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“This is our home now, so you’ll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.

So, here goes, my second reinterpretation of an AOW comic book cover. Issue #124…with a most important addition that was missing in the originals.

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It was nice while it lasted.

Damien Headcanon

Headcanon that Damien loves nature and the outdoors, hence why we see him a lot on the veranda, especially when he needs to be alone, be calm, and to think.

Headcanon that when things get to be too overwhelming for Dark, the voices in his head become too loud, the pain in his body too broken, he goes outside for hours to relax and soothe the overwhelming ache in his broken body and mind.

Headcanon that sometimes Wilford joins Dark on these silent excursions, nostalgia prickling in the back of his mind, but he can’t quite tell why.

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I WOULD PAY YOU IF I HAD MONEY BUT I DONT, IM SO SORRY ;-; But I'm obsessed with Bungou Stray Dogs lately XD and I just can't stop thinking about how Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Saeran have so any similarities (both angsty, emo kids with issues lolol), or how Atsushi Nakajima is such a big Cinnamonroll like Yoosung. So maybe Saeran as Ryunosuke OR Yoosung as Atsushi? ^-^ Or just anything with BSD is good for me, hehe ;p(SORRY FOR THE LONG MESSAGE AAAH >~<) ~🏵

OMGOSH TYSM that means the world to me T^T I’m watching BSD currently and I’m really enjoying it! Saeran as Akutagawa is so fitting XD Maybe his ability Rashoumon is a parallel to his Unknown persona! Thanks for the request :)