i'm just bluffing

Random headcanon

Joker doesn’t like giving Harley his coat because she always leaves a bunch of empty candy wrappers in the pockets (but he always gives it to her anyway because she looks all pathetic when she’s cold)

Had our first DnD session with @inja-y-ddraig as the Dungeon Master. @hattedhedgehog is the Halfling, I’m not sure if the other two have a tumblr but have this anyway. 

a few years ago I wanted to write a fic about several generations of Dori, Nori and Ori’s ancestors, so Jendri is based on one of the Dwarf ladies I had for that… Might draw whacky shenanigans 

One coldflash-related thought on this episode because I really can’t help it...

Barry’s way to stop Wells from killing him was to have a note that the team and his former self would find that would ‘out’ Wells’s identity – he forced a stalemate.

Guess who Barry must have got that idea from? ;) Because Leonard definitely pulled the exact same move to stop himself from being imprisoned by Barry in 1x16. Just sayin’ – even now, we can see the way they’ve influenced one another.