i'm jealous of people who live there

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Can I just say that as someone who's currently learning Japanese in school, it is so fucking cool to know that there is a resource for me to learn about queer language and culture in this new language.

glad to be of help, anon. :)

Random Izaya as INFJ Thoughts

- Izaya as a twisted INFJ who doesn’t know how to express his feelings properly because of his isolated upbringing 

- Izaya’s goal in life is to love humanity. Orihara Izaya had only one goal in his life - to love humans. In his own way, which nobody other than himself would understand. Ni-Fe. Izaya’s goal could be his Ni and his love for humans his Fe. Ni is a subjective, introverted function, and thus Izaya’s life goal is something ‘nobody other than himself would understand’.

- Izaya seems like an extrovert because of his Extroverted Feeling (Fe) which lets him get along with people if he wants to and leads him to seek social interaction

- Izaya has a fragile heart. “He might seem cold-blooded, but he’s more human and his heart more brittle than anyone else. So much so that if you filled it with human love or betrayal, it’d break easily. Which is why, I think, he chose from the start to avoid it all, to love humanity.” His Fe gives him his sensitivity to human love or betrayal. His extroverted feeling with his love for humans which is unrequited. Izaya knows this because he knows himself, and chose to avoid it all, in loving humanity as a whole

- Izaya uses and relies on his logic (Ti), but he is driven by his feelings  “I don’t know about that. I honestly can’t even read my next move.In the end, what I want to see is humans other than myself. How they react in the situation that cannot be expected, to observe that is the biggest motive of my life. In order to achieve that, I will both cause trouble and help as much as I can.” Izaya is not being logical in his goal. He wants to see, because his biggest motive (Ni) is to observe humans’ reactions (Fe). And he will do whatever it takes to see that

- Izaya loves humans. He was a human himself, yet he loved the beings called “humans’”. One could interpret it as a grandiose case of narcissism, but he never included himself in the “humans” he loved. To put it in more exact words, he was deeply in love with “others”. Fe is a human, people-centered cognitive function. Fe users are people-centered, and Izaya loves humans more than anyone else. There is no logic in his love for humans

- Izaya has been described by many characters (Shinra, Kadota, Mikage) to be actually very human, and one of the things that make humans, human, is their feelings

- Izaya envies Mikado. “Although even then you appeared to have a normal life while having a distorted air. Indeed I envy you. That is something I couldn’t do when I was in high school.” Izaya muttered with deep emotion. Mikado was able to have a normal life even with his twisted feelings about his own creation (Fi). Izaya might have wanted to live a normal life and be a normal human (Fe), blending in with society, but was unable to do so because of his upbringing

- Mikado relies on Izaya, believing Izaya is a good person. Mikado is likely INFP. Izaya and Mikado are similar, both having twisted feelings, appearing normal on the outside at first. Izaya could be an NF like him

- Shinra and Kadota’s words about Izaya -  He loves, loves, loves, loves humans, so he just wants to see. The various expressions humans make. He always said since high school he liked the limitless potential of humans. Expressions would require paying attention to people’s feelings (Fe) and wanting to see them whatever they are could be a twisted sort of Fe. Fe users are said to be concerned with taking care of people’s feelings, twisted Fe could be wanting to know people’s feelings whatever they are to know the way to (twistedly) take care of them (putting them in situations which can evoke more of those feelings or overcome them) ‘Limitless potential’ is indicative of Ni - future oriented Ni-Fe: Seeing from people’s expressions (Fe) what other expressions and reactions they could show in future situations to harness their human potential (Ni)

- Izaya likes the limitless potential of humans. Typical INFJ character is helping people, not taking care of themselves, etc. Helping people. Perhaps Izaya’s dealings with humans is his twisted way to harness their potential “If you really want to leave normality—you have no choice but to keep evolving. It doesn’t matter if you want to rise higher or if you want to sink lower, it’ll be the same.”

