i'm just feeling really alone lately

I haven’t cried in a long time.  I’ve felt like crying.  I’ve been scared, upset, worried.  But no tears have come.  I have cried oh so very much in the last 5 years, that lately - almost 8 months now - I am just out of tears and can’t seem to cry at all.  Until today.  I just can’t…with these boys and this fandom…I don’t understand my passion for them…You see - I’m alone on this planet.  I’ve been alone and raising my kid for 15 years by myself and I’m so tired.  When Sam said they will just “fade away”, I lost it.  We will all fade away and that terrifies me.  I have to make this life the absolute best I possibly can, because it’s all we have (that we know of, anyway - we don’t carry memories of past lives if that sort of thing exists) And I’m scared and alone and I am not sure how to do this stuff.  I’m supposed to be the strong one…I don’t really know y’all but I need you.  And thank you.  Please don’t go away, ok? I need you…

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lately i've been drawing a lot but i feel like i'm just not getting things right. i used to be really confident in my art but now all i can see is how subpar my art is and i feel really bad and embarassed everytime i post something. i know i just need to keep drawing, but how do you stay confident when you're no longer happy with anything you draw?

Ah, friend, you are NOT alone. I was literally saying those exact same words to @hayoubi just last week.

A painter named Marc Dalessio created a wonderful graph that goes along with this post. (I know it says painting but I think it applies to all arts!)

There are times when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs (or our hands in this case). Our tastes surpass what we think we are capable of.

 And yeah, its true that on the technical side, we just need to keep drawing. But on the mental side, I tend to slow down on what I post for a few days. Worrying about someone else’s perception of my work, that I’m not even feeling good about in the first place, just causes way more stress than an artist’s brain needs. I usually take some drawing “me time” and sketch traditionally away from my computer, with no inner expectation that anyone else is going to see what I’m drawing.

I hope that is helpful!! You’ll be alright, bud!!

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hello! I just wanted to say that I really like your blog 'cus like I always get made fun of in school ( I'm like 11) for being late to class to pray, so when i see your blog supporting us Muslim girls i feel like i'm not alone (btw i think your art is really nice ^v^)

hey hey you do you man. kno theres always love and support for u no matter what others say

Bad Day - mgc blurb

Imagine waiting for your boyfriend Michael to come home from work. You’d be sat on the sofa watching TV, having made dinner for the two of you but eating it alone because he was working late. Then you’d hear the front door open and slam shut. Michael would appear in the doorway with big red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. He wouldn’t say anything but sit beside you on the sofa and lay his head in your lap. When you asked what was wrong he would just mumble something about having a bad day at work and continue to cry whilst you’d thread your fingers through his hair soothingly.

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(To Chella) If you're still taking requests, may you do the allies talking to their S/O on the phone, or over text, with them feeling panicky over being home alone. (I understand if requests are not being taken in. I'm just feeling panicky and need reassurance.)

I’m sorry I am so late with this one! And I’m sorry that you felt panicky. Hopefully this will make you feel better! And don’t worry, I figured you were asking for Nordics XD

APH Denmark: Denmark would try the good old, “Don’t worry! You’ll be fine~” His S/O would be able to hear the grin in his voice, and would know that he wasn’t really taking it seriously. They might raise their voice at him so that he would get the hint, and he would instantly turn serious. He would offer to come over, because of course the King of Northern Europe needs to protect his S/O at all costs.

APH Finland: Finland would call them immediately and ask them if they wanted him to come over so that they wouldn’t have to be alone. He wouldn’t feel like simply comforting them over the phone would be enough. Whether they wanted him to or not, he would probably come over anyway. He would then proceed to hold them all night, making them feel calm and safe in his arms.

APH Sweden: Sweden would be a texting kind of guy, since he doesn’t really talk all that much. But when his S/O sent him a message about their worries, his texts would be full of comfort. He would send back long answers with reassuring words, and tell them that they don’t need to be afraid. As long as they are safe about it (locking doors and whatnot), they will be fine and he is willing to talk to them all night if he has to.

