i'm just going to go ahead and post this because it's been in my drafts for like a week

Frick I'm doing the thing: "Mystery Skulls Animated: Ghost" Headcanons

I’m in way, way too deep when it comes to Mystery Skulls Animated: Ghostway, way too deep. I already posted a drabble about one of the characters, have about 3 more drafted/semi-written, and have all my headcanons sorted out, which I’ll be dumping here mostly because I need to dump them somewhere or to someone before I explode. Such a cool video, such a cool story, so many cool interpretations. Yes, yes, and YES.

Anyway, long rambling list of headcanons under the read-more. Be warned, my interpretation of any form of media tends to be somewhat cliche and derp-herp, so proceed with caution.

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