i'm just excited because my dad's been on the job search for two years

New Dad

Hey guys! I was accidentally introduced to the perfect dad ship of Gildarts Clive and Silver Fullbuster (aptly named Sildarts). With the joy and excitement I had of finding another ship (that I immediately and earnestly was committed to), I wrote something quickly. This comes from the parenthood prompt list for the prompt:

Character needs to introduce their new love interest to their child.

Naturally, and as per usual, I interpreted this a bit different and so here we have 579 words of Cana having a conversation with (poor) Silver (can be found on ffn). Hope you guys enjoy!

This is called “New Dad”.

“You and my dad have been friends for a while now…”

“Several years.”

Cana hummed in acknowledgement as a breeze rolled through Magnolia park. Her arms rested lazily over the back of the bench she sat on, and she kept her legs spread wide, one folded over the top of the other, her foot tapping a steady beat into the grass. The weather was abnormally nice, and the ice cream she had made it that much more enjoyable—especially considering her current company. Her eyes slid to the side, in an attempt to discretely size the man up again.

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anonymous asked:

I've always been interested in working in Japan through the JET program but I'm interested in hearing your experience with working in Japan and the reasons you work there.


I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture. The first time I watched Sailor Moon, I was completely enthralled. When I found out it was a type of animation from this little island across the world, I was hooked. It’s always been one of my childhood dreams to come here, whether to live here or for a visit, it didn’t matter. One way or another, I wanted to set foot upon Japanese soil, even if it was just to cross something off my bucket list.

So I found out, very early on in my college career (through a Skype call with a friend of my Japanese professor during class freshman year), that teaching English in Japan was a thing that I could do without being fluent in Japanese/a certified teacher. And since I always knew I wanted to be an author, but wasn’t enthused about the thought of slaving away at some job I wasn’t passionate about until I finished a book, once I figured out this was A Thing?


I had to wait until my senior year to apply, naturally. XP My first choice was the JET program, because it was the most well-known, and I read nothing but good things about it. I sent in my application, and checked my e-mail OBSESSIVELY, waiting for a response.

I didn’t even clear the first cut. OTL

Took time to be sad about it. My friends were very sympathetic (they even bought me chocolate to help cheer me up that night, ha ha~) Once I was done being sad, I picked myself back up and threw myself back into the search. If the JET program didn’t want to hire me, then it was their loss. But now I was Determined: I was GETTING to Japan one way or another, and this one rejection wasn’t about to stop me.

And then, after signing up for several sites which granted jobs to gaikokujin and OBSESSIVE searching, I found my company: Interac. I read up on it, did my research. They didn’t pay as well as JET supposedly does, but still, it was a teaching job in Japan. Repeated the process: sent in my application and waited, on pins and needles now, because I was going to be graduating soon and if I didn’t have a plan, I felt like I’d be screwed.

I heard back VERY quickly from Interac. We did the phone interview, I presented myself as professionally as I could, and then we were done.

Very soon after THAT, I received an e-mail for a SECOND INTERVIEW!!!!

The only difficulty was that the interview was being held in D.C., which is near where my folks live….but it was a week before my graduation from my college in North Carolina. ^^; THAT was an interesting weekend: I had to fly back to Maryland early on Friday, prepare for the interview AND do a mock lesson that night, drive to D.C. Saturday and do said interview/mock lesson, and then fly back to North Carolina on Sunday to graduate a week later. Whew!

But yeah, that happened, I graduated and got my degree in English Writing, then went back home to CHILL for a bit as I waited for a response.

We had gone to Texas to watch my brother’s ceremony for completing his basic training (we’re a military family, hahaha~) when I got the e-mail. Now, we were there for my brother, so I didn’t wanna kick up a fuss, but my dad saw me grinning like an idiot and asked what was up. I passed him my phone and let him read the e-mail, bouncing in my seat. Naturally, my mom and grandma had to know what was up too, so, as quietly as I could (I get loud when I’m excited), I said, “I got the job…!”