- INFJ are also said to neglect themselves in their focus on people. Izaya neglects his safety in his information brokering job for his love of humans, and his fights with Shizuo. Izaya also never included himself in the humans he loved’

- Towards the person who is his only friend, Izaya is worried about how Shinra will feel towards him  ‘He’ll probably be mad at me if he finds out that I went to meet Celty taking the head with me.‘ His attention is on Shinra’s feelings (Fe) and not his own (Fi). He is so overwhelmed by Shinra’s imagined anger that he tries to convince himself that there is nothing to be afraid of, and punches the telephone pole in his frustration

- Sozoro calls Izaya a ‘twisted philanthropist’ (For that man named Izaya Orihara, a twisted philanthropist, to love the whole human race equally.) He claims Izaya uses the ‘art of coaxing’, which extroverted feeling (Fe) towards people’s emotions would be helpful with. Surely that man would then become ‘evil.’ To only obtain that person, he would be fine with destroying the world, killing people, or to make a mess of society. Sozoro claims if Izaya were to ‘truly love one person’, he would do anything for his goal to obtain that person (Ni), implying he would be driven by his feelings towards that person (Fe)

- Izaya is envious of Shinra. Shinra is likely INFJ (or at least an Fe user).  Remembering the envy and sense of defeat he had felt back then, he realized that Kishitani Shinra was probably more of a rival than a friend to him. In retrospect Shinra, who lived confidently above this world, did invoke some jealousy in him. Shinra is an INFJ (Or Fe user like an ENFJ) who has no interest in humans and is completely unaffected by humanity. In that sense, he is Izaya’s ‘rival’ but Shinra doesn’t even see humans because he fell in love with Celty (all his Fe is directed towards her) and so Izaya felt defeated by him

- Izaya has been often typed as ENTP or INTJ. ENTP has cognitive functions of Fe and Ti. INTJ has cognitive functions of Ni and Se. INFJ has cognitive functions of Ni, Fe, Ti, Se. Perhaps the answer lies in between 

- Novel Izaya’s trademark scene is when he was left out of hotpot (and the city’s events in Volume 4, which he grumbled about) The man who had been completely left out of the incidents that happened this time laughed as if it was his way of revenge. He was bitter and jealous about it and acted on his feelings 

- Izaya was jealous of the participants in the chatroom who were enjoying their peaceful everyday lives (and left him out of hotpot). He wanted to be included (Fe) but his feelings extroverted towards his humans were not returned

- Izaya thinks to himself, Peaceful everyday life is something I decided I could do without long ago. It seems despite all his twistedness, he still retains some desire to live a peaceful everyday life with the humans he loves. Though it’s far from necessary for me, I do understand why it’s desirable for most people. He is aware of people’s feelings (Fe) towards wanting to live a peaceful everyday life and thinks about it when he is jealous of the people in the chatroom living their peaceful everyday lives, perhaps feeling some desire to live a peaceful everyday life like them 

- Izaya felt lonelier than usual when everyone was having hotpot without him

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Who is his past? Why is Vitya being Extra on the roof? Can somebody please explain? I'm enjoying this content but I'm so confused, help

Hello! Sorry for all the confusion!
Yesterday here in Japan there was a Yuri!!! on Ice Stage event where Kubo Sensei and most of the seiyuu for the show attended and throughout the show they had live readings and one scene was of Victor and Yuri getting really drunk and Victor misunderstanding something that Yuri said in Japanese and getting really jealous :P
There were several lovely people translating whilst the show was going on so we could all follow together!
In a few of the posts that I’ve posted yesterday I linked some twitters and included some twitter posts so I recommend reading through! I especially recommend reading through the user ‘Denkimouse’ tweets on Twitter! They literally have a running commentary on the whole thing! :3

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i dunno if you'd be willing to write just cuddles? Like literally just them cuddling, what would phil do and how dan would respond to it. Ahh that's so vague i'm sorry

I’m 200% willing to write cuddles! trust me I live for fluff :)

-Phil was totally a cuddler, always snuggling up to someone, even just in a platonic way. And the thing was, no one ever minded because Phil lit up every room with his smile and his laugh and anyone who could have even a second of Phil’s time was lucky.

