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Prompt 165

Person A has only ever dated other tall people. They are used to being the shorter of two giants and have become accustomed to this sort of shorter partner role (ex. being the little spoon, not being able to reach stuff, resting their head on their partner’s shoulder, etc.) When they started dating Person B, a shorty, they expected things to change.

The suprising thing? Nothing really changed. Person A couldn’t reach something? Dw babe I’ll climb the shelves for you. A wants to rest their head on their shoulder? Got you fam let’s lay down first though. A wants to be little spoon? B will being their backpack.

It may be a little awkward looking to other people, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me Doing Work
  • Me: *is doing something productive and not procrastinating for once*
  • Me: *gets carried away and daydreams about Luke because that boy is fine asf*
  • Me an hour later: What am I doing?
  • Intrusive thoughts: Obviously not Luke

imindhowwelayinjune said to dwimmerlaiks: FINGON IN b2 or SAURON IN F4 pls and thank

SUPERB choice june, thank u. also I already did sauron so I included maedhros in 1E as requested by…. myself lmao.

so i walk to this mall close by my house often and it’s also near a high school, so while i was there this group of guys were hanging out in front of target (which i needed to walk by) and while i was heading towards them they suddenly got loud and these two dudes were pushed out of the group and i stopped because i didn’t want to get in their way. let’s call them Ron and Pete. so Pete starts arguing with Ron and they’re up in each other’s faces until Ron looks over his shoulder and sees me and is like ‘HEY GIRL COME HERE’ and i turned and thought he was talking to someone else but nope. he was talking to me. Pete turned and he gestured for me to go to them and i was like.. haha no and i shook my head and stared going the other direction but Ron grabbed his skateboard and rode over to me and asked me what the first thing i thought of when i looked at Pete and when i said a skater boy and immediately shouted ‘NO. WRONG. HE IS A CHEATER AND HE KISSED LARSON LAST NIGHT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE DATING’ and flipped Pete and the group off and rode away. Pete then came over to me and apologized and went after Ron..

*Plot Twist* Renee is the one interviewing her husband and his boyfriend. :3c

Based off of the “Special Feeling” meme and @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance‘s funny response to an ask. :p

That special feeling goes straight down Seth’s throat.

A hand on her cheek. A loving look. A shared sentiment. The warmth of magic caressing her face. Ar lasa mala revas. You are free. A breathtaking kiss.

Elisansa sighed as she rubbed her eyes wearily. The previous day weighed heavily on her mind. Watching Solas disappear without a word after she pleaded with him to reconsider his decision to end the relationship that had cultivated between them. The journey back to Skyhold spent in complete silence as she recalled what had just happened. The memories of receiving her vallaslin and how proud she had been - how proud her Keeper had been. The knowledge that everything they held dear had been nothing more than a lie knotted her stomach and left a unpleasant taste in her mouth.

She should not be dwelling on her confusion. She should be steeling her heart for the battle ahead of her. And yet she cannot shake the pain she feels. She couldn’t smile in front of the guests earlier in the morning so she had banished herself to her chambers until she could push the dreadful feelings away. They relied on her confidence, on her ability to seem unshakable. That is what they needed from her. They did not need to see her break.

A knock on the bannister of her staircase jogged Sansa from her anguishes. A surprised expression must have shown on her face because Commander Cullen sent a hand behind his head to nervously rub his neck.

“I, uh, thought I might come and see if you were feeling okay.” He cautiously glanced at her expression and averted his eyes. “I know the coming battle won’t be easy but -” his words faltered at the sight of tears rolling down her cheeks.

She had meant to respond. Had meant to say something encouraging. And yet she had become overwhelmed by the simple gesture shown to her. She knew he was being friendly and yet his words meant more to her than he knew. A broken noise escaped her lips as tears spilled from her eyes and blurred her vision.

She didn’t know when Cullen had crossed the room until she felt the warmth of his touch laid lightly around her shoulders.

“It will be alright.” His voice, nothing more than a whisper against her ear.

She wanted to believe.


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hi I'm an entp right now, at this moment, I don't have a crush! It's a very unusual feeling since I usually have even multiple crushes at the same time. This is not a problem or anything I just wanted to share I guess

ahhhhhh i kind of lowkey hate it when I don’t have a crush. I get so emotionally bored?