minho looked like someone had just punched him in the stomach. “We? As in both of you?”

 "I would like that, yes,“ Jonghyun replied, reaching across the table to run his fingers across Minho’s. "It would be ok if you just dated Jinki, but at this point in our relationship, Jinki and I are sort of a package deal. I also don’t want to get jealous because of how attractive you are.” Jonghyun looked down at that, a light blush settling across his cheeks. “So, I’d like to date you, too.”

 Minho looked away from Jonghyun to Jinki, who was nodding slightly, his hand coming up to rub Jonghyun’s back in soothing movements.

 "And… The other things?“

 Jinki’s blood rushed as he thought of what he wanted to do to Minho. His eyes dark, he turned to meet Minho’s gaze. Minho licked his lips, waiting for the answer.

 "We want to play with you.”

 Jinki’s voice was low, deeper than Minho had remembered it, and he shuddered, feeling arousal course through him again. Play with me?

 Jonghyun’s fingers ran soothingly over the back of Minho’s hand again, but Minho’s eyes were locked with Jinki’s, allowing the man to see how much his voice affected him.

 "We don’t have to start tonight,“ Jonghyun said. "We can give you time to think about it. Give you time to think about what we’re offering.”

 Minho never broke eye contact with Jinki, and the elder smiled, more comfortable with the conversation once it turned to his area of expertise. I want this. Minho wasn’t sure if he wanted it with both of them, but he knew he wanted to try.

 "No…“ Minho finally looked away, his eyes falling back on Jonghyun. "I’d like to try dating you. Both of you.” The smile on Jonghyun’s face had Minho looking down at his food, and he took his hand out of Jonghyun’s grasp to put his hands together in his lap. “And, I’d like to try the… The other things, too.”

 What am I getting myself into?

 "You should finish eating, then.“ Jinki’s voice was firm, and Minho closed his eyes, his breathing coming faster from the sound and the images he had formed in his head about what Jinki and Jonghyun planned to do to him. "You’ll want the energy if you’re coming home with us.”


Minho learned a lot that first night. The first was that he had no self control. One whispered word from Jinki’s mouth, one deep moan, had Minho coming before he was even touched.

 The second was that Jinki liked to be called “sir” in the bedroom, but it wasn’t necessary anywhere else. “Only when we play,” Jinki said. “And you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable. It’s just what Jonghyun and I prefer.” Minho had nodded. He promised he would try, and it had earned him a smile from Jonghyun and a rough kiss from Jinki. He enjoyed Jinki’s way of taking control, giving himself willingly to Jinki’s gentle orders and firm commands.

 The third was that when Jinki said “game,” he meant it. Jonghyun apparently loved games, especially when they ended in rewards, and this one was going to be for the benefit of all involved. It was something designed to test them all, but mostly Minho, and Jinki had promised Jonghyun that if Minho could win the game, he could be the one to administer the reward, something that seemed to excite Jonghyun immensely.

 The game was simple, Minho thought. Jinki would fuck Jonghyun while Minho listened and sometimes watched. Other times Jinki would blindfold him, adding a whole different level of stimulation to Minho’s senses. Minho was never allowed to touch himself, and there were times when Jinki would tie his hands either to the bed, behind his back, or to his thighs in order to prevent him from touching at all. Minho needed to learn self-control, and Jinki was going to teach him. If he came untouched just because of Jinki’s voice, he lost, the unknown reward figuratively hanging in front of him, teasing him, tempting him.

 Minho had yet to win this game.

 The first time had been an embarrassment. Minho had come untouched 6 times before he was too sensitive, too tired, too upset with himself to continue and had asked to be untied. Jinki had immediately undone the ropes, promising Jonghyun that they would continue their fun some other night, but right then they needed to focus on Minho, wipe away his tears and make sure he was ok, that he knew that there was nothing wrong with him and that both Jinki and Jonghyun loved how sensitive he was, how turned on he could get only by Jinki’s voice. Jinki had nuzzled him almost silently while Jonghyun kissed his tears away, attempting to make Minho laugh to make him feel better. It was all strangely comforting to Minho.

 They were both scared that Minho would be frightened away, but he stayed. He stayed, and here they were again.

 It often started this way. Minho would join the two for dinner or just a movie and cuddles, coming over after work or from the apartment he rarely stayed at anymore. There had been talk of Minho moving in, but even after several months, Minho still felt almost uncomfortable with the idea, and both Jinki and Jonghyun let the subject drop, leaving the choice up to Minho. Jonghyun often let Minho know that the offer still stood, telling him how much easier it’d be for all of them if they were always together and besides “our place is closer to work for you.” Minho often thought about it, but he was content for now with their arrangement, even if he knew that he slept at their place more than he did his own.

 That evening, Jonghyun was in some sort of mood, latching onto Minho as soon as he walked in the door, kissing him roughly and nuzzling him needily, his teeth nipping at the sensitive spots on Minho’s neck as the taller man wrapped his arms around the shorter’s frame.

 He trembled a little as he felt Jonghyun run his tongue across a spot he’d just bitten and Jinki’s voice came from beside him, at the entrance to the living room.

 "We may not get to watch a movie tonight.“

 Jinki smiled, noting how Jonghyun curled a hand around Minho’s hip, inching its way toward the bulge in Minho’s pants.

 "He’s been like this all day.”

 Jonghyun whined into Minho’s neck and Minho smiled back at Jinki.

 "I know. He was texting me all day at work.“

 Minho was proud of the way he could talk to Jinki more normally now, able to resist the urge to curl into himself and sneak a hand down his pants as Jinki talked to him.

 Jinki’s eyebrows rose a little, stepping closer to the pair as Jonghyun froze in Minho’s embrace, his breathing shallow.

 "Oh, really?”

 Jonghyun moved his head from Minho’s neck, giving it a sharp bite in retaliation that had Minho yelping. “Now I’m in trouble.”

 "You’re both in trouble. Bedroom, now.“

 Well, that escalated quickly. Jonghyun grabbed Minho’s hand, pulling him down the hallway, barely waiting for him to take off his shoes, as they made their way to the bedroom. Minho grinned at Jonghyun, amazed at the way he could get Jinki to do exactly what he wanted, and Jonghyun spared a glance behind them, making sure Jinki wasn’t watching before winking at Minho.

 Jinki came into the bedroom as Minho was stripping, his cock already hard, curving upward toward his stomach. Jonghyun was gathering things from the trunk at the end of the bed, placing restraints on the bed and the box of various lubricants onto the bedside table. He gathered several paddles in his arms, looking at Jinki for guidance.

 "No, we don’t need those tonight. You’ll be fine with just my hands, right, baby?”

