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“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

no offense cause imma still vote but the Alpha Male Madness poll is kinda bullshit


A selection of some of the doodles from the picarto stream last night! I had so much fun drawing Voltron and FE characters, and the requests were great! Hopefully I can do one of these at least once a week, fingers crossed!


#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

I also failed to tell him we were wearing the same thing…

Why is it every time I dream about Jack complimenting me, he reblogs my stuff?

I don’t care what people say when it grows longer

The Picture of Health

Still trying to catch up! Written for day three of of Snow Sisters Week, for the prompt “For the First Time in Forever”. Short drabble for today.

I love these idiot sisters.

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: Elsa’s not the best of patients when sick, as Anna is learning.

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anonymous asked:

Okay you just sound stupid as fuck right now. I'm not an Olicity fan but even I have to laugh at your piss poor ramblings. Felicity is the most important person on that team job wise. Eyes and ears, directing, hacking, coach, tech support, in a sense the team medic, she does everything and whether we like it or not that's a fact. She's not my favorite, nowhere near, I'm a Diggle guy myself but what you're saying is pure idiocy. I still can't see what Laurel adds to the show, not a one.


I gotta say i love these kind of messages. Why? 

Well mainly because some people say i´m rude. That means i have to hold back. With guys like you however i can go full out.

So thank you :D *Throws of his gloves*

1. Now? You find my stuff stupid “Now”? After what? 2 Months? After i proudly proclaimed that Arrow season 3 and 4 can kiss the darkest part of my nerdy white ass?

Welcome to the party! Everybody is gone already but hey take a seat..

2. “i´m not an olicity fan but” yeah after what i saw next thats a poor lie. Paired with the fact that you are anon, allow me to go:

Ok so lets start now with the important stuff:

1. “She is the  most important person on that team job wise. Eyes and ears, directing, hacking, coach, tech support, in a sense the team medic, she does everything and whether we like it or not that’s a fact”

And thats fine. Far be it from me that i object that she is important. Hacking skills that allow for surveillance and information gathering? Absolutely!

More power to her! We need that in a Superhero Team. Considering that i spend over half my life now studying those teams, there is not a single point i can bring up against that.

What i critic is not what she is but how she is presented:

A) Her skills are overblown to the point of Insanity.

She Programmed Brother Eye? A Program that in the comics took over the planet? and Was Made by Batman to take down the JLA in case they ever go rogue? You call it stupid name dropping i call it:


I´m not objecting the fact that Felicity could do it?

I object that fact that she does it as a pseudo goth, being 17 years old and absolutely useless in its defeat, in turn describing it as a “Super-Program” which has no weakness whatsoever.

There is having good skills and there is turning on the Characters god Mode.

While we talk about God mode?

2.Miss Smoak has a Degree in Computer Science from the MIT. Impressive.

I applaud that.


Medical Science and Computer Science are not the same thing.

It would be one thing if she would just help with basic medical training (which you can easily receive by Diggle..)

But no.

She does a completely Autopsy, in turn even creating a Holographic Device which enables her to do it Virtually!


Autopsies are medical science! You study that shit! You know why we don’t just walk up to morgues and go “Chop chop, choppin that meat?” 


How do i know?

Common Sense, google, Wikipedia, Scrubs, Every Medical Documentary or Tv Show ever made, Personal Experience and much much more.

But not only that! Despite its constant claims how “Realistic” and “Grounded” this show is, loudly proclaiming “We have a realistic Take on Superheroes” we go full out “Oh Felicity smoak just happened to construct a holographic device..no biggie”. And she follows it up with the ability to do a Virtual Autopsy on it!

Do you know that we actually still work on the later part in real life?! That its one of the hardest things to do ever?! Because the Human body is one of the most complicated, incredible thing in existence? The Pure Fact that you are able to read this text is an incredible act of nature.

And the MIT student with no medical training, study or anything whatsoever just cracks that in a Single night.

No Biggie.

There is Suspension of Disbelief and there is Insulting my Intelligence. 

I can buy that Ray Palmer builds a barely functional suit in weeks.

