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Dialogue prompt 126




“That. Is for leaving me. alone. for FIVE years! Do you know how long that is?”

“Uh- Five years?”

“Exactly! As for the rest of you, it’s been Awhile, so don’t think that for one second that the world stopped spinning just because you weren’t here to grace it with your presence.”


Evidence that this is not Syaoran: BUILDING. 

Including but not limited to: hurting the nice murder dogs, looking utterly bored while he does it, and also whatever is happening in that first panel. 

He looks like he’s doing one of those pin up poses that comic book artists put women into whenever they’re trying to convince me never to read a comic book again in my life. You know the ones. 

But also, like. PHYSICALLY, how are you doing that, Syaoran? HOW?


Bad Teacher AU
  • James: Thomas are you kidding me?! Your a teacher! You teach kindergarten!!
  • Thomas: *drinking champagne from a My Little Pony cup*
  • James: I can't. I just can't.
  • Thomas: Yeah you go back teach a bunch of assholes full of hormones and chips.
  • James: Thomas their 8th graders.
  • Thomas: Don't you remember what we did in 8th grade?
  • James: Shit you right. I can't leave them alone in my classroom! *runs away*
  • Thomas: And I'm the bad teacher.
  • Sam in ROTF: omg guys just leave me alone i wanna be a normal independent boring whiny brat
  • Optimus: :(
  • Sam in ROTF: Bee you're my BFF
  • Sam in ROTF: omg get back in that tiny ass garage
  • Sam in ROTF: p.s. i'm leavin for school lol k bye see u maybe
  • Bumblebee: :(
  • -------: -------
  • Sam in DOTM: omg guys why don't you talk to me anymore or invite me on your cool missions and stuff
  • Optimus: .......
  • Sam in DOTM: omg Bee you just leave on your missions and never come see me
  • Sam in DOTM: don't you wanna hang out i thought we were BFFs yo
  • Bumblebee: .......

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just popping in to say your abbreviation for *cetimesthree (a^3) is ace to the POWER of three maybe it should be ax3? Wow this is really convoluted and unnecessary but I'm really bored anyway hope you're having a good day and I really like your account ❤️

