i'm in the picture guys :d

I Graduated! :D

I didn’t think I would get here because of anxiety and depression but I did it! I graduated it from uni/college (whatever you call it where you’re from) :D It just shows you that anything is possible. So if you guys have dreams, go chase ‘em because I believe in you! <3


@therealjacksepticeye and community, are you guys proud of me? :P

p.s yeah that’s a music dress you can see in the picture, got it made specially for the occasion :)

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D

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your artstyle is so cute! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 i love it 💕


sOOOOO today I was *that person* who wanted a page of their favourite chapter signed at WorldCon. Gave GRRM a chuckle and prompted him to ask if I’m a Brienne fan!

sorry for lazy editing and crappy pictures but sdfghjkljkhjghfdsasgdfghhgkfjdhsgasdfghgfdsgashjfkghgfjhsgagshdfgfdsfghfgkfdsasgd


(Originally posted this on my Branch blog but decided to move it)

Hi, sorry I haven’t been active in a while guys! I’ve been dealing with some stuff, but to make it up to you, I bring you the pictures from my Christmas Vacation to Japan and the Philippines!

Branch and Poppy had fun lol

There’s more to come, but here they are for now! Some pics from Japan :D


GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’M SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This book is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! 

It’s HUGE, and filled with some of Jamie’s most gorgeous works, and even some sketches I haven’t even SEEN before!!!!!!! I can’t stop STARING at it, I feel like I might ruin it if I touch it!! 😂 

I might post more pictures for you guys soon!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨😍🎉

THANK YOU JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


My Aloy/Talanah picture made the Guerrilla fanart board :D So much beautiful art up there, I’m thrilled to be included. 

These beautiful tumblr mutuals @misshammett, @goodbye-to-gravity, @twerkhammett, @as-cold-as-her-sorrow, @odinswarhorse, @aleksandroskaya, @lafemmedemon, @theweirdgirlthatlikesmetal, @quasarior, @type-ho-negative and @hera-salander tagged me to post a selfie, thank you! You guys are fantastic! ;3

I randomly found this fuckin’ cool picture of me during Edguy concert. Kudos to the photographer for this awesome shot!

Anywhore :D I’m tagging you folks: @asylumsammet, @nightmaretoremember94, @bruceedickinson, @bierserker, @bathory-babe, @verschwundenn, @cassiusthecorrupterofsouls, @hanfski, @helloweeny-gamma-maiden, @death-delirium, @sacrenotremort, @skadi-och-skjoell, @paradoxoftheflame, @infinitedreamsprowler, @tarinya-quinn, @truth2099, @ruxandravalkyrie, @tobiassammetsavangaysia, @goona and @the-sea-cook

My experience meeting Louis Tomlinson

So… I don’t know how I’m going to explain this, but I’ll try. (I’m sorry for my bad english, btw)

I was at home in pajamas, watching some geek videos, and then, my best friend texted me telling me to go and have dinner with her at the W hotel in Barcelona. I dressed up, and went there with her, and, by the time we arrived, we saw like a hundred of girls waiting outside, so we asked them why were they there, and they told us that Louis fucking Tomlinson was here with his step-dad. So we went at the bar for a drink while waiting for another friend, and, like 10 minutes later, a group of people in their 30’s/40’s came where we were, and Louis was with them. When I saw him, I didn’t realized that it was actually Louis Tomlinson standing in front of me, and I kind of freaked out. I was like “omg omg omg Alex it’s Louis omg I’m going to die”, and she was like “wow calm down”… nevermind.