I can not buy that Felicity smoak unlocks the secrets of Medical Science, Holographic Projection and Virtual Scanning and Manipulation.

In less time that it takes me to take a Shit.


Just wow.

Oh while we are at it? 

She fucked it up!

When asked about the possibility of Roy killing Sara in a Mirakuru outburst she specifically mentions that the Arrows have been shot into her body with way more force than any bow can produce.

Dont know about you but this seems like a perfectly normal Composite bow to me ay?!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the downright crunch worthy, easily to google and fixable, mistakes were made with miss smoak. And i´m not even starting on the insults towards Nerds (FUCKING ZORG), Her overblown “Romance” which i never bought for a single season, her constant portrayal as a horrible human being to the point of gold digging, and overall her constant descent to absolute Waste.

Felicity smoak actually started as my favorite Character. By now she is the Essence of everything wrong with Arrow and its Female Characters.

And you come to my dash and tell me:

“Ugh you are so stupid. Just swallow all that garbage and shut up. Nerd”

Ok.I play?

If i´m supposed to shut up about stupid shit..Why don’t you shut up about what i write?

You self proclaimed it as downright idiotic. So what gives you the right to be upset about it…

But i can’t be upset and ramble about absolutely ludicrous plot points, character cations, mistakes and flatout Activation of the God mode just so they can progress their already stupid and hole filled plot?

dont answer. I already know what you gonna say.

Something in the line of “Oh fuck you” or “Because you are wrong” or, well, just a bunch of pig noises.

Actually i prefer latter because at  least they are entertaining.

But hey while we are at a bunch of stupid sounds, how about your last paragraph? 

I still can’t see what Laurel adds to the show, not a one.

Yeah! What could the trained Fighter, Lawyer, Police Daugher, District Attorney and Social / Street worker possibly bring useful to the table? PFF Pure insanity right?

Oh i dont know…

How about the stuff she did before?

Delivering intel on the various crime factions and their Leaders / Associates which she does all the time for the Arrow? 

Insight into the Files which she coincidentally did all the time in season 1..

The Job of opposing these people in Court despite the fact that her Evidence was provided by a Vigilante (AN ILLEGAL SOURCE), even winning? 

Her contacts to the police? Because why know how the police works if you can just…not?

Her Father who only happens to be a famous cop and currently the freaking Chief? 

Other lawyers. Police Stations/Divisions and Agencies which can provide valuable information, tips and Insight? 

The access to confidential data thus making the necessity for Felicity to hack into those databanks invalid, mainly because she can provide a simple password? Which Felicity could just make untraceable just like she does with her hacks? Thus reducing the chance of getting caught, tracked or raising suspicion even more?

The Unique stand as a Superhero / District Attorney and so far only person in this position with the experience in Vigilante Cases, thus making her a valuable Source of Help and Information for every Police Force that encounters these Cases and Vigilantes…


Thus giving her unique option to actually get in contact with those vigilantes, providing oliver with a Network of those?

Yeah. Thats fucking useless right?!

Specially if you are building a world around superheroes or hell, even having a superhero team soon-


Oh but hey, thats all right? 


How about the fact that she has a mole in the League of Assassins?

You know, that person that loved her sister, trained her and actually was forced to marry Oliver “What a Bag of Dicks” Queen, and thus values him as much as Human Population did the Black Death?

Yeah. That girl.

Oh did i mention that She has a Sonic Scream that Can make people fall unconscious and with enough power could bring down a Building?

Yeah. What use could that have? Specially when your Main hero completely refuses to use non lethal arrows, WHICH EXIST IN REAL LIFE, and just has left the Hero Business as a whole to drive into the Sunset?


Fuck all that. 

But to end this “Idiotic Rambling” as you sure as hell will call it i actually have a rather smart advice for you:

That Pudding between your ears?

Use it sometimes. May help your arguments

And if you cant do that?