being bad at math is gay culture leave me alone dkjbdkd

[Requested] Yuu and Tomori's Love Life Abridged - The Thrilling Saga [updated]
  • Nao: Welcome to the academy!
  • Yuu: fuck this place
  • Nao: oh why you wanna end up like my bro?
  • Yuu: wut
  • Nao: I lost my brother, but thanks to that one person I can trust, I was able to escape that school environment...
  • Yuu: that's sad
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: good god
  • *shit goes down*
  • Yuu: you know you are kinda pretty
  • *another episode later*
  • Nao: Let's go camping!
  • Yuu: fuckin christ this student council is whack af
  • *goes out shopping*
  • Yuu and Nao: *argues about groceries*
  • Yusa: oh my god those two are so in sync!
  • Takajo: They should go out!
  • Yusa: nah they ain't dating
  • Takajo: awwwwww
  • Yuu: aw fuck ayumi is sick
  • Nao: She also has the "collapse" ability whatever that is. We should probably take care of her
  • Yuu: idk
  • Ayumi: ARE YOU TWO DATING????
  • Nao and Yuu: fuck off
  • Ayumi: *dies*
  • Yuu: *hides himself in his room*
  • Nao: Oh god, he lost his little sister. That's pretty understandable.
  • Yuu: *runs away from home*
  • Nao: He probably wants to be alone, I mean, I can't blame him...
  • Yuu: *does nothing but eat pizza and watch anime*
  • Nao: Maybe he'll cheer up if he does something that he enjoys???
  • Yuu: *gets addicted to a violent video game and releases maniac laughter*
  • Nao: It was someone close to him but-
  • Yuu: *starts picking fights with everyone who crosses his path*
  • Nao: oh dear...
  • Yuu: *snorts crack cocaine*
  • *kicks the shit out of Yuu*
  • Nao: I was watching you this whole time! Get your ass out of the grass, and come with me. I wanna make you something.
  • Yuu: dammit
  • Nao: Just one bite, and then I swear we'll have nothing to do with each other anymore
  • Yuu: fine
  • Nao: *makes him rice cake*
  • Nao: Ayumi probably did this because she wanted to be your mom when she wasn't around anymore. Look at this *points to book*
  • Yuu: How did you get my mom's-
  • Nao: She probably saw this as your favorite meal and wanted to make it for you
  • Yuu: *gobbles it up*
  • Nao: it's good ain't it
  • Nao: Feeling better? :3
  • Yuu: what the fuck you said you wanted nothing to do with me after this
  • Nao: after one bite, you ate the whole thing, and i watched thinking "Wow, you must really want something to do with me!"
  • Yuu: ... please go fuck yourself
  • Nao: come back, k?
  • Yuu: k
  • *an episode later*
  • Nao: who wants to go to the Zhiend concert with me?
  • Yusa and Takajo: you should go yuu!
  • Yuu: Why me?!
  • Yusa and Takajo: dude literally everyone here ships you and tomori and if you don't fuckin go out with her you'll be sorry
  • Yuu: FINE
  • Yuu: *meets Sara Shane*
  • Sara: you love that tomori bitch don't you
  • *the next day*
  • Nao: i don't want anyone thinking we're dating please put the phone case back
  • Yuu: fuck
  • Nao: here hold my hand i don't wanna be bored
  • Yuu: oh well what do you know maybe she likes me
  • *shit goes down with memories*
  • Nao: you collapsed
  • Nao: oh sorry forgot
  • Yuu: da fuck happened
  • Kuagami: right this way
  • Yuu: r... r u fuckin kidding me rn
  • *mmm whatcha say*
  • Shunsuke: so I timeleaped and shit so there you have it
  • Yuu: can dis bitch pls stop
  • *saves Ayumi*
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: hey so all this crazy shit happened in another world would you believe me if i told you that i'm from the future?
  • Nao: ya probably
  • Yuu: Thank you for everything!
  • Nao: the fuck you talkin about
  • Yuu: Well, in a different world, you did cool stuff
  • Nao: well, thanks i guess...
  • Nao: *gets kidnapped*
  • Kumagami: *dies*
  • *an episode later*
  • Everyone: ya she good
  • *visits Tomori*
  • Nao: well i have this crazy idea but idk if it will work. It would be a feat of strength though
  • Yuu: What is it?
  • Nao: You see... if you loot everyone's ability all around the world and then took the anti-power vaccine... that would save everyone
  • Yuu: ...
  • Nao: See, I told you it was craz-
  • Yuu: IMMA DO IT
  • Nao: lol wut
  • Nao: bruh you don't even have a motive...
  • Yuu: ya i do
  • Nao: what then?
  • Yuu: i love you
  • Nao: *looks into the camera like she's in The Office*
  • Yuu: What?
  • Nao: I came to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Yuu: bitch why the fuck do you say that
  • Nao: our compatibility is absolutely the worst we would never be a good couple
  • Nao: Fine. Save the world, and we'll fuck. Sound good?
  • Nao: ur really desperate for my pussy aren't you?
  • Nao: fine then
  • Yuu: *leaves*
  • Nao: lmao hes fuckin dead
You by Jack Harries.

Hi there! My name is Jack, and I guess I’m what you call a ‘content creator’ on YouTube.

There’s one simple reason why I’m able to call myself a creator on YouTube, and that reason’s in the name of the platform. It’s you.

You see as a creator on YouTube, you start like everyone else.

A voice amongst millions, uttering a word, with a somewhat absurd assumption that you might just be heard.

Perhaps you have big ambitions for your place in this space, or perhaps your reason here are not all that clear.

Regardless of your reason, your desire is the same.

And neat passion to connect and build your own name.

‘Cause really, if you think about it, isn’t that the aim?

To communicate and inspire? Regardless of how vain and an aim of how some consider this game.

You see to be successful on YouTube: Two things are required,

A combination of luck and a deep burning desire.

You see no one gets anywhere without the good will of others,

a kinsfolk, a community, a band of cyber-brothers.

We rely on you, to give us our start,

and once that’s done, it’s our turn to play part.

You see, no one gets anywhere without hard-work and dedication,

a fact that’s often missed by these mainstream media publications.

You see YouTube is a democracy. Laughing in the face of media’s monopoly,

They think we won this like sort of of lottery.

And as a result, they write about us with an error of mockery.

But don’t for a second, imagine that as creators we are complicit,

about how lucky we are to be in situation.

Having said that, let me make clear,

that there are some individuals who simply don’t belong here.

You see for some, a level of influence seems to lead to an inexcusable ignorance.

You see there are certain characters who’ve recently made the news,

Those who use their power to abuse.

But, believe me when I say, their names will soon fade away.

You see, the creators that I admire, are those who have the desire,

to push and reach another level higher,

those who attempt to break free from the norm,

to challenge the often repetitive form.

