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me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members



Here. Have some pictures that I am very, very glad exist…


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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Heyo to all you lovely people!!
As written in the lil’ title up there, I want to give a positive message to the people within the Ajin fandom! I’ve personally been a huge fan of ajin for a very long time, and seen the fandom grow a lot! And despite it growing bigger and bigger, it’s nice to see that there’s still a positive vibe within the fandom itself.

I personally haven’t seen any big ‘wars’ or anything of the sorts myself, and while people might have different oppinions or ideas about; what to ship, what is canon and non-canon or other things, I’ve seen a lovely side of the fandom where it’s a friendly place to be, with amazing people to talk to and share oppinions with. And I’m proud to be in such a fandom!!
As said, we might dissagree on perspectives here and there, but that’s natural! I’m amazed to see how well things have turned out in the big picture, and how it’s not stopping anyone from creating bonds with others and share ideas!
Of course there’s negativity out there, but i’m glad it’s not stopping the rest of the positivity.

It might seem a bit random of me to say all this ‘out of nowhere’, but it’s just so nice to be greeted by such a friendly atmosphere. //Despite the show oddly enough being rather dark//  So I wanted to take the time to say how proud I am of all of you guys out there, and how amazing it is to see the such nice people out there.

I’ve seen so many amazing people, who help to make the fandom such a great place to be! And even if you don’t post a lot or not at all, it’s still nice to know that there’s this lingering joy still around! I’m always happy when I see, amazing art, stories, theories or just general ideas, and all of this is thanks to everyone just being so amazing! I really admire this fandom, and I couldn’t be happier about how things are.

Also on a personal note, I really want to thank @omg-satou & @origami10 for being so SO amazing! You guys we’re basically the first people I started talking to when started I looking futher into the fandom itself, and I personally wanna thank you guys so much! You really made me grow as a person not only to be more confident, but also made me actually feel like I was a part of a fandom! -Which was new to me because I was always just the very shy blogger, who didn’t dare to talk to others at all! So I hope i’m not being totally cringy for saying all this, but I really admire you guys and just wanted you to know how much I appriciate what you’ve done for me. ((=^w^=))

But to everyone out there;
stay awesome and I hope you have a lovely day~


bangtan speaking Filipino

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I want to slowly breathe your fire, whisper things into your ear so that when I'm away you'll still feel be there. I want to slowly leave kisses all over you, make of your body a manuscript as my hands touch you all over. I want to see your hair dance, I want to be your rhythm. I want you to guide my mouth to your favorite places. Let me trespass your danger zones, until I'm the one provoking your screams and make you forget your name ~The secret admirer ❤

Jesus Mary and Joseph

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I just wanted to say, I. Love. Your. Underverse. Works. Especially when it's centered on all these AU crossovers! Honestly your videos make me feel a bit like I'm watching the Undertale equivalent of The Avengers movie with how you introduce different AU characters with care and respect. And with how Underswap is one of my favorite AUs, I'M JUST SO EXCITED~ ☆ Wishing the best for you because I honestly admire you and your talents! ♡

Heheheh thank you so much ;w;
I’m so glad to know that. When I started with the idea of Underverse, I always thought on the AU’s creators, more than a story about a character I created as an excuse to make a crossover between their characters and stories, I made this as a gift for the artists who inspired me and created those interesting worlds.
That’s why I try to do my best for each episode and I try to be careful with each character, because I want to do my best for them as long as I can.

I wrote this on Comyet’s ask reblog about how I make Ink as an assholhejsjekfjdkhf but my dumdum phone deleted a big part of my reblog comment, so I’ll take this super nice comment you did to me for writting these words again ;w;

this is officially the second time in several months that a man has casually told that i’d make an excellent wife

and man was this time a doozy

Matching sweaters!

I’m The Annoying One, @askkevinprice is The Mean One, @ask-connormckinley is The Cute One, and @ask-elder-poptarts is The Innocent One!
(I feel like those are pretty accurate, don’t you?)

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( feel free to ignore me if im bugging you ) Do you still make jewelry? If you do, how much would a small pendant cost? As in like.. The gem on Farz's pendant, just smaller. It's 1000% okay if this is a no, I'm just curious since i admire your jewelry :3c

You mean like thisss?

[ smug chortling ]

Nah, I don’t make jewellery any more though. I just assembled this one myself after buying the pendant online. 

All my paints and clay and shit are all boxed up and put away -flips hair- that chapter of my life is over.


phew now that’s outta my system, My good friend and sister from another mister drew this! I asked her a month ago what Jacob would look like in her art style :D Well, she accepted the challenge and just now finished drawing Jacob :D She even told me that doing this helped her A LOT by getting out of her depression and hiatus :3 Original Sketches Here She’s not finished yet huehuehue 

I got permission from the artist to post this cause she wasn’t able to!

Art © @hanvii82arts
Jacob Frye © Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate © Ubisoft

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So... Just kinda curious about favorite stuff cause I'm weird like that. 1.whats your favorite anime 2.who's your favorite character from that anime 3.favorite ship?? 4.favorite candy Sorry to pester you...You don't have to anwser. I'm just an admirer of your work! Just saying that you are my hero on Tumblr!

Oh, no prob! :D
Uhhhhhhh, well, obvs my fave anime is Yuri on Ice, ahahaha XDDD
Victor is my favorite character, and Victuri favorite ship XP
As for candy???
I’m super into strawberry Hi-Chew I guess XDDD



We’re going to talk about it.

Because if I’m going to cry over fictional characters, I’m taking all you assholes down with me.


We have Chat Noir’s Immediate reaction onto seeing Ladybug literally Yo-yo-Hawkmoth’s evil butterfly telegram to little pieces.

Then she throws this in.

And while I know that He and the rest of the police officers are just SPECKS over on that bridge? He can’t help but feel like she is speaking directly to him.

Because he was the one who pointed out that she’s not alone.

She just looked him in the eyes seconds previous to this and said, “Okay Chat, I’ll buy what you’re selling. I’ll kick ass with you.”


She fucking one ups him.

I mean, obvs he would never think about it that way,

but let’s be real. This is some seriously flashy awesomeness that she is setting free. She didn’t waste any time with him. Didn’t dilly dally about it. There isn’t a single touch of dithering. 




He stand still.

He just stares.

Around him the world is celebrating.

But all he can do is stare.

And when he finally can word.

When he can finally get words to move from his brain space to his mouth space, all he can say is that he is in love.

That stare.

That blink of realization.

That amazed, almost in spite of himself announcement… Adrien/Chat Noir is forever in love. In this moment, his heart? It’s lost to her.

This moment is life changing and soul morphing.