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Every OJST Comic
  • Erika Moen, buried neck deep in the ground: Hey, guys. Today we have a special guest comic from the guy who lives in the sewage pipe behind my house. Hopefully this one doesn't get too FILTHY for you.
  • Some Guy: Gee, it sure is boring around here.
  • Dirt Monger: *poofs out of nowhere*
  • Some Guy: Who are you!!!????
  • Dirt Monger: I'm the dirt monger and I love eating dirt for sexual pleasure.
  • Some Guy: You mean shoveling tons of dirt into your mouth!!!!!?????????????????
  • Dirt Monger: Yes, it's a completely valid normal way of exploring your kinky identity.
  • Some Guy: But, isn't eating dirt SUPER UNHEALTHY.
  • Dirt Monger: Not at all if you follow SAFE DIRT PROTOCOLS. Always make sure to wear dental dam while consuming dirt sexually and to never actually swallow dirt because you don't want that shit in your stomach. Set up code phrases with your partner like "More Dirt" and "Not Enough Dirt" if you don't think you're getting your fair share of dirt shoveled directly into your stupid fucking face.
  • Some Guy: Wow, I'm so turned on right now.
  • Dirt Monger: That's the spirit. Consuming dirt like a human backhoe is a great way to bond with your partner and discover more about yourself as well.
  • Some Guy: I can't wait to eat dirt like the disgusting troglodyte that I am. Actually, can we mud too?
  • Dirt Monger: No, you dumbass! Dirt and mud are completely unrelated things! I'm the dirt monger, not the mud monger! Do you think I'm stupid?
  • Some Guy: Jeez, sorry I asked.
  • Dirt Monger: Hahaha! One more thing, eating dirt has a direct connection to several radical far-right subcultures. Googling dirt eating may take you down a dark path. I just want everyone to know that they do not represent the whole of the dirt eating community. You can practice the sexual consumption of dirt without turning into a nazi. We completely and entirely disavow fascist dirt eaters. THANKS FOR READING.
A defense of Seungbae

This is more to organize my thoughts about Seungbae because this last chapter was a refreshing break from Sangwoo’s antics, and I’m honestly surprised by the vehement and angry backlash Seungbae has been receiving? 

He’s not meant to be a perfect cop operating within the parameters of the law because that would be way less entertaining, and the point would be moot because if there was a competent police force to begin with then it’s likely Sangwoo would have been caught. Remember that even though Seungbae was demoted, he’s this supposed hotshot detective from Seoul that this smaller police force doesn’t like. His rogue actions fit almost perfectly into the Cowboy Cop trope. Because Killing Stalking is almost purely about conflict, there’s more than one antagonist. Sangwoo against Bum, Bum against himself, Seungbae against Sangwoo, Seungbae against bureaucracy, etc.

Outwardly, Seungbae seems crazy to his peers but to us, the omniscient readers who see everything, he fucking figured out the whole thing. That’s something we shouldn’t forget about, his perception and intuition is clearly sharp. He got a good sense of Sangwoo’s fake ass personality in the beginning, while everyone else is still on his dick (literally and figuratively). It’s not just dumb luck, dumb luck would be stumbling upon physical evidence to solve a case.

Seungbae is spot on and we all know it, his main issue is gathering the evidence for it, but this webtoon might go on for a couple more seasons and we just began the second one so we have plenty of time to see how Seungbae’s case develops. 

Also people taking the scenes between his coworker and the club boy way too seriously, it’s not that deep.

Okay! I’m a scientist so there are two possibilities;
1) Ethan and Tyler are single together
2) Ethan is not single (and hopefully dating Tyler because who else actually shares clothes if not couples!?)

