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The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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Okay so I'm not sure if you've played Fire Emblem Heroes (New iPhone + Android app), but I was wondering if you could do a Fem Robin x Lon'qu where Lon'qu gets summoned, but he needs to get back to Robin ASAP so he starts freaking out. Something along those lines. P.S Love your work! It's practically mine and my friends bible!

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“I have a good feeling about this one.” Alfonse said with a smile, handing the orb to Kiran. The summoner took the red little thing, preparing to summon their next warrior. “We’ll need more offensive support for the next battle, according to Anna. I’ll bet this one will give us just what we need.”

The orb was placed, and Kiran prepared the summons. In a brilliant flash of light, the orb exploded, and out of nowhere, a man appeared in its place.

A man who looked incredibly disheveled, his hands filled with herbs, and a murderous expression that made both the prince and the summoner feel he wasn’t exactly friendly.

“What…the hell did you do?” Was the first thing out of the man’s mouth, his sword nearly drawn. Alfonse took a tentative step back, readying his own blade.

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Honestly you seem like a very sweet person so I hope you can help me cope with my EDF (extremely depressive fictophilia) of Anakin/Vader. Everytime I think of him, I feel so bad that he doesn't care for himself, hasn't felt love in so long, has been treated so horribly by everyone... It doesn't help that I'm hopelessly in love with this guy. Ever since Conversations came out, I've been depressed because of Anakin feels alone. Help me Kae, you're my only hope.

I’m so very sorry about how long this took. It was the end of the semester, crazy with finals and getting things sorted for graduation.

This is set in my “Vader lives” AU that I started with the three sentence fics. Basically, ROTJ plays out like canon, except Luke gets his father to the Alliance in time to save his life.

Palpatine had been dead for two years. Two years today, in fact, Luke remembered shortly after he had woken up and saw the date on his bedroom’s chrono. Two years since the confrontation on the second Death Star, since the Emperor’s lightning had licked across his body and left pale scars that were visible even now, since he had dragged his redeemed father to the Alliance and demanded that they save his life. Two years since the declaration of the New Republic and his father’s second rebirth, this time as informant and military advisor to Chancellor Mothma. That had taken some convincing, and there were still many people unhappy about it, but Mothma had remembered Anakin, and it had allowed for a peace agreement to be struck with the Imperial remnant. He was too valuable to destroy, especially when Luke had thrown his fate in with his father’s. Anakin hadn’t exactly been pleased about that, but Luke knew that gamble had gone a long way towards saving his father’s life. No one was willing to kill or imprison or exile the Hero of Yavin and the last Jedi just to get rid of Vader.

Luke slipped out of his room and walked across the small apartment he shared with his father, heading for the kitchen. They could have easily afforded something larger, even considering that Anakin had donated a significant portion of his fortune to helping the New Republic get set up, as yet another sign of his goodwill. But neither Anakin nor Luke was used to extravagance, and their apartment was cozy and nice, and it meant they were constantly within seconds of each other. Just in case.

Anakin was already in the kitchen, making breakfast, standing with his back to Luke as he attended whatever was on the stove. He was always awake earlier than Luke, no matter when Luke got up, and he supposed Anakin still hadn’t gotten used to sleeping a normal amount of hours in a night. And they both still had nightmares, though the intensity and frequency seemed to be decreasing, if gradually.

“Good morning, Father,” Luke said, as he walked in. There was a mug of hot chocolate sitting in front of his place at the table, wisps of steam rising from it, and Luke grinned. He walked past it though, and ducked under his father’s arm, giving him a quick hug.

Anakin pulled him closer. “Good morning, Luke.” His voice was still quiet and raspy, the medics hadn’t been able to do anything about the damaged vocal cords, but between getting him proper medical care and Luke’s limited knowledge of Force healing, they’d been able to fix his lungs so he no longer needed to depend on life support. Luke knew that was a huge relief for his father, who was finally free of the mask and suit that Palpatine had put him in 23 years before. And Luke was glad to be able to actually see his father’s face. The scarring hadn’t healed much; there wasn’t a lot the medics had been able to do, but Luke didn’t care. The brief moment of horror he had felt when he first saw Anakin’s face had been at the thought of the pain the injuries must have caused, not at the sight of him. His acceptance of his father’s appearance helped Anakin be less self-conscious about it.

“One of these days, you will have to let me do the cooking, Father,” Luke said, knowing full well that even if his father agreed now, he would never actually let him.

“Maybe tomorrow,” his father said. Luke nudged him with his elbow and slipped out from under his arm. He walked back to the table and picked up his mug. It was still pleasantly warm, and he took a tentative sip. It didn’t scald his tongue, but it wasn’t too cold either. Perfect.

His father turned the stove off and carried their breakfast plates over to the table. They ate in comfortable silence, and once they had finished, Luke’s hand drifted down to his pocket.

“I, um, have something for you,” he said, not quite looking at his father. He pulled the two tickets out of his pocket and held them below the table. “I thought, it’s been two years, and we could use a break from the whole rebuilding-the-Galaxy thing and celebrate. I don’t know your birthday, but today’s as good a day as any, right?” Now he looked up to see his father staring at him curiously. Luke took a breath and held the tickets up, speaking quickly. “They’re running an annual race to commemorate the birth of the New Republic and fall of the Empire, and I thought you might enjoy going… with… me… What?”

Anakin was biting his lip, trying not to laugh, but his blue eyes were sparkling with embarrassed amusement. He raised his own gloved hand, holding two identical tickets. Luke groaned and dropped his head to the table just as his father lost control and started laughing.

Okay, so I can’t write pure fluff. A bit of angst always worms its way in, but I tried to make it cute and happy for you.


Ok guys strap yourselves in because I’m about to take you on the wild ride of the night of May 10, 2017. So I went through a lot mentally to get these tickets but I got them. Then the night before something happened with my friend and I’s ride. I cried my eyes out that night thinking we weren’t gonna be able to go but then we found a new ride so my hope was back. I really wanted to get to the barricade. I’ve been having a pretty shitty year and this was the only thing keeping me happy. So the next morning, our ride was two hours late. I’m sitting there thinking we’re gonna be at the back of the queue but when we got there we had pretty decent spots. We made some friends and had a good time. Then there was the problem of people cutting which pissed me off. It was getting ridiculously out of hand. I decided to abandon all concert etiquette and bulldoze my way to the front because my god I deserved it. By the time we got there I was stuck behind 3 tall girls. For those of you who don’t know, I’m 5'0. Yeah I was pissed and the barricade was right there. Concert started and I had the time of my life. However the girls around me were sort of bitches and I thought a fight was gonna go down. Eventually my friend (god bless her) managed to shove me to the front and I was right by the barricade. I swear van and I made eye contact for a split second before he closed his eyes. It happened. Singing along with my favorite band at the top of my lungs was such an amazing experience and I’ve been lucky enough to experience it twice. Their stage presence is the best I’ve ever seen and out of all the concerts I’ve been to, I enjoy theirs the most. It’s weird because I feel so at home and a sense a of belonging at their concerts. I could go on and on about the show but I’m just gonna say it was absolutely amazing. Now our oh so precious ride got into some trouble and my friends mom had to come get us. She’s pretty strict so I was concerned we weren’t going to get to meet the band because she would want to leave. Thankfully at the end, she was still 70 miles away. My friend and I waited by the gates, through hunger, cold weather, and rain. I see people standing up and of course we follow them. Now we’re standing around like dumbasses just talking until my friend says “oh my god bob and bondy are standing right there.” They were talking to the crowd about something (we were in the back). We could not believe our eyes. I got around to bob and my god he’s an actual angel. He’s so sweet. He turned towards me and I asked him for two things. I asked if he could take our selfie because I was shaking too much and then if he could sign my shirt. I’m still shaking while writing this. He was so gentle and sweet and took the picture. I expected him to move on because there were so many girls but he asked me about my shirt and signed it. God his arms were around my waist for so long fucjfigja I’m dead. I love him so much like you don’t understand. I love him I love him I love him I love him. My friend also loves bob a lot but she was like cowering behind me. I asked him if he could take a picture with my friend and she was like “no no no no”. I had to ask him again and he said “of course!” He was so gentle and sweet and took his time with us even though there was this crowd of people. I felt so calm around him. I told him he was great today and he said “thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed the show.” Then we went around to bondy and I was waiting for a while. He knew I was there and kept looking at me but the other girls kept going up to him. I’m so passive omg lol. Anyways he turned towards me and I told him how they’ve helped me out in so many weird ways. And he was like “oh well I’m glad we did something” and kind of laughed and said he’s glad. Then we got a picture and god his hand was on me for so long. I didn’t have a sharpie on me (I asked a girl for bobs but she left). Bondy was like now we just need to find a pen and I was like um I don’t have one but I mean that’s okay if no one has one. I mean I was fine. I was dumb and didn’t bring one but No he turned around and started asking for a sharpie and oh my god I think I died a little on the inside. This girl handed me one and he signed my shirt. I shook his hand said thanks and I hope they have a good rest of the tour. I was a mess. He looked at me right in the eyes and said thank you. He’s so intense and smooth and cool ahhh. After that he had to leave but bob stayed for so long. Eventually everyone started calling him but he took his time and still took pictures with people. I have a video of me yelling “bob you’re an angel!” and he looked so confused. It was hilarious. So yeah that fucking happened.

Omega Pt. 1

A/N: So…this is my first attempt at an A/B/O fic…let me know what you think. It’s also the first smut I’ve posted on Tumblr…so let me know how I did…

Warnings: A/B/O so non-con elements, smut. Lots of smut. Also a lactation kink in there cause I’m fucked up. And probably language somewhere too. Cause I’m a sailor’s sister. And some slash too. Cause Stucky is life. 