A few minutes later, we went upstairs to the restaurant, and we saw that Louis and the others were there too, but like in a room for themselves. We had dinner freaking out a little, and, by the time we finished, we went out to the balcony to smoke, and 10 minutes later, Dan appeared from literally nowhere, and my friend was like “oh it’s Dan”, and I was trying really hard to not scream or something. So I checked my phone, and at the exact same moment my friend grabbed me by my arm and I turned out, and there he was. Louis Tomlinson. In the same couch as me. just beside me. I don’t know how I did it, but I actually talked to him like “hey how are u?”, and I tried to tell him to be careful because there was a l of people waiting for him downstairs (we knew that because this girls actually asked us to go and see if he was there), but, I mean, I’m half-french /half-spanish, and my english was sooo confusing, so he didn’t understand me well. But he was like, so so so cute, he told me “well… I don’t know what you’re trying to say to me, just, we’ll go step by step”, and my friend explained it to him, because I don’t know how but she could actually speak with a good english even if her mother tongue is french. Then, we talked to him like… we had a real conversation with him, talking about life, about what he was doing in barcelona, he asked us if we could give him a cigarette, we gave him one, we asked him for his lighter and he gave it to us (he told to my friend: “sure, love” :’) ), he tried to tell us some words in french, like, (joking), “ferme ta bouche” (wich is like: shut up) and I told him “well it’s better to say ferme ta gueule, it’s more… bad ass” (ferme ta gueule is shut the fuck up), and he actually laughed at it, then he checked what I was doing on my phone (I was trying to see myself ‘cause I had a bad face today), and he was like “wtf are u doing”… and then I don’t know, we talked for like 15 minutes more or less, and he was so so sooo sweet to us. At the beginning, when I saw him passing by, I was like “oh my god I’m going to die oh my god I guess it’ll bother him if I ask him for a picture..”, but not at all! He’s one of the sweetest famous people that I’ve met, really open-minded, and chilled out. He was talking to us like if we were friends, he explained to us what he was going to do, why he came here, etc. And I think it’s because of his behaviour that I didn’t freaked out and I could talk to him so easily, we were fucking joking with him, I mean, now I think about that and I just can’t believe it.

He’s also sooo much prettier (if that’s possible) in person, and not that small ;) and he seemed so happy. 

When he was going to leave, I asked him for a picture, and he laughed and said “I saw that coming”, and he gave my phone to Dan, and this guy…. he took a selfie… and then Louis was like “oh my god that’s a really bad joke”, and Dan laughed and then took the actual picture. Then they leaved, and Louis told us “Aurevoir!”, supeeer duper cuuuute :’)

I’m sure that I’m leaving some details in the story, but it was 2 hours ago and I’m still shaking, but the essential is here :)

If you ever have the chance to have him this close, just, be nice to him, I assure you that he’ll be just as sweet!

Here’s the picture :D

Oh, and here is Dan taking a selfie:

thanks for reading !

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I'm pretty sure that the guys in those two scenes are the "not cool enough" guys and then Even brought his own friends, who are the ones in the scene where Isak walks past Even and his friends and then bumps into someone.. Because Henrik took a picture with those guys on set and put it on his insta.. So those are more likely his friends and the ones at the kosegruppa meeting are the ones that we exchanged..



The cool squad is actually formed by henrik’s real life friends:

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have u two heard about the vote about same sex marriage in Australia its been going on for a while and finally we got the results so many people voted yes I'm so happy now all we need to do is wait its up to the parliament to enforce the law :D

YEAH! We saw!
One of our fav artists drew a picture on it and it was super gay <3

We are so happy for you guys! 


The summer sun kisses a blushing sky good night in Moonlight Falls.

You know that picture from Jameela Jamil’s Instagram story where she’s at the dentist’s or something and she’d photoshopped her face making 5-6 weird, distressed expressions flying over her head and then caption is ‘these are the internal thoughts of self pity’ or something like that? Ya I think about it on a daily basis…

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What are your thoughts on my rarepair that I think I'm literally the only person to have considered it: David x the bartender (from into town)? :D

to be HONEST with you the pairing has crossed my mind sometimes between season 1 and 2. i didn’t give it awfully much thought tho other than the fact that i always HCed that in my serial killer au, the actual victim (not pictured) was bartender guy, and there was def something happening before david panicked and killed him