 Jonghyun shivered but nodded, dropping the paddles back into the trunk before running his hands over them longingly. As much as he wanted them, the idea of feeling skin on skin as Jinki spanked him had him hard already. He knew he would be getting spanked, knew that Jinki didn’t even have to read the texts to know what they were about, and he knew he would be punished even more when Jinki found out what else he did today.

 "Grab the blindfold.“

 Minho, already finished removing his clothes, sat on the edge of the bed.

 "How do you want me?”

 Jinki didn’t answer for a minute.

 "How do you want me, sir?“ Minho tried again, earning him a dark look from Jinki, one that made him bite his lip. It was so worth it to call him sir.

 "On your back. Knees up, hands at your sides.”

 Minho whimpered, Jinki’s authoritative voice running over his body, making his cock throb and his brain turn to mush. He quickly got into the desired position, moving so that he was in the center of the bed.

 Jinki grabbed the restraints, tying one wrist first, then securing it to Minho’s thigh.

 "I won’t tie your thighs to your calves in case you need to move a little.“

 Minho nodded, watching Jinki as he repeated the process with the other wrist, his neck straining as he savored the last thing he would see for a while. The blindfold was placed over his eyes, tied off to the side so the knot wouldn’t hurt his head, and Minho’s world descended into darkness, Jinki giving him a lingering kiss before moving away.

 "Why aren’t you undressed?”

 Jinki’s voice wasn’t angry, but Jinki rarely got angry, and never in the bedroom. Regardless, Minho could hear a whispered “sorry, sir” as the rustling of clothes being removed filled his ears. He figured both Jonghyun and Jinki were undressing from the amount of time it took, and then came the slightly wet sounds of their kisses. Minho loved this. Every sound was amplified by his lack of sight, and he allowed Jonghyun and Jinki’s voices to wash over him.

 Jonghyun couldn’t help the sounds that he made as Jinki kissed him. His lips were gentle, but his hands were anything but, grabbing roughly, pinching and massaging Jonghyun just the way he liked it. Jinki brought his hands up to Jonghyun’s nipples, pinching slightly, rolling them between his fingers, delighting in the gasp Jonghyun released into their kiss and the way Jonghyun’s fingers dug into his shoulders.

 Jonghyun pulled away from their kiss, panting. “Can I touch you?”

 Jinki’s eyes gleamed and he looked thoughtful for a moment.

 "Do you think you deserve to touch me? From what I’ve heard, you haven’t behaved very well today.“

 "I-” The fingers on Jonghyun’s nipples tightened slightly, and he whined, the pain going straight to his cock. He could hear rustling from the bed, and he looked over to see Minho straining against the restraints, his dick swollen and bouncing against his stomach. Jonghyun licked his lips.

 "Ah ah.“ Jinki gently took Jonghyun’s jaw in one hand, the other pinching even harder on Jonghyun’s swollen nipple. "Look at me.”

 Jonghyun’s eyes met Jinki’s again, wet with pain and arousal.

 "Do you want to touch me?“

 "Yes, sir.”

 Jinki’s nod was Jonghyun’s signal, and his hands immediately traced his shoulders, traveling down muscled arms. Jonghyun briefly entangled his fingers with Jinki’s, squeezing lightly before bringing his hands to rest on Jinki’s hips. He pressed his thumb gently into the indention on Jinki’s hip, reveling in the low sound Jinki made. Over on the bed, Minho moaned, too. Jinki’s moans were heaven.

 Over and around Jinki’s body Jonghyun drew his hands, trailing over the small patch of hair leading down from his bellybutton to his cock. Jinki lead their mouths back together as Jonghyun’s hand wrapped around his erection, stroking it slowly.

 Jinki’s hands swept down Jonghyun’s body, coming to rest on his ass, grabbing the cheeks roughly until Jonghyun whimpered. I’m in trouble now.

 Jinki frowned into their kiss as Jonghyun’s hand stopped, but he continued, the fingers of one hand prodding at Jonghyun’s hole, only to find it wet. Jinki pulled back and looked at Jonghyun incredulously.

 Minho could hear nothing but silence in between labored breaths. Silence wasn’t usually good. What the hell has Jonghyun done?

 He hears a sharp crack and Jonghyun crying out. And then a moan.

 "Did I say you could touch yourself?“

 Oh. That.

 Minho’s body felt hot. His cock was leaking precum; he could feel the drops pooling on his stomach.

 Another sharp crack, and Jonghyun sobbed, "No, sir.”

 "That makes sense. I didn’t think I could have forgotten something like that.“

 Jinki’s voice was darker, thicker now, and Minho whined. He wanted to come, but he needed to last.

 "Over to the stool.”

 Jonghyun nodded, walking over to the giant footstool next to the dresser and standing beside it, anticipating his punishment.

 Jinki sat down on the stool and Jonghyun immediately sank to his knees, arching himself over Jinki’s lap. It was always strange to do this when Jinki was also naked. More care had to be taken not to crush more delicate parts. Finding a position that worked for both of them, Jinki set to work, his hand coming down hard on Jonghyun’s ass until Jonghyun was moaning, sobbing that he was “sorry, sir,” as his cock rubbed against Jinki’s leg.

 Jinki nodded in satisfaction. He loved when Jonghyun was like this. Needy, helpless to do anything except what Jinki wanted of him. Jonghyun’s ass was flushed a nice red, as were Jinki’s hands, but he gave it a couple more smacks, watching in amusement as Jonghyun tried to rut his hips down for some friction.

 "Ah… But you’ve been bad, Jonghyun. I don’t think you should get to come yet.“

 He heard Minho moan from over on the bed, and he looked up, smirking. He loved that they both gave up control to him so easily, that they wanted him this much.

 Jinki’s fingers prodded gently at Jonghyun’s slick hole, one slipping in easily and another without too much work. He’d been home with Jonghyun for a while, so he’d guessed it’d been a little while since he stretched himself. With a second finger inside, Jinki began moving his fingers in and out, stretching the two apart to stretch Jonghyun further and make room for more.

 Two fingers soon turned to three, Jonghyun whimpering and curling around Jinki’s lap as Jinki’s fingers pressed downwards, grazing his prostate gently. Jinki focused his fingers there, rubbing with gentle, but firm, motions. It usually took Jonghyun a little while to adjust to the feeling, his body sensitive, and Jinki took his time, waiting until Jonghyun was crying out before pressing more firmly.

 "Is this enough, or do you want one more finger?”

 Jinki knew he was big, thick at least, and he always wanted to make sure that Jonghyun wouldn’t be hurt. But Jonghyun often enjoyed the burn of the stretch, sometimes opting for Jinki to enter him with less preparation than even this.