Oh, and @fvckingavengers, I totally named her after you. 

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They mated in the back of a quinjet. It had been a simple mission. Extract the hostage, and return to base. They’d sent only Steve and Bucky, knowing they’d be more than enough. The base wasn’t heavily guarded, Steve taking out the guards while Bucky went in after the hostage. Female. 20. Omega.

Bucky had smelled it when he entered the small room they were keeping her in. The beta had been assaulted by distressing omega, the stench nearly choking him. There was another scent, a sweet undertaste, and he realized she was going into heat.

“Shit.” He breathed, running a hand through his hair, trying not to frighten the omega in the corner anymore than she already was. He looked down on her, squatting down so they were eye to eye. “We’re here to rescue you.” He said slowly, making sure to keep eye contact with her. He winced a little at how cheesy that sounded. “The Avengers sent us.” He tried, hoping that would at least calm her down a little.

She did relax, as much as she could, taking his outstretched hand, only to double over in pain when she stood. He could smell her heat coming on stronger.

‘Buck?’ Steve sounded in his ear.

“I got her. I’ll meet you back at the jet.” He said, lifting the omega into his arms. This was definitely going to be an interesting ride home.

Steve had spun so fast Bucky was worried he’d burned a hole in the quinjet floor. His eyes were on the omega in Bucky’s arms, nostrils flared, body tense.

“We have a bit of a complication.” Bucky said, standing at the base of the ramp. He was a little nervous to enter, not quite sure what Steve would do. “She went into heat.”

Said omega nuzzled Bucky’s neck, squirming a little, sensing the Alpha who was close. She was getting warmer and warmer by the second, her heat coming on fast.

“We need to get her back to the compound.” Steve said, trying to ignore the sweet smell of peaches and cream. Omega in heat. The slick starting to form between her legs.

He turned, sliding into the pilot’s seat as Bucky laid the omega in the back. He sat by her head, brushing her hair back as she squirmed, pulling at her clothes. Steve got them into the air, but Bucky could sense the tense energy in his Alpha. This was going to be an interesting ride.

The omega had stripped out of everything but her skivvies in a matter of minutes. She was in full heat now, the smell of peaches and cream and slick assaulting both males in the jet. Bucky kept to his senses more than Steve was, the beta better suited around the omega than his Alpha was. But the wet spots starting to form on the cups of her bra nearly had him coming undone.

He was sitting next to her on the floor, keeping cold packs against her skin, trying to keep her cool. He sighed, watching her move limply, the heat making her suffer.

“Stevie, I gotta do something.” Bucky said, watching her move painfully. “It’s bad. I don’t think she’ll make it if we wait.”

“Try to hold her off.” Steve said, his voice strained. He’d kept his composure this far. “Do what you have to.”

“Please.” Her voice was weak, strained. It was a plea that went straight between his legs.

Bucky stared down at her for a moment. “Oh fuck it.” He breathed, snapping her bra in half.

He leaned down, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking the sweet milk from her body. Her fingers ran through his hair, comforting him like she would a pup as he drank, taking in her sweet, creamy flavor.

He stripped his shirt off, his pants being yanked down over his ass before he sunk into her, guided by her slick. Her legs wrapped around him, holding him tight as he started to move, leaning down to drink more of her. He was addicted to the sweet taste on his tongue, and he knew he was in deep. And it was only a matter of time before Steve followed.

He came twice, and lost count of how many times she did, but it wasn’t helping her. She was still just as bad, if not worse. He was running his fingers up her spine where she laid on his chest, his back flat against the floor of the quinjet, when the quinjet dropped, the engines humming as they landed. They couldn’t be back at the compound already. But then he sensed the change in the air, the tense energy coming from his Alpha. The omega on his chest shifted in response, a small whine leaving her lips.

Steve was out of the pilot’s seat in a flash, already working his suit off. Bucky could see the bulge forming in his underwear, and he was glad he’d warmed the omega up a little. Taking Steve was no small victory. His ass had felt that more than it would have liked. But he’d never say that. He wanted to please his Alpha. And if his ass had to feel like it was getting ripped in half, then so be it.

Steve dropped to his knees between Bucky’s legs, the omega presenting for him, her knees straddling Bucky’s waist, her hands braced on either side of his chest. Apparently he was going to partake in this as well. He ran his hands up her arms, over her shoulders to her hair, carding his fingers through the damp strands as Steve teased her entrance with his head. Slick leaked from between her legs, dripping onto Bucky’s length, making him twitch in response.

“You want my knot, omega?” He asked, her hips rocking back.

“Please, Alpha.” She keened, turning her head to look back at him. “Please, I need it.”

He slowly worked himself inside her heat, stretching her to the point she was shaking above Bucky, her arms barely able to hold her up.

“Gonna knot you so good.” Steve growled, moving his hips slowly, the omega he was filling whining in pleasure. “Fill you full of my pups.”

Both Bucky and the omega keened at the mention of pups. Bucky was hard, his length standing at attention under the omega. Steve leaned down over her back, hitting a new angle within her that had her spasming around him, her fluids dripping out around him, and onto Bucky. Her legs were shaking, but she stayed where she was as Steve continued to fuck her mercilessly. Steve’s hands reached under her, playing with her breasts, milk dripping from her pink nipples, and onto Bucky’s chest. Bucky, one hand wrapped around his length, took his other hand, wiping up some of the milk, lifting his hand to Steve.

Steve took Bucky’s fingers into his mouth, tasting her on Bucky. He growled around Bucky’s fingers, picking up the pace, bracing one hand by Bucky’s head. Bucky watched the two of them, his hand working in time with Steve’s movements. It wasn’t long before the omega’s arms were giving out, her head on Bucky’s chest, being held up by nothing but Steve’s hands on her hips.

Bucky came at the same time that Steve’s knot started to swell. His Alpha growled, his grip tightening, hips jerking as he locked himself inside the omega, she came again around him as the knot swelled almost painfully inside her. Steve folded over her back, still moving inside her as much as he could, his eyes on Bucky. His hips jerked as he neared the edge, burying his nose in her neck, mouthing at her mating spot. She shook against them, hands on Bucky’s shoulders.

Steve met his eyes, and if he had been in his right mind, he would have said no, but none of them were in their right mind. Bucky went for the left side as Steve went for the right, both biting down at the same time. The omega screamed, her legs giving out as she came again, milking Steve’s orgasm from him. He filled her to the brim with his seed, knot swelling further as his length twitched, spurting inside her. Her nails dug into Bucky’s shoulders as she sobbed in pleasure, completely limp.

“I can’t.” She breathed, Bucky’s enhanced senses picking up on her words. “I can’t.” She sobbed again.

“Stevie, that’s enough. Our omega needs a break.” Bucky said, smoothing Steve’s hair as he licked at her neck, his hips moving slowly as he still pumped her full.

Bucky helped them roll over, adjusting Steve’s uniform so they could me more comfortable. He wiped himself clean using one of the emergency blankets, before cleaning their omega, and their Alpha as well. He grabbed a bottle of water after pulling his pants back on. He knelt down in front of their spent omega, Steve smoothing his hands over her skin, whispering sweet words to her.

“Here, doll. You gotta keep yourself hydrated.” He said, helping her drink a little. The comm link on the quinjet beeped, bringing Bucky back to Earth. “Steve, take care of her. I gotta get us back to the compound.”

Bucky pulled his shirt back on, moving to the pilot’s seat. The quinjet stank like sex and heat. He pressed the comm button as he got them back in the air, a very irate Natasha on the other end.

‘What the hell happened? Why were you grounded? Why didn’t you answer? I was about to send backup after you.’

“We had a small…complication.” Bucky said, looking back at the knotted pair still on the floor. “We’re back in the air now. We’ll be at the compound in less than an hour.” Hopefully Steve’s knot would deflate in time. He had enough he had to explain to Natasha.

They made it to the compound, Bucky managing to get Steve zipped back into his suit, and a shirt thrown over his omega’s head before the hatch opened. There was still slick all over the floor, stained blankets and the smell of sex and heat to explain.

Steve marched out of the quinjet, the beta workers giving him a wide berth, wide eyed in shock. Bucky followed, probably looking just as disheveled, and smelling like omega.

“Good luck.” He said, trying to give them a positive smile, but it didn’t work.

Natasha met him as soon as he got into the building, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. She’d already seen Steve carrying the omega, not stopping for anyone as he sought out the safety of their nest, leaving Bucky to do the talking.

“She was going into heat when we found her.” Bucky said, not even waiting for the question. “We tried to make it back to the compound, but it was getting bad. I did all I could, but it wasn’t enough, and Steve just couldn’t help himself.” He said, shrugging.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” Natasha asked, irate at the beta. “That omega is Lauren Stark. Tony Stark’s daughter.”

Bucky felt his stomach drop, his blood freezing. “What? Stark doesn’t have a kid.” He prayed Natasha was just pulling his chain, trying to make him suffer for what they’d done.

“He kept her hidden for this very reason.” She said, thrusting her file against his chest. Bucky looked down at the contents, the girl in the picture was definitely their omega. “Now you and Cap have gone and thrown it all to hell. Tony will be here in an hour. Good luck explaining that to him.” She turned, leaving Bucky to his thoughts. 

How the hell was he going to tell the man who hated his guts that he was mated to his secret daughter. That she had a new Alpha, and it was the man Tony hated second most in the world. Oh boy. First he had to keep Steve from knotting her again, and making everything more complicated.

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sappy prompts, tsukkiyama and 13!!

