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Episode 5 // Episode 7

an incomplete collection of puns

specifically puns made in the narration of undertale. also word play. also explanations. also likely to be updated.

  • lesser dog: ‘wields a stone dogger made of pomer - granite’ ( sounds like pomegranate + granite is a type of stone. dogger sounds like dagger )
  • moldsmal + moldbygg ( which is ‘one size greater than moldaverage’ )
  • loox eyewalker ( sounds like Luke Skywalker )
  • knight knight: this megaton mercenary wields the Good Morningstar.
  • astigmatism ( an astigmatism is an eye condition. )
  • shyren ( she is a singer, almost mermaid like. aka a siren. but she is also shy )
  • undyne ( sounds like undying. )
  • snowdrake ( sounds like snowflake. and a drake is a male duck. snowdrake is part snowflake, part bird ( he possesses a beak + bird like legs ) )
  • ice cap ( ice cap as in a mass of ice. and cap as in. its hat. that’s why its not called ice hat )
  • doggo ( also doggo means to ‘remain motionless and quiet to escape detection.’ what frisk has to do to not be hurt by his attack. )
  • gyftrot ( combination of ‘gift’ and ‘trot’ )
  • vulkin ( vulcan is the name of the roman god of metal working + volcanos )
  • ‘smells like a mussel farm’ ( aaron is a seahorse, an underwater creature, like mussels. and mussel sounds like muscle )
  • pyrope ( made of two greek words. the word for ‘eye’ and the word for ‘fire’. also. pyrope. the three main components of pyrope’s design )
  • script bomb: ‘like all modern blockbusters, it’s full of explosions’ 
  • madjick ( sounds like ‘magic’ )
  • tough glove ( sounds like ‘tough love’ )
  • stick: ‘its bark is worse than its bite’
  • crab apple ( an actual type of apple. but also ‘an aquatic fruit that resembles of crustacean’ )
  • spidrdont: ‘don’t worry, the spider didn’t.’
  • endogeny ( also )
  • ‘on the floor inside is a box of pomerasins’ ( play on ‘Pomeranian’, a type of dog, and ‘raisins’ 
  • detemmienation
  • ‘snowdrake is pleased with its ‘cool’ joke’
  • cinnamon bunny ( aka a cinnamon bun shaped like a bunny )
  • dogamy ( also as in. dog marriage. )
  • dogaressa ( the title for the wife of a ‘doge’, a leader in italian city states )
  • ‘toriel’s small chair. its name is chairiel’
  • ‘it looks like a snowball.. actually it’s a snowdecahedron’ 
  • asgore’s king sized bed v toriel’s ‘one size bigger than a double’ sized bed

poi rewatch - 1x23 - firewall

“I did this corporate training thing once - I was blackmailing the CEO, long story -, but they did this exercise called the trust fall, where you close your eyes and fall, and wait for someone to catch you. I knew you boys wouldn’t let me down.”