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Kylo Ren Imagine

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“Imagine Kylo gives you his scarf.”

You always struggled with the weather on Starkiller Base since you decided to stay there for Kylo. It was hard for you to cope with the weather because it was way colder and more snowy than on your home planet so you always dressed yourself too cold on accident. Kylo took it as his personal duty to keep you warm since you always forgot to bring your coat with you while walking around Starkiller.

You sat in a meeting with Kylo, Hux and a few other Lieutenants. Like most of the time you forgot to bring your coat so it didn‘t took long until you started to freeze. Kylo noticed and took your hands into his under the table. The warm leather of his gloves felt great, especially when he started to rub his thumbs over the back of your hands. He leaned a bit over to you and whispered in your ear.
„You forgot your coat, didn‘t you ?“
You simply nodded at him in response.
Kylo sighed and took off his scarf to wrap it around you. It was a bit too big but you didn‘t mind because it was still warm and smelled like your boyfriend.
„Thank you, I feel way better now.“
You snuggled up into his scarf and Kylo smiled at you under his mask.

and so, the new day comes. set aside your black coat. your umbrella. the night must pass.

dress yourself in yellow. look for the light. if it never comes, we heal in the dark.

a new beginning is nearly here; whether it lands as sun or cleaver, this remains:

morning has come. we must heal.

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What if Munakata had been the Green King and Hisui was the Blue King in charge of Scepter 4 (just imagine all those uniforms in shades of green!), but Hisui is still attached to the Slate as he is in canon but is more tyrannical with his power, like he controls the government and all. It's Munakata who wants to rebel against this system and make it so that the Slate is under control and used for good, not used to oppress others. LSW's in play, but Fushimi ends up in Jungle with Munakata?

Ooh, this is an interesting idea. Would Iwa-san still be with Hisui then or did he raise Munakata, I wonder? Like maybe Hisui awakens as Blue King and Iwafune instead of faking his death joins with Hisui to rebuild Habari Jin’s Scepter 4 in a way that he believes will benefit all. Iwafune figures that the reason the Kagutsu incident happened and so many people died is because Habari wasn’t able to pursue his ideals strongly enough, like his takeaway in this AU is that if only Habari had ruled with more of an iron fist then maybe he could have killed Kagutsu before his Sword fell. Hisui feels the same, like he thinks that a loose rule gains nothing and in fact now that he’s a part of the Slate, in a way, he wants to know more about it and how to control it. In this AU maybe Hisui succeeds in killing Kokujouji and he and Iwafune take over as guardians of the Slate, Iwafune relocates to Mihashira Tower and communicates constantly with Hisui who’s leading Scepter 4. In this AU Scepter 4 doesn’t just catch dangerous Strains too, like maybe Hisui and Iwafune are trying to uncover how the Slate really works and to this end all the Strain Scepter 4 catches get sent to Mihashira where a bunch of researchers do experiments on them to try and see how they got their powers and how the Slate does or doesn’t continue to influence them. Scepter 4 is much more militaristic and the Special Forces squad in this AU are like Hisui’s elite group of snipers and assassins that he uses to help keep anyone else from discovering the true secrets of what he and Iwafune are up to, the world at large still believes that Koukouji is alive and controlling the Slate and no one knows that it’s actually Iwafune stationed in Mihashira following Hisui’s orders. I’m thinking Hisui’s way of ruling would actually be more chaotic than orderly though, like he encourages a survival of the fittest type of hierarchy and has been known to reward those who try to defy him, winning their loyalty by acknowledging their pure strength, and even as he controls the Slate he’s constantly allowing power to leak out of it because the more Strains that are created the more fodder for his research, a temporary chaos that is an acceptable tradeoff in the pursuit of true order.

