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Tonight on #Bonnie flails over movies: TANGLED

For real guys, this is my Frozen. Frozen was good but there were enough bum moments (Olaf—sorry sorry I know—the trolls, etc) that it didn’t blow my mind. 

This movie, though, I squee from start to finish 

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It’s late, but it doesn’t seem to matter to him. He sits there beside your bed and opens up a book, glances at you and smiles.

“Just close your eyes and pretend that I’m a good reader,” he chuckles and straightens the corner of the blanket over you, “Maybe you can cheat yourself into thinking that’s true.”

The bedside light is drawing the outlines of him with white against the dim background, and you’d love to close your eyes, but you’d much rather just watch him as he begins reading. Just like he doesn’t seem to mind the late hour, he also doesn’t seem to mind that you’re much too tired and much too preoccupied to read your own bedtime story; with his voice, the book’s world opens up before you in vivid detail, and although you’d like to keep watching, you find your eyes closing on their own accord anyway. He’s got a smooth voice, but it’s lively and rich and warm, too. His words flowing over you make you feel the sunshine on your skin, and the way he talks about the colour of the sky brings it to life before you, as vibrant in colour as if you were really looking at it. You can feel his palm moving over your head, his fingers slipping into your hair and combing through them gently. The touch moves to the back of your head and stays there, his palm resting over you as he keeps reading, and his touch is safe and warm, just like the story that he’s telling you, and which slowly becomes a dream instead.

“goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end … i’ll see your face again”

The fact that I can relate so much to Ellie, it’s both comforting and scary at the same time.

She’s rash, she’s blunt, she’s impulsive. She knows what she wants and she won’t take anyone’s shit, not even Joel’s. She’s optimistic in a time of sadness and even tries to lighten the mood with a joke or a snarky comment. She fears loneliness and being left behind by people she cares about. Her determination and desire to help others with her immunity brings her somewhere. Her relatability is why I cried so much at the later parts of tlou because my heart was overflowing with so many feels asdfghjkl

But what scares me is what happens to her in the trailer for part 2. Her eyes were filled with so much hate, so much anger. Even Druckmann revealed that the tlou 2 would be centred around hate. It scares me. Because what could’ve happened to Ellie that made her feel so much resentment?

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco


“I am in awe of the remarkable man that you are becoming… all the things you’ve achieved, and not just as The Flash, but you, Barry. Your honesty. Your heart. You were always a hero. And your mom would be just as proud.“

I don’t like falling asleep without you.
I am ready for these noises to be over already, all the sounds of me not having us.
My best evenings have always been spent with you, your loud laughter, the sounds you make when you kiss next to my ear
But this making a habit of going home alone screams at me.
My missing you is so deafening sometimes, I’m surprised you can’t hear it.
It keeps me up later than I tell you
It echoes at the worst time
And I’m sorry I’m not as honest about that as I should be.

My doctor told me I’m the type who carries their weight in their stomach:
I have a habit of clinging to the things I consume
So I tell myself not to eat junk food like I tell myself that at least one of us has to be better off without the other.
Because that’s how leaving works, right?
This should be beneficial,
I’m not supposed to hold onto you anymore.

So I sit here and I listen
To the sound of my ears plugging up from all this crying
All this loud missing you
All this noisy wishing you were here
Increasingly louder as the day you’re going approaches.
I’m waiting for the moment you’re not all I hear.
Just let me keep listening
Until I am over the quiet
And I can fall asleep in silence.

This is not me telling you I’ve given up,
It’s just still yelling at me.
I’ve gotten so used to only hearing you
And hearing how much I love you
This will take time to be okay with.
I will take time to be okay.

The unfortunate thing about heartbreak, I have learned,
Is that it is consuming
And I have a habit of clinging to those things.

—  “I Can’t (Won’t) Quit Hearing You” by Nikki Burian

The pain and desperation in his eyes though…when I was watching this scene it just breaks my heart to see Viktor torn between going to see Makkachin and the feeling of not being able to be cheering for Yuuri in the free skate ;-;