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I really really miss season one Eva, not her being so unsure and insecure but just her being so normal and relatable and real? I feel like since her season she's been reduced to this background party girl and I know that's how the mains are seeing her but it's so frustrating:/ also while I'm talking about s1, I miss s1 noora too, she seemed so cool and together and then willhelm happened and ruined her:( ugh I just want the girl squad to be good again

sameee:( s1 was so good

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I'm sad bc I like /ance as a character a lot? Someone who hides insecurity under bravado and slowly learns that they don't need to bc they have their own worth is just so? Cool to me?? As a concept??? But if I try to do anything that would portray him like that antis would say it's "OOC" or even call me racist and I am Ready To Die

just look at how everyone kept demanding K/eith development after s1 but when they didn’t get it the way they wanted they turned around and suddenly called the season “too K/eith centric” and “treating dark-skinned characters badly” while completely ignoring H/unk’s balmera arc in s1, the L/ance focus in e2 & e11, and any character development A//ura was given when she was coming to terms with K/eith’s heritage and her own bias was used to turn against her and justify why she’s a terrible person

this fandom is just so goddamn transparent and I’m Tired™

How Snape should have acted to make Snape haters like him (let's just ignore the inconsistencies, shall we?)
  • Snape on the train in his first year: I want to be in Gryffindor! I definitely don't want to be sorted into the house my mum was sorted into, and that I've only heard good things about in my childhood!
  • Snape after being sorted into Slytherin: Hm, these other eleven-year-olds that were sorted into Slytherin will probably turn out to be horrible people! I shall not befriend them.
  • Snape in his fourth or fifth year: Okay, Lily, so we've been drifting apart for years because you were sorted into the same house as my bullies, but now you want me to ask one of my friends, one who still regularly hangs out with me, to stop bully a Gryffindor? And you also want me to stop hanging out with him, as well as all my other friends in Slytherin? Of course I will! That's a completely reasonable request!
  • Snape in his fifth year: I'm sixteen years old, I'm terribly insecure, I was just sexually harassed, but of course I keep a cool head and thank Lily cordially for rescuing me in front of half the school. Thank you, Lily.
  • Snape at some point in his later Hogwarts years: Thank you, James, for saving my life! Oh, and of course I don't blame Sirius for this. I'm sure it was just a big mistake on his part, sending me down to a bloodthirsty werewolf. Yeah, of course giving him a detention is punishment enough, it was only a mistake, I understand that.
  • Snape throughout his school years: Four people bully me at every given opportunity for no real reason? Of course I won't get back at them when I can! Honestly, what do you take me for? No, no, no. I'll just take the bullying silently for seven years, as a good boy.
  • Snape after graduating: Hm, what should I do now? Join the handsome, charismatic Slytherin that all my friends are going to join, and whom I've heard good things about for the last seven years? And who also promises me power, influence and resources beyond my imagination? Or should I join Dumbledore, a Gryffindor who basically only recruits Gryffindors and the odd Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and who a couple of years back threatened me with expulsion if I told anyone that one of his Gryffindors had tried to kill me? And who also thinks that people like my father and Lily's sister should be treated with respect? Well, obviously I should join Dumbledore! That's really obvious.
  • Snape when overhearing the prophecy: Ok, so I have no idea what this really means, but if I tell Voldemort then maybe he'll give me a better position! Lol, jk, of course I won't do the logical thing and tell him.
  • Snape when hearing that the prophecy is about Lily's baby: My lord, please don't kill Lily! Also, don't kill her husband or child, because ... you know ... it would be awful of me to only ask for the survival of the one in that family I care about.
  • Snape when asking Dumbledore to protect Lily: I'm frightened and desperate, because the only person who I ever really cared about is on Voldemort's death list, but I will make sure to explicitly ask you to save the whole Potter family. It would, again, be awful of me to only ask for the survival of the one I care about, even though I'm so frightened right now I don't even know what I'm saying.
  • Snape when Lily dies: I am an introvert who has a very hard time emotionally bonding with people, but when I do, those bonds are stronger than anything else. The only person I've ever emotionally bonded with is Lily, but as she is now dead, I will completely let her go, because that is definitely something I am capable of. I will keep putting my life on the line for the side of the light, not because I want to honour Lily's momory and protect her son, but because it's simply the right thing to do.
  • Snape when starting to teach: Half my classroom is filled with the children of Death Eaters and Voldemort supporters, and the other half is filled with Gryffindors. I shall, of course, treat all of them fairly! That makes perfect sense!
  • Snape when Harry arrives: Hello, Harry. You look exactly like your father, who used to bully me resentlessly, except that your eyes are hauntingly similar to your mother's. She was the only person I ever cared about, and she died because I overheard a prophecy about you. Also, you're in the house that has handed me one awful thing in life after another. Oh, and you're the arch enemy of the man I'm supposedly loyal to. Come here, and give me a hug!
  • Snape to Neville: I'm teaching a subject in which a single mistake could be fatal, and you haven't managed to brew one potion correctly yet without Miss Granger's help. It's sheer luck that you haven't blown us all up by now. Of course, little Gryffindor, am I going to guide you gently to become better at Potions. I mean, it's obviously my teaching methods that decide whether you can follow the simplest instruction or not. It's not, oh I don't know, the fact that you lack anything and everything reminiscent of talent in this subject. Of course not.
  • Snape in Harry's third year: Lupin! The werewolf who used to ignore that I was bullied throughout school by his friends, who is risking every student in this school by working here, and who's clearly helping Sirius, the man who bullied me and once tried to kill me, before he actually went and killed 13 people. What, you think I'm going to bring you two in? No, of course not! I'll help you out, despite that I'm convinced one of you is a mass murderer, and the other one is willing to help said mass murderer.
  • Snape in the beginning of Harry's sixth year: Nope. I will not take the Unbreakable Vow. Yes, I know this means that one of Voldemort's most trusted Death Eaters will lose all faith in me, and will tell her Master so, but nonetheless, I will not take the Unbreakable Vow.
  • Snape in the end of Harry's sixth year: Okay, Dumbledore, I know that I promised to kill you, I know I've taken an Unbreakable Vow to do so, and I know that if I don't kill you, I will die from breaking the Unbreakable Vow, and you will also die a painful death very, very soon. But of course I won't kill you, that would be awful. Instead I will take out as many Death Eaters as possible, before the Unbreakable Vow takes my life.

