i'm just derping around


Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”

Strange things had been happening around the castle of late. Some of the less-informed were talking of a haunting. Ultana herself turned up her nose at such things, knowing them to be impossible.

What she found was even stranger, however, was the tall brunette that had seemed to make her presence known not a stone’s-throw away, on the highest parapet. Ultana liked coming up here, and she was used to finding it empty. But today that was not the case.

“Sorry, but- who exactly are you?"