But, don’t think for a second, that they forgotten their roots.

Those initial subscribers who supported their pursuits.

You see as a creator, I am grateful and humbled,

but please bear with me as I haphazardly stumble,

whilst it might look like I understand what I do… Allow me to confidant you and say I haven’t a clue.

As this website expands and evolves, content-creators appear and dissolve,

Trends will come and go,

and over while, the website will grow.

But one thing stays the same,

and will continue to do so.

And the reason the website grew all those years ago,

Is in the name of the website and it won’t go away.

The reason why I do what I do today…

Is you.


(P.S: I know some words won’t make sense. I couldn’t spell/understand some of the words he stated.)

  • Naughty Boy: Louis u r ugly
  • Louis: K
  • Naughty Boy: Louis u can't sing
  • Louis: K
  • Naughty Boy: Louis u r the worst football player ever
  • Louis: ....K
  • Naughty Boy: Harry is ugly
  • Louis: Whatchu say to me bitch? *le punches* *le kicks* *le throws shade* *le curses at all his ancestors*
  • Zayn: Vas happenin'!!! OH SHIT MY SIDECHICKS ARE FIGHTIN!
  • Harry: *pulls Louis out* let's go back home he's worthless anyway.. btw I have a surprise for you when we get there ;)
  • Larry: *makes out while walking* *makes out while driving* *makes out for the 69th time for the day*
  • Liam: Ayyye what did I miss?
  • Zayn: LEEYUM! *makes out*
  • Niall: Guess that leaves us together then NB
  • Niall: You remind me of a chicken right now...a big fat chicken
  • Niall: I'm so hungry
  • Niall: Is that a chicken
  • Zayn: What de fook neil y u eat ma sidechick *le cries*
  • Niall: Well..he's your side ''chick'' mate, so there's no problem ryte
  • Liam: Shhh shhh it's ok babe dun cry *makes out*
  • Niall: *le sobs bc FOREVER ALONE*
  • I don't even know about this guys I'm just too bored maybe?? Idek

*people complaining about other peoples’ 2p headcanons*

Me: 2ptalia can be whatever you want? If someone else’s headcanon of them being from a harsher world bothers you so much, then just ignore their headcanons and keep your own? Is it that hard? 

*people saying how fucked up it is to make 2p’s mean and/or murderous or to give certain 2ps characteristic words* 

Me: Yeah, it’s a little fucked up to make them murderous, but some people actually headcanon them as being in a darker world? While I’m not one of them, I understand that doing so doesn’t mean they support murderers at all?? Not everyone is a dolled-up little sweet-heart with no unique character to them at all. Characters can be rough around the edges without being murderers, believe it or not. And also, a word like “poppet” bothers you? Really? Now you’re just being an asshole.

*people continue to whine and complain that not everyone matches their headcanons* 

Me: I’m sorry, but the 2ps belong to the fandom, not to you specifically. We can interpret them however we want. I’ve seen a lot of shit that makes me uncomfortable in the 2p fandom and a lot of headcanons that I’m way against. But I’m not going to attack you for headcanoning them differently than I, so how about you mature and do the same?

Personally, I like that the 2p fandom is growing away from “fully murderous” headcanons, but I don’t like the “every character is a complete perfect sweetheart” thing because honestly?? That’s awful. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is 100% sweet. That’s unrealistic and boring, and it makes us real people seem awful in comparison. But yeah, I do believe all the 2p’s have a soft side, and they’re way sweeter than they let on. But that’s just my headcanon, and you’re free to have your own.