Jungle meanwhile is this underground group dedicated to restoring order through anarchy, like a lot of the missions Munakata sends out are acts of terrorism against the government (specifically intended to be aimed at Hisui and Iwafune, Munakata doesn’t know about Iwafune either but he has his suspicions about who exactly is in that tower). As King of Change, Munakata is very intent on changing the world to one where the people will be safe from Strains and rogue clansmen, he defies Hisui’s twisted order and wants to bring about a true revolution to the world no matter what he has to do in order to accomplish it. In LSW in this timeline say Hisui and Munakata both notice Fushimi and Hisui decides that he’s being wasted in Homra, Fushimi would do far better as an agent for Hisui’s true order. Maybe he uses the power of the Slate to see if he can interfere with the powers of other clansmen and that’s how he makes Fushimi hallucinate, Fushimi’s wandering alone in despair after accidentally attacking someone at Homra when Munakata intervenes before Hisui can snatch Fushimi up. Munakata tells Fushimi that if the world is no longer acceptable to him, what would Fushimi do in order to transform it. Fushimi’s all lost and confused but also intrigued, feeling out of place in Homra but also somehow repulsed by the idea of joining Scepter 4, and he can’t help but be tempted by the promise of gaining the ability to change, to be able to bend when before he could only break. I imagine in this AU Munakata just takes Fushimi underground and Fushimi doesn’t even get to say goodbye to Yata, Hisui maybe tries to cover the whole thing up by faking Fushimi’s murder at the hands of one of the Green clan’s terrorist attacks and Yata’s heartbroken, swearing that if they ever find that Green bastard he’s going to die. Yata is then shocked the day Jungle decides to launch their offensive on Mihashira with the goal of destroying the Slate all together, and as part of the plan Munakata sends Fushimi to capture Anna. Yata’s shocked to see the person he thought was dead show up on his doorstep as an enemy, Fushimi just laughs and shows Yata the burned and scarred area where his tattoo used to be, explaining that he’s already smashed the world and has no more interest in playing with broken pieces like Yata.


Someone was standing in the middle of the room: a tall, handsome person with pale, perfect skin and an immense amount of hair, as pale and shining as thistle-down. His cold, blue eyes glittered and he had long dark eye-brows, which terminated in an upward flourish. He was dressed exactly like any other gentlemen, except that his coat was of the brightest green imaginable –  the color of leaves in early summer.

Isabelle drifted over, Jace a pace behind her. She was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat of soft green velvet, the color of moss. “I can’t believe you did it!” she exclaimed. “How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?”
“Traded him for Alec,” Clary said.
Isabelle looked mildly alarmed. “Not permanently?”
“No,” said Jace. “Just for a few hours. Unless I don’t come back,” he added thoughtfully. “In which case, maybe he does get to keep Alec. Think of it as a lease with an option to buy.”
Isabelle looked dubious. “Mom and Dad won’t be pleased if they find out.”
“That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?” Simon inquired. “No, probably not.
A short list of things I was disappointed in while playing Inquisition...
  • Twenty-five save slots (”that’s it???”)
  • Morrigan’s recycled outfit, esp if she has Kieran (sweetie, do you KNOW how pregnancy works?)
  • Not enough Cassandra romance scenes
  • Fucking beige pajamas
  • Suits and coats for everyone at the Winter Palace (not even Leliana is wearing a dress???)
  • Not enough dragons?
  • No Zevran cameo
  • Why can I only go to the summer bazaar in Val Royeaux?

NAME:   jessie
BIRTHDAY:   october  13th
GENDER:   khaleesi of the great grass sea
ORIENTATION:   my boyfriend abhadon ( @rubvik )

FAVOURITE  SODA:   dr. pepper with vodka
FAVOURITE  CANDY:   anything coated in that sour patch/trolli sugar. or those peach ring things. any candy. all candy as long as it’s not that peppermint york trash or butterfinger.
FAVOURITE  PIZZA:   this may sound gross (it did to me at first), but i had chicken bacon ranch pizza at a resort last week. it was amazing. 
   i hate salad!
FAVOURITE MEAL:   chili con carne and mac and cheese. trust me. 

BEST  MEMORY:    driving 20 hours to pick my beloved maltipoo up from her breeder in alabama. she was so small that she fit in my palm. we did the exchange in a waffle house parking lot. it was wild. 
BEST  FRIEND:   abhadon. @rubvik. there’s no word that can justly describe what he means to me.
BEST  RELATIVE:   they’ve passed away.
BEST  PET:   dixie. my maltipoo is my heart. i also have a calico cat named madison who i pulled out of a window well when she was a week old and bottle-raised. 
BEST  CELEBRITY:   chelsea wolfe. mads mikkelsen <– old man crush.

ONE  RANDOM  FACT  ABOUT  YOU:   i used to intern for maury and part of my job was to fold his sweaters. 
ONE  RANDOM  FACT  ABOUT  YOUR  DAY:   i spent a chunk of it editing a side project.  
ONE  RANDOM  FACT  ABOUT  YOUR  JOB / SCHOOL:   i hate it, but can do it from anywhere. i technically never have to show up at the office, which is great because i’m not a people person.
ONE  RANDOM  FACT  ABOUT  YOUR  FAVOURITE  TV  SHOW:   they killed my lord and savior, ragnar lothbrok!!! 
ONE  RANDOM  FACT  YOU  WISH  WAS  A  FACT  BUT  IT  ISN’T:  i filled this stupid thing out next to abhadon. 

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Saiyuki: Fashionably Reloaded 

You can’t argue with that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Minekura knows how to dress her men in style and boy does she bring it out in her illustrations. This is the bonus post card included with the purchase of a set of Saiyuki badges when purchased from Animate and features the same art used for the badges respectively.