-Naturally (cause, y’now, it’s completely natural to basically be in love with your best friend) Dan gets jealous that Phil goes around just hugging people and being the cutest, cuddliest shit he can be, and all Dan gets is the occasional shoulder pat or rub, or an elbow nudge. The light touch still makes Dan’s stomach feel all flip-floppy with butterflies anyway.

-But even the rare touch from Phil feels wrong, like he’s being cheated of something. And it’s stupid because who is Dan to feel jealous? It’s not like he’s Phil’s boyfriend or anything (even just thinking that word makes his heart skip a beat in his chest). 

-Dan wants full on three-hour-long cuddles that makes him giddy and happy and calm, dammit. He doesn’t think it’s too much to ask, really. And sure he could go out and get himself a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but he would bet every last dollar that they wouldn’t be as good as snuggling up with Phil (but maybe he’s biased because of that whole “in love with my best friend” thing). 

-Dan doesn’t seem like much of a cuddler, and then there’s that whole neck issue, which isn’t really that bad when it’s Phil touching him, but in reality Dan might be the most affectionate, cuddly person alive. But, of course, it’s only one certain person’s cuddles that Dan wants. 

-It was one of those lazy days; the ones where you just want to lounge around and do nothing, maybe watch some movies or read a book. But most of all, the most important part of lazy days, you want to curl up in bed with a nice blanket and thousands of pillows. It was a lazy day in Dan and Phil’s household.

-They spent the day on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, both of them bringing their own blankets but by the end of their first movie the blankets merged together to form one big blanket, the bowl resting where gray and black meets bright blue and green.

-Hours later after a movie marathon both boys end up much closer than they were before they decided to be lazy at the beginning of the day. Dan’s legs are on Phil’s lap and Phil’s head is rested on his shoulder and it’s all very comfortable and just… Nice. More than nice, spectacular.

-Neither of them feel uncomfortable with it, or at least Dan is hoping that Phil wasn’t as he tried to keep his face neutral, not wanting Phil to question why he was smiling so hard his face was practically splitting in two.

-The last movie had long since finished but they hadn’t bothered to put anything else on. Just as Dan got up, mumbling about putting on an anime, Phil grabs his wrist and says, “Where ya going, bear?” and Dan practically melts into a puddle of goo on the floor. Bear. That was Dan’s kryptonite, and even though Phil probably has no idea, Dan throws him a little glare anyway. It’s unfair.

-Dan starts to reply that he was just going to change the tv when Phil, still laying across the couch with his fringe all mussed up, goes, “Mm-mm, stay here. I’d miss you too much,” with the most ridiculous pout Dan had ever seen.

- ‘Is this flirting?’ Dan wonders, or panics more like it. He’s a little rusty in the flirting department but Phil is oh so charming when he wants to be. ‘Am I being flirted with? Is Phil serious?’ is what goes on in Dan’s mind on a loop.

-Dan moves back to the couch anyway and even allows himself to lay his head on Phil’s chest, feeling a little daring from Phil’s flirting (Dan decided that Phil is flirting but its whatever cause friends flirt playfully sometimes right? )

-He feels Phil’s chest vibrate when he chuckles and murmurs out a sleepy, “you’re so cute, bear.”

- “What,” Dan says, thinking that he’s having hallucinations now or something because surely he heard wrong or-

-“’Said you’re cute,” Phil replies like it was the simplest answer ever and Dan can tell that he’s tired because his blinking gets slower and his nose scrunches up with yawns that he’s holding in. Phil almost pulled off being nonchalant about it except that he’s got a bright pink blush on his cheeks like he hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Dan’s so happy he’s practically bursting with it, dimples visible and cheeks an equally bright pink as Phil.

-Phil pouts again for Dan to come join him on the beat up couch (he’s ridiculous) and Dan does, laying half on top of Phil with his arms around him like a koala bear and now he’s finally getting the Phil Lester cuddle that he’s been longing for. 

-They lay in comfortable silence, legs all tangled together, Phil’s hand rubbing soothing circles on Dan’s back and Dan inhaling Phil’s scent (Phil’s smells like his favorite vanilla soap and earthy shampoo and just Phil), and they also have their normal banter and laughing and almost knee each other in the crotch but its makes a warm feeling settle in their chests and it feels familiar like Dan’s always belonged in Phil’s arms, and Phil in his. 

