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Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps

My mother just did the most ‘white person in a horror movie’ shit ever she bought a 130 year old dresser that has the name 'Annabelle’ written in crayon inside one of the drawers and then crossed out viciously.


so @spideyxchelle said she needed part two and also gave me some quality ideas so here is peter’s perspective because i am a sucker who’s soul belongs to her. update because i forgot to tag my wife @spideychelle-romanogers, the lovely @spideychelleblessup, and an angel @bellamywarriorblake.

part one here.

peter parker is a professional (ao3 link)

Let it be known that Peter never claimed to be a great driver. He’s still new and gets distracted by small things because his spidey sense is always going off. In all actuality, driving and Peter probably shouldn’t mix. But May had insisted. So, really, it’s May’s fault that Peter dents the car by hitting a tank of a car that’s parked near their apartment. But he needs to expunge that thought from his head lest May make him pay for more than just the damage to the car.

Thus, Peter takes a job as a lifeguard at the local pool for the summer. And he takes to it surprisingly well. It almost feels like being in the suit. People look to him as this hero and the kids at the pool basically idolize him and always ask him to play with them. The parents like him too because they get to relax when he’s working and the kids just follow him around and try to trick him into jumping in the pool. He likes everything about being a lifeguard. Well, there’s one thing that’s beginning to become an issue.

MJ comes to the pool with her sister during Peter’s first week on the job. Which, in itself, is not a problem. He and MJ are friends. They’re on the decathlon team, she sits with them at lunch sometimes, they have a lot of the same classes and do projects together. He greets MJ the minute they get their and meets her sister who has, like, the greatest name ever: Leia. They come fairly often and Peter always makes sure to at least say hello to MJ when she comes. Sometimes he waves from his lifeguard chair when she looks up from her book. Usually, she just goes back to her book. But on some rare and lucky occasions, he gets a smirk and a small wave out of her. But his favorite days are the ones where it’s slow so he can walk over to where she’s reading by the pool. Sometimes she’s on a pool chair, sometimes she’s kicking her feet lightly in the water. Either way, he walks over and plops down next to her, starting a small conversation. (And, okay, maybe being this close also gives him a better view of her in her swimsuit but that’s another story and he doesn’t have to go into it right now.)

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Sometimes everything is to much. Sometimes everything is to bright and to loud. But Morality knows where he can find rest.

(Moxiety if you squint)

Warnings: I don’t think there are any but if you find something, please let me know!


Morality couldn’t sleep. Not tonight. He tried to close his eyes, to shut out his thoughts and turn off his ever running, constantly going mind.

But he couldn’t.

Everything was too soft, too rough.Too dark, too bright. Too loud, too silent.

Too much. Too little.

Morality stood, pulling his warmest, softest blanket with him and trudged from his room, limbs filled with lead and mind filled with dreaming thoughts or sleep and solace.

Laying down would only drive his thoughts again, prompt his mind to push out endless fantasies and again he would find himself with no room for sleep amongst his thought crowded mind.

He stumbled up the stairs and entered the big bathroom. Morality paused for a moment to admire it, as he always did before finding the peace he craved.

Soft moonbeams fell through open curtains and clear window panes, ringing the large bathtub and giving it the heavenly glow Morality would always associate with it.

He climbed into the tub and cuddled into his blanket warmth surrounding him.He looked into the night, a clear night sky with a full moon and stars dropped haphazardly over the inky black canvas that settled calm waves over his mind.

He sighed ever so softly, not wanting his breathing to disturb the soothing image that was painted amongst the atmosphere, the safe warm place he made for himself be shattered.

With bated breath he watched the sky, a light thump coming from behind.

He turned sleepily to the door, a tear stricken Anxiety stumbling through with his own blanket and a bottle of grape Gatorade.

He paused when he saw Morality, eyes dimming further. “..i’m sorry."The darker choked out taking a shaky step back. "I-I’ll just-”

Softly Morality spoke,voice heavy with sleep, moving his legs to the side as he did. “It’s okay kiddo, I don’t bite.”

Anxiety stuttered out a soft laugh and walked over, sitting himself into the empty tub on the opposite side of Morality, also looking into the sky.

It had a different meaning for Anxiety, that night sky.lt which gave Morality such peace. It brought him comfort in a way that he would never admit to the others.Anxiety quickly searched for the brightest star, watery eyes locking on it with a shaky exhale.

Somewhere, there was another person, feeling the same, or maybe different then he did but somewhere someone was looking at that star.That exact one. Maybe their baby had just been born. Maybe they had lost a loved one or maybe something good had happened to them,maybe their life was filled with joy. Maybe it was filled with grief.

But they were out there, looking at that star and finding peace in it. The brightest star meant Anxiety wasn’t alone. He was more than just his namesake, he was more than his nightmares or panic attacks.

He wasn’t alone.

Morality was already snoring softly when Anxiety left his mind, sleep filling the cracks of his broken brain and pulling a heavy feeling over his bones.

They fell asleep together. A man looking to escape his thoughts and another too deep in them to find his solace.

They found peace in the stars.

When I make that first big personal connection with a challenging student.

this-is-andavs replied to your post: “Jackson and stupid Ethan will be in the backseat…

It sounded like the FBI didn’t actually know who he was since they called him an unsub, which according to google means “unknown subject”. I think they just had footage of him without an ID, so in theory he could still get out of the country. But who the hell knows with this show, really.

??? Wait are you serious, that’s so much worse, how dumb is the FBI on this show, Derek’s literally in all kinds of police records with mugshots on record and that footage showed his face so clearly, shouldn’t they have been able to match up his info in about 12 seconds? “Oh yeah it’s this guy from Beacon Hills, was suspected of killing his sister about two years ago, let’s get an APB out for Derek Hale stat guys” like

I didn’t realize they didn’t know who he was, that’s so bad.


“Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are a lot like an old married couple.”

  • Viktor [inwardly]: Oh my God, here he comes. Okay, this is easy. Just compliment him! Tell Yuuri he has a square head. Wait. That’s not a compliment! What shape is a compliment? Triangle? Uh, pyramid? Circle! Circle-head! Oh my God, you’re stuck on shapes and Square-Head’s almost here!
  • Yuuri: Hey.
  • Viktor:
  • Yuuri:
  • Viktor:
  • Yuuri: Uhh... Viktor?
  • Viktor: Shh! I'm debating over whether I should just kiss you or what!