Queue mini-celebration before the ceremony started, but needless to say, I was deliriously excited~

Once we returned to Maryland, I threw myself into the next step: paperwork, paperwork, PAPERWORK. Luckily for me, Interac works to take care of most of the big stuff: securing an apartment, picking the schools you work in, stuff like that. But before I could get there, I had to apply for a working visa first. That required photos being taken and several trips to D.C., but I got it did. There was a bunch of other stuff involved too, if I recall correctly, but the visa was the one big thing I remember.

Next, I had to find a job in order to pay for my plane ticket/have start-up money as soon as I headed over there, because I wouldn’t be paid until about two months in (this could be different for JET; I never found out, so I’m just sticking to telling you my experiences, ha ha~). I remember they gave me two options: to start training in August so I would be prepared for September, or to come in March to be prepared for April, when the school year officially started. It was June when these options were presented to me, and since I didn’t have anywhere NEAR the funds I needed, I chose the latter and took a cashier job to build up my funds/pay student loans.

My company worked with me throughout the months, updating me on things like what I would need to bring and where exactly in Japan I would be placed. They made sure to check that I would be comfortable in my placement and if I had any questions while working through the processing of the paperwork I had to send them, so I never felt like I was at a standstill with them, which was nice~

And then, at long, LONG last…it was time for me to go. I booked my plane ticket a month in advance, my grandmother (who was heartbroken that I was leaving) was gracious enough to throw me a going-away party, and my family saw me off at the airport. I was anxious that the sudden SNOW IN APRIL would delay my flight, but things went off without a hitch. (Flight delay due to snow happened to me just this past winter, though; that super sucked. Oh, important advice: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO’S OPERATING THE FLIGHT. It might say one airline, but it could really be operated by another airline altogether. Which reminds me: DON’T FLY UNITED. WORST AIRLINE TO FLY OVERSEAS ON.)

And then…I was here.

Been here for a while; going into my third year with my elementary school, and the four kindergartens I teach at. Some days are harder than others, but the kids are really cute, and I’ve found that if I try my best, they’re usually willing to reciprocate. And it makes my heart swell when they get excited to eat lunch with me, even if they ask some inappropriate questions (the amount of times I’ve been asked if I’m married/have a boyfriend…)

What I want to say, though, before I get further lost in my rambling, is that everyone’s experience is different. Some people love it here; some people leave half-way through their contract because they can’t stand it. It all depends on how well you can adapt. The language barrier sucks sometimes, and you feel “other” sometimes when the Japanese folk stare…but overall, I find it a pleasant place to live. My coworkers are nice, my town is small and convenient, and I found that it very quickly became home for me. I don’t know what everyone thinks when they picture Japan, but to me, it’s just where I live. The people just happen to speak Japanese here. :P

If you’re seriously considering living here, the truth is that, in some ways, you will be inconvenienced, compared to what you’re probably used to. The people at the convenience store ask you a question you can’t understand, the NHK man comes knocking at your door demanding payment for a service you don’t use, TALKING CARS AT 11 PM. But there’s a lot of good about it, too, so much that it would make this answer waaaaaaay longer than it already is.

But I think the most important question, Nonny, is this: how bad do you want it?

My Thank You Letter For Kevin

Dear Kevin,

I expected July 13th to be a really, really awesome day. I expected that I would finally meet some of my really good friends from tumblr, that I would get to take a cool picture at Taylor Nation and see some of my favorite of Taylor’s costumes, and that I would get to enjoy an absolutely amazing concert.

What I didn’t expect was to meet you after all of the amazing things that I had heard about you. And I didn’t expect you to be even better than all of the amazing things that I had heard about you. I didn’t expect you to be so kind, and so funny, and so personable. I didn’t expect you to laugh at my really, really bad jokes (I cringe every time I remember asking you if it was your first 1989 show… it sounded funny in my head beforehand, I promise). I didn’t expect to turn around after typing in my phone number and have you hand me two tickets to sit in the front row at a concert for my favorite artist (and person) of all time, and tell me to give away my other seats. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your kindness. And here is all of the AMAZING things that happened to me thanks to you.

