i'm jillian

Concept: women I’d thank for murdering me

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  • fanon holtzmann: smooth 24/7, Sex God, knows exactly what to say and it is hilarious, makes you gay even if you Don't Want That, fashion icon, seriously though look at her for one second and You're Gay, she planned all of this to work perfectly
  • canon holtzmann: certifiably Bad™ at feelings, has no idea. about anything that's happening. ever, fashion disaster, science is her safe place, literally lies down on the ground and hides from confrontation, trash girl, never paid for a thing in her life
Sign me TF up for:

Jillian “Dad Joke” Holtzmann

Jillian “Will the chair break if I sit like this? Ah well” Holtzmann

Jillian “I CAN DANCE MY PAIN AWAY” Holtzmann

but also

Jillian “I thought falling for a straight girl would be different THIS time…” Holtzmann


Jillian “crotch centric over here” Holtzmann

Jillian “I broke the IQ test” Holtzmann

Jillian “early 2000s meme trash” Holtzmann

Jillian “this doesn’t look safe. Too bad” Holtzmann

Jillian “soft butch, boxers on and flowers in her hair” Holtzmann

Jillian “I’m always a SLUT FOR SPACE” Holtzmann

Jillian. fucking. Holtzmann.


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


Remember that thing I was excited about? Well, it was that I just commissioned Corin Howell aka the artist working on the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call comic…

…for Holtzbert. :D

Anyways, I just wanted to tell all y’all so you’re waiting on baited breath with me. lol

Go follow her on tumblr: @rinpin. Her commissions are still open, from my understanding. Also, remember to pre-order the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call comic at your local comic store using the code AUG170423. #winkwink