 "Please,“ Jonghyun whimpered. "I want you inside of me, sir.” His hips rolled down, trying once more to get some relief, but Jinki only pushed his fingers in and out a few times more before removing them, reaching for a tissue on the dresser to wipe off his fingers.

 "Up.“ Jinki ordered, and Jonghyun scrambled to obey, his legs shaky. Grabbing one of the many small bottles of lube that they liked to keep there, he trickled some onto his cock, putting the bottle back before crooking a finger at Jonghyun.

Jinki leaned back onto his arms, adjusting himself on the large footstool so that Jonghyun would have enough room. "Ride me.”

 Swinging his legs around Jinki’s hips, Jonghyun settled himself over the elder. Knowing that Jinki wasn’t going to help him, probably as part of his punishment, Jonghyun reached back, steadying Jinki’s dick as he pushed himself down on it, his muscles stretching to accommodate.

 Jinki threw his head back, biting his lip as he felt Jonghyun’s heat surrounding him, swallowing him inch by inch. Unable to take the teasing, Jinki opened his eyes to meet Jonghyun’s, gripping his hips before pulling him all the way down onto his cock. Both of them cried out, the pleasure overwhelming their senses for a moment until Jinki heard the whimpers coming from the bed. Chuckling, he looked over and watched Minho for a moment as he curled and uncurled his legs before looking back up at the boyfriend on top of him.

 Quickly, Jonghyun lifted himself before taking Jinki all the way again. And again and again, his pace speeding up as Jinki lifted his hips, thrusting into Jonghyun hard.

 Every thrust brushed that bundle of nerves inside of him, and Jonghyun swiveled his hips, aiming for more contact. Jinki choked out a groan, his hands running up Jonghyun’s chest to pinch at his nipples again. Jonghyun wishes this could last forever, but he also wants wants to come, the need building in his body until he’s keening, forcing his body up and slamming down hard, trying to keep his pace steady.

 Jinki could tell that Jonghyun’s legs were getting tired, moving his hands to Jonghyun’s hips to assist in his movements. Jonghyun looks beautiful, hair wild and sweat coating his body.

 "Do you want to come baby?“

 Simultaneous moans left the lips of both his lovers and Jinki has to fight the urge to laugh.

 "Yes, sir,” Jonghyun breathed. “Please.”

 The last word ends on a drawn out moan as Jinki reached between them, grasping Jonghyun’s cock. He ran his thumb over the head, precum spreading with every movement, before moving down to the base to jerk Jonghyun off.

 He could tell Jonghyun is close by the way his hips stutter and he stiffens, and Jinki is close, too, his breathing quickening as a flush settles across his cheeks and all the way down his chest. Moving his hand back up to the head of Jonghyun’s cock, Jinki digs his thumb roughly into the slit, creating a pressure he knows Jonghyun can’t resist as Jonghyun comes, making a mess between them.

 Thrusting into Jonghyun one, two, three more times, Jinki comes, too, his head thrown back, his eyes scrunched shut, and his mouth open as he comes silently, his hand gripping Jonghyun’s hip harshly. Jonghyun slumps against him, breathing erratic, as he comes down from his high. Jinki nuzzles into Jonghyun’s neck, causing the smaller man to shiver, a small noise making its way out of Jinki’s throat as Jonghyun clenches around his oversensitive cock.

 Minho holds his breath. I did it. His thoughts were nearly delirious. I did it.

 Soon enough he hears the sounds of shifting from across the room, flesh sliding on flesh as Jinki and Jonghyun separate themselves. He hears Jonghyun’s whine at the loss of contact and Jinki’s concerned tone asking if he was ok. Minho waits patiently, focusing on his body and trying not to let excitement get the better of him at the thought of what could possibly lie ahead. He made it this far, he can’t lose now.

 Jinki and Jonghyun stay caught in their afterglow for a few minutes until Jinki glances over to the bed where Minho’s tense body was still tied.

 "Minho,“ Jonghyun breathes, legs shaky as they both make their way to the bed. Jinki takes a seat on the edge, allowing Jonghyun to crawl onto the bed on Minho’s other side, his eyes fixated on Minho’s flushed, aroused body. Curling himself into the taller man, he runs a soothing hand across Minho’s cheekbone, causing the man to turn his head toward Jonghyun.


 Jonghyun smiles, laying a kiss on Minho’s plush lips, his own swollen ones tingling at the contact. “You did it,” he says against Minho’s mouth. Minho smiles, feeling giddy.

 Feeling another hand on his body, stroking his chest, Minho jolts, his head turning away from Jonghyun toward the other side of the bed.


 Minho receives no response, but the hand continues stroking his chest, making its way until the tip of one finger brushes the bud of Minho’s nipple. Minho’s hands clench against his thighs, pulling at his restraints gently.


 "So pretty,“ Jinki whispers in his ear, leaning down so his lips brush it gently, and Minho whines, his senses on overdrive. "Do you know how perfect you look all tied up for me?”

 "I’m a little-“ Minho swallows, his mouth dry. "Blind. So, no.”

 He feels the sharp sting of a swat against one of his thighs, the warmth going straight to his already straining erection.

 "Back talk will get you nowhere.“

 Minho swallows again. He knows this. He knows how Jonghyun gets punished for talking back in the bedroom, and he’d much rather have his reward thank you all the same.

 Jinki’s hands move away from Minho’s chest as he takes in the sight of his boyfriend, naked, sweaty, and tied down for all of their pleasure. Jonghyun looks up and meets Jinki’s eyes, awaiting his next instruction   Feelings of pride tinged with arousal course through him, and Jinki moves his hands down to where Minho’s wrists are tied to his thighs. He slips a finger in between one of the restraints and Minho’s skin, checking for any signs that Minho has been fighting too hard or that he had tied them too tight.

 "Are these uncomfortable?”

 "No, sir.“

 Over the course of the past few months, Minho had learned to love the restraints, actually. He didn’t fight against them nearly as often, and he loved the peaceful feeling they gave him.

 "Are you ready for your reward?”

 Minho gritted his teeth, nodding, and Jonghyun chuckled, his breath warm against Minho’s neck. If I don’t come first.

 "I’m going to untie you. Keep the blindfold on. I’ll be tying you again once you’re where I want you.“

 The words flowed across Minho’s skin, burning him with pleasure, and he nodded again. He felt Jonghyun’s hands on his left thigh, moving to the restraint to undo it as Jinki did the same on his right. They both took a minute to rub Minho’s wrists, Jinki bringing one up to his mouth for a gentle kiss.