Your sincerioufuckyously 

German killua

anonymous asked:

Michelle, I know you were a exo stan before (idk if still) but pls do not stop liking exo (i know that shinee is your number 1, same for me) because of some "fans". The boys are not guilty for having some brainless or new fans because people who listen to kpop for some years now,respects and are well aware of shinee's achievements and popularity. I like shinee AND exo,so it hurts me read those things, just for you to know exo fans: YOU ARE NOT JUST BASHING SHINee, YOU ARE GIVING EXO A BAD IMAGE!

everytime i get an anon saying how much better exo are than _______ group, and i defend said group, people automatically assume i hate exo. i say this over and over again (and it’s kind of sad that i have to repeat myself time and time again), but if you follow my blog you should know by now that i reblog exo all the time, that i like exo; that i am a fan of exo. but i’m not deluded. i don’t think exo are the single greatest thing in kpop like a lot of fans make them out to be, i don’t go on about how much more successful they are than their seniors (because they really aren’t); i don’t put them up on this 50-story high pedestal that they don’t deserve to be on. just like i don’t with shinee - i was just messaging someone about this; people will always rank their favourite kpop groups in preference of who they like the most - that’s obvious enough, because everyone is biased differently. and of course that means that because shinee is my bias group, that i personally think they are the greatest kpop group. but realistically, i am aware they are not. shinee are nowhere near the success of tvxq, suju, or snsd - and they still have a long way to go before they get anywhere near their level(s). just like i know that exo are, realistically, nowhere near any of their seniors’ success either; which is why it makes my blood boil when so many exo fans go on and on about how all of the most successful, well-respected kpop groups are ‘losing their spark’ because “exo is taking over”. like /no/, they aren’t, so just stop talking down about other kpop groups if you have nothing kind to say. the only thing you are helping to “deteriorate” is the exo fandom’s image. i know that it’s not exo’s fault that their fandom is like this; which is why i don’t put the blame on them - because exo don’t deserve that. they deserve better than that tbh. and i’m not going to stop liking/listening to a group just because a handful of their fans enjoy making complete asses of themselves.

“We used to sit on that bed and try and write our first ever show, and make each other laugh for hours, and eventually always fall asleep because the bed was so comfortable.”

(huge shoutout to @leafpuppy without whose art this would be shit)

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Is there a story behind |-/ or is it just kinda their symbol just because???? Sorry if this sounds stupid I'm kinda a new fan

its kind of like the kitchen sink song the idea that when you create something of your own that only you understand, you will have purpose.

well tyler created the symbol and it means twenty one pilots…we don’t know why he uses those characters only he does and through that twenty one pilots gives him purpose and encourages everyone to create their own purpose

never feel stupid for asking me a question its okay to be a new fan :) welcome to the clique

subiekang09  asked:

I cannot read any comments on Ytb anymore because most of them are bashing Mino.. saying Mino "copying GD's style". Oh please. MINO's style has been HIPHOP since predebut and he will always be like that. -_- but some people are too stubborn to listen.=; they barely know Mino .. I bet that they even don't listen to Mino's predebut songs. argh. just so angry b/c of those stupid fans =_= I'm just looking for someone who I can talk about this.. Sorry if I bother you!

I’m so upset right now. So upset. I expected this kind of feedback but this is just too much.

I know I shouldn’t even be talking about it, I should just ignore everything but I’m really emotional and I can’t help it.

Mino didn’t fucking come to this point to hear that he’s copying someone else. And the funny thing is people are not even saying it because the mv really looks like GD’s mvs. They’re just saying it because GD and Mino are both rappers under YG and of course Mino must be copying his senior right? These are such bullshits, I feel personally hurt by all the comments. For 1 comment saying how good is Mino at rapping, there’s 10 saying he should get his own style.

And the saddest thing is he submitted hip hop songs to YG and YG rejected them all, so basically I’m Him is the least hip hop song he could come up with. Because this is what Mino is: hip hop.

When he releases a hip hop song like he wants to, I want people to eat their shitty comments and just shut the fuck up.

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Where did jacksetpiceye come up with his name? Because I'm pretty sure I read somewhere his name is Sean (sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm not really a huge fan, just browsing tumblr)

Irish name for Sean is John and his mother calls him Jack. Then he got hit by a football ball on the eye then his friends called him jacksepticeye