i'm just bored and have a lot of feelings right now

i really hate the idea on here that you can only lose weight or even just have an eating disorder if you are ~pure~ and only eat fruits and veggies and teas like no one can live like that no one can do that 24/7 that’s why y'all always end up binging because you’re not letting yourself eat what you want like i’m having a sushi roll for lunch/dinner and it’s gonna satisfy my cravings and i’m also still eating way under my calorie goal (this is the only time i’ll say it but i eat 600/700 a day now since i need more cals to help my foot heal) and my mom is getting me stuff to make chipotle guac right now so i can make guac and eat that with cucumber spears tomorrow and guess what it’s a fun meal and i’m still under in calories and i still will lose weight and not feel like i’m dying or like i need to binge like i see so many low cal ‘recipe’ accounts and it’s all like hey princess @n@ says you can only eat an apple or an orange and i see y'all do that and then end up wondering why you can’t stop binging at the end of the day and gaining weight like find what you enjoy to eat make your own low cal recipe and portion out to stay low cal or else you’re likely gonna fail there are ALWAYS healthy/low cal alternatives to your favorite meals or snacks just gotta put the effort in and plan in advance

Hurry Up and Wait

I have been having lots of Shou thoughts recently, and wanted to try my hand at writing him. I’ve also lately been really appreciating and admiring how kind Mob’s character is - it takes a really good person to forgive as easily and often as he does, and his kindness has a visible effect in the mp100 universe. I feel like maybe Shou could use some of that kindness.

Edit: I went ahead & added this to AO3 as well! 

Shou glared down at the sign sticking out of the building he perched on as though he was waiting for its response to a question.

Unsurprisingly, being an inanimate wooden sign, it was not forthcoming with any answers.

When the words “Spirits and Such” grew hard to see in the glare of the angry sunset and still showed no inclination to morph into a magical solution to his problems, Shou sighed. He sprawled back on the edge of the roof, staring up at the brilliantly orange and purple sky.

He was bored. He was frustrated. He was angry. And ultimately, he was indecisive, which was where most of the other feelings were stemming from. Every cell of his being was vibrating, telling him to go, to move, to do something. His plan to overthrow his father’s organization had failed, but thanks to a fluke, it had been overthrown just the same. However, instead of the satisfying end of his father’s ambitions and a reuniting of his family, Pops was now locked up somewhere in a high-security government facility. Shou needed to get reorganized, make new plans, and get started on enacting them.  

But for the first time since he could remember, he didn’t know what to do. Every scheme he imagined failed to coalesce in his mind as he vacillated from one goal to the next. Should he go after his pops himself? Figure out a way to bust him out, while somehow securing a promise that he was done with his aspirations of grandeur? Or should he leave him to whatever government facility he was in, and to hell with him? He’d lost sight of his own self-appointed purpose in the world when he had failed to beat his father; if he was brutally honest with himself, it had severely shaken his confidence. He was tired of going and going, trying and trying, and not making any apparent difference.

And his emotions, instead of driving him with purpose as they once had, were now also tangling up his decision-making process, gunking up the cogs of his churning brain. As much as he hated to acknowledge it, he’d finally decided he needed to consult someone else on what to do next about the man he’d spent months planning to defeat, and then failed to do so so spectactularly.

He’d considered and then immediately discarded the idea of asking his mother. Serizawa, his second choice, was maybe not the most clear-headed when it came to his pops. Yet, Serizawa also knew his father better than almost any other adult Shou could talk to. And who knew; since he was at the office anyway, maybe that weird non-esper who was now Serizawa’s employer might have something interesting to say, too.

Now, if he could just convince himself that going in there and admitting he needed help was really the only option left to him-

“Suzuki-kun? What are you doing up here?”

Shou started, leaping to his feet. He wasn’t used to being the one snuck up on, and thoroughly did not appreciate it. He turned to face the direction the voice had come from.

Shigeo Kageyama peered back at him from beneath straight black bangs with an expression of mild curiosity.

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I have…. a lot of facebook feelings lmao. 

I posted a picture of the Britten piece I’m playing right now and how I’m really thankful I got to do a Britten opera because it made me discover (and develop) an affinity I have for his music. And someone responded (without liking the picture or anything, or saying anything positive…….. OMG I’M SO… ok) by commenting with a picture of another setting of the same poem by Finzi, saying they liked that setting the best. 

and I’m like……

this post is… about me and things I like lol

how did you manage to turn it into something about yourself….


I responded (not uncattily…) saying that I prefer Britten to Finzi (and even tho the Finzi setting is nice! It just sounds like more Finzi to me, which I find boring and awkward)

and he said

“You’re entitled to your opinion!!” and then he said he didn’t even know the Britten setting!!!!! Like!!! How can you say you prefer something when you haven’t even heard both!! And then you tell me I’m entitled to my opinion like you’re giving me permission!!!!! on my own facebook status!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!