i'm just a memory

As someone who actually used to listen to The Barenaked Ladies, I am slightly disappointed that there aren’t more Sanvers edits with their lyrics.

“When you try to see the world
Beyond your front door
Take your time is the way I rhyme gonna make you smile” - Pinch Me

“The odds are that we will probably be alright
Odds are we gonna be alright, odds are we gonna be alright tonight” - Odds Are

“Isn’t it beautiful to see two people so much in love?
Bare naked as two virgins hand in hand, and hand in hand in love” - Be My Yoko Ono

“Call it impulsive, call it compulsive
You can call it insane, oh oh
But when I’m surrounded I just can’t stop” - Brian Wilson

Pros of watching an anime after it ends:
-you can binge watch it

Cons of watching an anime after it ends:
-dead fandom
-no weekly excitement for the new episode
-everything blends together and you don’t remember which episode specific things happened in
-no suspense bc you can immediately watch the next episode
-you can’t speculate on other people’s theories bc they’ve already been proven/disproven
-if the fandom is still alive, spoilers fuckin everywhere

Not even cigarettes and alcohol could make me addicted the way you addict me now.
—  Please get out of my head

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood

WOW! what can i say? this year has been filled with ups and downs and all-over-the-places. i didn’t start this blog until late this year ( some of you may know me from @oftarth ) but i know i’ve made some good friends here and will continue to make some good friends for a long time to come. i’ve also hit a FAIRLY ADEQUATE MILESTONE for the month and a half i’ve been here, which is absolutely incredible… i still can’t believe you’re all interested in my interpretation of phasma: and most importantly, i can’t believe so many of you are interested in my friendship enough to talk to me, plot with me, and write with me. whatever favours you’ve done me –––––––––––– whether or not you know ;D –––––––––––– are greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

enough of that sappy stuff! ( as phasma would say: there’s no room for it. ) time for the list jldhjhf. this is in alphabetical order only and yes, i’m way too lazy to link your blogs, so some of you are on here twice/thrice/whatever. a big thank you to all of you, seriously. I APPRECIATE YOU.

sending all of you the universe’s most powerful force this holiday season!


and, last but totally not least, @ziinariya, who was my own personal cheerleader when i first decided to make phasma. xox *;


when taetae messes with the golden maknae

@storybycorey I think it’s been like a millions years since I’ve actually posted a photo for you of Gillian and this one makes me happy


I’m sorry, Dean. I really am — I never wanted to hurt you or anyone. But I swear, even if the word ‘family’ didn’t mean the same thing to me as it did to you way back then… you made growing up in the place we did a little easier. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there, okay? You kept me sane sometimes. You were my only constant friend. 

You’ve gotta know, my heaven wouldn’t have been right without you there. 

Why do you think we share one?


Remembering Vincent Price on the anniversary of his death.

(May 27th 1911 — October 25th 1993)

We may all be a peculiar lot…often broke, often dissatisfied because we’re not doing more and better work…but we know how to have a ball that makes the rest of the world seem square.”

major tlc spoilers

i think i remember something about an urn with linh garans ashes in the apartment in Cinder (correct me if i’m wrong) so chances are adri might’ve gotten peony cremated too. what if cinder managed to get her hands on peonys ashes (i cant think of how considering how assholey adri and pearl are) and kept them in the palace to honor her, because lets be real, if it wasnt for peony, a lot of the events before the revolution that led up to it wouldn’t have happened

Weakness of memory for details and the course of one’s own comprehension of the world—a very bad sign. Only fragments of a totality. How are you going even to touch the greatest task, how are you going even to sense its nearness, even dream its existence, even plead for its dream, dare to learn the letters of the plea, if you cannot collect yourself in such a way that, when the decisive moment comes, you hold the totality of yourself collected in your hand like a stone to be thrown, a knife for the kill? However: there is no need to spit on one’s hands before clasping them.
—  Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks