i'm just going to create some from scratch

Making cc that looks like it could be made by EA, is pretty hard when you are creating something completely from scratch. It helps to use the textures the game provides (I’ve used floor textures for some of my objects for example), but to completely create a texture from scratch that looks like it’s right out of the game is something I always had trouble with.

Sometimes I’m just putting all sorts of EA furniture in a room and just study the objects to see how they shade them, map them, mesh them etc etc. One thing I always notice is how EA objects have brighter lines along the edges of furniture. With all my research in mind I started meshing a new object for a new mini-set and I gotta say I think I’m getting closer. I’ve only done one test swatch so far, but I’m just going to play around a bit until it looks like it actually comes from the game lol.

tldr; i made a hallway bench that provides two places to sit, one table surface and all of that only on two tiles ay.