i'm just doodlin


sometimes you just gotta wear all your yuri on ice merch over a skirt and hike your leg up onto the bathroom counter you feel me

“Love Me” by Yiruma

Manila traffic gets worse with each passing day. I doodled this in the car ride home and it came out pretty okay, so I decided to post it here! But come on Cheritz, this man is so bloody blessed, its unfair. Musically-inclined people are goals;; I can’t sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to save my life.

If you’re curious (youprobablyaren’t), the first three days of school were chill, but I can see it escalating pretty quickly. Not too long before I’m basically Jaehee, just y’all wait and watch me scrambling to submit all my science reports on time.

Why Are Robots Being Mean To Me??: The Game

Well you know me, I get excited way too easily. And with a dinner dance coming around next February, I’m just all over the place at this point.

I tried designing a dress, and then it just degraded into a referenced outfit, and now I don’t know what to do with myself anymore other than try and make a collection based off the other members. What would I give to have my promdate be one of the RFA huhu T_T