I’ll start with giving away the seats-that made me want to trade jobs with you. You make drinks at Starbucks and I’ll do your job-sounds like a plan, right? Once you gave us those tickets and we recovered for a bit, we started the long journey up to the very tops of the stands. We were in search of someone-we didn’t know exactly who is would be, but we knew that we’d know them when we saw them. We saw a little girl grinning ear to ear, wearing a 1989 t-shirt that was way too big for her and missing her two front teeth. She was with her dad, who couldn’t stop smiling at seeing how excited his daughter was. We looked at each other and knew they were the ones-we started talking to them and after a bit we asked them if they wanted our floor seats-and the dad thought it was a joke. He asked over and over if we were serious, and when we said yes and he explained to his daughter that they’d get to be closer to Taylor, she started jumping up and down with excitement.  I will never forget that moment and how much fun it was to be the one who made that little girl so happy. It was absolutely amazing.

And this was all before the concert had even started-the show was amazing from the second it started. Shawn was so much fun to watch, I didn’t know any of the words to his songs but they were so much fun to dance to. I quickly made friends with the pit security guards, they enjoined watching my crazy dancing and during breaks I talked to them about the different venues they work at and their favorite shows and events that they had seen. They were extraordinarily nice and I was happy to entertain them with my shenanigans. Then Vance came on, and he was AMAZING! I’ve been a HUGE fan of his for a very long time, and From Afar is one of my favorite songs. I never thought I’d see him play it live, and I got so excited when it was the first song he played. I started SCREAMING the words and dancing my heart out-and he noticed. And I thought I was imagining it until the girls next to me, the security guards, AND my friend said “TARYN HE’S WATCHING YOU”. Then I waved at him and he waved back! I danced and sang my HEART OUT and he kept watching me and it was surreal but so much fun. If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have been able to see how insane I am! THEN HAIM CAME ON. And I am obsessed with Haim. How can you NOT be obsessed with Haim? I was jamming so hard, but in the middle of their jam session I got a TON of texts from my friend Ashlynn, so I figured it might be important so I took a second to look at my phone, and she told me TAYLOR LIKED MY POST ABOUT HOW AWESOME YOU ARE AND HOW YOU CAN US THE TICKETS!!! TAYLOR LIKED MY POST ON TUMBLR RIGHT BEFORE COMING ON STAGE BASICALLY BECAUSE OF YOU. I COULDN’T BREATHE FOR THE REST OF THE SET BECAUSE TAYLOR LIKED MY POST. But I kept dancing!!!

THEN. You know what happened next. Taylor came on. And I could write another thousand words about the show, and how I cried before Wildest Dreams and during the Clean speech and how my feet hurt so bad by the time Shake It Off came around and I couldn’t believe how close she was the entire time and how it was the most amazing concert ever.

But instead I’ll just say- thank you so much. Thank you for giving me the best seats imaginable to see the woman that means so much to me. The woman who has been there for me from the time I was 11- for sixth grade when everyone decided they didn’t want to be my friend anymore, through junior high when I was trying to figure out who I was, through going to a foreign country for a year by myself when I was 16,  through 5 different schools in 4 years of high school, through friends coming in to my life and friends leaving my life, through first real crushes and kisses and relationships, through tragedies and heartbreak and happiness and love. You allowed me to have the most amazing view of someone who means more to me than words can say. Taylor is my oldest friend, her music has been there for me when no one else has been. Thank you. Thank you so much for somehow seeing how much that would mean to me through my nervous jokes and through the fact that I couldn’t come up with a good costume and just wrote long live lyrics on my arm instead. Thank you for seeing in me that it would mean so much to me. Thank you for being nice, and for not thinking how excited some of us get about Taylor is ridiculous. Thank you for understanding how she’s a big part of our lives.

Thank you so much Kevin.

Hopefully I’ll get to see you again someday and thank you again, for everything.