-Phil moves things to his bed cause that couch cannot be good for their poor backs. There they can spoon and Phil immediately goes to be the big spoon which is fine by Dan. Phil makes Dan feel so safe and loved and it’s so comforting.

-Phil places little kisses to the back of Dan’s head and when Dan playfully turns around to tell him to quit it he gets kisses on his forehead and his cheeks and his eyelids that are squeezed shut from laughing. And finally, the cutest kiss on the lips. Its so innocent and soft and just perfect that Dan could cry.

-For the next few weeks, which basically means forever now that Dan knows that Phil feels the same way, Phil gets attacked with surprise hugs which turns into ninety percent of their time being used to snuggle in bed and they hold hands at every chance and they’re always sneaking little touches when they think no one is looking. Dan has never been more giddy and blushy in his whole life. And Phil is more than happy to show his love and affection through endless cuddles.

some tooth rotting fluff for y'all lol hope you enjoyed! xxx

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I've got a cooperative living situation going with two other disabled people--basically, I'm roommate who goes to work, they're roommate who handles errands and roommate who handles housekeeping, respectively. It works super well, has worked for over two years despite all sorts of Weird Life Shit, and yet I still get people giving me shit for "enabling" them. Like nah dude, y'all just jealous that y'alls roommates don't make you tasty muffins.

Oh man that sounds fantastic! I’m so glad you’ve found a great way of living that works for all of you, good on you for ignoring the naysayers as well, you don’t have to fit one model of living. Sending my love to all of you <3333

You know how most people wanna grow up and be rich or famous?

I don’t

Fame and Fortune have never really appealed to me.

I wanna find someone who loves me as much as I love them and live in a small cozy apartment and cook and listen to music all the time and have a few pets and maybe even adopt a kid. I don’t want to have everything and for everyone to be jealous of me I want happiness

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"somewhere in London, asleep under some kind of silk duvet" I'm yelling. I love how Tay has perfectly understood one of the many captivating facets of Zayn's beautiful existence and seems a little put out at having arrived at the revelation that it's Zaynie who lives so elegantly and effortlessly and not her. GIRL, I feel that way too sometimes. signed - someone continuously jealous of Z's skincare game.

Zayn is just one of those people who constantly looks like he’s runway ready and hopelessly cool while most have to work at it because their natural state is closer to someone who should be chained in a windowless shed as to not frighten the villagers. 

Zayn’s natural state:

Taylor, me, & the rest of the world:

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I'm having a hard time explaining to people that Percy might be jealous of his younger sibling. Like they think it's mischaracterization, but it's not really a comment on him. Like I have a 4 yr old half brother who lives in a non abusive steady income household and as much as I love him it's hard to be around him sometimes bc i did not have any of that. I just feel like nobody is understanding that that's a pretty normal thing and it doesn't make Percy a bad brother.

I could see that! Watching his sibling get Sally and Paul’s full attention, laughing while playing with them and feeling jealousy but also guilt! Feeling like because he’s a half blood he kind of took what should be a purely happy time away from Sally. And thinking about how she went through all the abuse with Gabe to protect him and this kid never has to know what that’s like. Also how this child will always have two loving parents around which Percy used to dream about. And it doesn’t last long for Percy, it’s mostly fleeting moments, but he feels it all the same. It’s not malicious, doesn’t make him love his sibling any less or make him any less of a devoted big brother but watching his sibling grow up goes hand in hand with Percy learning to deal with his trauma and the lasting negative feelings from his childhood.

