i'm into kpop for the music

shinee are the kings of kpop and no other group could ever come close to what shinee have done, shinee are singers, dancers, performers, entertainers…they have been together for a decade and are the only group that has experimented with every genre of music without one bad song in their entire discography both japanese and korean. their debut song is iconic and will remain as one of the best debut songs of all time and have other hit songs that will always be legendary in the kpop industry. shinee has the best dancer in the kpop indrustry as well as two of the best vocalists, they also have a fashion and trend setter and an successful actor and athlete. they still have the same original members without any of them leaving and two of them are successful soloists as well. one of them is only 23 and already accomplished what some idols his age only wished to accomplish. you all can keep lying to yourself and think other groups are the kings of kpop but shinee has already had that throne for years

  • Some generic youtuber who is "reacting to" a kpop video just to get views and likes and it's obvious they don't care about the music or the group: What the hell is going on!?!? I'm so confused?!?! What are they saying?!? This part is in English?!?!
  • Me: If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that I'd beat you to death with a sack of nickels

I love Sunggyu because he’s smart, adorable, and polite.
I love Dongwoo because he’s positive, joyful, and kind.
I love Woohyun because he’s selfless, trustworthy, and full of grease.
I love Hoya because he’s hard-working, sassy, and brave.
I love Sungyeol because he’s funny, honest, and has a willingness to help others.
I love Myungsoo because he’s loyal, dorky, and has a huge heart.
I love Sungjong because he puts up with Infinite.
I mean….
I love Sungjong because he is strong, open minded, and fearless.

“365 Fresh” by Triple H (HyunA, Hui & Hyojong)

Upbeat song in a dark story. Honestly, I like this story. It should be a movie. You got a thief,

a self-defense accidental killing,

and a suicidal.

They become fast friends.

Luck out,

and turn up.

And, of course, you can’t do without a love story.

It’s all fun and games until their luck runs out.

So they make their night count.

Make it count until the very end.


Group: subunit Triple H of Cube Entertainment.
Members: (in order of post) Hui (Pentagon), HyunA, and HyoJong (E’Dawn, Pentagon).

On May 1st they released their first EP, 199X, along with their music video “365 Fresh.”

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Tbh even if you don’t like bts or their fandom, I think we should be proud of them as a genre for even getting into the BBMA’s. Bts have done great things and I think the kpop fandom (again, even if you’re not really fond of them) should be proud because kpop/being in a music genre that started with Asians is finally being taken seriously in a western culture/society. I’m very proud of these boys and I think we owe bts a big thank you for working so hard and achieving such a great thing!

BTS as shit my (Admin Unnie) 18-month-old nephew has done
  • Jin: sees food, decides he is hungry and must be fed even if he ate 2 minutes ago
  • Yoongi: falls asleep at own birthday party
  • Hoseok: does the baby twerk anytime he hears music
  • Namjoon: teaches himself words after hearing us say them (a/n he got so close to saying "shit" yesterday that I started to freak out)
  • Jimin: places hand on my face and pushes my head so I'm looking at him
  • Taehyung: stares at other babies the entire time we're at a restaurant
  • Jungkook: starts crying when another baby cries to prove that he can cry the loudest

anonymous asked:

super junior are lame comedians who got hosting jobs because sm. That's what their image's not only in Korea but everywhere else. They've got zero talent for an idol group and they are only overrated just because they are from sm. They should disband!

okay fine, first find me:

  • vocals better than these
  • dancer who can dance like this even with an injured leg
  • vocals of the group who can rap like pro and rappers who can sing like pro
  • a group consist of 15 members, all of whom are good at singing, dancing, rapping, acting, hosting, choreography, song writing, stage designing and everything

and then we’ll talk

and about them getting everything just because of SM, let me tell you my friend, no one hates super junior more than SM do. SM never paid any attention to super junior. Even when they debuted, no one thought that super junior will get even a tiny bit popular .They were supposed to be a rotational group, which wasn’t expected to last more than a few months. The concept of ‘super junior’ was debuting the leftovers trainees(consisting of actors,singers, comedians and all) after dbsk was form. SM never really did anything for super junior except from debuting them (which I‘m grateful for) and even SM was surprised at the talents and popularity of super junior and decided to make them a proper idol group because money and even till today super junior are the money makers of SM. 

Super junior being the pioneers of every kpop trend your faves follow shows that SM or anyone else didn’t make super junior what they are today, but super junior are the ones that made kpop known to the world through their great music and talents in different fields. Please, do some research before sending these stupid asks!

And sorry to disappoint you but super junior don’t do disbandment. All they do is have fun, do concerts, varieties, musicals, dramas, make great music and shut their haters by slaying. Fyi, they are coming back this year to save SM/Kpop with 8jib and SS7. Hope you’ll enjoy ;)