i'm just a stupid fan


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

I also failed to tell him we were wearing the same thing…

Why is it every time I dream about Jack complimenting me, he reblogs my stuff?

My current WIP. For a forthcoming Fic I haven’t even begun to write yet. I unexpectedly started drawing again last weekend after loosing all confidence. Sadly nothing I draw looks any good on mobile. Not sure if this one’s helping with the confidence thing!


A selection of some of the doodles from the picarto stream last night! I had so much fun drawing Voltron and FE characters, and the requests were great! Hopefully I can do one of these at least once a week, fingers crossed!