1. I Think For Me

2. Bubbles!

3. Please Never Leave Me

4. Haters Gonna Hate

5. Nature’s Pepper Spray

6. I’ll Do Whatever I Want

7. Still Can’t Find My Hair Tie

8. I Made Dis

9. Shut The Fuck Up

10. Alone On a Boat

11. Just Friends 

12. Not Even Kitten (Right Meow)

13. Funjuries (The Funjry Story)

14. Heels Higher Than Skyscrapers

15. Just Tryna Buy Plants

16. We’re In This Together

American Beauty Sentence Starters (May be NSFW)
  • 001: Man, you are one twisted fuck!
  • 002: You were masturbating!
  • 003: Don't you mess with me, or I'll divorce you so fast it'll make your head spin!
  • 004: Get out! I don't ever want to see you again!
  • 005: And then he just pulled down his pants, you know, like say hello to Mr.Happy.
  • 006: Cunt!
  • 007: She thinks she's in love.
  • 008: Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is going to cave in.
  • 009: It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.
  • 010: I quit. So you don't have to pay me, now leave me alone.
  • 011: ....Asshole.
  • 012: I think you just became my personal hero!
  • 013: You're boring, and you're totally ordinary, and you know it.
  • 014: Don't lie to me. Now, I saw you with (him/her).
  • 015: You should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three states.
  • 016: I don't think there's any worse thing than being ordinary.
  • 017: Want me to kill (him/her) for you?
  • 018: I can't believe you don't know how beautiful you are.
  • 019: Welcome to America's weirdest home videos.
  • 020: You are a total prostitute.
  • 021: I don't think we can be friends anymore.
  • 022: Just don't fuck my dad, all right? Please?
  • 023: This isn't life! This is just stuff! And it's become more important to you than living!
  • 024: You total slut, you have a crush on him! You're defending him, you love him, you wanna have, like, ten thousand of his babies.
  • 025: I didn't mean to scare you, I just think you're interesting.
  • 026: Do you like getting nailed by the king?
  • 027: This country is going straight to hell!
  • 028: I'm not obsessing. I'm just cruious.
  • 029: I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just not waking up.
  • 030: Do you get high?
Do you want to be creative?


*toc toc*
Do you want to be creative? 
C'mon let’s go and play
I never see you anymore, 
Get off the wall 
It’s like you’ve lost your charge! 
We used to fight and kiss 
And now we don’t
I wish you would tell me why! 
Do you wanto be creative?
It doesn’t have to be a blood bath


*toc toc* 
Do you want to go on a journey? 
A journey trough time 
I think some company is overdue 
I started bugging those little puppet boys 
*the noise he makes when he smashes the bird’s card castle* 
It gets a little boring 
All this banal rooms 
Just watching the hours tick by


Uhm, objects?
Please, we know you’re here…
People are saying you’re not real
They say get help
And we’re trying to
But we’re scared of you
Just leave us alone
We’re only little puppets,
Just colourful cloth
What are we gonna do?
Can you please go away?

  • Me: I talk to none of my mutuals in the Seventeen fandom
  • Mutuals: You guys can come talk to me whenever!! Whether it's about Seventeen or not I don't mind :)
  • Me: They're probably so busy and have so many friends
  • Mutuals: I'm so bored lol just come talk to me! anybody! I love making new friends
  • Mutual: *physically leaves a nice reply to me in my inbox/on a post about 17*
  • Me: *responds awkwardly*
  • Me: I'm here. Alone. In my own corner.
  • Mutuals: Will somebody PLEASE talk to me??? :)
  • Me: I walk this lonely road, the only road that I have ever known.

gabriel in hiding in a villa in italy somewhere, bored of the mischief and letting his vessel grow just a bit, comfortable and warm with a soft tummy and scruff and glasses, clocked out of all the end-of-the-world drama and spending his days drinking with his dad and sleeping in bed with his dog because if there’s anything humans got right it’s that sleep is the Best Thing

Some Nights lyric rp meme [Fun.]
  • Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
  • Some nights I call it a draw
  • Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle
  • Some nights I wish they'd just fall off
  • But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
  • Oh, Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for
  • This is it, boys, this is war - what are we waiting for?
  • Why don't we break the rules already?
  • I was never one to believe the hype
  • Save that for the black and white
  • I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked,
  • But here they come again to jack my style
  • I found a martyr in my bed tonight
  • She stops my bones from wondering just who I am?
  • Well, some nights I wish that this all would end
  • 'Cause I could use some friends for a change.
  • And some nights I'm scared you'll forget me again
  • Some nights I always win, I always win...
  • So this is it. I sold my soul for this?
  • Washed my hands of that for this?
  • I miss my mom and dad for this?
  • No. When I see stars, when I see, when I see stars, that's all they are
  • When I hear songs, they sound like a swan, so come on.
  • Well, that is it guys, that is all - five minutes in and I'm bored again
  • Ten years of this, I'm not sure if anybody understands
  • This one is not for the folks at home;
  • Sorry to leave, mom, I had to go
  • Who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?
  • My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called "love"
  • When I look into my nephew's eyes...
  • Man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from... Some terrible nights...
  • The other night you wouldn't believe the dream I just had about you and me
  • I called you up but we'd both agree
  • It's for the best you didn't listen
  • It's for the best we get our distance...