Oh boy I am drowning in tsukkiyama right now this is great. Thanks for the request!

Tsukkiyama - “The way I feel when I’m with you…” (based on this prompt list)

Tsukishima could not stop his damn hands from shaking. It was stupid, the way his body did not listen to his brain. He should be able to control the movement of his hands just like he did his feet; if he could take slow and even steps over to Yamaguchi why couldn’t he keep the case held in his hands steady as well?
Giving Yamaguchi a mix cd had never been difficult before. He had done it plenty of times, more frequently when they first became friends and he realized just how terrible the other boy’s taste in music was, but never stopping entirely. By now Yamaguchi must have a shelf’s worth of jeweled cases all lined up full of Tsukishima’s attempts to show him that music could actually be good. What was different about this one, he knew, was the way he had picked the songs to put on it.

It was themed, like many of his other mixes. Shower Songs, Running Songs, The Wind in the Morning, Fuck Fukurodani - the inspiration behind each of these mixes was clear. The one he held with trembling fingers, though, was nothing like those.

“Yamaguchi,” he said, walking up beside him. He held out the cd case, internally screaming at his hands to stay still for just one minute, please. “Here.”

Yamaguchi reached out and took it from him, his fingers brushing Tsukishima’s in a way that did not seem to affect him but sent a shiver running down Tsukishima’s spine. With his hands now empty, he was able to shove them into the pockets of his sweatshirt before their shaking was noticed.

“What’s this?” Yamaguchi asked, turning the case over.

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Hmm well I've got another brogane idea if you're interested? Back in the first episode they never told us what happened when Shiro woke up at Keith's but I can imagine after being strapped to a table as soon as he gets back home then seeing a familiar face he can finally let himself cry and acknowledge he's free again :3

This was a great prompt!  I hope you don’t mind I did Keith’s POV instead of Shiro’s.  <3

Keith hovered beside the couch while the others poked through his kitchen.  The big one, Hunk, seemed vaguely familiar and was currently criticizing his cabinets full of non-perishables.  Lance seemed bitter about something, making veiled negative comments about everything in the little house.  Pidge was at the edge of the kitchen, mostly quiet and glancing frequently over at Shiro, too.

Keith thought probably his feelings should be hurt, but he couldn’t focus on the others.  Shiro was right there, alive and breathing and Keith couldn’t think about anything else.  He’d thought he’d never see Shiro again when the Kerberos mission went wrong.  He hadn’t believed it was Shiro’s fault, because Shiro was too good a pilot for that, but he’d thought that either way, that was it.

Shiro looked different, and when they’d first gotten him on the couch, Keith hadn’t been able to resist running his fingers over the new scar on his nose.  The white hair was disconcerting, though not as much as the missing hand, and the longer Shiro stayed unconscious, the more Keith worried about all of it.

When Shiro started stirring, still asleep, Pidge drifted closer, but Hunk pulled her and Lance outside to check the perimeter, like he knew Keith wanted time with Shiro.  It was a relief, and Keith made a note to himself to remember it.

Keith realized he was fidgeting and probably looked nervous.  He moved to sit on the table next to Shiro and after a moment reached out to grab Shiro’s hand, to give his own hands something to do.

Shiro came to with a gasp, bolting upright.  He pulled his hand out of Keith’s, twisting to look at the room around him with wide eyes.  With his back pressed up against the back of the couch and his knees drawn up in front of him, he looked terrified, and a spike of pain ran through Keith’s chest.  Shiro was never scared like that.

Keith needed to say something, but he wasn’t sure what.  "Shiro?“

Shiro’s eyes narrowed as he focused on Keith’s face, looking confused.  "Keith?”

“Yeah, Shiro, it’s me.  I - we’re - what happened to you?”

Shiro shuddered, but seemed to have relaxed a little, putting one leg back down on the ground.  He shook his head.  "Where are we?“

That wasn’t an answer, but that was ok.  Keith told himself it was ok.  Shiro was here and the rest could wait.  Couldn’t it?  "We’re safe,” he said first, “We’re in a cabin in the desert, a little ways away from the Garrison.”

“Away from the Garrison?”

“They lied about you.  They lied, and I knew it, and I couldn’t-”

Shiro nodded, but Keith wasn’t sure he really understood.

“They wouldn’t come for us,” Shiro said, “They wouldn’t look.  We were alone.”

Keith felt a shiver running down his spine.  "Yeah.“  He’d hated that.  He’d hated knowing Shiro was out there and no one was looking, and he’d hated that his own small telescope was useless and couldn’t even see that far, but something in Shiro’s voice said that was just the tip of the iceberg.

"What happened to you?” he asked, reaching out to touch the shock of white hair over Shiro’s forehead.

Shiro shook his head.  "I can’t.  I’m - I can’t.“

Moving on instinct, Keith reached out toward Shiro, who grabbed back at him.

Shiro buried his face in Keith’s chest, his arms coming up around Keith’s back.  Keith stood up, letting Shiro pull him closer.  He wasn’t sure what to do with himself, but tentatively laid a hand on the back of Shiro’s head

"I’m just glad you’re home,” he said quietly.

Shiro started crying, a soft sob leaking out before he could stifle it, and Keith pulled him closer, leaning over to wrap Shiro in as much of a hug as he could.

“I just wanted you to be ok,” Keith said, starting to choke up himself.  Shiro didn’t cry like this.  Not like this.  Whatever had happened to him must have been awful.  "I’m just glad you’re ok.“  He needed Shiro to agree, to tell him he was alright, but he didn’t.  He just clung tighter to him and cried more softly.

Keith hunched over Shiro’s head, trying to keep his breathing steady and his eyes dry before he cried into Shiro’s hair.  He tried to think about the fact that Shiro was here and ok and not about the white hair or the scar or the fact that one of the hands holding onto his back wasn’t human anymore.  He tried to keep himself under control as Shiro got on top of his feelings.  He tried not to let his emotions take over, because there was still so much they didn’t know, and there was still so much to be afraid of.

When the others burst back in, Keith and Shiro sprang apart, and each of them only had to wipe their eyes once.  Keith figured that was good enough.  The others didn’t say anything, and they leapt into trying to make plans.  If Keith sat a little too close to Shiro on the couch or Shiro hovered a little too close to him once they were up and moving again, nobody said anything about that, either.

Natsume Week Bonus Day 2: Favorite Headcanon

“A box?” Shigeru repeated questioningly. He glanced over at Natsume, noticing the embarrassed gleam in his downcast eyes, shoulders hunched over. “I suppose I could grab a few from work. What do you need it for? A class project?”

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Hey! I've been following this blog for awhile now and I love it! I love the analysis and theories you post here, I agree with a lot of them. :D Including what you say about Tom and Jackie and how they're treated by the fandom. -_- I honestly don't know why Starco shippers continue to act like such children(even if some of them are). I'm pretty neutral when it comes to Jarco they aren't my favorite(Tomco FTW!), but come on Jackie is adorable and she treats Marco well! And Tom needs more love!

Awwww, thank you!!!!

I’m doing my best ^^;

((Watch as s3 proves all of my theories wrong just to mess with me))

The fandom can definitely bash a lot when it comes to characters and ships but in my experience, Tom and Jackie get it the worst.

Now with Tom, i might be able to understand where it comes from, since he’s a flawed character and he’s done bad things. I love Tom, I like the idea behind him, I’m fascinated by his choices and how complex his emotions are, and I ADORE his design. But i could see how someone might not enjoy him very much because of the bad things he’s done.

((If i am right about his home life though, that might change people’s minds about him in the future.))

Based on my own views, I see him as a flawed teen, he’s desperate for attention….desperate to rekindle and have a close relationship again, and desperate to look good in people’s eyes so much he’s willing to change everything about him. So when people paint him as being this horrible, abusive, person….i can’t buy it, Tom is clearly willing to makes sacrifices for people he cares about, and it clearly pains him to hurt people. 

Yeah, he’s made threats, kidnapped Marco, but he hasn’t really hurt anyone…who knows if he’d even go through with them.

If you aren’t big on Tom, it’s ok, he’s not perfect. But abusive is way too far with a character that they’re clearly trying to make sympathetic, and it doesn’t even fit logically with his character or the story all that well either.

Tom being portrayed in these ways feel like they’re trying to paint him worse then his character is supposed to be. He’s screwed up, but it’s not really in his character to hurt Star or Marco intentionally.

Lucky for Tom, his character has improved more from s2, and he’s had less fandom issues then he used to.

Jackie, has also improved much from s2 considering she really didn’t have much to go on in s1.

But as far as characters go, she has it much worse then Tom.

And it sucks worse, because her hate isn’t even really justified. Ok, maybe you might find her bland, or not very interesting, but the fandom makes it sound like she murdered Star and took over the world.

There’s really no reason to be angry with her, she hasn’t offended anyone, hurt anyone, she’s so far the most innocent character on this show.

If you’re going to flat out bash her in front of me saying how she’s a horrible person, then i’m sorry, i can’t take you seriously as a person because she’s done nothing to get angry about.

Yeah, i think she needs more screen time and her character could use some development but she’s not worth getting so upset about.

Tom wasn’t given too much character considering he’s been in few eps, but a lot is implied and it makes it easier to figure out his character and what might be happening with him, Jackie hasn’t really had nearly as much focus in order for us to understand her…but that’s not her fault.

I could make a LIST of the dumbest things i’ve heard come out of Sta//rco shipper mouths and most of them would involve her, and all the excuses made to justify all her bashing.

She hurt Star!!! Literally no one knew about Star’s crush, at all.

She Stole Marco!! She and Marco both willingly wanted to date each other. Not to mention Marco was never Star’s in the first place.