“If you poke my eye out, I am actually going to kill you.”

Oikawa pulls his hand back, fixing Hajime with one of his sternest looks.  "Iwa-chan, I am offended that you would think me capable of something like that!“  He pauses, adding in a quieter voice, "But stop moving, you’re stressing me out.”

Hajime grunts noncommittally, letting Oikawa return his hands, one holding his jaw in place and the other balancing on his cheekbone as he drags the eyeliner pencil over his eyelid.  It tickles, Hajime thinks, as it brushes against and under and in between his eyelashes.  He has no idea how Oikawa actually manages to put up with this.

“Can I give you a wing?” asks Oikawa quietly.

“What the hell is a wing?”  Upon noting Oikawa’s pleading look (big eyes and lower lip frozen in a pout), Hajime raises an eyebrow.  "No.“

"But Iwa–”

“Is it how you do yours?” Hajime questions, reaching a hand out to trace the black around Oikawa’s eyes.

Oikawa grins, nodding.  "It’ll look pretty,“ he assures.  "I promise.”

“Looking pretty on you is far easier than looking pretty on me,” Hajime grouses, rolling his eyes and causing Oikawa to erupt in a chorus of titters at his movements.  "Sorry.  Yeah, go ahead.“

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“Would you like me more if I was more like him ??" ( shiro can you not be insecure for like five minutes )

“Shiro, first of all, I never want to hear you say something like that ever again. I love you for you, no matter what. You’re everything to me and absolutely nothing – NOTHING – can replace you. You’re NOT expendable, and you’re NOT just here for my ‘convenience’ as you probably think. And I’m going to say it again: STOP FUCKING THINKING THAT. Sure, the other guy’s cool, but nothing beats you. Nothing.”

To be honest, it will be nice if there was more insecure! Iwaizumi fics. I think there’s something about Iwaizumi that makes him seem vulnerable despite the confidence he carries. Maybe it’s just me but I definitely wouldn’t mind writing it, and tsundere! Iwaizumi will be cool too.