 Minho felt his world spin as he was flipped onto his stomach, landing with a soft "umph.”

 "Hands and knees.“

 Minho obeyed, Jinki’s words sending a rush of heat through his body. Would Jinki fuck him tonight? Or maybe Jonghyun? The whole time that Minho had been with the them, the two had never fucked Minho, nor asked to be fucked by him. Is tonight the night?

 He felt Jonghyun’s hands on him, one at his shoulder and the other on his ass, urging him up the bed. When he reached the place that the two obviously wanted him, the hand on his shoulder pressed down gently, making Minho press his chest into the bed, his ass in the air. He could feel the heat of embarrassment washing through him. He couldn’t see anything, but he was open for both of his lovers.

 "So pretty,” Jonghyun said softly, and Minho stiffened, and then relaxed. Jonghyun looked up at Jinki from his place next to Minho, only to see the eldest looking hungrily at them both, his eyes dark and his cock half hard again.

 Tearing his eyes away from the sight before him, Jinki moved to the head of the bed, taking one of Minho’s wrists and leading it up to the headboard. Getting the message, Minho brought his other wrist up to meet it, sighing contentedly as he felt the restraints being strapped back on. Looping the restraints through the slats in the headboard, Jinki tied Minho’s wrists together, tying them tight enough that Minho had limited movement.

 "What’s going to happen?“

 Minho’s voice was muffled by the pillow his head was turned into, and Jinki chuckled, watching the shiver run through Minho, goosebumps appearing all over his skin.

 "I’m going to sit here and watch, maybe help a little, if it’s needed. Talk to you, just to drive you crazy.” Jinki pressed a kiss to Minho’s shoulder blade, returning to his seat at the edge of the bed. “And Jonghyun is going to eat your ass.”

 Minho squeaked, and Jonghyun felt blood rush both to his face and his cock.

 "I really…“ Jonghyun breathed in, moving down a little toward the center of the bed so he could get a better look at Minho’s ass. "I really like it. But, Jinki doesn’t really get much from it, so he only lets me do it when I’ve been really good. Since we were both good tonight…” One of Jonghyun’s hands made its way to the crack of Minho’s ass, sliding down the crease as he paused to swallow and collect his thoughts. Minho clenched his cheeks together, the sensation of even a finger there overwhelming him. What am I going to do when he sticks his tongue there?

 "He thought it would be a good reward,“ Jonghyun said as he took notice of Minho’s stiff body. "But we can do something different if you’re uncomfortable.” He couldn’t help the slight disappointment that tinged his voice, his fingers still running along the crack of Minho’s bum, slow and gentle motions designed to relax.

 "I… Um. No one has ever done that for me.“ Minho’s voice was breathless, and he could feel his cock straining at the thought of someone’s tongue there. He struggled to relax his body, his mind overwhelmed with sensations and thoughts of what these two men did to him.

 "Really?” Jonghyun sounded surprised, and Jinki chuckled. “Not everyone has a thing for it like you do, baby.”

 Jonghyun just shrugged, his fingers moving so that his hands could grip the cheeks of Minho’s ass, spreading them gently to get a look at his entrance. “Is that a yes, Minho?”

 Minho breathed deeply, almost accidentally inhaling part of the pillow case, before answering.


 Jonghyun didn’t dive right in. He folded his legs underneath him, scooting closer so that he could reach, his head kneading and massaging Minho’s ass and the lower part of his back until he felt him relax, his spine curving his body into the mattress.

 The first kiss to the curve of Minho’s bum had him moaning softly, encouraging Jonghyun to continue. Jinki watched as Jonghyun ran his teeth across Minho’s skin, listened as Minho whimpered, his hips jumping slightly. He moved to lay on his side on the bed, using up some of the plentiful space the bed provided. Comfortably on his side, Jinki used one arm to prop himself up, his other hand moving to run his fingers through Minho’s dark hair. Minho hissed as he felt those fingers tightening, loving the sparks of pain that shot straight to his groin, and he pushed his hips back toward Jonghyun, the restraints on his wrists preventing him from moving very far.

 Jonghyun took this opportunity to lean in, his fingers spreading Minho once more so that he was left exposed. Minho shivered again, whining as Jinki crushed his lips with his own right as Jonghyun swiped his tongue against his entrance, Jinki drinking down the sound.

 It felt good, way better than Minho expected, and he opened his mouth to Jinki’s kiss, letting the eldest invade his mouth as Jonghyun did the same to his ass.

 Jonghyun is so so good with his tongue, Minho decides as the next few firm licks against his hole cause him to shudder. Who knew it’d feel this good?

 Jonghyun prods his tongue at Minho’s entrance, feeling proud when Minho sobs into the pillow at the feeling. He’s glad that Minho is so sensitive to this. It makes an already-enjoyable task even more so, and Jonghyun gets lost in the heady pleasure of giving pleasure to someone else.

 His tongue slips into Minho’s puckered hole, and he moans at the feeling of it contracting around his tongue. Pushing in further, Jonghyun places both hands on Minho’s ass, bracing himself for balance before pulling away to lick at the rim once again, Minho shuddering from the loss.

 "Do we have anything flavored” Jonghyun asks, lifting his head to find Jinki.

 Jinki laughs, moving away from Minho’s squirming body and looking in the small box on the bedside table. “What? Don’t like the taste?”

 Minho keens. The way Jinki says “taste” has the feeling in his balls building up until it’s almost unbearable. No. I can’t ruin this now. I finally did it.

 Jinki tosses something small to Jonghyun, who reaches up one hand to catch it, fumbling a bit before finally getting a good grasp on the bottle, mumbling under his breath about how he liked the way Minho tasted but he had an idea and if Jinki would just wait he would see.

 "Cherry? Is this the sample we got from the shop last time?“

 Jinki nods, and Jonghyun huffs, "I hope this one doesn’t taste like cough medicine. You know I hate artificial cherry-flavored things.”

 Minho hears the lid of the bottle being cracked open, and Jonghyun’s “Shit, I hate these stupid paper seals they put on these. They’re a little difficult to get off in the heat of the moment.” almost makes him laugh, but he waits patiently, hoping for Jinki to take his place next to him again while he receives his reward. He feels pressure on the bed, and he whines softly, hoping to gain a touch, just anything.

 "Hush,“ comes Jinki’s voice, and Minho immediately obeys, the power in that voice too compelling, casting a spell over Minho’s body. Holding himself still, Minho feels the blood rushing through his body, waiting for the next word or movement or touch.

 Jonghyun drizzles the lube onto the tip of one finger, tasting it gingerly before shrugging at Jinki and covering his fingers and Minho’s clenching hole completely, his mind focused on making Minho feel good.

