i'm italian so i love the real pizza

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What's the difference of complaining about pizza hut saying Italians just want to eat the pizza they always eat and that it's a dick move and saying "pineapples aren't traditional they don't go with pizza" :D?

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Okay, I’m gonna quote italiansreclaimingitaly on this:

there is nothing wrong in the existence of American Pizza. The fact that it’s a popular dish in America, the fact that italian-americans are serving it, or even americans who have learnt to love it, or chain restaurants … that’s all fine! It’s fine if you prefer your american pizza, too. Sharing food is not appropriation, and evolution is a natural thing — it only stands to reason, then, that pizza and other recipes will also evolve with time when brought to another place, much like language. That’s fine. Anyone who argues against that is frankly a prick. […]

What is not fine, however, is saying such things as “fun fact, italians actually invented a single topping, everything else was invented in the US”. […] It’s not unlike some guy going to say, vietnam, and then coming back to the good U.S and deciding he’s opening a vietnamese restaurant — only the dishes are “improved” with a good american touch, and upon interview, the owner claims he “understands the spirit of their cuisine better than them”. It’s not the fact pizza exists in american that is insulting, it’s people who claim with conviction that this dish belongs to them.

On “italians only get mad about food”

We do not. Yes, of course we’re passionate about food, it’s an important part of our culture as stated countless time. It’s a brand we bring overseas. It’s something we pride ourselves in. Don’t forget that a culture’s food is part of its identity, and it’s very strongly tied in with their history. To dismiss our concerns about food saying we’re making a big deal out of “just food” is dismissing our very identity, and that’s it, there’s no going around it. […]

I wanted to add a very small note about why this attitude is hurting our economy: it’s not the fact that people make italian food overseas (that’s ridiculous), it’s the fact that products made in the U.S are being passed of as of italian origins and sold at ridiculous prices while claiming to be imported — and meanwhile, our actual imported products aren’t being bought as a reason. That’s why. That’s the reason such dismissal is hurtful for us. It’s not because there are italian restaurants here and there.

The original text can be found here; they were talking about cultural appropriation and that’s not what we are talking about, but the parts I quoted are important. Now, let me give you an example with, say, Arab food. Arabs get (rightfully) angry when they see things like “avocado tabulah” made with couscous and not bulgur, or “chocolate hummus” or whatever, not because they don’t taste good, but because they are not Arab food. Simply as that. Not Arab food, especially not “improved” Arab food, and above there are the reasons why this is hurtful. (Just call them couscous with avocado or whatever in that case, I mean, if you like couscous with avocado nobody is gonna come after you.)

So yeah, it’s not really a problem of taste (I wouldn’t eat pineapple on a pizza with hot tomato sauce, but, objectively, de gustibus et coloribus…), but a problem of people coming here and getting angry because they can’t eat Hawaiian pizza, or because a pepperoni pizza sounds the same as a “peperoni pizza”. Our food, our culture. I don’t go to my Tunisinian friend and tell him I can make couscous better than his mother, so I don’t see why people have to flaunt Usian pizza as “the best pizza” or “the real pizza” (and I can assure you it happens  a lot).