And you know well if these same people were in Marco or JACKIE’s position, they would not be feeling the same way about this situation. They wouldn’t wish death upon jackie, they wouldn’t be telling marco he should be with someone else.

Because you know, it’s not ok at all.

Jackie is honestly a sweetheart, I love how much she supports Marco and isn’t fazed by all his weird insecurities. The show really has been taking their relationship seriously and wants you to support them and i’m glad they’re not making jackie evil or making their relationship bad for the purpose of Sta//rco.

Jackie better not be thrown under the bus next season,and definitely not because of Sta//rco, if she and marco break up i want it to be handled maturely and i want it to be because of their relationship…not Star.

She deserves better then that.

If Ja//rco remained canon, i would be perfectly fine with it.

Protect these two at all costs, they deserve so much more.

I’m Not Sorry (Logan/Rogers x reader)

Request: Will you do a Steve/Logan aka Wolverine reader fic where you are a mutant with the power of immortality/invulnerability and you had a relationship with Logan in the past but you were devastated when you thought he died and years later you’re an Avenger and in a relationship with Steve and he asks about Logan and you tell him that he’s dead and you’re over him but really you know he’s alive and you visit him and Steve finds out please you and Logan are just really good friends

This is a bad idea.

Your hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly that the color was stripped from your skin, leaving them pale and cold with nothing more than an aching tingling in them to let you know that you still had a hold.  It would have been easier and faster to fly to where Logan was last known to be in Minnesota, but it also would have been easier to track.  You had left the compound hours before without telling anyone where you were going, without telling Steve, and every minute that passed left you with an overwhelming anxiety that the phone would ring to find him angry on the other end of the line.  

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Simon and baz have a BAD argument. Simon goes somewhere else. Later baz finds him attempts apologizing. LOTS OF KISSING.

Anonymous said: If you wanted to, maybe something for the “don’t fucking touch me” one? 

(This almost didn’t end the way it did. Also, maybe not as much kissing as you had hoped?)
This one took me all night and ended up at 1336 words, so I hope you like it!

Shout-out to @consultingreaders​ for helping me come up with fight inspiration!

Baz almost can’t remember the last time he drank blood. He can remember the feeding itself, but he’s not sure how long ago it was, which is…well, not good. Going long enough without drinking blood sets him on edge. He gets irritable and all his insecurities are magnified.

Normally it doesn’t bother him. Seeing people look at Simon when they’re out. Boys, girls. It doesn’t matter. They all look. And they should. Baz can’t blame them. Simon is beautiful.

But Baz is crotchety today and this is the third time he has caught someone looking at Simon. He lets it go, but it sits in his gut, twisting at his insides. They go back to Snow’s flat and start catching up on a new series.

“Wow. She’s gorgeous,” Simon says about the female lead.

That’s all it takes for Baz to completely lose it. He knows he’s being irrational. Simon is allowed to appreciate other people’s beauty the same way other people appreciate Simon’s. Baz knows this. But he’s thirsty and irritable and - at the moment - a bit insecure.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Snow?” Baz says, his anger taking control of his whole system. “You do realize I’m sitting right next to you.”

“Baz, what-” Simon starts, only to be cut off by Baz kicking over the coffee table in front of the couch. “Baz!”

“All those people all the fucking time.” Baz starts rambling. “I bet you see them, don’t you? Everywhere we go.”

“Baz.” Simon warns.

“What about me? Do you even give a shit about me?” What are you talking about, Baz? You know he does. You need to stop talking now.

“I’m not doing this with you again.” Simon stands and starts to walk towards the bedroom.

“Don’t walk away from me, Snow.” Baz gets up to follow the boy who walks to the other side of the bed and sits, back to the door. “So you’ll look at her, but not me?”

“What are you even talking about, Baz?” Simon stands, turning towards him again. “You sound crazy right now.”

“Maybe I am crazy if I ever thought you really loved me.”

He regrets the words as soon as they pass his lips. All the anger dissolves immediately into shock that he actually let those words come out of his mouth. He see’s the look of pain flash on Simon’s face for a moment before it twists into anger. Hate.

“How dare you.” Simon takes a step back.


“Don’t.” The boy holds up a hand in warning. This time, Baz steps back.

“I-” Baz starts, but Simon cuts him off again.

“I can’t even look at you right now.”

Simon looks around the room, everything in here reminds him of Baz. His drawers are full of the boy’s things. The bed that they share whenever Baz stays the night, sheets only covering half of the mattress. The boy’s shirt is still lying on the floor where Simon threw it the night before in the midst of a heated moment. He can feel Baz everywhere in here. Surrounding him. Touching him. Kissing him.

Simon shakes his head attempting to clear the fog that has settled in it.

“I have to get out of here,” he says, eyes still scanning the room. Taking in everything that is Baz.

Simon starts to walk towards the door.

“Simon, wait-” Baz says, reaching for him as he passes.

Simon avoids the boy’s outstretched hand. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Baz pulls back as if burned by the air between them. “I just,” the boy’s voice cracks before he continues, soft, “This is your place. I should be the one to go.”

Simon looks at Baz then, taking in the boy’s wounded expression, eyes filled with hurt. It only makes him angrier.

“I can’t-” he takes a breath to calm the storm raging in his blood. “I can’t be here,” Simon spits out, shoving his way through the doorway.

He doesn’t hear Baz’s whispered, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” through the ringing in his ears. The front door slams closed behind him.

The first stop Simon makes is to the cafe because the thought of tea and scones seems comforting in theory, but his stomach turns before he even walks inside. Instead, he starts walking. He walks around for hours before he ends up back in front of the flat he shares with Penny. Simon wants to go inside, but he’s still not sure he’s ready to face Baz. He stares at the door to the building for a few minutes before deciding to sit out on the stairs and watch as the darkness settles around him.

As if summoned by the darkness, Baz is standing in front of him.

“What are you doing here, Baz?” Simon sighs, his voice exhausted, not filled with the heat it held earlier.

“I went looking for you. Ended up back here.” Baz sits next to Simon on the step, leaving a space between them.

Simon lets his head drop into his hands. When he speaks again, his voice is muffled. “I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to you yet.”

“Simon, please?”

“What do you want from me, Baz?” Simon turns his head so his cheek rests in his palm. He sees the shining in the boy’s eyes. Tears on the verge of spilling free.

“I want you to forgive me.” A single tear escapes and trails slowly down Baz’s cheek. Simon fights the urge to reach out and catch it with his finger. “I know that’s selfish, but that’s what I want.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Simon whispers and turns his head so his face is back in his hands. He won’t be able to hold his will if he sees Baz cry. It’ll break him and he needs to stand his ground.

“Simon, please.” Baz repeats, a plea instead of a question.

Instinctively, Simon knows Baz is crying now. Even if he hadn’t heard the sniffling, he could feel it in his gut. If he looks he’ll break, he knows it.

“Look at me.” It’s a question, though it doesn’t sound like one.

If I look, that’s it. There’s no going back.

Simon turns his head to look at Baz again. The boy has wiped the stray tears from his face. There’s still a slight shining on his cheeks and in his eyes, both now red. Another tear springs free and this time Simon doesn’t fight the urge to reach for it it. Baz catches Simon’s hand against his cheek, leaning into the touch.

“I’m sorry.”

“I can’t keep doing this, Baz. If I haven’t convinced you by now that I love you, I don’t know if I ever will.”

“Simon,” Baz says again. Simon’s pretty sure Baz has never used his first name this many times in one day. “I know you love me. I don’t know why I said that last night. It’s just - I haven’t been drinking. It sets me on edge. I wasn’t thinking. I’m so sorry, Simon. Please forgive me. You have to forgive me.”

Baz starts to cry again, choked sobs tearing through him. Simon catches the boy’s face with both hands, holding it up for him. He closes the distance between their bodies and pulls Baz’s face to his. Baz doesn’t kiss back immediately, but after a moment the boy melts into it.

Baz’s lips are salty with his tears and Simon licks them all away with his tongue. “Shh. Baz, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s okay,” Simon mumbles between kisses. “It’s all going to be okay.”

He keeps working his lips with the other boy’s. I love you, they say. I will always love you. I’m right here, love. I’m not going anywhere.

When the tears stop and Baz is no longer shaking, Simon pulls back, hands still on the boy’s cheeks, and locks their gazes.

“I love you, Baz.”

“I love you, Simon.”

Simon smiles. “Good. Let’s go inside.”

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May I request a scenario where Hanzo and Symmetra and their s/o have a fight before a mission, and at some point they think their love died? Them feeling horrible that their last words were so cruel. The S/O turns out to be fine but the ANGST I THRIVE FOR IT

I’m posting this on mobile so I hope the writing doesn’t clump up on desktop ughh… I only did Hanzo because I couldn’t think of anything to make Symmetra mad but I will keep thinking of it and I’ll write it and tag you in it! This is my first time writing something angsty so I hope it’s despair inducing enough! I even put my hair into Junko Enoshima pigtails to call upon the deepest pits of despair while writing this. Please enjoy!

“What is this?” Hanzo’s words came out harsher than you expected. Hanzo, Genji, and yourself were currently having a discussion just outside Hanamura’s arcade, where your other teammates were getting prepared for their attack.

“He just wants to talk to you. And it hurts me to see you so full of guilt whenever you look at him.” You try sending a smile only for him to return it with a scowl.

“Brother I…” Genji starts.

“No, this is between me and (Y/n)” Hanzo interrupts. You and Genji both look at each other in confusion. This was supposed to be about the brothers, the only role you played in this was getting the two to converse.