 Jonghyun slowly inserts a finger, listening for any sounds of discomfort from Minho, but none come, only the muffled sound of a low moan and a small push of his hips back onto Jonghyun’s hand. Slowly, Jonghyun works his other finger in beside the first, enjoying the slick warmth of Minho around his fingers.

 Jinki, having moved to lay back where he was beside Minho, moves his hand down Minho’s back, stopping between his hips to press down gently.

 "Spread a bit more,” he whispers, his voice throaty as he watches one of his boyfriends fuck the other with his fingers.

 Minho whines, he already feels so close to coming, but he does as he’s ordered, the sound of Jinki’s voice coating his body in a heat that he never wants to escape. His legs spread slightly, changing the angle at which Jonghyun’s fingers are entering him, and he cries out as Jonghyun’s fingers venture deeper, scissoring apart to stretch him.

 Satisfied that he’s made enough room, Jonghyun moves his face back to Minho’s ass, his tongue licking around where Minho was stretched around his fingers.

 "Fuck,“ he heard Minho whisper, and he blushed. He loved when he could make people swear like that. Pushing his tongue against Minho’s rim, he pushed roughly, stretching him further as his fingers rubbed.

 Soon enough, Minho is rocking back onto Jonghyun’s fingers and tongue, and Jinki watches as Jonghyun removes his fingers before placing his tongue right back where it had been, able to fit more in now that he had stretched Minho on his fingers.

 Jinki smirked, looking down once more to find that Minho had shifted himself so that his face was to the side, his lip between his teeth while he whimpered. He couldn’t see anything, but he was looking for Jinki.

 Leaning down, Jinki licked around the shell of Minho’s ear, loving the sounds he made and the way his body trembled.

 "Do you want to come?”

 "Yes, oh, yes.“ The words leaving Minho’s mouth are mostly gibberish, and Jinki brings his hand up again to wrap his fingers in Minho’s hair.

 "What do you say when you want to come?”

 "Please,“ Minho sobs. "Fuck- please, sir.”

 Jinki’s voice is creating waves of pleasure in Minho’s body along with Jonghyun’s tongue, and he’s not sure how long he can hold back anymore, regardless of how much Jinki wants him to wait.

 "You’ve been such a good boy,“ Jinki croons. His hand leaves Minho’s hair, watching in amusement as Minho’s head falls limply back to the pillows as his hand works its way underneath Minho’s body to grasp his cock.

 Minho wails as Jinki works his hand around his cock, his hands tugging at his restraints.

 "You’re so close, aren’t you? Come on, come for us.”

 And Minho comes, semen dripping down onto the sheets beneath him and covering Jinki’s hand, hips jumping back to fuck himself onto Jonghyun’s tongue one final time before collapsing, his legs stretched to the sides, creating an uncomfortable pressure on his hamstrings.

 "You did so good,“ Jinki praises him as he removes the blindfold, pushing back sweaty hair and taking in blissed-out eyes as he kisses Minho gently. Minho shivers, an aftershock caused by Jinki’s voice running through him.

 He can feel Jonghyun leave the bed and walk away, probably headed to wash up, as Jinki undoes the restraints around Minho’s wrists, rubbing the marks where he pulled too tight in those final moments.

 "I’m ok,” Minho says dazedly. He slowly stretches his legs out now that Jonghyun isn’t in the way, and relaxes into Jinki’s touch as he makes sure Minho hasn’t hurt himself.

 Moments later, Jonghyun comes back with a towel and a wet washcloth.

 "I already cleaned myself up, but we’re going to need to get you clean and put this down on the bed so we can sleep.“ He waves the towel cheerily at them. "I don’t feel like washing the sheets tonight.”

 Jinki laughs, taking the towel. Jonghyun hops back on the bed, and Minho feels the warm wetness run between his ass cheeks, cleaning up the mess of lube and saliva. He sighs softly, enjoying the feeling of being taken care of.

 Once he’s clean, Jonghyun pushes him gently so that he’ll roll over, and Minho sleepily complies. Jonghyun moves up toward the headboard, kissing Minho deeply before working on the mess on his stomach.

 "Thank you for cleaning me,“ Minho says drowsily, glancing over at Jinki as he lays the towel on the bed over the spot where Minho came.

 "Thank you for letting me lick your ass,” Jonghyun replies, his tone caught between sarcastic and genuine, and both Jinki and Minho smile at him. “I won’t do that every time, you know.”

 Jinki leaves briefly, his only explanation being “lights.”

 "I know,“ Minho replies, watching as Jonghyun tries and fails to make a basket with the washcloth into the laundry basket across the room, though he knows that Jonghyun would likely love the opportunity to have Minho in that position again.

 "I’ll pick it up tomorrow,” Jonghyun says when Minho protests. “You can be middle tonight.”

 Minho smiles, grabbing Jonghyun’s wrist and pulling him down to kiss him before letting the smaller man wrap himself around Minho’s larger frame.  Jinki comes back quickly, turning out the lights to the bedroom before making his way into bed as well. Oh. Lights.

 Once in bed, Jinki reaches over to gather Minho and Jonghyun’s naked bodies close to his.

 "No more sexting each other if I’m not in on it,“ Jinki orders, yawning before throwing his legs over Minho’s, ready to sleep.

The younger two laugh, knowing that, if it does happen again, it’s well worth the punishment.

Character Analysis: Edgar Redmond’s moral compass

One of the most powerfull scenes for me in the Weston arc is when Maurice Cole finally gets a call-out. There are more strong scenes, of course, but big deal here is Edgar’s reaction. And that Edgar was hurt for more things that Maurice’s actions. I’ll elaborate. 

This is a very powerfull moment. He seems calm, but his posture is too perfect, his back is not rested on the backrest, I bet his voice is neutral, it just… has a seriousness so unlike him. He’s anything but calm. There is also resignation on him, and this hurts my heart.  

“I’m ashamed of my inability to judge people”. Pretty normal thing to say when someone betrayed you, isn’t? But the phrase before that, “Even you betrayed me…” leaves something on the air. He’s not surprised, because people has betrayed him before. Who could have betrayed him before? It wasn’t any of his closest friends aka the other prefects, and he’s a young man, betrayal seems like a strong word. He has lived this before and the question is how and who betrayed him.

A lot of things happen after it. Ciel becoming a fag, the cricket tournament. You may even forget the question or maybe not even take it into account in the first place (I know I didn’t). But then we have more context to what Edgar is saying. 

It’s clear why he didn’t go with the rest to see what was Maurice doing. I mean, yes, maybe Ciel told him to stay, but truth be told he probably was terrified to find himself again facing that (and no wonder why he is ashamed). 

