i'm just bennying

this happens at least once a week let’s be real

my favorite thing about stranger things is that every single relationship in the show makes me want to fling myself into the sun.  

You know what’s the most problematic thing about having over millions of OTP’s and ships? Dying repeatedly everyday when you see them do something cute or just read fan fiction of them being cute.

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Star Wars au!!!! It be so cool those kids deserve some space guns

OOOOOOOH MY GOD my brain took this AU and I freaking LOVE this cast I came up with!! Imagine…Lincoln as Luke and Nina as Leia (JEDI ROSARIO’S), Benny as Han Solo, maybe Vanessa as kinda the Chewbacca figure, just kinda helps him smuggle stuff and everything and then…just…this…Usnavi as C3PO and Sonny as R2-D2…I think that comedy just writes itself!!! XD

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Boardwalk Empire aesthetics: Benny Siegel

Causing problems makes you famous. All this violence makes a statement.