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Here it is, folks. My very last bullet journal spread of high school 😭 Can you believe I’m graduating high school on Thursday? It’s been a crazy year. A year full of my toughest struggles: emotional breakdowns, self-doubt, sleepless nights. But it was also a year full of joy. Pride. Happiness. I think it’s true what they say, that your struggles are what make you strong. They turn you into the person you’re supposed to be. This year wasn’t easy AT ALL, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I will cherish my high school memories forever ❤

so i might’ve been watching stardust and i might’ve gotten soppy about vanessa and usnavi so… have a vansnavi stardust au

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

Ethan is talking to Sarah over the phone in his room about Benny when suddenly the door slams open with enough force to bang against the wall and a voice shouts “DID SOMEBODY SAY BENNY WEIR?!” as Benny enters with a mouthful of Doublestuf Oreos and a beaten up spellbook

Ethan then shrieks at the top of his lungs and instinctively throws the nearest thing to him which just so happens to be his phone and it smacks Benny in the center of his forehead, successfully knocking him off his feet

All Sarah can hear on the other line for the next five minutes is Ethan crying and Benny cursing at him in Latin as she sits there utterly confused


Every Time Ben Tallmadge says ‘Sir’ - Part 12

my favorite thing about stranger things is that every single relationship in the show makes me want to fling myself into the sun.  


More requests! Here’s Sarah N. Dippity for @atroxchobatsu, @sugaryuniverse‘s toonsona!

Also an anon requested Benny, and at least this once, I was happy to oblige. <3

I’ve started saying stupid things aloud to myself which is a clear sign that it’s nearly one in the morning and I need sleep, so more tomorrow. ;D Like I told an anon, requests will be probably be open for the rest of this week, so if you haven’t gotten in on this yet, you’ve still got a shot!

You know what’s the most problematic thing about having over millions of OTP’s and ships? Dying repeatedly everyday when you see them do something cute or just read fan fiction of them being cute.

this happens at least once a week let’s be real

Last week I think? Pom brought up that they had read something about lawyers jogging to help with anxiety and that they could see Benny doing that which I heckin’ LOVED the idea of, so I went out and read a thing about lawyers also meditating to help with stress, so all of that combined with the already existent headcanon of mine that Benny is made of pipe cleaners and duct tape (read: flimsy as all heck) resulted in me writing this little ditty.

Just a shortish one-shot that I’ve been calling “Benny Jogs to Taco Bell” even though a more accurate title would be something along the lines of:

“Benny Tries to Run from his Problems but is Harshly Reminded that he is his Own Problem Most of the Time (also Oliver is there)”

Contains fluff, doctors doing doctor things, and lots of robots being robotic. Rated PG-13 tops probably, fic below the cut, rip mobile users. 1800 words. Not the best thing I’ve ever written, but I still like it, so enjoy. I don’t think there’s any applicable trigger warnings since they’re all robots?

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It's a secret, okay? - Wild_Freckles - Bull (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Bull (TV 2016)
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Relationships: Jason Bull/Benny Colon
Characters: Jason Bull, Benny Colón, Marissa Morgan, Danny James, Chunk Palmer, Cable McCrory
Additional Tags: Secret Relationship, Office Sex, secret office romance, Smut, Benny is done with everyone

Bull was watching him. He could feel those analytical eyes roaming over him, picking up tiny secretive details that he couldn’t help but send out. A little part of him hoped that Bull couldn’t tell what he was thinking, didn’t notice the way his face was heating up and the twitch in his fingers every time Bull said his name. That tiny voice was put to rest when Benny snuck a glance at Bull over the rim of his glass, and he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

There’s no way he didn’t notice. All he could hope for was that he wouldn’t embarrass him by bringing it up. It wasn’t right, feeling so much for his sister’s ex-husband.

Benny knowing he has Dean wrapped around his finger simply by the looks of adoration (◡‿◡✿)

Benny knowing Dean would do anything to please his papa bear (✿◠‿◠)

Benny being super growly and domming the hell out of his baby boy and then taking extra care of him when all is said and done (◕‿◕✿) 

real quick, before I forget: so I’m pretty sure Charlie and Meyer miiiight have been deities in my dream last night? 

I dreamt I was watching American Gods and one of the vignettes was The Ride. Not to mention that Starz may have borrowed some actors from HBO

It actually started with Charlie going to the beach, with completely and utter resignation, to get the shit kicked out of him, and he was like “this is gettin old after 70 years” (which, more like almost 90, but who wants me to do math in my sleep? that, or Charile’s just lost count) But he still looked like his regular youthful self, so my assumption is that he’s now immortal but has to repeat this experience every year for some… reason. I don’t know, I didn’t get far enough in the dream episode to find out why

Meyer was not actually present for this, but I knew, in that dream way that you just know things, that he was still around somewhere too. But I think Charlie was obligated to do this on his own or something

ANYWAY THEN it cut back to actual 1929 and the first time it happened. Czernobog was… involved somehow? They didn’t actually get too far into the plot here, because that was for another episode that I was not asleep long enough to dream, but we ended with Charlie being knocked unconscious and Meyer coming it at the last second but being too late to do anything and it was 1000x more emotional and dramatic that MotM’s lackadaisical “……shit”

And then I dreamt about myself reacting to this episode and I was screaming

@thebratfarrar asked for 2 & 41 from these questions for fic readers, because she’s delightful & indulgent. :)  

2. If you could request more of a certain type of fic, which would it be?

This probably won’t surprise you, but the first thing that springs to mind is: fics that are difficult. I don’t care if it’s a marriage fic or a pantykink fic or a noncon recovery or–whatever. The conceit doesn’t matter nearly as much as the execution, and there are far too few fics that really examine a premise, look at how the characters would realistically deal with what’s happening, and then–and this is key!–look at what the fallout would be. Consequences! They’re super interesting! More importantly, they help the characters seem human, rather than mannequins in a fantasy. 

Of course, there’s an argument to be made that it doesn’t matter–id!fic vs. lit!fic, etc. All fanfic is fulfilling a fantastical idea, so why not just let it be simple, and so on. But this is my request, so I want a more literary mode. :)  Sure, TA!Jensen can blow undergrad!Jared, and it can be super hot and delightful. But how much more interesting when there’s fallout from that moment, and the characters can be more than porno props? 

41. Name a fic that has a perfect ending.

…This is. Like. Super hard, as a question. Good lord. Um–well, I’ll name a few that are really good, though ‘perfect’–man. High bar, question.

yellows, angles or silences, by queenklu. I rec this fic for various reasons all the time, and the ending is not the least of it. You’re just left with such a–warm feeling, a right feeling, because the build-up to the happy resolution is so well constructed that the relative schmoop is just… earned. Perfectly earned. I love that sensation. 

Promiscuous, by rispacooper. This one’s probably totally out of left field, but it’s a Psych fic, actually–Shawn blows Adam Hornstock in a bar bathroom, but it’s really entirely about Shawn and Lassiter. The ending stuck in my head so hard that I realized upon rereading it that I accidentally kind of stole the last image, in a different fic I wrote; it just resonates backward so hard throughout the fic that it’s kind of… amazing. You know the thing about how the ending is what your story is actually about? Yeah. Rispacooper does that incredibly well here.

in this change sought our bliss, by denugis. This one is one of those endings which is heart-sore and full, saturated with meaning, saying everything it needs to very simply.  An I love you without ever needing those words. I really appreciate that.