Indeed, Sanzo seems to favor those coats with the fluffy necklines, Goku prefers sport-like jackets, Hakkai something slightly more dressy with scarves and Gojyo hoodies and leopard prints. If you ask me the style fits each of the men perfectly with their personalities and I feel Minekura being able to express part of their personalities through fashion is something amazing and makes sensei all that much more awesome in my book!

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A well-dressed man never goes out of style

i just thought about cas walking through a nature reserve or a national park in very early spring, when everything is just starting to sprout. the earth is waking and cas is walking through the trees, looking out of place in a trench coat and dress shoes. he smiles at the rivers and waterfalls, and gently strokes the trees. 

the next day or week after rangers are walking through, checking on their parks and reserves, and they see all of these plants in full-on bloom. may/june flowering plants are wide the fuck awake in the middle of march and all of the summer plants are active and covered in leaves and flowers. this lasts through the summer and on into fall, and it isn’t until the first snows that these plants decide the sleep

it’s written into the brochures about the parks, this incident that takes place rarely, where a few miles of trail flowers early and keeps flowering for too long

plants just so desperate to be alive, to witness. cas says nothing of course, he just greets his friends every couple of years, complimenting them on their beauty and vigor

Harry sits at a table, sipping his tea while he reads the paper. It’s a bit nippy outside, but Harry has always preferred colder weather. 

He glances up when some young men walk by. They’re joking about, ribbing each other good naturedly despite their rough dress. Harry enjoys to see that sort of thing, people being decent to each other.

Then he notices the middle one, in a snapback and coat that can’t nearly be warm enough. He’s smiling, grinning really with his teeth and dimples showcased perfectly.

Harry is struck. He continues sipping his tea, but the young men are loitering near the corner, so he’s in perfect view.

“You got a fuckin’ problem?” The middle one, the lovely one is glaring at Harry defensively and stalking up to his table. “Tryin’ ta stare us down cuz you think you bettah?”  

After recovering from a brief moment of shock, Harry folds his paper. “Not at all, you just have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.”

The young man blinks, red creeping into his face. “uh.”

“I apologize for offending you, I hadn’t realized I was staring.”

“S'alright,” the young man looks down. “Didn’t mean to yell at you or nothin’, just…”

He trails off and Harry smiles at the bashful look on his face. Well, in for a penny he supposes. “I hope I’m not being too forward, but may I buy you a drink?”


I NEED HELP MAKING A PATTERN FOR THIS THING.  It looks like a trench coat dress, kinda, with a standup collar and an open slit in the front of the skirt, like it’s a button up something-or-other.

If anyone can help me find a pattern for something like this or can help me make one (I’m mostly worried about making the collar and cuffs), I would sincerely appreciate it!

Okay, so Thranduil loves Bard just the way he is, old coat and boots and well worn gloves and hair a mess of curls, but there is just SOMETHING about seeing your other half just looking so FINE.

Like maybe there is some massive ball or festival or something that makes everyone just dress up in all their finery, LIKE THEIR WEDDING, and Thranduil is waiting, just mulling around with Elven officials, and avoiding the Dwarven leaders, and drinking fine wine and just enjoying being in his element amongst other beautiful people.

Then trumpets sound, and all eyes are on the stairs, the guards announce the arrival of King Bard of Dale, and he just looks stunning. And Thranduil just freezes, with that look that we haven’t seen since we saw him staring at a chest full of precious diamonds.

But Bard is just so much more than jewels, and up until this point, he and Bard have been courting not so privately, and Thranduil has never had a chance to see him like this. His hair is tamed, brushed back and trimmed, so is his beard and mustache. His clothes are new, and just, oh, they suit him so well. A deep blue, threaded with silver and he just looks like he is made of starlight. His back is straight, and his face is full of confidence, and he is prim and polished and he just wears it so well.

And he just seems to float down the stairs, he looks so happy, because for a man who has spent his days without a coin to his name, you will forgive him for being able to feel some sort of luxury. And before Thranduil realizing it, he’s making his way through the staring crowd to the base of the staircase, and Bard stops, and smiles a smile just for him.

And Thranduil is down on one knee, with a clean and manicured hand in his own and it’s warm and with a bow of his head, the Elven King presses a gentle kiss to the delicate skin on the top of Bard’s hand.

And Bard just sighs and a slight blush tinges his cheeks, and that is how you make a courting public.

Then Thranduil stands, and for once is taken off guard by his chin being taken in a gentle grip, and a firm kiss being bestowed on his lips and everyone knows that is a kiss of love and possession. For Bard is shy for taking things for himself, but the love of the King of the Woodland Realm is something he will NOT share.

Thranduil is more than happy with this.