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Am I the only one kinda disappointed the updates thus far have been about like homosuck? I was really excited to find out what happened to our Heros at right before the pause, but we got updates so I'm not too rustled

a lot of people are disappointed by that or so I’ve heard but honestly we’ve known all along the first thing after the hiatus would be homosuck hhh

I mean last year it p much left off with Caliborn’s homosuck curtains closing on the scene, so I’m not sure what people were expecting if not a continuation of that :?

but don’t worry it will focus on other characters soon again, probably even from the next update uvu

Remaining 6B Episodes

What I need:
- Jenna, Noel, Wren and Jason back
- More screen time for Mona and Ali
- The mystery and action
- More treating texts
- Charlotte flashbacks
- Snarky Alison
- The twin reveal that we have been waiting for since season 1
- How Sara and Cece met
- 5/5 liars scenes

What I don’t need:
- Sara, Lorenzo and the new love interests
- Lame emoji texts
- Episodes revolving around spaleb only
- Ali only getting 5 minutes of screen time
- 2 scenes of Mona per ep she’s in
- Sad Ali 24/7

I’m really hoping episodes 17-20 are amazing.