i'm just a stupid 17 year old

anonymous asked:

just found this blog and still trying to figure out some/most captions (I feel so dumb right now) and saw the complaints about being a pedo-noona and all that. I'm 12 years old and I'm trying to find someone who is the same age or younger. after some research I found Samuel of 17 and then checked Wikipedia a few days later and said he quit. at least you guys have idols your age. :) btw what's a "moob"?

Sweetheart you’re HOW old?!

Um, I guess I can define a moob for you? god I am so uncomfortable with this A moob is a ‘man-boob’. Meaning we’re looking at their chests.

Please don’t try to figure out my captions for the love of God. You’re not stupid, just young and unfamiliar. Wait to know what I mean, oh please.

- Admin B

dutifullymagnificentkid  asked:

Is Logan considerably shorter than other inklings? I'm just asking as he's shorter than Blue and Vadelma in your new comic, btw LOVE YOUR ART! Plus that singing/dancing innuendo got me good, keep up the awesome work XD

He’s a bit shorter than average 16-17-years-old while Blue and Vadelma are taller than average. Marian is around average size. I might do a height chart along with other subtle character traits reference sheet someday.

And thank you! Glad to hear you guys enjoy my stupid sense of humor.