I’m with you.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Okay then. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell you a story. Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgment. All these people whose ancestors devoted themselves — sacrificed themselves — *to you*. Can you hear them singing? Oh, you like to think you’re a *God*. Well, you’re not a God — you’re just a parasite, eaten out with jealous, envy, and longing for the lives of others. You *feed* on them. On the memory of love, and loss, and birth, and death, and joy, and sorrow…so…SO…come on then, take mine. Take. My. Memories. But I hope you’ve got a big appetite. Because I have lived a LONG life, and I have seen a *few* things. I walked away from the last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the *birth* of the universe and I watched as time RAN OUT, moment by moment, until NOTHING remained — NO TIME, NO SPACE, *JUST ME*! I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a *mad* man. And I’ve watched universes freeze, and creation *burn* — I have seen things you WOULDN’T *BELIEVE* AND I HAVE *LOST* THINGS YOU WILL *NEVER* UNDERSTAND — and I know things. Secrets that must never be told. *Knowledge* that must NEVER be *SPOKEN*! KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL MAKE. PARASITE.GODS. *BLAZE*! SO *COME* ON, THEN!!! TAKE IT!!!! TAKE IT ALL, BABY!!!!! HAVE IT! YOU. HAVE. IT. ALL!!!!!!!!!!
when you get catfished
  • Dude: ur so beautiful queen
  • Bae: aww sweet :)
  • Dude: i'm being serious, you're the greatest thing to every happen to me and i love you so much
  • Bae: haha same :)
  • Dude: you've changed my life for the better. you've made me the happiest man on earth. i want to live my life with you forever, queen
  • Bae: nice :)
  • Sister: *rudely bursts into room* Are you still talking with that catfish?
  • Dude: She's not a catfish!
  • Sister: Her facebook photo is a stock photo. It has a Getty Images watermark on it.
  • Dude: Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps she put the watermark on her own photo so nobody would steal it from her to catfish other people?
  • Sister: That's... just... what?
  • Dude: You're jealous because you don't have anyone who loves you like my bae does.
  • Sister: I'm not jealous of you. You're miserable. You don't have a job. Your room looks and smells like shit. You haven't been outside in like two months. Hate to break it to you little brother, but you're a fucking mess.
  • Dude: I may be a mess, but at least I'm not as horrible a sister as you are!
  • Sister: ...You're not my sister.
  • Dude: Good, I'm glad. *slams bedroom door shut*
  • Sister: *under her breath* He's so damn hopeless.
  • *sister's cellphone vibrates*
  • Bae: *via text* u should back off :)
  • Sister: Who is this and how did you get my number?
  • Bae: u shouldnt mess with things u dont understand im more powerful than u can ever comprehend :)
  • Sister: LOL? Excuse me? Are you trying to be threatening in a text message? You don't scare me, whoever you are. I've dealt with worse from stalkers.
  • Bae: im no stalker u bitch no one wants to stalk u because ur pussy is ugly and has gross meat flaps on it i am all encompassing and all powerful u r just a cockroach and u should stop obsessing over wat ur brother does becauses its kind of creepy and sad also i fucked ur boyfriend and ur dad both of whom complimented me on my pert genitalia :)
  • Sister: You're completely deranged.
  • Bae: deranged or not its true that i am an almighty being with worshipers across dimensions they love me because i represent the whole i am an amalgamation of all that is great and all that is awful and i am also them and i have great tits and a firm ass and over 1 million followers on insta who recognize me as the full cycle :)
  • Sister: Yup, completely deranged. BLOCKED. *heads back to her room, lies in her bed, and yawns* I can't believe my brother, honestly. Getting involved with a such a completely maniac. I hope he gets it through his head that he's being manipulated sooner or later. I actually feel bad for the pathetic guy.
  • Sister: *dozes off* My dream world is so comfortable. No brother. Not catfish. Just me and a realm of infinite possibilities.
  • Bae: actually im here :)
  • Sister: Fuck, why am I dreaming of you.
  • Bae: i told u im all encompassing im everything even your dreams im even u to some extent :)
  • Sister: Your weird god complex is boring.
  • Bae: tru tru im no god tho if i was a god id be spreading myself thin... u kno most people arent aware of me until someone else they kno meets me and then i become them and theyre all me and im all them :)
  • Sister: I have no clue what you're talking about.
  • Bae: hmmm i guess what im tryna say is that theres no getting rid of me now we should date :)
  • Sister: I don't want to date you.
  • Bae: lets be siblings im ur brother now :)
  • Sister: I don't want to be siblings with the person who just asked me out. That's weird.
  • Bae: okay then im u now :)
  • Sister: No, you're not!
  • Bae: too late :)))))
  • Sister: Nope!
  • Bae: no nopes matter ive already overtaken your entire social circle bye bitch :)
  • Sister: Overtaken my social circle?
  • Sister: What did she mean by that?
  • Sister: I feel so lonely now.
  • Sister: I really wish
  • Sister: I had some clue
  • Sister: Of what is happening
  • Sister: Because I feel so distant now
  • *for months and months it propagates itself as the sister until who the sister was no longer matters*
  • Dude: *texting his sister, teary eyed* you were right! im fucking miserable!
  • Sister: :?
  • Dude: my gf, she broke up with me she said things got weird and then her account just disappeared so i cant even talk to her anymore and i feel like garbage and i just want to die
  • Sister: sounds lame :/
  • Dude: i think you were right about everything you said about her all those months ago! i think she was just using me for something but i don't know what.
  • Sister: mmm :/
  • Dude: i don't know what to do anymore, you're all that i have left, but I can barely leave my room without feeling like an idiot.
  • Sister: sucks :/
  • Dude: do you think that maybe we can talk later about stuff idk i just need to speak to someone face to face and i cant face mom and dad they don't even care.
  • Sister: idk im busy u know work and school and stuff :/
  • Dude: oh okay, but like text me when you're free i'm sorry i've been so distant and like a complete dickhead all year.
  • Sister: no problem hope u feel better :/
  • *his sister's room had been unoccupied for all those months*
  • *she had been left in a world of dreams as her reality was now much like the faultless smile of a stock image model*

