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Coloring PSD This is one of the recent colorings I’ve been using for a majority of my edits. I used it in the yearbook photoset and in this one as well. It’s a simple coloring that changes the neon yellow color in our kits as shown in the first photo. It also helps brighten the rest of the colors such as the greens, blues and especially blacks which I believe enhances a photos quality.  I’m sure this coloring could also work for non-yellow kits if you change hue/saturation layer to your preference.

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i g0t s0 used t0 missing 0ut 0n sch00l thanks t0 H00FBEASTSHIT happening that i kind 0f want t0 skip 0ut, i d0n’t want t0 sit in this classr00m and be talked at. this teacher makes me wear my glasses because he thinks my eyes are distracting and i can’t actually see past the lenses because 0f h0w my “visi0n” w0rks.

i mean it d0esn’t change my educati0n any but i may have zapped him 0ut 0f spite when he t0uched the chalkb0ard and let him think it was a static sh0ck.

mini-rant about developing diversity in characters

I don’t wanna fault people for being honest about changes, but… my turn to be honest? Admitting they “preferred” old designs of characters- are having a hard time “understanding” the change, or are having trouble “seeing them this way”- (characters that were clearly suffering from a disconnect with the artist that made them mind you)- is uncomfortable and a hurtful thing to admit to us… 

Leading up to when I first got a pixie cut, my mom would constantly remind me that she liked me better with long hair, even though I felt SO COMFORTABLE FINALLY with short hair, after my entire life with shoulder length or longer, after several years of getting the courage to… Yet just on a whim she chose to dismiss all those years of confidence I’d built and the happiness i’d visibly attained because she was more comfortable with me presenting as familiar and feminine and “safe” and not “standing out” which at the time was a code for “not looking like a lesbian.”

Characters are a growth process the same way we grow up. we were 19-20 years old when we made them, and a lot changes and is learned in 5 years. There are distinct reasons we choose to revisit and diversify them away from what they were. I’m sorry that it’s hard for you to see your fave change, but it’s harder for us to see them stay the same just because it might upset some people- the same way I had to choose between my mom being comfortable or me… And the kicker? She got used to it, and prefers it on me now, and she cut her own hair short after a time too because of it. 

Like. Just. Don’t say it. Don’t. We’re not gonna change our minds, we poured so much time and thought into this, so like.. it’s just going to make us unhappy to read. And inb4 “they only want yes-men on their work then, smh” UM haha no. As if we haven’t made it clear a ton of times we appreciate civil discourse and disagreement, let me elaborate: 

Those that complain about how “ur long hair was betterrrr/u should let it grow out againnn…” were usually either “old fashioned/afraid of change/I can’t imagine myself doing it you shouldn’t do it either/associate it with ugly manly lesbians so u make me uncomfortable now” or People with Sexual Preferences ™. I’m not tryin’ to call out anyone specifically but after a half a decade of observance I’m pretty sure those that feel compelled enough to whine about their displeasure just deep down honestly preferred Gale skinny and surrounded in women because it’s hotter/more appealing to them.

Pls keep that to yourself, thanks…

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Stony prompt, pretty please? Tony being really sensitive during sex. Everything makes him moan, and even though he is a little bit ashamed of it, he can't do much about it, besides blushing furiously. Steve loves making Tony fall apart.

Steve was a tease.

Not just because he wouldn’t hurry up but because he was doing this on purpose. He knew what he was doing, knew he was driving Tony crazy.

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Heyo, quick question: You say you hate Solas, which is your own opinion and that's fine, but then why did you write a song about his romance with Lavellan? Do you not really like him, but like the drama and emotion of his romance, or is there something I'm missing...? Apologies if this comes off crude, I'm just a curious little bee who likes being nosy.

yeah that’s basically exactly it.

this may be surprising but I actually LOVE solas as a character! I’m so glad he’s in inquisition it’s like, holy shit an actual GOD’s on your team?? and all his backstory, lore, etc. is awesome. And his romance is very dramatic and well written and makes for good storytelling A+. 

when I say I hate solas I just don’t like him as a person, like, if he was real I’d be incredibly pissed off by him. I find him just completely arrogant and annoying. He thinks of anyone who’s not like him as not even a person which, although interesting for a character, is the biggest red flag ever irl. And it pisses me off that everyone thinks he’s this good dude when he literally is the biggest liar and threat to thedas of all time, he’s worse than a one man blight and um yeah he doesn’t see other people as people? AND what makes him see YOU as people is just agreeing with everything he thinks and asking him all about him. He’s so up his own ass that I wanna smack him. 

he is a smooth bastard though I’ll give him that…

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15: My friend made me a grindr/tinder profile without me knowing and you liked my profile and then sent me a message which just said 'Bees?' and I'm a little confused but intrigued. ~thomass


Alexander blinked in surprise when a notification from Tinder popped up on his laptop. He hadn’t believed John had been serious when he’d said he was gong to make Alex a Tinder profile, but apparently he should have. He could only wonder what on earth bees had to do with anything, but he decided to pretend he knew exactly what it was about.

[MSG] Yeah, bees.