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Here it is, folks. My very last bullet journal spread of high school 😭 Can you believe I’m graduating high school on Thursday? It’s been a crazy year. A year full of my toughest struggles: emotional breakdowns, self-doubt, sleepless nights. But it was also a year full of joy. Pride. Happiness. I think it’s true what they say, that your struggles are what make you strong. They turn you into the person you’re supposed to be. This year wasn’t easy AT ALL, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I will cherish my high school memories forever ❤

really Good universally accepted in the heights headcanons

- Carla is a lesbian !!!
- Sonny is trans !!!
- Benny and Nina are the cuddliest couple to ever exist
- apparently Pete is allergic to like everything
- Vanessa Succeeds in life and is never ever sad ever again
- Nina and Benny weren’t the only couple to kiss for the first time during blackout wink
- Pete does commissions and actually gets paid decent good for him
- Usnavi and Benny have been best friends for as long as they could remember !!
- Vanessa and Nina have been best friends for as long as they could remember !!
- the friendship love Vanessa and Nina have for each other conquers all
- Daniela is Vanessa’s New Mom now sorry no takebacks
- sonny studies stuff abt political science and does good in the world eventually!!!
- usnavi isn’t “with the times” and doesn’t understand memes poor guy
- Nina and Benny Absolutely make long distance work

feel free to add on !!!

the ITH characters and their favorite things

usnavi: coffee (not a surprise). the jangle of the bodega door when it opens. vanessa’s pretty hair. his dad’s cap that always rests on his head. the sound his keys make when he twirls them around on the chain. the smell of good food being made. sonny’s grin.

sonny: when usnavi puts him on stocking duty. pete’s giant mural commissions. the sound of piano. the pictures of his mom in his bedroom. hershey’s chocolate bars. dogs. laughter. bad movies. sprite soda.

vanessa: the way usnavi blushes. her morning coffee. keeping herself busy. organizing. making the people she loves happy. routines. embarrassing her boyfriend and his cousin. working at the bodega when both boys are gone.

nina: books. working hard and amounting to everything she hoped for. cheek kisses. babies. writing. cooking with her mom. coming back home after months and seeing everyone.

benny: cars. having a job. nina rosario. giving advice (even if it’s not good advice). receiving praise. the memory of his mother. the sound of birds chirping early in the morning. also babies.

pete: the smell of aerosol paint. art museums. hugs from sonny. twinkies from the bodega. commissions. being paid for doing what he loves. his stereo. the summer heat. smiles.

daniela: the sound of hair snipping. gossip. cinnamon flavored gum. the daily newspaper. seeing her barrio family visit her in the bronx. tight hugs. playfully threatening her barrio family.

carla: squirrels. the wrinkles some people get next to their eyes when they laugh genuinely. the sound of soft guitar. when shoes tap against the tile of the salon floor. doing register math for customers. dyeing her hair.

so i might’ve been watching stardust and i might’ve gotten soppy about vanessa and usnavi so… have a vansnavi stardust au

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

ITH characters as kids

note: i know in the musical it describes some of them as kids already but these r my headcanons ! just putting that out there

usnavi: ALWAYS cleaning because he was one of those kids. he felt bad when he saw his parents or abuela working so hard at the bodega or at home, so he always offered to help.

sonny: when he was real little he liked to pull pranks. he still does as a teenager, but he calls those days his “mediocre days”. pranks like shaving cream and feathers, putting salt in coffee, etc. everyone had just about enough of him.

nina: always reading. she learned to read by 3 and never stopped. everyone saw potential in her. during the summer, she would wake up early, read the first half a book, help clean around the house for her parents when they got home, then read the second half of a book. very productive.

vanessa: she would run away a lot. growing up with an alcoholic mother, she didn’t really call the house she lived in “home.” she would come down to the barrio and hang out with nina or usnavi, or get hairdressing lessons from carla and daniela.

benny: he got in trouble with the law A LOT. of course it wasn’t that bad, since he was real little, but there wasn’t a week where he didn’t run from the police at least once. that’s how he met nina, in fact.

pete: like vanessa, he ran away from home a lot too. when he was 6 or 7, he fled home and went down to the subway station multiple times a week just to go and look at the graffiti on the walls underground. it fascinated him.

carla: she was that kid everyone loved. everyone wanted to be around her since she was so sweet, but she was taken advantage of easily and walked all over on a lot. baby carla :,(

daniela: she was the one who seemed cool. everyone wanted to be around her as well, so that’s why carla and her get along so very well.