  • Sakura: You know what, Naruto?
  • Sakura: I'm tired of this shit.
  • Sakura: He treats us like crap, all he cares about is revenge, and he's clearly out of his mind.
  • Sakura: Fuck Sasuke Uchiha
  • Naruto: *nods vigorously* Yeah!
  • Naruto: You're a genius, Sakura-chan
  • Naruto: It's impossible beat sense into that bastard
  • Naruto: We should try something different. Kaka-sensei always says to think outside the box
  • Naruto: And the box outside of that box too
  • Naruto: So
  • Naruto: Which one of us is going to do it?
  • Sakura: Wait, Naruto
  • Naruto: You're the obvious choice since you're a girl but
  • Naruto: No offense, Sakura-chan, Sasuke didn't seem that into you back in the day. Or now.
  • Sakura: *Eye-twitch* Naruto, I didn't-
  • Naruto: And Kaka-sensei. Well, he's always reading those pervy books *shudder* but he's too old for Sasuke. Blech.
  • Naruto: I guess...
  • Naruto: *Clenches fist*
  • Naruto: I guess it'll have to be me
  • Sakura: Ah *deep breath* and what exactly *grinds teeth* are you going to do
  • Naruto: Seriously? It was your idea
  • Naruto: I'm going to fuck Sasuke Uchiha
  • Naruto: until he comes
  • Sakura: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Naruto: to his senses
  • Naruto: yeah
  • Naruto: believe it

There was a comment on a Chadwick Boseman tweet or YouTube vid from a guy saying something like “Don’t become too in character” regarding Black Panther. Basically, you know how Robert Downey, Jr. doesn’t just play Tony Stark, it’s like he is Tony Stark, and I’m kind of offended tbh. 

When Chadwick Boseman honored Stan Lee at his imprint ceremony and said, “So I thank you as T’Challa, as Black Panther…” BRUH, I lost it. I want him to walk in all that confidence and wisdom of his role. I want him to be proud of whom he’s portraying. I want him to wake up like “Bitch, I’m Black Panther. I’m the King of Wakanda.” He’s earned that pride.

“Let’s go home.”

Mary, Sam, Dean, and Cas walk out of the barn slowly.

Mary takes a deep breath and, with her head down, heads straight for her car.

Sam looks to Dean, who stares at Cas, nods, then follows Mary.

Cas looks at Dean, and for a moment they just stare at each other in silence.

Sam and Mary whisper quietly in the distance.

Cas opens his mouth to say something, but before he can Dean has his arms around Castiel’s waist and his head in Castiel’s neck.

Cas wraps his arms around Dean as well, seeming to say that he meant what he said, that the Winchesters are family.

Dean takes a deep breath and sighs into Cas. He strengthens his hold around his waist.

And in his relief, Dean decides to say what he should have said long ago, and now only with the courage that comes from hearing it said to him first.

“I love you too.”

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 133

-Which one of you scientoasts let fruit become sentient and gave them a gun

-Urie: im over being a terrorist I’m gonna become a leaky faucet

- Papa Brows uses You look like your father trope it’s super effective in lighting his own cremation fire

-Bujin enemy zoned

-Furuta doesn’t know how to deal with tattle tales cause it’s usually him

-Not even death can stop a D&D campaign

-Hajime stop killing and take your killer talent and turn it into an act for brats


-Touka and kids gonna play the most deadly and epic version of hide and seek

-Awww Fruit bringing people to circuses before they die like the make a wish foundation

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: think on the bright side guys at least they will be more food to go around when everyone dies

BTS CHAT: Wrong Member (TaehyungxReader Fluff)
  • Taehyung is sitting outside BIGHIT ENT, on a break.
  • Taehyung: I just love nice, wonderful days where the days are nice and wonderful.
  • Y/N walks by. She back pedals, noticing Taehyung.
  • Y/N: Excuse me, do I know you?
  • Taehyung: Umm, maybe.
  • Y/N: Well are you famous?
  • Taehyung: Who do you consider to be famous?
  • Y/N: You have to actually do something other than make a sex tape and date basketball players.
  • Taehyung: I'm guessing you hate the Kardashians. Anyways, by those standards, I'm famous and I hope you are too.
  • Y/N: Oh now I know where I've seen you! You're Jungkook from BTS!!
  • Taehyung: ...That's exactly who I am, yes.
  • Y/N: Wow! This is so cool.
  • Taehyung: Am I your favorite member?
  • Y/N: Yeah you are.
  • Taehyung: Really? Cuz you know who is sooo much better than me? V.
  • Y/N: Really? That guy with the weird creepy deep voice in that one song?
  • Taehyung: It's not weirdly deep, it purposeful and an artistic choice for the song!
  • Y/N: Ok... But I heard that he has a rectangular smile. How can I like someone who would show me a box every time I made him laugh
  • Taehyung: That is so far from the truth?! Where are you getting your information from?!
  • Y/N: Tumblr.
  • Taehyung: I have got to make a Tumblr. Anyways, V is really cool. He has a sexy deep voice, an entrancing smile that in no way resembles a quadrilateral and he would very much like to take you out on a date to replace all this fake news with alternative facts.
  • Y/N: ... Wait, you want V to take me out on a date and convince me to like him?
  • Taehyung: No, I want to take you out on a date because I like you already and my name is Taehyung.
  • Y/N: ..... OH! Okay, but first, is it true you have 4D?
  • Taehyung: That's it! I need to see this blog RIGHT NOW!
  • ~Armygirl, dedicated to Girl in Luv
[voltron] the truth underneath it all
  • lance : you know what , keith ?
  • keith : what ?
  • lance : i know i'm an asshole .
  • keith : i know that too .
  • lance : but deep down , i'm a kind and sweet guy who really loves you with all my heart .
  • keith : *shocked* th-thank you ? i-
  • lance : but even deeper down , i'm an even bigger asshole . *smirks*

