i'm just excited and aw

i’m thinking about that tweet aml made about having to learn horse-riding and motorbike-riding for sense8 s2 and i hope at least one of them is for him sharing with lito in one of lito’s movies. remember how happy he got at the ability to do something as simple drink english tea? imagine how great it would be to see him get to be on a real life action movie set and really get to be like his hero van damme. he’d be so so happy and i really want it because he deserves the world 

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I keep thinking about how the "next generation" of hunters is already almost entirely female. Like, except for Aiden (Krissy's sidekick lbr) and maybe Aaron (possibly the same age as the Winchesters- may not count), I can't think of any young male hunters we've seen. Even the survivors like Alex and Kate are young women. Am I just not seeing them? What do you think?

Carver era has given us so many amazing ladies (that are still alive even!) it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So many young badass lady hunters, so much potential for amazing and interesting spinoffs (srsly cw if you try to give us another generic spinoff that no one cares about)…and so many ladies returning this season! Jody! Donna! Charlie! CLAIRE!!! :’)

In the male dominated world of hunting tho it’s very exciting to see this young generation of female hunters coming about. I hope we get to see more of Krissy and Josephine. I can’t wait to see Charlie (and hopefully Dorothy) again. I have to wonder if Alex will be pulled into hunting alongside Jody (and Donna pls). I think it would also be amazing if Kate showed up again and has actually been hunting and saving people, controlling her urges and proving there is a better way just like Garth and his family.

The exciting thing about characters like Krissy and her friends is that they have the potential to bring about a shift in hunter culture. It no longer has to be about a life on the road sad and alone. They showed that it is possible to have a home and a family (which is what Josephine and Aidan became to Krissy after all) while still hunting and saving people, and that is something I hope we see more of.

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Oh my gosh I think I just figured out where I'm gonna go to college and I was so stressed about this because my parents always made it clear that they didn't care where I went they just wanted me to go to college. But my sister didn't get in anywhere so she's going to community college and I really strongly feel like I need to go somewhere really nice to make the feel proud of me and stuff so yeah. I'm just really excited and I wanted to tell someone. Sorry to bother you.

aw I’m happy for you! I’m still figuring it out and I can’t wait until I do but I can imagine the feeling but good for you