Derrick was Edgar’s fag. Edgar has been fooled not once but twice, and in the same way. People who use other people to gain his trust.(And Ciel did it too, btw, just… in a different way). This is what trully bothers him, that they lied to him, and that he couldn’t see beyond their praises. 

He’s of course upset because they are shaming what Weston means, but it’s because he likes what Weston means and believes in this (and being honest is part of weston). Not because Weston’s set of value was something he thought it had to be done word by word because that’s what they teached him, but because weston fits with him and he thought everything was “meant to be”. 

And I think it comes down that Edgar is not really a rule freak. Not really. 

Everyone was calling on a Y. He’s the guy who gave this dude that had alcohol 4Y and Soma, who broke the house with an elephant, 5Y (talk about influence). He follows the rules lightly, at his own accord. He forgave Ciel because he was small and pretty and it was an honest mistake. 

I think Edgar’s morality is heavily based on his own perceptions of the world. What I mean is that Edgar would not have left himself be swallow by Weston’s ideals if he didn’t believe them fit for himself in the first place. He has this sense of detachment, he acts at his own free will, which is why he was so quickly into act like he did and hide everything as quick as he could. To put it more simply: he decided to be a puppet, and he would act like this in any contexts, in any set of values (cofcofbluesectcof). He’s a good prefect, he worked hard to achieve that, and he follows the rules, but he follows the rules not because he has to but because he trully believes in them and wants to honour them. He calls Lawrence by his name because the rule that says is forbidden is stupid and he likes to tease his childhood friend.

He and Gregory actually share this phylosophy. Greenhill was about to take himself to give himself up, if it weren’t for Gregory and Edgar’s mental resistence and disdain for silly moralities that don’t fit their own morality (as warped as it was on weston’s). Lawrence agreed to the plan when Gregory and Edgar took the charge of the situation, but he was as clueless as you can be before that.

 And I’m not saying Lawrence is a weak who followed his friends in everything and that he’s actual innocent. He’s not, he helped to hold Agares and was as involved as anyone. He was proud too to help. But Violet and Edgar were the ones controlling the situation after everything happened, taking charge of the mood, because they were the ones that announced it. “We’re in this together” .

Edgar really shows how far he will go for the things he believes and for the things he trust in. He really only cares about what he thinks fit, be it weston’s rules or blue cult’s morality. And what he apreciates the more in people is honesty and loyalty. Which is why the scene with Maurice cause a big impact in me now that I see Edgar like this. Damn Maurice. 

P.S: this is part of the reasons why I don’t believe they were actually brain-washed for the Blue Cult. I think they’re acting at their own will. This is why Gregory can dare to act melancholic, and all of them were tully happy to keep practicing even after Bravat told them to rest. Minus Gregory, maybe, they genuinily think this is good for them, they genuinily believe what the Blue Cult is preaching and they’re working hard because of this. Which only makes it more tragical at my sight. 

I do think Blue Cult is hiding information of them, of course. 

(You can disagree with the content of this post all you want, since is just an interpretation of his character). 

podling190  asked:

Fred weasley imagine please sweetie. Don't mind what I'm sure you will do an amazing job of it anyway. Thankies. P.s. Love ya blog x

Yaaay, I finally managed to finish one again! I really hope the thing I came up with is somehow entertaining or whatevz lol (it’s basically about you visiting Fred at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes) - Thank you sooo much, you’re a sweetheart aw! x Really hope you like it and enjooooy x 

„Excuse me, mister?“ – You smirked as you rested your elbows on the counter, waiting for the young man in front of you to turn around. “Fred Weasley at your service“ he replied. When his glimpse caught yours, he looked startled for a split second, but he immediately counteracted his surprise by joining the game you seemed to have started. “And how can I help you?” You leaned forward slightly as he asked, your eyes always on him. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was packed with people, just like every other time you had come to visit – kids were testing out all sorts of novelties, in awe of what the magical world had to offer, while you had seen others walking up to the exact section of products they needed, for they had been in this store loads of times already. “I’m looking for something to surprise a friend of mine with” you answered playfully, whereupon Fred smirked, walking around the counter. “May I ask what kind of friend that is?” he said. It was amusing to you how he kept this game going so convincingly; he was now making his way through the store, whereupon you automatically followed his steps. “It’s for my boyfriend, actually” – He turned around, raising an eyebrow – “Is your boyfriend familiar with Weasley products?” Fred walked on before you could come closer and he was now leading you up the stairs of the store, teasingly distancing himself from you whenever the gap between the two of you became smaller. “No, not at all” you smirked. Kids were rushing down the stairs next to you now, forcing you to stop walking for a second, whereas Fred had reached the next floor already. He was supporting his arms on the railing that garnished the ground and looked down upon you, his eyebrows raised once again. “I see, I see. Well, if you don’t mind, can you tell me something about this bloke? What’s he like?” – You finally made your way up the stairs and proceeded to draw nearer to Fred, but he turned around again and led you somewhere else. “He’s quite a dimwit, to be honest” you said as he walked on.

His head turned slightly when he heard your words, but he pretended to remain indifferent. “But” – You took a step toward him again – “He’s funny. Super-witty and smart. Extremely-“ – “Handsome?” Fred finished teasingly, now turning around to face you. “Exactly” you replied. For a moment, you ogled him, but then he turned around once again and headed toward a big shelf. He scurried behind it, whereupon you found yourself facing him. “Thought I’d go for a place less crowded, way better to give advice to costumers” he mumbled teasingly. It was between two old, big shelves where he had chosen to hide from nosy costumers, for people barely came here due to some reason, perhaps because they were quite unobtrusive inbetween the colorful environment. “So, what was he again? Funny, super-witty, smart and handsome? Sounds like a bloody nice bloke to be around if you ask me. I guess we can forget about the dimwit-part, I assume you’re just exaggerating” You chuckled at his words; he finally allowed you to come nearer. “But why exactly would you want to give him a Weasley product as a surprise?”– His lips formed into a smirk when you came nearer and nearer with your glimpse on him. “Just for the fun of it. It would certainly be entertaining to see him having a sudden nosebleed at dinner” you replied before Fred put his arms around you, burying his head in your neck and tickling you with his breath. “I might have to check my butterbeer twice this evening and see if someone slipped in a nosebleed nougat” he mumbled while his lips were brushing your skin over and over again. The sudden weight that was coming toward you forced you to stumble backward slightly and you found yourself resting onto the shelf a moment later, Fred smirking at you. “How dare you; think you can use my own products against me” he said teasingly. “I just needed a reason to talk to the attractive young man at the counter, don’t blame me” – You came nearer, but he backed off for a second. “I would’ve come up with something better, I swear-“ Before he could finish, you had already pressed your lips onto his, your hand sliding to his jaw. Fred let out a sigh of satisfaction; he really made the most out of the situation and kissed you fiercely. “They let me leave much earlier today from work and I’m free tomorrow, so-“ you gasped, letting go of him for a moment. His forehead rested onto yours, whereupon he smirked. “That means you can stay the night?” Fred said, his glimpse catching yours. “Yes, potentially. But it might be a bit too spontaneous and you seem busy” you replied. “As if that was a problem, young lady. I reckon George won’t mind and it’s all good… It would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity, (Y/N).” Fred distanced himself from you again, teasingly leaning onto the opposite shelf. “Oh, would it?” you countered before crossing over your arms. “Is it doubt that I’m hearing in your voice?” – “Of course not, Fred” And with these words, you took a step forward and put your hands on his waist. Fred greeted you with a grin and sighed out once more when you started putting gentle kisses on his lips, caressing his warm cheeks. As much as you would have loved to remain like this, you parted promptly when you heard footsteps – a second later, a little boy was standing at the end of the two shelves, looking at you two with big eyes. He had seemingly searched for Fred or George the entire time, and although he had found what he had looked for, you could not determine whether he was too glad about it or not since he could have very likely seen you two snogging.