anonymous asked:

So Yuri is a cop. He ever shot a guy? He must've killed someone too, maybe roughed them up to get a confession. If Viktor is this mafia boss who acts tough but deep inside is a sweetie, I'm now thinking Yuri is this cop who acts innocent but deep down isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Wonder how many suspects have just 'disappeared'.

I do think he’s shot someone and roughed people up before o3o
I doubt he’s killed someone or made anyone disappear P:
Def, like, you shouldn’t underestimate this guy, he might be all sweet and what not, but he knows how to do his job :D
I wouldn’t say his innocence is an act, but, he’s def got more than one side to him XD

  • a band director: I'm gonna tell you guys about the third time I got paddled by my band director. I decided it was a good idea to put a garden snake inside my friends tuba on the last day of school. It was a bad idea. Actually, it was a great idea, but I messed up. The snake was too small and my friend didn't notice. So we put our instruments away for the summer and the next year, our band class started. My friend set up his tuba, took a deep breath... and projectile vomited over the entire class.
  • a flute: ....the third time?
Imagine your OTP
  • Character 1: You know, I love you.
  • Character 2: I know, but... why are you telling me this?
  • Character 1: Uh, maybe because... I can do anything.
  • Character 2: "Why did I marry this guy?"
  • Character 2: I love you too, babe.
  • Character 1: No matter what?
  • Character 2: No matter what.
  • Character 1 smiles and Character 2 goes to the kitchen. Character 2 sees a lot of dishes in the sink, takes a deep breath and screams:
  • Character 1: You said "No matter what", remember?
  • Character 2: I lied.

@linneart‘s amazing art that I commissioned for my fic, Castle on a Cloud.

Dean pulled Cas closer into his arms, wiping the trail of blood away from his lips with tender, shaking fingers… he shook his head, shook his head, shook his head…

He had nothing to scream with anymore. Suddenly, even though the thunder still rolled, the dragon still roared, the lightning still lanced and struck all around them – suddenly there was only the two of them, in a total, deep, dark quiet.


Did you miss me???? or notice I was gone at least?? 😂😂

I’m all caught up and completely fucking heartbroken why the hell did I think I was down for breakup angst???? Watching the portacabin scene from last night 😭😭😭😭<——– actually me. BUT on the flipside at least 

 a) I have a cracking tan, and 

 2) I passed 1000 followers whilst I was away!! 🙌🎉🙌🎉🙌🎉🙌🎉 thanks folks I love you all 💜💜💜💜💜💜 (and I might have to write you something as a thank you!!) 

 now, when are they getting back together?? I NEED IT (but will also accept <i>we-shouldn’t-be-doing-this-but-i-can’t-not-do-this-when-you-look-so-damn-hot-standing-there-and-staring-at-me-all-brooding-and-pretending-you-don’t-like-me-when-i-know-you-love-me-deep-down regretful boning?????)

social-darwin-awards  asked:

Honestly, I've never watched Jontron's show and couldn't really be bothered to look into the scandal. That post is the first time I've seen anything he's actually said, and apparently he did an interview/debate with Destiny too (and Breitbart, wew). I'm given to understand this is a pretty long-running thing that has flared up again, and that Markiplier supported him? You guys gotta start following better YouTubers.

Oh, I never followed him. I just heard him on some podcast and he seemed bubbly, liberal and sane. And then he first began to criticise SJW ideology, and things were okay, and then he suddenly went far off the deep end, like colon gut deep.