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Every time I see someone (incorrectly) calling someone else a pedophile for shipping Yuri with an older teenager, I think to myself, “Woah, I wonder what these people would assume about me when they find out my favorite manga of all time is Kaze to Ki no Uta.”  If being interested in something means you condone the bad things about it, then damn.  Damn.  I must be a terrible person for finding a manga so achingly beautiful when it covers such dark themes.

Sit down, honey child, and let me tell you the story of Gilbert Cocteau, another green eyed 15 year old with pretty blond hair hanging in his face.  If you are horrified by the thought of Yuri Plisetsky being shipped with another character, your head’s probably going to explode when you see all the appalling shit that happened to Gilbert before he even reached the age of 15.   A warning, though. If you assume this manga and the people who love it are in support of any of the terrible things that occur within it, I will personally kick your ass, because you will have missed the entire point.

why does everybody just assume that peter pettigrew was a coward?? i mean sure, he was scared, so was everyone else, they were in the middle of a war - but that doesn’t explain anything. the marauders took peter under their wing, he was one of them, so much so that the potters made him their secret keeper. so what the hell went wrong?? it couldn’t have been cowardice that drove him to betray his friends, because he was one of them and as a boy who felt he didn’t always fit in that would have been so important to him. but perhaps there were people he deemed more important?? ?? perhaps lord voldemort threatened his parents, somebody that he loved. there has to have been a reason that peter would rather have betrayed the people he loved like brothers than die. there HAS to have been because i don’t believe for a second that he was craven