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Hey! Did you know that the Prince of Egypt is becoming a musical?

Hey! So this was literally my reaction when I heard this wonderful news:

And then I did some digging and found out this was going to be the cast for the production:


my reaction now:

no wonder this shit is free…-_-


Once Upon a Time Season 6 “Meet Aladdin” Sneak Peek (HD)  

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Ditto on being annoyed by Damian thing esp lately. There's also the feeling that if by some miracle Joey's included he'd be reformatted to be like idk Damian's foil/rival which yeah the foil thing can work but it be taking a TT property to be forced into Damian's or gen BatFam's continuity like who gets to take Slade's eye or even Ra al Ghul being involved with Trigon idk man. AAAnd if Joey isn't mute in beginning probably in battle with his dad.

i can absolutely see the appeal of damian even though his sort of character isn’t my cup of tea, but he was a lot easier to bear with as the poster boy of DC before he started being given other characters’ plotlines instead of having new unique ones written for him. this is exactly the same problem i had with the young justice cartoon vs the young just us comic; now the “judas contract movie” concept has been taken up you can bet your ass they’ll never revisit it as an animated feature with the actual characters it was written for

and i know it’s not confirmed whether characters like jericho will be left out, but given the wave of titans involved, the already-mangled continuity with slade’s eye and how much DC hates jericho lately i imagine they’ll just skirt him entirely despite it being literally his origin story. i ought to keep my hopes up, but i’ve done that so many times before with jericho-related media only to be heavily disappointed, so i’m just going for the worst assumption this time because honestly that’s probably the correct one

it’s a pity too, because i’d actually be really interested to see how damian and joey get along! dick said it was impossible to argue with joey (because his silence just made it seem like you were fighting with yourself), and the idea of that tiny ball of unbridled rage vs the gentlest ray of sunshine who can’t be fought with is a really intriguing one. it’s a relationship i’d honestly love to see explored, but that would be asking way too much of DC when they could just have a couple of hours of damian punching things

Question 😶

So guys I was possibly thinking of maybe creating an art ask blog for Belarus and Lichtenstein. I know that’s a pretty rare ship though so I’m hesitant. 😓 So my question is… Would that interest anyone?

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Get to Know Your King meme

I was tagged by my minion @time-immemorial (Gabriel’s Kielbasa Shack?  You go, girl!)

Rules: I don’t follow rules
Nicknames: King, Your Majesty, Captain Cuddlepants
Gender: Red Smoke
If you had a cat, what would you name it: Meowly
Height: tall enough to rule Hell, thank you
Hogwarts House: You should never cross fandom streams
Favorite Color: Red, like my smoke
Time Right Now: apparently it’s @time-immemorial *drumroll*
Average Hours of Sleep: 0 I don’t need sleep, more time for debauchery
Lucky Number: 666
Last Thing I Googled: Where to get Casablanca in BluRay
Fictional Character You Would Want As A Younger Sibling: Bloody hell, hasn’t my life been hard enough?
Blankets You Sleep With: Castiel.  Oh, you said blankets, not wet blanket.  My bad.
Favorite Bands/ Artists: David Bowie (sorry I took him back)
Dream Trip: Back in time to season 5, or season 6 right before Cas betrays me (see: wet blanket)
What I’m Wearing Right Now: My red kimono.
When I Made This Blog: February 2014
How many blogs I follow:  The King doesn’t follow anyone (and not just because the King is a side blog)
What Do I Post About: My self (portraits of), the bloody hell I deal with, my feels (poetry about)
Pick A Word That Starts With The First Letter of Your Real Name and Ends With The First Letter of Your Blog Name: Fucky
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: It’s more like in spurts
Why Did You Choose Your URL: Well, haha, originally this started out as poetry blog.

ok so in case anyone us wondering what the hell is going on w viva la vida: I was going to update Wednesday but i started getting anxiety attacks Monday and ended up not writing during the week bc fandom stuff can make my anxiety worse sometimes so I’m sorry if anyone was waiting for it on Wednesday bc obviously it didn’t go up then. then I started outlining last night and was just gonna write it all and update tonight buT life hates me so my laptop is dead and I just found out my adaptor doesn’t work with my computer charger!!!!!! and the earliest I’ll be able to get a new one is Monday; therefore the new update is coming Monday night for sure pinky promise cross my heart.

Nothing even bad happened in san diego; I’m really greatful lana & jen took the time to give their usual spiel abt sq… but i’m still left feeling really… awkward and sad (for lack of a better description) looking back it’s just kind of disappointing that 5 years later they still won’t discuss the central relationship of the show as more than “enemies to friends.” And it’s like.. they don’t even have to venture into romantic territory! that’s what makes e&r relationship so great- it’s so nuanced you don’t have to. There’s so much to be said about them but spending more than 30 seconds discussing them or the swan mills family might “excite the gays” or “upset the others.” it’s like.. you can feel everyone in the room tense up when lana or jen are talking about them too much. 

5 years ago they could have easily handled our fanbase very differently but they didn’t.

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Hey, I don't think I ever even asked for a fic. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to read. But now I'm really craving a Draco/Ginny fic with a side of Hansy and Deo if possible. Soulmate words/marks AU pretty pretty please.

this is going to be an Angst Bomb but i’m intrigued anyway

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lol what did you think of bnha ch 100? "It's finally chapter 100, how should I end it? Ah-ha! BOOBIES! RIGHT IN DEKUS FACE! GENIUS!"

First of all, congrats on 100 chapters BNHA! It’s a pretty amazing number to achieve :> 

Moving along from that joyous news, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the chapters recently. I guess it’s because they’ve dropped in momentum after the big All Might vs Villain fight? It’s nice to have a few SOL chapters pop up here and there to ease the tension, but I’ve kind of been pumped to see a more serious atmosphere. 

BNHA itself has had a few sudden dips into really scary events- the first one, of course, is the sudden intrusion of villains onto their training grounds. (That was actually really startling for me!) However it IS a shounen manga, with the formula of youth! friendship! enemies! so I really shouldn’t expect anything like character deaths and whatnot. 

Also- boobies. Generic fanservice. It’s funny because an entire page was dedicated to breasts instead of literally anything else lmao 

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