“What gives you the right to meddle around in my business?” Hanzo walks towards you, scowl never leaving his face. You suddenly started to shake as he got closer and closer.

You remembered the time he looked at you with so much pride and love. Now, he was looking at you in utter disgust. His arms which were always open to you, comforting you during bad nights and warming you up on cold chilly mornings, now crossed and repelling you away from him. Even his kind words from just a few hours ago rang through your head.

~“I never thought I could feel this happiness ever again.”~

“I just wanted to make things better for you. To make sure you’re always happy! To make sure you never feel how you’ve been feeling for such a long time ever again!” You exclaimed. Hanzo scoffs.

“Nothing in this world could ever bring back my joy. Now I see that it holds true for even you.”

~“You are mine. I will protect you from everything that may cause you harm.”~

“You… You don’t mean that.” Voice cracking, you say to him and to reassure yourself.

“You mean nothing to me. What a waste of time this all was just to lead up to this. All this time I’ve been sleeping next to a snake.”

~“When everything starts to slow down… It would truly be an honour if… we could start a family of our own.”~

You knelt to the floor as you were on the verge of sobbing. Genji kneels down beside you, resting a hand on your shoulder to comfort you. You hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m glad father isn’t alive to watch me stoop so low. Though he must have been turning in his grave this entire time.”

“Hanzo! Think before you speak!” Genji chimes in, trying to stop the situation from getting even more worse than it already was.

“No, I am doing what I should have done a long time ago.” He says grimly.

“You, are not my brother.” He points to the cyborg.

“And you,” he stands in front of your curled up form, “I am not obligated to keep being polite to a companion that over steps their boundaries.” Hanzo scoffs yet again as he walks back into the arcade.

“He didn’t mean any of that (Y/n).” Genji says, embracing you as you sob into his chest.

Despite everything that happened, you still had a mission to carry out. Genji and Tracer immediately went for the backline. Hanzo climbed up various walls to get some shots at the objective. You were with Reinhardt and Ana at the chokepoint, with you dealing damage to any enemies poking the choke safely behind Reinhardt’s shield with Ana taking great care of the both of you and occasionally the others if they were in her line of sight. Ana had noticed the lack of fire in you today, she made a note to keep an especially close eye on you today and to ask what was bothering you after everything was finished.

“My barrier won’t hold forever!” Reinhardt’s booming voice called out. The shield cracked threateningly as it took on more and more damage. Ana put a hand on her healing grenade, preparing for what was to happen next. Unfortunately, she didn’t act fast enough.

The barrier broke and the enemy sniper shot you in the chest immediately after, not even sparing a second of reaction time.

The grenade did hit the floor, yes, but it was because Ana dropped it to catch you as you fell. She presses her hand onto her comm.

“(Y/n) is down. I am taking them back to the safe area. Requesting back up.” She may not be as young as she used to, but she picked you up as if you were nothing more than a sack of flour. She rushed back to the arcade and put you on the first flat surface she saw. Suddenly, Tracer blinked by your side, holding a health pack.

“She gonna be ok doc?” She asks.

“Hard to tell, I might need to call in Angela for this.” She explains as she investigates your wound.

You kept falling in and out of consciousness, every time you opened your eyes they met with someone new each time. Surprisingly, Hanzo was one of them. ‘Sorry’ was all you could hear from him but it astounded you that he’d disregard his pride for you, especially with what had happened pre-mission.

When you fully woke up again, you were in the infirmary back at Watchpoint. Hanzo had been watching you anxiously the entire time you had been there and oh how his eyes brightened when yours opened.

“(Y/n)” He wastes no time as he moves from his seat and hugs you, causing you to wince in pain due to the pressure on your injury.

“Surprised to see you of all people here.” You muttered.

“I was a fool. I let my anger blind me and now, I almost lost you.” Hanzo looked down. His words got your blood boiling.

“I’m not yours to lose!” Your voice rang throughout the room. His head whipped up and looked to you in shock as he has never witnessed you lash out like this before. You refused to look at him. “You made that very clear, remember?”

“I didn’t think you would get hurt like this-”

“So what? It’s ok for you to say those awful things to me as long as I don’t almost die after?” You say incredulously.

“That’s not what I meant.” He looks to you sorrowfully and reaches his hand out towards you which you promptly slap away.

“Sure looks like it. Anyway you can leave, my injury will heal but I’m not sure if the thing that truly hurt me the most today will.” You stare off into the other direction. Hanzo has enough common sense to know that there’s nothing that can be done right now, he would just have to wait. He goes to the door and says ‘I love you’ in his native tongue quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. You fight the tears that threaten to spill over as you keep looking in the other direction until you hear the door close and you let go of the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding.

He leans against the door as he fishes for something he’d been holding for a while. He holds it up to the light and sighs. He really messed it up this time didn’t he? Why does he keep doing these awful things that he ends up regretting? Maybe he should try to change his ways. But what if it’s too late?

He walks towards his room to continue brooding over these current events. Just a couple hours ago you were with him right on the very bed he sat alone on. You were holding onto him. You felt safe with him. You loved him. Now he can only pray that he’ll be able to see you without feeling ashamed. He looks at the object again and scoffs.

Hanzo tosses the ring out.

Travelling Soldier

Alright - I need to apologize in advance for this one, but I had to write it.  It was pretty much cockblocking me from writing my other story until I got it out.

This is a songfic based on Travelling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.  I heard it on the radio a few weeks back and got it in my head…and then this story was born.  ***Words in italics are lyrics***

Bucky Barnes x reader - Vietnam war AU

Warnings: Angst.  ANGST.  Death. Probably typos and errors - it’s WAAAYYY past my bedtime and it hasn’t been proofed.  At all.

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I Can’t Help That I Love You.(Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request:  Can I place a request where s/o is training with Barry and when they start sparring with eachother Barry accidently knocks the reader unconscious and Barry apologizing when the s/o wakes up and tries to make it up to them with fluffs? Sorry I don’t want to soumd needy but I’m leaving the country soon and wifi will be a mission to find. Would it be too much to ask if you could do it soon? If not I’ll just wait until I get back. Thanks

I tried my best to get out as fast as I could. My computer has problems and lags whenever I’m on Tumblr. Anyways, as always I hope you enjoy!


Barry was always cheery and optimistic which was different as you were born and raised in Starling City, and this feature of his made you fall for the scarlet speedster. You two became sparring partners after you saved Jesse and became part of Team Flash. You were quite skilled as you were formally an Argus agent and worked with the Suicide Squad. 

This day, however, Barry was not in his cheerful, walking on sunshine mood. You asked your friend, who happened to be your secret crush, what was wrong but he just said he needed to train. “Barry, punching angry is like running blind.” You tried to reason. “You need to calm down and talk this out.” 

“Alright, so when someone has a gun pointed at your face, you ask them to put it down?” Barry asked you. 

“That’s different.” You sighed as you readied yourself. Maybe if you just knocked Barry on his butt you would be able to talk some sense into him. You both stood in front of each other. 

On a normal training session, Barry wouldn’t use his speed. He thought that using his abilities against you would be unfair. When he trained with you, it all relied on strength and strategy. But today was different. 

He was running around in a red blur and his punches were harder than usual. It was hard to keep up with a speedster, especially with an angry one. And with one final blow, you were down for the count and swallowed by the darkness. 


Your eyes fluttered open and the first thing you heard was Caitlin’s frantic voice that was scolding Barry. “Dad, (Y/N)’s up.” Jesse informed her father and Dr. Snow rushed to see how you were. 

Barry was guilty, he didn’t mean to take his frustration out on you. He was angry but that didn’t mean he had the right to be so cruel to you. Not only had he knocked you out, but he felt as if he had just blown away any chance he had to be with you. 

He sat outside the glass room, watching as Caitlin checked you out. “She’s fine.” Jesse said as she walked out of the room. “Barry, you did quite a number on her though. She’s got a mild concussion. But that seems like the worst of the damage.” 

“Great, now I’ll never have a chance with her. It took me a lot of begging to convince her to train with me.” He sighed, putting his head in his hands. 

“She’s like in love with you I doubt that she’ll lose those feelings because you knocked her out.” Iris comforted her best friend. “Maybe you should go talk to her?” 

Barry smiled, an idea popping into his head. And being the romantic that he is, he sped off to get some flowers and some Big Belly Burger. He came back to the lab with a big smile on his face. Caitlin and Harry came out of your room. “What do you think you’re doing?” Caitlin asked. “Are you going to knock her out with grease and salt too?” Barry shook his head laughing. 

“It’s my effort in wooing her.” He confessed. 

Her cold exterior seemed to dissolve as she began from ear to ear. “She’s on some pain killers… She’ll remember what’s going on around her but she’s a little giggle box right now.” 

Barry waltzed in your room. “Am I hallucinating or is my actual Prince Barry going to sweep me off my feet because he literally made me head over heels.” You giggled and then put your hands over your mouth. “Great now you know I like you.” Your cheeks heated up as Barry set the flowers aside. 

“Good thing, too.” Barry smiled, gently. 

“There’s the Barry I love.” You smiled back. It was like word vomit. You knew that it was coming out your mouth but you had no control over yourself, you just had to say it out loud. 

“You love me? Even after what I did?” Barry asked as he placed the food out. “If I were you I’d be kicking and screaming, even if I was on your giggle juice right now.” 

“The thing is, even though I should be angry or scared, I can’t. I Can’t Help That I Love You. I’ve seen the dark side of you before, it doesn’t scare me off. I can’t help it. Even if you did kill me or hurt me millions of times. I’ll still love you.” You confessed. You weren’t sure if the drug was making you say these things or if you truly wanted to tell him this. 