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Can I request Kagami, Midorima and Aomine? When they want to propose their s/o, but she is very scared of marrige (they leave her or cheat on her). How'd they convince her that they only want her? / first time being able to request to you I'M SO HAPPY~~/

Thank you for the request you sweetheart

His heart sunk when you stayed silent, the entire room had their gazes fixed on the pair of you; him down on one knee and you frozen like a statue, your eyes widened in panic.
“I… I’m sorry. I just… I can’t get married. It won’t work out. You’ll get bored of me”
You bolted straight for the door wanting to get as far away from your boyfriend as you possibly could leaving him alone and confused at your response.

Aomine ran after you, without hesitation, until he all he could feel was his lungs burning. How could you ever think something like that, did he not love you enough? All his thoughts were of you; your first date, first kiss, moving in together, telling each other every detail of your lives, late nights, lazy mornings and formal occasions, he couldn’t stand the thought of you doing those things with anyone else and he couldn’t live with the thought of never being able to do any of those things with you again. He was running around in a blind panic calling your name over and over until you finally heard his pleas for you to come back to him. You looked at the distressed fear in his eyes, the sweat stains on his shirt brought by the sheer panic and rush he’d been in to find you and he finally noticed you on the other side of the park. He was furious, he wanted to shout and scream at you for being out alone at such a time but relief and sadness quickly took over. Cautiously approaching you he stopped short before he could touch you and dropped down to one knee; this time clamping his hand around yours to ensure you couldn’t escape.
“Marry me”
“Daiki… you call me Daiki and you love me. I could never ever dream of leaving you. So just stop worrying about that crap and marry me. The only one who can keep me happy is you and I’ll do the same for you okay?”

You simply nodded, unable to believe such simple words had changed your mind but how could you not believe him when he was being so honest. 

Midorima was shell shocked, unable to move. This was such an idiotic idea, he had pressured you in front of all your friends and family. It had taken such courage for him to work up the nerve to do this in such a public setting but he needed to show you how much he loved you, he wanted to show you off as his fiancee to his old team mates but now you were gone. 
“Oi go after ____-san you idiot!” 
“Prove them wrong Shin-chan~”
“Get running now before I throw a pineapple at you”
He snapped back to reality and the meaning of your words sunk in… you thought he was going to leave you? What kind of stupidity was that, that’s what he should be scared of. His legs moved of their own accord, as if his body knew where you’d be. Up the stairs to your shared apartment you were crumpled up at the front door. He softly smiled at you before you saw him and he came down to your level.
“You shouldn’t be so careless with your keys nanodayo”
“Shin…tarou… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You must be so embarrassed of me, you’re here to break up aren’t you. I knew you were always too good for me”

You burst into tears at the thought; you’d built your lives around each other and you just had to ruin it didn’t you. However you suddenly felt something cold slip around your ring finger and another hand encase itself around yours.
“I know I can be difficult but I do love you. Why else would I want you to be mine forever? I’m sorry I ever made you so insecure”
He leant over to press his forehead to yours, wiping your tears with his free hand. He’d never felt so close to anyone and he wasn’t going to let you go so easily. Even if you stayed silent he knew he’d resolved the situation, he knew that you understood that he needed you so much more than he’d ever needed any other person. 

Kagami dropped the ring, his jaw hanging open in horror as he could only watch your figure get smaller and smaller in the distance but his hesitation was only brief as he quickly retrieved the ring from Kuroko and ran straight at you; he was faster than you, he caught up to you within minutes. Almost tackling you to the floor he grounded you both to a halt and bent over, almost bowing to you. Gasping for air he sputtered out his words.
“No. No you can’t think that. Not my ____-chan”
Suddenly you found yourself trapped in his arms, breathing in his scent like it was the last time he’d ever be close to you. You were terrified he was going to let you go as quickly as he’d captured you. Even after so many years his bright red blush was prominent as ever, however in that time he’d become sensitive to your ways and understood the inner workings of your mind. He felt his shirt getting wet, looking down to see you crying into his chest, clutching handfuls of his jacket so he couldn’t leave. 
“Hey… you know if you don’t want to get married we can just stay the way we are. I’d do anything for you ___-chan, it doesn’t matter to me. So long as you’re always cheering me on I feel like I can do anything… so don’t ever scare me like that again. Neither of us is leaving alright? Just … please don’t leave me”
He lowered his head to rest it on yours and it was your turn to feel his tears; he hardly ever cried… you must mean so much to him. You nuzzled further into his chest before pulling away to make eye contact.
“Let’s do it Taiga… let’s get married”