APH Iceland: At first, Iceland might be a little insensitive about their fears. He would text back a joke or two about the scary man that might be hiding outside their window, but when he realized that they were truly afraid he would feel bad and stop. Instead of texting them back, he would just call them and tell them that he was sorry, and that everything was going to be fine. He would try to talk to them as long as they needed, trying to distract them by talking about things that they liked.

APH Norway: Norway would probably chuckle to himself when he saw the text message that his S/O sent. He would think that they were really cute when they were nervous. He might send a few texts back that were sarcastic and teasing, asking if they needed him to come scare the monsters away or something. But if they showed that they were nervous enough, his words would get more serious and comforting.

- Chella

do normal grownups with children have friends

like neighborhood friends that they actually hang out and spend time with

how do you get those exactly

do you just kind of wander around the neighborhood with your children until you happen to run into another adult who has similar interests



how does this happen


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How do you cope with being single? I'm going on 23 years and it's getting harder and harder to act like it doesn't bother me. Some nights it makes me cry and I feel like I can't talk about it with anyone because it seems like I'm just complaining about a petty issue. I try to keep myself busy so I don't think about it but when I'm alone I can't help but wish I just had someone there for once in my life. It sucks.

My Dear Anon, I have gotten this message a lot lately, and I understand how it feels to just want to be with someone right now, I really really do. But you know what? There are going to be a lot of things we will have to cope with, such as life, marriage, friends, family, work, school, and so on. We are always going to be in different stages of life, and being single may be difficult right now, it will not always be that way. You will one day look at your spouse and wonder “How can I keep doing this?” and it won’t be because of marital problems, it will be because loving someone else selflessly is really really hard. It is in those moments, such as it is in these moments of singleness, that we must make the choice to live well with what we have. You are single, you have an opportunity to live well in the area of life that you are in, and all too often us single people do not take advantage of what God has given us.

Do we really want a marriage that we just cope with? Of course not! Then why should we settle for a life that we cope with? Why should another person make living bearable? Can we not enjoy living in this moment because we have a God who adores us? Can we not enjoy pursuing our dreams, now?

I think it’s okay to long for someone, but sometimes we build people up so much that it seems in our minds that life is black and white until someone great comes into our lives. That is a dangerous mindset, especially when it comes to our future spouse, because they are just as broken and fallen as we are. No one should be held to a standard that we ourselves would never want to be held at.

Of course I want love, but that is not going to stop me from loving my life and those around me. Take the frustration and desires of being with someone, and spread them into the other parts of your life. Take your heart before Christ, He knows how much we long for, and He will take our desires and keep them from becoming idols.

I’m almost 26. I know what it’s like to wait, but I also know that God does not want our desires to shadow Him and His glory. If I am to be in this period of my life, I will be in it with a heart that openly adores God first and foremost, just as I will be with my wife one day. Singleness is not a disability, it is simply a chapter in your life, and each chapter is worth reading; I hope you can learn to love each word that is written in this chapter, because before long you will be going to the next page and then the next, until it is all finished.

You are loved, even if no one is around to tell you that.

-T.B. LaBerge

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I'm sorry if this is a stupid ask but I've even feeling kind of confused and down about my cultural identity. I'm Puerto Rican but a member of the African diaspora so I identify as Afro-Latina. But lately I've had incidences where "friends" either refused to believe or questioned that I was either of those things. How do I deal with having myself questioned on a daily basis? It's really bothering me. Thanks for listening.

Try telling them that they have no right to determine or police your identity just because of their ignorance. That is up to you and you alone. When they try to say something smart cut them off and let them know you’re not joking.


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do you ever just lie in bed feeling like you have the most amazing people in your life ever & you actually can't believe how lucky you are like people actually CHOOSE to be around you and hear your dumb ideas & then the next night feel like you've been alone your whole life and have never really connected with someone and realize your always alone in your head even when your with people and now I really don't know where I'm going with this it's late I'm too tired ok thanks for reading this bye

Hahah yes