Either way, you were glad you did as Barry smiled and then pulled you into a kiss.  

“Then I stepped off the edge of the roof, right? And when he saw me hovering there, he was terrified, so I floated down until I was right in front of him and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’” Damian paused, hand over his mouth to conceal his grin. “And then he turned himself in. Which was a little bit disappointing, to be honest, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
“That’s awesome!” Shazam exclaimed, leaning further across the table. Behind his rack of samples, Bruce was smiling too— he wasn’t spying exactly, but he would prefer not to interrupt. They were getting along, and he wanted to hear the rest of the conversation.
“One of the best parts was meeting the regulars, you know, because they would have this moment where they saw me, and you could see them wondering— Can they all do that? Have they always been able to do that?” Damian sighed. “It was great while it lasted.”
“So I guess you really miss having your powers?”
“Well…” Damian tapped his fingers thoughtfully against the table, looking out at the patch of space visible from the Watchtower window. “It was an advantage. But do I really need an advantage? Obviously not. I’m just as capable now that I’m back to normal.”
Bruce wasn’t sure that “normal” was the right word for an eleven year old assassin who had recently returned from the dead, but he wasn’t about to point that out. Those superpowers had been a problem— one more thing to worry about. He was glad they were gone.
“He’s cute,” muttered a voice from behind him. Bruce turned around to face it— Diana.
“He needs more friends,” Bruce told her, as Damian and Shazam continued to chatter away.
“Is that why you bring him up here?”
“That and I can’t actually stop him from coming.” He motioned her up to the gap in the shelf that he was using as a peephole. “He doesn’t like to be left out.”
The two of them stood side by side, focussed on the conversation in front of them.
“You have like, the coolest job in the world,” Shazam said.
“Basically. It’s fine for now.” Damian pulled a batarang out of his belt and spun it idly across the table.
“What’s cooler than being Robin?”
“Being Batman. I’ll get there eventually.”
Bruce felt Diana nudge him in the ribs. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.
“You really think you’re going to be Batman someday?”
“Of course. Somebody has to be in charge.” Damian bent down to examine the scratch he’d put in the table. “Nobody in their right mind would let Hood anywhere near the cowl, and have you ever met Red Robin?”
“I don’t think so?”
“Well he’s an idiot, so that wouldn’t work either. I was born to be Batman, and if my father ever dies, I will be.”
“If?” Diana whispered. Bruce shrugged, vaguely flattered.
“His grandfather’s been alive for a few centuries, and a month ago, he rose from his own grave. Mortality is a fluid concept right now.”
Diana put a hand on his shoulder. “He wants to be just like you.”
“He wants to be better than me. I think he could manage it.” Bruce smiled fondly at his son from behind his rack of samples. “I should get him home.”
He strode out into the center of the room. “Robin? Time to go.” As Damian turned towards him, Bruce grabbed one of his wrists and swung him one-handed out of his chair, catching him by surprise. Damian dangled a few inches above the floor for a couple of seconds before Bruce set him down.
“Come on,” Bruce told him. “Time for bed.”

Anon requested JLA + Damian’s “I’m going to be Batman” speech 

anonymous asked:

I cant see if you're taking request or not(if not i'm sorry for the bother and completely ignore this) but I was wondering if you could write a RFA + V and Seran react to a MC who is super scrappy? Like they'd never want to fight the RFA or anything but when it comes to other people they are just ready to go?

yes because literally me i am always on the verge of FIGHTING WORDS


  • him and MC were running some errands together
  • MC was driving
  • they were trying to turn out of the store parking lot
  • for some odd reason, though, the car in front of them wouldnt budge
  • “what the hell….”
  • MC leaned forward to try to figure out what was going on
  • “everything okay there?”
  • without answering Yoosung or even looking at him, MC lays into the car horn
  • Yoosung is so surprised he nearly jumps out of the car
  • “why did you-”
  • he’s interrupted by MC slamming their palm into the car horn, holding it there for a good five full seconds before Yoosung literally reaches over and pries their hand away from the steering wheel
  • “why on earth are you doing this??”
  • “that ass hat in front of us is blocking traffic just because the lane they want to turn into is full!!”
  • they go to honk the horn again but Yoosung throws his body in front of the wheel
  • MC rolls down their window
  • “please dont-”
  • “hey, get your ass out of the road!!”
  • Yoosung watches in horror as the driver in the car in front of them flashes MC their middle finger
  • “oh, i know they did not just-”
  • MC reaches for the car door and opens it
  • the door is halfway open when Yoosung throws himself onto MC, wrapping his arms all the way around them
  • “please get back in the car!!”
  •  he was pleading with everything he had in him, while MC struggled against his hold
  • Yoosung squeezed them as tightly as he could, desperate to keep them in the car
  • “Yooung im gonna puch em”
  • “no!!! no you cant!! please!!!”
  • “ill do it”
  • “MC!!! no!!!”
  • finally Yoosung is able to pull MC back into the car and he makes them switch seats with him


  • “i cant believe this”
  • Zen was sitting on the couch when he got a text from the director of the show he was working on, saying he was going to have to come in for extra rehearsal time that week
  • Zen leans back, groaning
  • “whats up?”
  • MC sat beside him, placing a hand on his thigh
  • he told them about the rehearsals
  • as soon as the words leave his mouth MC practically leaps off of the couch
  • “are you fucking serious right now?!”
  • Zen basically

Originally posted by amandatappingsreactions

  • “its…its not that serious, babe..”
  • “of course its that serious!! whats your directors number?”
  • Zen cant help but crack a smile
  • “hey, whats so funny?? i’m gonna call that ass hole and give him a piece of my mind!!”
  • Zen breaks out into laughter
  • he just cant help it
  • MC is so cute when they’re mad
  • MC’s entire face is bright red
  • “yea? you think this is funny? im trying to help you, yknow!!”
  • MC stomps out of the room
  • Zen, you fucked up
  • better go make it up to them


  • MC is the worst when they’re out shopping
  • and dont even get Jaehee started on black friday
  • she shudders just remembering the night
  • MC and her were at a department store when they saw a sweater they thought would be perfect for Yoousng
  • just as they walked over to grab it, a man snatched the last sweater right out from under them
  • “hey, ugly!! i was gonna grab that sweater!”

Originally posted by showuthedarkside

  • as soon as Jaehee heard MC yell at him she knew some shit was going down
  • she was going to have to practically hold MC back
  • Jaehee steps in between MC and the man
  • “sweetheart, relax. its just a sweater-”
  • “if you want it so badly, come and get it!”
  • Jaehee sighs as she hears the man retort from behind her
  • why…why are you egging MC on….dont you know how they are..?
  • dont you know i have to calm them down?
  • she acts as a barrier between MC and the man
  • Jaehee forces herself into MC’s line of sight and places one hand softly on their cheek
  • “hey, look here. look right here”
  • “but, the sweater-”
  • “no fighting in Macy’s, alright? i wouldnt be like this if we were in walmart but if you dont mind, lets all get along while we’re in Macy’s. deal?”
  • MC laughs and agrees to chill their scrappy-ness


  • he was at his desk mulling over some documents when his desk phone started ringing
  • “Jumin Han speaking”
  • the sound of the woman who works at the front desk came on over the phone
  • “theres someone here who wants to see you, Mr. Han. when i told them they couldnt see you without an appointment and they started raising their voice….i called security but they insisted i call you…”
  • Jumin can barley hear MC’s voice in the background of the call
  • “Jumin!! make them let me in!!”

Originally posted by charmingyetevil

  • MC’s getting themselves into trouble again…
  • how cute
  • “let them up”
  • “Mr. Han, are you sure?”
  • “yea. i’m dating them so dont worry about it”
  • when MC gets into his office, their hair is messy 
  • he smiles smugly and stands, adjusting his tie
  • “dear, you cant keep coming in here and pissing off my secretaries”
  • “how was i supposed to know Jaehee wasnt gonna be there today?!”
  • they cross their arms and pout
  • Jumin wraps MC in a hug
  • “anyhow, i’m glad to see you”


  • Sevens main problem is that when MC starts throwing out threats he doesnt understand how serious they are
  • MC will be threatening to punch someone in the face and he’s just like 
  • “yea get her!! destroy that jack ass!! she should know better than to cut us in line!”
  • but when MC really throws a punch at the person who just cut them in line waiting to get into a movie theater..

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

  • Seven panics
  • “MC, you cant do that!!!”
  • “why not? a second ago you were all for it”
  • Seven grabs MC’s shoulders and pulls them close so their faces are only inches apart
  • “MC, thats assult”
  • they roll their eyes and scoff
  • “well you should have told me that before i decided to punch the ass hole”
  • Seven is ?????
  • that doesnt even make sense???
  • it all happened so suddenly??
  • how was he suppoesd to know that MC was going to punch someone?
  • he will never make this mistake again


  • V has developed the perfect was to calm MC down
  • every time they get overly feisty
  • especially in public
  • he knows exactly what to do
  • V will grab both of MC’s hands and lace their fingers together so they cant just rip their hands away from him
  • he holds their hands out halfway in between both of them
  • “V, i dont need to-”
  • “MC, you’re getting angry again. just do this with me and you’ll feel better”
  • they sigh but play along reluctantly
  • V lifts the pinky of his left hand and taps MC’s hand with it
  • they tap his hand with their pinky
  • then the ring finger
  • then the middle
  • then index
  • then thumb
  • V taps their hand with his right thumb
  • the follow his lead, tapping his hand one finger at a time
  • “feel better yet?’
  • “no”
  • he repeats the process
  • this time when they’re done, he leans forward and kisses MC on the nose
  • “how about how?”
  • “i suppose i feel calmer now…”
  • V smiles brightly at MC, then twirls them around
  • “good!”


