i'm invisible!

If only it was that easy, Susan…


Things to NOT say to disabled people

“You’re too young/pretty to be disabled!”

“Are you sure you need that? ://”

“Have you tried (yoga, eating healthier, excercise)?”

“Oh, I get like that too sometimes!”

“I know someone who (mentions the only other disabled person you know)”

“You really shouldn’t fake that”

“___ is over diagnosed these days anyways”

(Feel free to add more. If you’ve said these things that’s ok, just try to avoid them. It makes us uncomfortable at best)

  • Me, an asexual: my sexuality makes me invisible. Watch this.
  • Friend: you know that's just metaphorical, right? You aren't actually-
  • Me: *walks up to a store employee* I'm asexual.
  • Store employee: haha no you're not. No one is asexual, that's not a thing. You can't live without sex, honey. You're just a late bloomer haha or maybe you're saving yourself for someone special. Or you're just so sad and pathetic that you can't find a boyfriend. Or are you gay? You're totally gay, just admit it. You ...
  • Me: *steals a cake, three oranges, and a dozen candy bars under their nose while they continue to talk nonsense*
  • Friend: holy heck
Do you ever feel like no matter how much you talk no ones actually listening and get to the point where you honestly think it’s better not to say anything if it just won’t be heard?
—  Someone invisible
I still think about her every goddamn day.
You know when you’re going through an entire day without even remembering their name, and then you pass by a place, thing, or even remember some kind of food and they cross your mind and then you’re like oh fuck.
Then they’re on your mind the entire day, week, month, and it’s so fucking hard to let them go.

invisible-barricadegirl  asked:

Could you do some more headcanons about Enj, Ferre and their brother-like friendship? Thank you!! 😄 And huge thanks for what you do for this fandom - you're a hero!! ☺😀💞

  • Courfeyrac may seem like the least responsible of the triumvirate, but Enjolras gets some pretty dang terrible ideas. He doesn’t need to verbalise them, Combeferre will just be sitting across the room like: “No.” “I haven’t even said anything!” “Enjolras, no.”
  • Combeferre, founder of the “Do what I say but not what I do” comittee, constantly telling Enjolras to “deal with his feelings for Grantaire” while he does nothing about his raging crush on Courfeyrac
  • Combeferre is Enjolras’ emergency contact because let’s be real, if you’re in a bad place and need responsible help asap, the person you’re going to call is Combeferre
  • Enjolras has a persisting habit of cracking his joints, and though Combeferre couldn’t find anything on medical journals saying it was harmful, he’ll find a way to make him S.T.O.P
  • Enjolras just does it to annoy his at that point
  • They went through that Simcity phase in highschool, in which they would create the perfect society, until Combeferre pointed out that the game was inherently capitalist and Enjolras never touched it again “I was fooled by the system”