Born This Way Sentences
  • " I'm a soldier to my own emptiness. "
  • " I'm not gonna cry anymore. "
  • " I'm a sinner. "
  • " I'm a loser. "
  • " There's nothing wrong with loving who you are. "
  • " Don't hide yourself in regret. "
  • " Io ritornerò. " [ i will return ]
  • " I could be anything. "
  • " I know you love me baby. "
  • " I’ll bring him down. "
  • " I couldn’t love a man so purely. "
  • " I wanna love you. "
  • " But something’s pulling me away from you. "
  • " I don't speak your language. "
  • " Las campanas están sonando. " [ the bells are ringing)]
  • " Don't you try and catch me. "
  • " Why can't I be who I wanna be? "
  • " I want you to love me for who I am. "
  • " I just want to be free. "
  • " You don't need permission. "
  • " Forgive him/her before s/he's dead. "
  • " I won't cry for you. "
  • " J'veux pas mourir toute seule. " [ I don't want to die alone]
  • " We know the truth. "
  • " I’m a loser baby maybe I should quit. "
  • " I am not a freak. "
  • " I had a better plan. "
  • " I'm in a battle. "
  • " I was insecure. "
  • " I'm gonna be his first and last kiss. "
  • " You know that I'd never cheat on a man. "
  • " I just can't seem to forget you. "
  • " We can be strong. "
  • " I want your whiskey mouth. "
  • " Let's raise hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble. "
  • " But would you love me if I ruled the world? "
  • " I think you’re cool. "
  • " Follow me. "
  • " Don’t be such a holy fool. "
  • " I need something more from you. "
  • " Confess to me where you have been. "
  • " Tonight I will return. "
  • " I'd watch them all be burnt. "
  • " This time I'm not leaving without you. "
  • " You taste like whiskey when you kiss me. "
  • " Sit back down where you belong. "
  • " It's been two years since I let you go. "
  • " Baby I rather die. "
  • " There ain't no reason you and me should be alone. "
  • " I need a man/women that thinks it's right when it's so wrong. "
  • " I'm hanging on a moment of truth. "
  • " I'm hanging on a moment with you. "
  • " It isn't hell if everybody knows my name. "
  • " Where we can both fall far in love. "

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Is it okay to have a 'natural town'? And by that I mean; no paths (because I'm not creative), random trees and flowers everywhere, some PWP's (but not the cool ones), no popular villagers (just the villagers this game gives me). I know I should just enjoy my game but I can't help feeling insecure about this..

yes, of course

i prefer them waaay more over towns that are too covered in patterns, but make your town any way you want to bb

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Thank you so so much for defending aros. It's just so awful to see people talking about us like we're freaks. I'm as normal as anyone else... I like tv shows and kittens and hot chocolate but I don't want sex or a SO I'm as much a person as you are.

You know, my mum had LITERALLY never heard of aromantic until I told her five minutes ago and I said her out that hate anon and she was like “but if they don’t WANT it why would they be sad they don’t have it?”

Like, I’m not into seafood. Lots of people are, good for them. But if I don’t want it and I don’t like it you don’t need to feel sorry for me, I’m happy not having it

People just need to mind their own and stop being so insecure. Some people are aro, it’s cool.

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I'm a new TØP fan and I just want some background info bc it's not the same coming from a fan than a source so yeah what's the significant meaning of all the masks and the paint and stuff like its cool and all I'm just not exactly sure what it symbolizes?

hey welcome to the clique, I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you!!!

basically the masks were a vessel thing, and they pretty much explained in the intro to the guns for hands video. to me,there’s two main meanings behind the masks, the first being insecurity. from what I can tell, josh and Tyler are very insecure about what they create so getting on stage every night and performing something that’s so personal can be difficult for them, and I think the masks helped with that. the other reasoning behind the masks is the idea that they are creating something bigger than themselves- by wearing masks they can distance themselves as people from the music and let its speak for itself

the black paint on tylers hands is something they only started recently for blurryface. I wrote an interpretation of it a few weeks ago, but since then tylers actually said that its where he feels blurryface on his body, that it can make him feel like he’s choking. my personal interpretation is
“the thing that stands out to me is where the paint is on his body.the black on his hands stands out to me because tyler mentions hands a lot in his lyrics, like he mentions them in guns for hands, addict with a pen, forest, and glowing eyes, and he does a lot with his hands in music videos and live performances.
In most of the lyrics where he mentions hands, he’s talking about guilt or loss of control which feels very important to me. I think when you’re struggling with mental illness, you really become aware of the fact you can use your hands to hurt yourself and others. and then sometimes, when it gets really bad, you lose control of your hands and do things you regret. So the black on his hands, to me, represents those times you lose control,and the guilt that comes after.
and then there’s the black on his neck, which is lil trickier for me to figure out but it makes me think of suicide and nooses, and also the the lump you get in your throat when your anxious thoughts start taking over.
so i guess to me, the black represents depression spilling out of your mind to your physical body”

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I feel like as a 16 year old girl I'm missing a lot on things other girls my age do.. Like having a bestfriend since primary school or like going to parties or even doing crazy stupid stuff between friends.. My parents are extremely strict and they don't know what fun means to me.. I just want to enjoy life and i really can't feel like i am right now or later.. Also i'm extremely insecure about my look.. I mean it got to the point where i can't even stare at the mirror... Please help me..