“So, here’s your extendable ear. Good thing we had some in stock” Fred said, again sounding so convincing you were irritated for a moment, but he did give you a little smirk when you looked into his eyes and grabbed the thing he was offering you with his hand. “It’s the key, just go upstairs already” he mumbled, trying to keep his face stern and you thanked him before watching him turn to the boy as if nothing had happened. “How can I help you, young man?” Fred said lavishly. When you looked at the key with a little engraved “F” on it, you smiled and put it in your pocket before leaving for Fred and George’s apartment upstairs.

It was dark outside already when you sat down on the kitchen table of their small apartment. You had cooked a meal for everyone and you had even cleaned their desk a bit, but still, they were way over the closing hour. Despite of their business, their apartment looked quite tidy and everything seemed to be well-organized – again, you noticed how much ambition they put into their career, but it did make you worry sometimes since you had the impression that it was all a bit too much for them here and there. Just when you wanted to go downstairs as well to help them, you heard someone opening the door. “Oh, open up to me: what is that smell?” you heard someone bellowing from the corridor. “This smells like a cooked meal waiting for us, Georgie. And I wonder”- Fred appeared in the living room now, taking of his working jacket – “whom we have to thank for it?” He walked toward you now, a pleased smile on his face, and put a soft kiss on your cheek. “It’s all I could do with the things you had, but you deserve a hot meal after all the work you’ve done” you smiled, whereupon George entered as well, the same pleased expression on his face. “Brilliant. You can bring her more often, Fred” he grinned before waving at you. You rolled your eyes in return – George brushed your arm when he walked past you, a smirk on his face.

“How was dinner?” you mumbled, bringing your lips to Fred’s neck to softly peck it from behind. “So good, really. Bloody brilliant having some decent food again, George’s cooking is dreadful” he said, whereupon you could hear a little groan from the living room. “Better cook yourself next time, then” – You put another kiss on his neck. Fred was hunched over his wooden desk, taking care of organizational work concerning the shop. “There are some things in the world that magic just won’t solve” he said while running his quill over the piece of paper in front of him. He was referring to the tremendous amount of papers he had to fill in, all the orders that had to be made, requests from other wizards - everything had to be looked at and worked on every evening of the week so the owls in the mornings could deliver the next load just in time. You straightened up and watched him in silence for a moment before you asked him if you could help, whereupon he negated immediately, his eyes still fixed on the paper. “Come on, Fred” you mumbled. “I’m pretty sure I can help you with some stuff” – “Thank you, (Y/N), but you really don’t have to do anything, I’ll be right with you” – “Fred, I can check the orders if you like. It’s not that hard. We’re much faster that way” Fred sighed, but then he nodded in approval. For the first time today, a tired look was tracing his face and it became obvious to you that this was his least favorite part about his job. You took a seat next to him and put a soft kiss on his cheek before grabbing the papers, whereupon Fred smiled at you in the softest way.

The work was done by now and you found yourself on the couch now, Fred sitting by your side. After having talked and laughed together, silence fell between the two of you, but the coziness it provided was warming your heart. It was Fred’s head softly leaning back that made you look at him again – he had dozed off, his hand in yours. Silently, you brushed back his hair over and over again before carefully getting up to get a blanket. George was seemingly asleep already as well, so you turned off the lights and softly pushed Fred so he was laying down. Then, after putting a little, soft peck on his forehead, you snuggled up to him. Fred moved slightly so you could put your head on his warm chest while you bent your one leg slightly and slid it on top of his. His arm was wrapping around you and you pulled the sheets over the two of you. And it had been a hard day, but still, you couldn’t have felt any better about it.

Broken Dreams

Anon prompt: Cullen/Lady Trevellyan- Fluff/comfort Nightmares wake Cullen at all hours

It was the whimpering that woke her.

She turned on her side and rested a hand on Cullen’s shoulder. His body spasmed. Tears squeezed out between his clamped eyes. “Maker, no.”

Slipping from the bed, she gathered a lantern, sparking up the wick to give him light. She sat down at his side, brushing her fingers from his temple to his jaw in slow, steady motions. She had to wake him slowly—the hole he’d punched in the headboard was reminder enough that his nightmares carried violence.

“It’s all right, Cullen,” she whispered in his ear. “You’re safe.”

His body began to still and she pressed her lips against his forehead. Sweat clung to his skin and soaked the sheets.

“Wake up, my love.” Her heart ached at the pain folded into the creases in his face. She kissed them all.

When she pulled away, his eyes were open. His hand came up and caressed her cheek. His eyes shimmered as though he were on the verge of crying.

“You’re here.” His voice cracked when he spoke.

“Of course I am.” She smiled and took his hand, covering the palm in light kisses.

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Infatuation (Stages of NewTina drabble #3)

3- infatuation (الكلف) kalaf: the love begins to intensify and has a physical effect on its lover.

During the week he had stayed in New York after Grindlewald’s arrest, Newt Scamander resided in a hotel not far from MACUSA headquarters as an apology gift for all the arrests and attempted executions and whatnot from Madame Picquery (or, he suspected, a way for her to keep an eye on him and his beasts). He appreciated the gesture and tried to politely decline the offer only to trail off at the formidable president’s withering glare.

“What was that, Mr Scamander?”

