i'm inmortal

A conversation between Zeref and Ban
  • Zeref: So I am in love with a loli
  • Ban: Me too
  • Zeref: She looks like a little girl but it's actually like a hundred years old
  • Ban: Yeah, Elaine is like that too
  • Both: And now she is dead because of my fault but I'm freaking inmortal so I can't be with her
  • Zeref: ...
  • Ban: ...
  • Both: DAAAAAAAANN *start crying because of their bad luck in love*

I think this song describes my trainee days very well, people used to say me “Do you really think you can do it?” “There’s no way, go back to your studies” “Just lives as everyone else does” but i liked it so much and i didn’t think it was bad at all.

That’s why this lyrics have a lot of meaning for me (x)