I went to my first real “party” senior year of high school and I was in that same position. My parents, even to this day, are very strict but trust me. You’re honestly not missing much at high school house parties. People think they’re “cool” getting drunk and hook up and etc. Most of them are a shit show. You’re better off just hanging out with your friends and doing things you love. I mean, some parties are fun but trust me, you seriously aren’t missing a crazy chunk of your life. There are other things that are “fun.” When you’re older, it’s more fun to go out dancing than sitting around and socializing, at least to me haha

Insecurity is tough. Confidence comes with time. Trust me, there are many days I am insecure about the way I look but the first step is to stop looking in the mirror and picking at things. And stop comparing yourself. Stop letting yourself go. You are you and no one else is that person. And honestly, it’s personality that holds a heart. I always laugh when a male compliments me because it honestly means nothing to me. What they see in me physically does not add to my self-esteem. 

Over time you will learn to appreciate your own beauty and believe me, you are some kind of beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell your differently!


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I have this really stupid idea and idk why I'm asking you to do it, but I just really need a fic with insecure cas and dean telling him how beautiful and wonderful he is and explaining everything he likes about cas.... It's cool if you don't want to do it I understand. :) <3

Castiel sighed at his reflection. His body had been changing since he became human. His once tight tummy had gone soft, and he was considerably weaker than he’d once been. There was nothing drastically different in terms of his appearance, but he had suddenly become painfully aware of every flaw it bore. 

“Cas? Are you okay?” Dean stood in the doorway, and Castiel jumped at his voice. He hadn’t noticed the hunter come in.

“I’m fine,” he turned away in an attempt to conceal his body, and searched desperately for a shirt that could not be found. 

“Are you sure?” Dean stepped into the room. “You look upset." 

Castiel said nothing and tossed back the crumpled bedspread. He’d just had his shirt. Where could it have gone? 

"Cas,” Dean pressed, drawing closer to the former angel.  

“Don’t,” Cas coiled away from Dean, voice wavering as he spoke. 

“Baby,” Dean said softly and placed his hands on Cas’ hips. Castiel flinched at the touch, and the hurt that flashed in Dean’s eyes made him cringe. “What is it?" 

Castiel looked way, and tears pricked his eyes. "It’s nothing." 

"Tell me,” Dean stroked Castiel’s hair and pulled him closer. The shorter man sighed and bit his lip. 

“My body…" 

"What about it?” Dean ran a finger along Castiel’s jaw. 


A small smile pulled at Dean’s lips. "Everyone is flawed, silly. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful." 

"Beautiful?” Cas met Dean’s eyes at the word. 

“Yes,” said Dean, “beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful.”  

Cas looked to his feet. “It doesn’t seem like it…" 

Dean pressed a light kiss to Cas’ lips. "Wanna know what I love about you?”  

The former angel nodded, and Dean kissed every place as he listed them. “I love your soft lips." 

Kiss. "I love your cute nose." 

Kiss. "I love your handsome face.”

Kiss. “I love your sexy neck.”  

Kiss. “I love your broad chest." 

Kiss. "I love your strong arms." 

Kiss. "I love your rough hands. But you know what I love most of all?" 

Castiel shook his head, now smiling. Dean got down on his knees and pressed a kiss to Cas’ stomach. "I love your adorable tummy." 

"Really?” Castiel asked. His belly was his least favorite part of his body. 

“Yes,” said Dean, continue to kiss Cas’ middle. “It’s cute. And soft. And perfect for kissing. I love it." 

Castiel blushed and giggled, and Dean rose to his feet and pecked Cas’ lips. "You’re beautiful, baby." 

Cas pulled the hunter into an embrace, and the two fell back on the bed together, hands and lips wandering about each other’s bodies. 

"I love you, Dean,” Cas murmured. 

Dean stroked Cas’ tummy, nibbled his ear, and whispered, “I love you too, Cas." 

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