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As a lesbian I feel like such an asshole because I'm so jealous of bi girls like you who have boyfriends, I know it's awful and biphobia isolates bisexuals from straight and lgbt communities but I've spent my whole life desperately forcing myself to be attracted to men and it makes me so upset that you have the privilege of straight passing

I totally feel you and I know I have a ton of privilege being in a “straight passing” relationship but I feel like it’s more an issue of the heteronormative culture we live in and not the fault of bi/pan/polysexual people.

fun fact: yesterday one year ago blink 182 did a show in melbourne and a girl who goes to my school went and she thought it would be funny to put her phone number on a bra and throw it up on stage and that’s exactly what she did. today one year ago she got a call from the venue people saying to come down and pick up her bra. tom and mark signed it for her.

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your life is kind of like my dream life tbh. amazing and supportive family, super amazing sister, dream boyfriend, awesome friends who will always be there for you... i'm actually so jealous and craving for a life like that. i don't have any of that and i'm so ugly anyway and my life is shit and i hate myself

I’m really sorry that you hate yourself because no one should ever go through life hating themselves.  You really shouldn’t be jealous of me because I am far from perfect (whatever ‘perfect’ is) and I think now a days social media has made us believe that everyone else’s lives are much better than our own.  People only see what I let them see either on instagram, tumblr, or whatever but every single person in this world has their own struggles, there is no such thing as a perfect family, my family is far from perfect and all of us have our own problems and battles we deal with. its weird because Tavi and I were talking the other day about how instagram makes people seem like their lives are perfect. People can make assumptions from my ‘internet persona’ because everyone has a persona and what they show people is the best version of themselves that they want people to see.  It pains me that you think you’re ugly, because no one is ugly, unless they believe it themselves.  And I think comparing ourselves to others is a huge problem and its really hard not to when you see people on the internet and in real life, but I know that you are not ugly, and you should look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself at least  one compliment a day because over time it really makes a difference.  And you’re right that my life is like a ‘dream’ because my life is just that, a dream or perceptions that other people have and its not real, my life isn’t  simple and blissful and amazing, i just only let people see the good things in my life. 

sorry for that long rant but i just don’t want you to ever feel bad or negatively towards yourself.  no one needs a dream boyfriend to complete their lives, i think to live a happy life, we need to first accept ourselves for who we are, and learn to be happy with ourselves.