Ethan is talking to Sarah over the phone in his room about Benny when suddenly the door slams open with enough force to bang against the wall and a voice shouts “DID SOMEBODY SAY BENNY WEIR?!” as Benny enters with a mouthful of Doublestuf Oreos and a beaten up spellbook

Ethan then shrieks at the top of his lungs and instinctively throws the nearest thing to him which just so happens to be his phone and it smacks Benny in the center of his forehead, successfully knocking him off his feet

All Sarah can hear on the other line for the next five minutes is Ethan crying and Benny cursing at him in Latin as she sits there utterly confused

One of These Nights (Part 9)

Summary: Benny, without knowing anything about Twilight, manages to pull an Edward Cullen in New Moon

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,300

SERIOUS WARNING: if you are triggered by descriptions of anxiety or panic attacks (including struggling to breathe), you probably should not read this. Other warnings include feelings of abandonment, angst, blood and death.

A/N: Ok, bear with me here. This part is… confusing. It jumps around a lot to get different perspectives and the Y/N parts are sort of choppy because, well, she’s upset. It is also horribly horribly sad. You thought the last part was bad? This one ripped even me apart, so proceed with caution. I love you. Don’t hate me. I’ll make it better. Maybe.

Find previous parts in the series masterlist

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Colonel Laurens arrived in March. On the 16th of April I acquainted the Due de la Vauguyon, at the Hague, that I had received such credentials, and the next day waited on him in person, and had, that day and the next, two hours’ conversation with him each day upon the subject, in which I informed him of my intention to go to their High Mightinesses. All this he transmitted to the Count de Vergennes; and though it might procure me the reputation of vanity and obstinacy, I shall forever believe that it contributed to second and accelerate Colonel Laurens’s negotiations, who succeeded to a marvel, though Dr. Franklin says he gave great offence. I have long since learned that a man may give offence and yet succeed. The very measures necessary for success may be pretended to give offence.
—  John Adams to Robert Robert Livingston 21st February 1782

Picture this

Benny shouting in Latin when he’s frustrated

Benny mumbling in Latin when he’s embarrassed

Benny crying in Latin when he’s upset

Benny chirping in Latin when he’s happy

Benny flirting in Latin and failing miserably (unless it’s on Ethan, who doesn’t understand what he’s saying but gets the implications)


so i’m finally reading the Benny anthology Life During Wartime, and oh my god, i don’t even care that the entity in Fear of Corners was likely not intended to have anything to do with Pandora (book came out before the galli episode where she gets put in brax’s head) but seriously it’s definitely Pandora. 

I think we both know that you’re not the only one who’d make a suitable host for me. Of course, you’d never take the chance and see if you could best me in a battle of the wills. You know you lack the mental capacity to keep me safely under control, knowing that at any moment I could pummel your consciousness into submission and exploit you like a puppet.
You wouldn’t want to risk that, would you? But at the same time you know you no longer have a choice. When your silly little friends finally understand what’s really going on, what are you going to do? Run away again?
You make me laugh, time fool.”

Nope… I’m done… I am SHOOKETH. It turns out that Ty Olsson, the guy who plays my favourite character on Supernatural, also voiced Ord on my all-time FAVOURITE childhood TV show, Dragon Tales. My mind has been blown, I’m just gonna go to sleep…

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this happens at least once a week let’s be real

my favorite thing about stranger things is that every single relationship in the show makes me want to fling myself into the sun.