i'm just as immature


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

Honestly when tony starts cracking jokes about steve being “spry for an older fellow” that is the moment where Steve should have shot back something equally as sassy and tony would have done a double take and looked him up and down like “what?? Captain America just said that?” And just in that one moment would have grown so much respect and the next joke he made would have had a small under current of a compliment and Steve would have picked up on that and laughed and finally they would have established their Quality Banter™ and their friendship would finally give justice to the comics like why did Joss weatthin fuck up Steve’s character, hunh? Why did he fuck up the most epic friendship in the marvel universe? Why?

I don’t understand where this fandom mentality comes from that everyone has to like all the characters within a book/series/movie? And people start fighting you if you don’t like one character to the same extent as they do?

Like, be happy that people enjoy their favourite character (or ship). That they are so inspired by them that they write fanfic, draw fanart or develop headcanons for them. They share their love and you can do the same with your favourite characters - that’s the point of fandom.

But attacking other fans because they don’t include every single character for reasons that they are entirely their own? It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Everyone has preferences and they are allowed to have them.

Seriously, since “Winter” was released, this fandom has become a minefield.
And I don’t mean that the character of Winter changed it, but it’s the tone of the discussions. It’s not so much about respectful, informative discussions anymore. It’s gotten nasty with a few people insulting and bullying other fans for their preferences with a self-righteousness that is seriously uncalled for.

Because now, if you don’t include a certain character, you are called out for whatever inane reason. I once got the question once why I didn’t include a certain ship for a story idea I had. Why is that any of their concern? It’s my story idea, either you like it or not but I’m not playing character bingo and include everyone just because the fandom thinks I have to because they are in the original story. That’s what fanfic is for, to expand on the characters you love, maybe all of them or just one of them, but that isn’t anyone’s business. If I see a story tagged with Character X, I’m not asking the author, “hey, where’s Character Y?” That story isn’t for me, so I move on to stories that are.

Because here’s the thing: No one owes you anything.

No one has to write a fic you enjoy.

No one has to draw a fanart that you can reblog.

No one has to spend their time of the day on characters they don’t like just because they feel pressured to do so.

But: Everyone deserves respect. Or, at least, just because someone has a different opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to insult them. Opinions are not facts.

You don’t have to agree with someone but it’s not too much to ask to treat them with a minimum of respect. Especially over something as personal and random as favourite characters/ships.

For next year, I do hope we leave this kind of mentality behind us, so people can resume creating content they enjoy for people who appreciate it, without being attacked for not doing it as some people might see fit. I’m not naive, I know there will always be drama and shipper wars or whatever. But this year, it was no fun being in the TLC fandom. And I say this especially in regard to the TLC shipweeks.

The creators of shipweeks are putting a lot of effort into it. The fans are putting a lot of effort into their work, too. So, if you are not happy that your character/ship/brotp isn’t as included as much as you would like, create your own content. Spread the love. But respect other people’s choices.

And for every other fan: Just have lots of fun with TLC, with your favourite characters and ships and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t allowed to.

I hate how armys are always apologising even when there’s no proof our fandom did anything wrong, how we have to be the bigger ones and say sorry for nothing, for rumours. Like I’m always seeing armys apologising on behalf of immature fans like it’s expected of us even though often there’s no proof.

I’m just so tired of others fandoms constantly demonizing us and doing everything they can to make it out like we’re the worst, attacking bts and armys even when we mind out own business we just can’t win.

I’ve been in this fandom for a year and it’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever been in, full of so many brilliant talented people who only want to love and support bts and yet everyone makes out like we’re the worst fandom to ever exist and it’s sad and frustrating. We’re the outsiders of the kpop fandom and it sucks bc there’s nothing we can do because no matter what we’re always the villains

Let me get this straight: How is that new Varchie/Archieronnie photo threatening at all for Bughead and Bughead shippers? How or why does Varchie/Archieronnie “not deserve” that one scene? Why are we even comparing two very different relationships? The two ships aren’t mutually exclusive. Both ships can be (and are allowed to be)  happy at the same time.

Edit: I am aware of the “one couple goes all the way, the other left in the balance”. But how or why is this Archieronnie’s fault? My point still stands: both ships aren’t mutually exclusive. Let’s not tear down on ship to lift another. 

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It's not that Darius isn't gay, it's that nobody is (except Taric and he's played for a joke). Riot forced yet another unnecessary straight romance that didn't go anywhere because they even killed the very generic woman for sob value. Every time the topic of representation comes up they keep saying that they will add mlm and wlw relationships but so far nada. They gave him a straight romance so it comes off more as 'you will get your representation, but hands off of this one'.

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im an adult but i talk like im five with my over-exaggeration of excitement and thankfulness and affection, but it’s only because i know what it’s like to feel like what im saying or doing isn’t important so i overdo it that way no one has to feel unwelcome around me like i used to feel around everyone else

accidental innuendos: alarkling edition

“I’ll be certain you hear it when I make her scream.” 

“Did you tell him what I showed you in the dark?”

“But show him mercy, let him live, and I will serve you gladly. I will spend the rest of my days providing my gratitude.”

“I had a taste for you once.” 

  • me: you know, I don't think Dan being a top and Phil being a bottom is all that ba-
  • tumblr phandom: Shut the fuck up. You don't know what you're talking about. Phil tops all the way and if you can't see that then you are obviously blind to the obvious. Grow up. Phil seems innocent but he actually isn't and I'm just an immature child who can't deal with people not liking what I like.

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I'm kind of scared to label myself "asexual" because I'm afraid that maybe I'm just immature or inexperienced? Idk idk I'm super nervous and confuse about all this

Do you want to label as ace? If yes, I say go for it. I don’t think you need to prove you are “mature” or “experienced” anyways. Most of that is based in over valuing virginity. Plus if you were “experienced” they’d just be a different asshole who said you can’t be ace you had sex. So like, label if you want. You define you :)

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bal and/or balvie

would you ship this? | accepting

Hooray!! Non Carlos centric related ships! Boy do I have a lot to say about those pairings.

It’s all under the cut, read at your own risk.

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When Malec shippers are more seasoned in fandom they'll (hopefully) look back & realize how ridiculous they've acted. I've been fandoming since before tumblr (I'm a relic) & it's just funny to watch them react so immaturely to something that *truly* does not matter in the long --or short-- run. For being *constantly* attacked, the Jalecers are handling it so maturely and reasonably. Good for you guys! Don't let the Malecs getchya down.

the problem with these malecs is how they fail to comprehend that no jalec shipper cares about what they have to say. they seem to think that harassment will somehow make people stop shipping what they like. as if we need their approval and say-so on how to run our blogs. i would love to blame immaturity and lack of knowledge on the inner workings of fandom for their vile and frankly inexcusable behavior but i have seen grown people in their 30s act like petulant children. they might have managed to silence a few jalec shippers and caused them to hide their shipping preferences. however, the rest of us stand up to their nonsense every day. we just happen to be respectful and only respond when provoked. what’s that saying? you can’t buy class ;)


that tomorrow I will be AN ADULT and go complain to my boss about my SHITTY COWORKER

I don’t care if we can’t afford to fire anyone right now or move shifts around so I don’t have to work with her I have HAD ENOUGH