“Erm- I said th-thank you very much, Madame Picquery, I appreciate your gift very much,” he stammered, trying to avoid being yelled at in front of the mysterious fedora-wearing aurors.  He couldn’t see much under said fedoras but he guessed they were trying not to crack up with laughter at his timidity.

“That’s what I thought.” Madame Picquery nodded, seemingly satisfied.

The room in itself wasn’t very bad. Sure, it was comfortable and had all the basics needed for typical survival, but he couldn’t help but feel a slight pang every time he looked out of the window into the busy lit streets at night and saw Tina and Queenie’s apartment complex.

He still saw them a couple of times since their adventure across the Big Apple, often across MACUSA meeting rooms, a knowing look passing between him and Queenie, or a lingering handshake that feels so wrongly formal between him and Tina.


Three days had already passed since that day, and every night, the same events rolled back like the wheels of a hot dog cart in his head.

The Cruciatus, his creatures, letting go of Jacob, Tina…

His conscience always seemed to dance around the thought of Tina, didn’t it? And was he to blame? How was he, when he fell for her so?

Newt shook his head and drank from the minute Gillywater bottle in his hotel room’s mini-fridge.  It wasn’t healthy for him to think about her so often and not do anything to mirror his thoughts into action. He saw her nearly every day, running around MACUSA with her determined look, laughing at her coworker’s jokes by the water dispenser, dreamily casting small charms with her wand when she thought no-one was looking… why wasn’t he following the feeling he had in his gut and speaking to her? She would have, no doubt. She did do a lot of things he wouldn’t.

But what was there to say? he thought as he unlocked his case.

Tina, nice spellwork you’ve got there. Do you mind teaching me that charm? I’m quite terrible at charms, you know. Barely passed my OWL because of it.

Oh, AHAHAHA! Tina, you’re hilarious! No joke, you’re so funny!

Slow down there, Tina. I don’t want you slipping on the wet floor and getting hurt, because if you do then I’ll most likely go insane because I cannot handle seeing you in pain after all we’ve been through. Also, if I see Abernathy trying to do so much as come near you then so help me I will hex him into the hospital because although it may not look like it I am a very protective, jealous human being.

Yeah, maybe it was for the better that he didn’t speak to her honestly.

Even his beasts sensed something different around him, how he carried himself like a ghost. It was almost as though he was drifting away with his thoughts. There was just something about her that anchored him to reality; without it he was levitating with no particular destination in mind. He knew that if they could speak then they would’ve given him advice that can only be described as… raw.

The slap that woke him from his constant dreaming state was the during the last few minutes of his presence in New York.

“Does Leta Lestrange like to read?”

Newt blinked. It all came rushing back.

The sea wind washed through his unbrushed hair, the cold nipped at his nose. The sound of people in boots walking the wooden dock snapped at him.

They were finally through with the small talk, done with the meaningless chatter that they went through because it served as a worthy time-filler.

It was a shame he had less than a minute to leave her behind.

And oh, oh did he regret his beasts’ would-be advice.

Of course he should’ve told her a long time ago. What was he thinking? It was suddenly so real, so raw, so Tina.

Tears pooled at her lower eyelids, and Newt could’ve drowned in them.

“Wh-who?” he wanted to believe that she didn’t know her. He wanted to believe that he had forgotten her.

Tina looked at him in disbelief. “The girl whose picture you carry.”

Newt bit his lip at the ground. “I don’t really know what Leta likes these days.”

I don’t know anything about her these days, he wanted to scream. Leta Lestrange, WHO?

“Oh,” she gasped, almost relieved.

“As people change.”

Tina blinked, her expression one of awe. “Yes.”

“I’ve changed,” he announced, only to wince, realizing how outright he sounded. “I think… I-I'm… maybe a little?”

Newt wished to hide in a whole as Tina hid her tears by looking at the ground. Now, instead of small talk filling the gaps between them, there was only silence.

Her innocent query only opened the door to questions he wanted to answer but didn’t have time nor the emotional capacity to.

His boat roared in the distance, roared for him to hurry up and get it over with.

Nonetheless, he persisted. How could he dare leave her behind after all they’ve done together, all they clearly felt for each other?

He glanced desperately at the impatient beast of a boat, trying to seize every moment he had with Tina.

His Tina.

He tried to ignore the soft sound of her swallowing back her tears. If he were to acknowledge it then the boat would’ve left without him as he would’ve held her to him and never let her go.

He forced himself to stay civil, for her sake.

“I’ll send you a copy of my book, if I may,” he said, almost aggressively.

Tina gave him a watery grin. “I’d like that,” she consented.

Newt gazed upon her in a way that can only be described as the gaze of an infatuated schoolboy. He was besotted, awestruck, choking in her, in her realness.

And my, did he love every goddamned second of it.

Suddenly, he felt as though all feeling of his left arm went cold. To his internal horror/joy, it were moving of its own accord. He awkwardly tried to tuck a strand of Tina’s black coffee hair behind her ear but failed, letting the strand loose, all the while caressing her soft cheek with his callused fingertips.

Tina’s face betrayed her.

She was just the same as him: speechless yet bursting with millions of conflicting emotions that can be solved if he just came a bit closer, a bit nearer-

She gave another breathless gasp, as if she had nothing else to say.

Her face broke into a contended smile, her simple way of saying a sweet goodbye.

But… he couldn’t leave. Not now, when he had so much to say to her before he went on with his miserable life.

No. It was too late.

He wrenched himself away from her before he had the chance to do something stupider. He walked a few steps away before having an epiphany.

What if-?

He turned around, breathless, smiling as widely as he ever had before at the sight of Tina tenderly touching the place where his hand was.

“I-I’m so sorry- how would you feel if I- if I gave you your copy in person?”

The surprised glint in her soulful black eyes, the giggle that escaped her was music that danced into his ears and made itself a home in his happiest memories.

To Newt, she shone. She was a beacon of hope amongst the dreary people on the dock in this grey city.

She was a promise he made, and a promise he intended to keep.

Her beam was what motivated him to finish his job once and for all.

“I’d like that, very much!” Tina declared happily.

She gave him another breathless laugh .

Oh, he was so deeply entrenched in her affection that he nodded like a fool to her sacred words. She gave him one last happy sound before he turned around to leave again.

His mind was so blank with want of return that he stopped in his tracks right in the middle of the boat’s platform.

He wanted to look back.

He wanted to return.

He wanted to tackle her, to spin her around like a trophy, to kiss her until their lips were numb and watch the boat leave without him together with her.

He shook his head sadly to himself, knowing that if he so much as lingered for another second, then there would be no return.

But she was his return.

Love now begins to intensify and have a physical affect on the lover.