  • you really dont want to get him and MC mad
  • because they’re both scrappy
  • they’ll both fight you
  • Saeran is literally not allowed to take MC to bars anymore
  • like, they cant go into the bars in town
  • those two together are like a walking bar fight waiting to happen
  • once MC was sitting at the bar and someone offered to buy them a drink
  • “i already have a drink, but he doesnt”
  • MC pointed, and when the person turned around Saeran was waiting to punch him in the face
  • they were like a dream team, but for scrappy fighting
  • like…a nightmare team
  • once they came home to Seven bruised and battered, Saeran even had a black eye
  • they tried to walk in unnoticed but as soon as the door closed behind them Seven turned on the lights, revealing that he was standing right by the light switch the whole time
  • “where have you two been? i havent even been able to sleep ive been worried sick!!”
  • “Seven, you never sleep anyway”
  • “thats not the point, mister!!”
  • Seven walks closer and starts man-handling Saerans face
  • “what heavens happened to you two?? you look like youve been run over by a pick-up truck!!”
  • “bar fight. and will you stop talking like that?”
  • “bar fight…..did you win?”

Originally posted by mogifire

  • Saeran and MC give each other that look, then MC answers Seven
  • “hell yea we won”


anonymous asked:

OH MY GOSH. Please please would you write this for sterek....i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” au (bonus: limo sex is great sex)

okay okay okay SO. i wrote this prompt today, in like this huge rush of wow omg i am inspired. and then i realised as i looked over it just that i wrote “i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re not supposed to fall in love. kinda of thing. so i apologise but there is no limo sex. i kept trying to bring it around once i realised, but like, this just went in another direction. sorry. (i can write it? if you know, people so desire? could totes do like a part two?) but anyway here’s 9k of not limo!sex but bodyguard in love with a prince and bickering and affection ensues. just a heads up.


“Stiles, come on, we’re going to be late!” Derek glances at his watch again, looks towards the open door of the palace where Erica is leaning against the frame looking bored. “At least try and look like you’re a professional,” he hisses to her.

Erica rolls her eyes, but straightens up, sliding on her shades as she does, “You know he hates it when we stand on ceremony.”

“It’s not your job to pander to his every whim; it’s your job to protect him.”

“Hey!” Stiles appears from the front drawing room, dressed to the nines and adjusting his shirt cuffs. “I heard that, and it is an absolute lie. You are definitely here to pander to my every whim and desire.” He smirks as he gives Derek a once over (one that Derek refuses to let bother him), “And, you’re doing a fine job in that suit, I must say.”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Get in the car.”

“Is that any way to talk to your prince regent? The national treasure?”

Please, get in the car, your highness,” Derek adds, narrowing his eyes, “Better?”

“I can think of about fifty ways you could make it better,” Stiles leers at him, “Maybe if you took off your—”

“Alright,” Derek interrupts, places a firm hand on Stiles’ back and tries not to forcibly push him out of the front door.

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First Impressions | Jungkook

Originally posted by sugutie

Summary line: What is the first encounter/interaction with BTS? What were you doing that made them so interested to interact with you?

“Hyung! It’s going to be so much fun. We’ve been on this before, remember?” Jungkook rubs Hoseok’s shoulders.

“I do remember. Which is why I don’t want to go on it again.” Hoseok looks up with fear. He watches as the participants gets pulled higher and higher before being let go and flying over their heads. Back and forth. Back and forth in heights Hoseok never wants to have nightmares of, let alone dream them.

“You were able to bungee jump.” Jungkook reminds him.

“That was on camera, for our BTS Run segments. There are no cameras here.” Hoseok rubs his own arms.

Jungkook turns Hoseok around who’s in front of him in the line. The rest of the boys are going on a different ride. Hoseok backed out of that ride and Jungkook accompanied him. What Hoseok first felt grateful for, soon learned that it was a set up. Jungkook dragged him over to the freefall ride. He’s not as young as he once felt, and even if he was, he would still be too scared to go on the ride. Jungkook sees Hoseok’s infamous frown which clearly means that Hoseok is unhappy. If anyone can make a sun unhappy, it must be very serious.

“Okay, hyung. Why don’t you go find the guys, they might be off their ride now and they don’t know where we are.” Jungkook let go of his hyung and Hoseok gratefully skips out of the line like the roadrunner.

Jungkook sighs and leans forward on his elbows on the metal bar that organizes the line from chaos. He’s going soon, and he kind of starts to regret letting go Hoseok. He’s fine being independent from everyone, but it feels like a waste to bring Hoseok so far in, just so he could escape.

Someone nudges past him in the same fashion Hoseok did moments ago.

“Y/B/N! Y/B/N!” You shout for your brother who finally escapes your grasp. You drop your shoulders in disappointment. He’s supposed to be braver than you, and now look at him. Gone like the wind. You look back at your original spot. People have already filled it up, and you don’t see the point in reclaiming it anymore. Now that you’re not with your brother, you hesitate whether or not you should still do this. You want to go on this ride at least once. Your brother had been boasting about doing it with his friends once and it was nothing to him, so you asked if he could do it with you. You felt better to know someone who had done it before would be with you, and he’s your brother of all people.

But you should’ve known this would happen. Your brother is the kind of guy that gets psyched out easily; God knows how he got on the ride the first time. But you soon learned the answer. In the line, you kept asking questions to him about the ride, showing your nervousness in hopes that he’d say something that could comfort you, or at least debunk all your worries. But everything you kept spouting out without a thought soon got to him. Yeah, he’s been on the ride before…but he was peer-pressured and blacked out at the first swing. He ran faster than a jack rabbit out of that line and made you lose your place for following him.

You blow the hair out of your face and lean forward on your elbows on the metal rail. You glance at the forearms on your left in the same position as yours. You want to make a quick glance, but that plan comes to a halt when you see Jeon Jungkook staring down at you. Wearing a white shirt and a red beanie.

“You should probably take off that beanie when you get on the ride.” You gesture to his hat. He looks up even though he can only see a sliver of red.

“Right.” He takes it off.

“You don’t have to take it off now. We’ve got a while.” You laugh. He smiles sheepishly, “It’s hot anyway.” The conversation ends there. But it’s not often you get to talk to a celebrity.

“I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.” You sigh and look up above, right when a triplet of people swings by your heads with screams of terror, or excitement.

“It’s not that bad. Have you ever wanted to fly?” Jungkook asks you.

“Just like Iron Man.” You confess. He raises a corner of his lips to a smile.

“Well, this is the best way we can feel it, for now. One day, we might have jet packs, and this is just your training.” He shrugs. You smile weakly and look around him, “Where are the others?” It clicks to him that you actually know him. Early you didn’t say anything so he just figured you didn’t know him.

“They’re on another ride. Originally, I pulled Hoseok with me, but he backed out so…” He shrugs again.

“Well my brother dashed out a step behind him.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“…Do you want to do it with me?” You ask and peek at him. He looks down at you.

“U-um, ‘cause you know, we both lost our partners and i-it’s no fun to do it by ourselves, right? I’m not going to take advantage of you, I swear. I’m…I’m just a little nervous.” You try to convince him, but he needs no convincing.

“Sure, I’ll do this with you. I can’t leave poor ARMY unaccompanied, now can I?” Jungkook grins at you. You blush and nudge him, “Hey, we’re just two people going on a ride. You don’t have to try to flirt with me right now; you’re off-duty.”

Who says I’m doing this because I’m an idol? But he bites back his thoughts. You’re right, he’s off-duty, he doesn’t need to flirt with you. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to, because…well look at you! But to be honest, as shy as he really is, if he doesn’t flirt with you and treat you as ARMY and not just a random girl, he might not be able to have that courage to speak more than necessary, much less flirt with you as the identity of a young man rather than an idol. But since you just called him out, he doesn’t really know what to do. He scratches his head as the line keeps moving.

You two are soon the next pair to go. He signs the forms without hesitation, which you have to watch him do it, or else you’d lack the confidence to do likewise. If an idol like him will do this and not worry for his life, which is being watched almost 24/7, you shouldn’t either.

You two are strapped together tightly, all snug and fit. You feel Jungkook shifting a little, but that’s because he’s feeling a little embarrassed to be so close to you, practically joined at the hip. You suck in a deep breath as you feel tugged upward.

You whimper, but Jungkook is the only who hears you. He’s just as nervous as you, but for completely different reasons. He calms down his shaking hand before he grabs on to yours, “Don’t worry. I’m right here with you.” You finally exhale and attempt to breathe normally.

You two get higher and higher. About the halfway point of the height of the arch rig that holds up the two of you. By a very sturdy rope. With a very sturdy clip. Latching on to a very tight wrap. That wraps you and Jeon Jungkook closer than twins in their mother’s womb.

Jungkook looks down and feels adrenaline already coursing through his body. You decide to look too, because you’re probably not going to look when you two fall.

People are small. This park is small. The world is big and the sky is limitless. You smile for the first time before hearing Jungkook go, “Here we go.”

Without another warning, you two drop and so does your stomach. You scream but most of the wind cuts you off. Jungkook is right by you, screaming as well, but out of excitement.

You feel that adrenaline when you whoosh up after the lowest point and swing upward again. And there goes another fall, backwards this time.

“Here we go. Iron Man, are you ready?!” Jungkook laughs and all his teeth are showing. He outstretches both his arms in front of him. One of his hands are holding tightly onto yours, so at least one sticks out. You shake as you outstretch your other arm with him. You shut your eyes and scream and laugh at the same time when you two swing again.

“Open your eyes. Iron Man doesn’t close his eyes when he flies!” Jungkook knows that you’re closing them without even looking at you.

“A-ah.” You let out a shaky whine and open your eyes. You see your two fists in front of you and one of them is being held by a fist bigger than yours.

You start laughing. And you start laughing harder as you feel your momentum slowing down and your height decreasing.

“You’re so funny. You enjoy it at the second half, when it’s not as exciting.” Jungkook laughs at you when you two are at the end of the ride, but still lowering down onto the ground.

“That’s when it’s not as scary.” You say as the ride’s crew members help unwrap you two. You’re unsteady and your knees almost give out, but Jungkook quickly wraps his arm around your waist.

“I-I’m okay.” You shake, a little embarrassed for everyone to see you so weak.

“It’s okay. It’s normal.” Jungkook helps lead you out to the exit. You two look around once you get back out to the open grounds of the amusement park.
No Hoseok or your brother in sight.

“Where are the others? We can walk over to their ride and wait for them. I’ll call my brother.” He agrees with you and you two make your way over, but you stop him about a quarter way there.

“Wait!” He halts. Are you going to throw up?

“Look!” He looks up to where you point to see a ladder game. The point of the game is to climb the slightly horizontal ropes and wood ladder to reach the top and hold your ground at the top two steps for five seconds before you get to win any prize. And those prizes are huge. It’s a tough game and there are no consolation prizes because the grand prizes are so worth it. For this game, you either get a huge, six-foot teddy bear, or an adult-sized floor pillow shaped like a stretched out square-shaped dog.

“I change my superpower. I wish I could win that ladder game every time.” You sigh longingly at the prizes.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” He remarks.

You scoff, “The only people who can do are the hosts of those games. I’ve never seen a random person actually win this.” Oh, but you shouldn’t have said that to Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook watches as the host of the game oh-so-arrogantly climbs the ladder like these were the stairs to his own home. “Well, as a prize for you being so brave to go on the freefall, I’m going to show you something you’ve never seen before: someone winning that game.”

He leads you the side of the game and sets you down on a random ledge. He walks over to the host and puts five bucks in his hand. Jungkook tests the first step. It’s shaky and the ladder is held up on both ends under an inflatable. He clenches his teeth as he grabs a hold of the second step and puts a foot on the first one. He finally gets onto the ladder with all four limbs. He feels it out and it shakes; he’s shaking and all his muscles are trembling.

He’s not to the third step and he tumbles off the side and bounces on the inflatable.

“Next time, kid.” The host laughs and looks around, announcing the ladder game to passersby. Jungkook doesn’t look at you. Instead he gives the guy another five bucks.

“Next time is now.” He says with determination. He thinks back to how he watched the host do it and tries to imitate him. He gets to the fifth one and falls again.

After the sixth time of failing, Jungkook walks with his head down back to you and sits next to you. You rub his back, “It’s fine. You were really good. I’ve never seen anyone get to the fifth step. At most, the fourth. And I’ve only ever gotten to the third step myself.” You attempt to console him.

He’s leaning his elbows on his knees and he looks up to see that arrogant guy climb the ladder again and swing his legs off the ladder when he reaches the top. There’s a low rumbling in Jungkook’s chest and you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t feel that vibration from rubbing his back. You shiver.

“One more.” He gets up and goes to pay the guy five bucks. His last five bucks. You’re feeling better by now and you walk up to behind his ladder.

“Alright! You can do this! I believe in you!” You cheer him on without calling out his name, fearing that he would draw more attention than he already has.

“Go on! Alternate your hands and feet! That’s it!” You cheer, wooping for him every time he makes another step. You cheer even harder when he goes farther than he’s previously gotten. You’re jumping up and down, clapping like a mad man asking for rain.

He finally makes it to the top, but he has to hold his ground for five seconds. You see his legs trembling and his grip on the wood makes his knuckles and skin turn white.

At the fifth count, he finally lets go and slides off the side of the ladder and rolls down the inflatable towards you. You’re wooping out loud like you’re at his concert. He grins at you when you grip his arms and jump up and down.

“Congratulations dude. Take your pick.” The guy congratulates him. He gives him an impressed expression. Maybe not so arrogant after all. Jungkook wipes the sweat off his forehead with his short sleeve and looks up at the large grand prizes.

“Which one do you want?” Jungkook asks you and you look up to him in shock, “What? Me?! But you paid and you played!”

He nods and pants, “I can’t take these home anyway. We have too much stuff. Go on, I wasn’t planning on having one anyway.” You giggle and think about how stocked his home is. You look at all the prizes and point to one of the giant teddy bears, “That one.”

Jungkook gestures to the guy which teddy bear you wanted and the guy unhooks the teddy bear from it’s spot on the net. He hands it to you and you squeeze the life out of the teddy bear that’s bigger than you.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to something to eat. It’s a thank you. And besides, you’re out of money now.” You two go to a nearby food stand to grab a couple of hot dogs and a lemonade. Out of gratitude, you get an extra cotton candy for both of you to share. You two keep walking and Jungkook helps you hold your teddy bear. He has his hot dog on the other hand and using a couple fingers to grip onto the plastic bag that holds the cotton candy. You have your own hot dog and hold his drink in your hand, and the other tucked between your chest and arm, straw readily positioned for your use.

“Where to now?” He asks in-between bites and leans towards you so you can give him a sip of his lemonade.

You two go on the rides everyone else in your groups are too afraid to go on. Originally, you’d be afraid too, but after that freefall, you’re on an adrenaline high and you feel like you can take on any. It also helps that the one beside you is just as brave, if not braver.

Roller coasters, random rides, water rides, the whole nine yards. It’s by the time the sky changes colors that you decide to check your phone for time.

“Oh!” You make Jungkook halt on his tracks, “I forgot to call my brother.” You see one notification from your brother. Apparently he found a friend hours ago and told you to give him a call when you’re ready to leave.

“Brat.” You mumble. What if you were alone and lonely? But you look up at Jungkook, who’s playing with the teddy bear, and you smile.

“Come on, where is your group?” You take the teddy bear from him and he checks his phone, seeing at least two calls from every member.

“Oops.” He dials Namjoon’s number, “Hey…yeah, sorry, I went off to play elsewhere.” He looks at you and grins, “Okay, where do you want to meet up?…Fountain at the entrance. Got it. See you later.” He hangs up and takes your teddy bear back and puts it on his back, as if he’s piggybacking your teddy bear. You two laugh and talk on the way to the entrance of the park. Even on the way, you two buy a random light stick from a nearby stand.

You two finally reach the entrance to see six boys huddled in a circle; half of them sitting on the ledge of the fountain, and half are standing up.

“Jungkook!” Jimin calls him over and you two walk over.

“Hey…Jungkook…” Namjoon looks between the two of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You greet them and they greet you back. Jungkook clicks that this is the first time he’s heard your name too. It’s an interesting, not necessarily uncomfortable, silence that graces over the eight of you, but only Jungkook starts to feel embarrassed.

“Here you go.” He hands you the bear.

“Actually, we’re leaving now. Are you leaving too, Y/N? We’ll walk you to the car. You shouldn’t carry that big thing.” Seokjin smiles warmly. You agree and call your brother to tell him to meet you at the car before you all make it out of the amusement park. Seokjin makes Jungkook carry the bear again, not like he really minds though. You all finally make it to the car and Jungkook helps you stuff it in the back of your car.

“Alright. It was great to meet you all. Thanks for…today.” You smile, not sure if Jungkook takes today the same way you do. They wave and leave you to sit in the car and wait for your brother. You already convinced them that you didn’t want them there if he shows up, in case he has his friends too.

Jungkook answers the bare minimum to their every question on the way back to their car. His ears are red and everyone is snickering. After his every “yes” and “no”, they have to ask further questions to get more details.

“Okay. So let’s get the story straight. You two were alone on the line to the freefall, so you two decided to fly together because she was scared. You even held hands on the ride. Then she felt weak when she got off the ride and you held onto her while you two were walking. And then she wanted the bear. And she taunted that no one has done it before, so our little Jungkookie decides to be a competitive hero and spend all his money on the game to win her the bear. And then she treated you hot dogs and lemonade.”

“- And the cotton candy. Don’t forget the cotton candy.”

“Right. And the cotton candy. And then you two went to all the different rides, practically claiming territory everywhere and not even once did we even fate to bump into each other. And you were having so much fun, you forgot us, or even call us; making us worried sick, but not too much because we were on rides too. Until she remembered the time and got in touch with her brother. And she’s the one who reminded you to call us. And then you two bought light sticks and finally met us all at the entrance at the end of the day.” Hoseok lists off everything on the agenda that happened for Jungkook. Jungkook feels like there are some holes in the story, with the way he said things, but he doesn’t care enough to clarify them, “Um, yeah. Basically.”

All the boys get to the car and starts to bust out laughing. Leaning on the car, clutching their stomachs, and full on dropping to the floor for laughing so hard. Jungkook shifts his feet and looks down embarrassed.

“Jungkookie, do you even hear us? Do you even know what happened?” Jungkook looks up at Yoongi whose gummy smile is on a full-on break out.


“Jungkook. You went on a date.”

Namjoon | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

I actually had to go looking for it, but I now have both a vine of the moment you’re asking about, and the link to the fancam it’s originally from!

I’m glad I was able to find it for you, because this is certainly a moment that should never be lost and always appreciated!

However… I think this should serve as a warning about how dangerous it is to ask me any questions about 2jae moments… because I never just find the one that’s being mentioned, and finding that fancam means that I’m currently too overwhelmed with all the 2jae interactions from that fansign to keep it to myself… so forgive me if I go off on a long tangent??

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