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chat noir’s nine lives


- the first time chat noir dies, he doesn’t even notice. 

he’s flung a hundred feet into a solid brick wall before everything goes dark. he wakes up in a hospital bed with a sheet over his face and ladybug crying by his bedside.


- the second time chat noir dies, it’s slow enough for him to realize what death tastes like. 

it floods his mouth, stains his teeth, and numbs his tongue so he can’t find the words to call out for help. it’s sweet enough to make him want to swallow it back and keep fighting, but his stomach won’t let him keep it down and forces him to suffer through the aftertaste that makes his head swim and his vision grow spotty. it drips down his throat and spills past his lips. he wants to be rid of it, but it hurts him to let it go. he wants to stand, but it’s much easier to slip to the ground and sleep. 

maybe he doesn’t taste death. maybe it’s just the blood filling his mouth. 


- the third time chat noir dies, plagg sits him down and explains that this isn’t immortality. 

adrien listens as he lifts his shirt and stares at the scar today’s bullet wound gave him as a token of his sacrifice. all this time he thought his powers of chaos and destruction had also gifted him a mastery over death. more importantly, he thought he had the opportunity to shut his eyes to fear and be the shield ladybug deserved. she is creation, hope, and life. a light like hers doesn’t deserve to be suffocated before she has a chance to enchant the rest of the world. 

but magic doesn’t make him invincible, and his chivalry has a time limit.


- the fourth time chat noir dies, he begins to keep track so he doesn’t lose count. 

he marks his deaths in sharpie marker right over his heart so he doesn’t forget who he’s dying for. 

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I fucking love Eren and Levi, Levi and Eren, individually and together, humanity’s last hope and humanity’s strongest, the moon and the sun, humanity’s cleanest couple, capricorn and aries, the best duo, I repeat, I LOVE LEVI AND EREN

my study moods
  • Tired but still going: eyes twitching, didn't sleep more than two hours last night (or not at all), "I can study a little bit more, it's okay"
  • Not today: opens book, reads a word, sighs, closes book
  • Doing a lot, learning a little: drinks 7 liters of coffee while listening to someone explain magnetic fields (even through I'm taking notes on biology), thinking about my to do list
  • The procrastinator: "I know I have like 36 chapters for tomorrow but I suddenly have this urge to research about aromatherapy"
  • Time traveling: studies for nine hours straight, "when did the sun go down?"
  • Inverse pomodoro: very proud because I wrote like two sentences, time to take a four hours break
  • Hate/love relationship: "I hate this subject" I mumble as I keep studying it

“I’m happy for him, you know?”

She whispers to the stars one night.

“I mean sure, I wanted it to be us in the end. I’ve thought that with quite a few people-”

“But now that I see him with her, I think I understand.”

She closes her eyes.

“Love is wanting him to be happy” she simply says. “Even if that happiness is not with me.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #120

If your write the whole couple name (ex:Yoonmin) in the body of the post or in a ask it will appear in the tag even if it wasn’t tagged! So, please try to break up couple names (ex: Nam-Jin, Ji.Kook, VK, 2_Seok, tae/gi, etc) so there is no accidental cross tagging! Espiecally if the couple isn’t the main topic! We ALL would like to see our couple ONLY in out tags.

If your post is Pro: Jihope don’t tag it as Yoonseok OR if the couple is main Taejin with a small mention of vmon, don’t tag vmon! OR If the post is Kookiemoster with some small bashing of Jungseok (ex: JK “I only love Namjoon Hyung!” JH “I thought you love me?” JK “Uh, no… only Namjoon Hyung”) don’t tag it all Jungseok. OR that adorable picture of one member, it’s cute but also doesn’t need to be in the ship tag.
OR if you get a negative ask about a ship and you tag its as a different ship cause of “it’s usually between these two-” like don’t tag it cause no one wants to see it on either side.
We ALL just want to see POSITIVE posts about our ships in the tag!! So let’s try to keep our tags about our ships and not about other ships!

PLEASE and THANK YOU ^^ I’m sure all of us relate to this ^^ #stopcrosstagging2k17


ya’ll y’all wanted a selfie, ya’ll y’all got one two! 📸

I promised this like a month ago now let’s all go back to our simming and pretend this didn’t happen


@ragtimedevil Well then! Didn’t sketch anything today/yet buuut i finished those two already! (and i removed the hands from the giant skull dude in the first pic caaause i hate hands : D)

And since i always draw while listening to one song over and over again to stay in the right mood for the art ™ i’ll add the songs as well.

1. Picture | 2. Picture

as promised, nick and charlie as teddy boys! I’m pretty sure i drew this already for the 30 day au challenge…. OH WELL

{more halloween art!}

MCV: goes two phases without really bothering about the casualties and victims of the Avengrs
DCEU: deals with the consequences of unlimited power in the second entry and while it took a specific event to unfold, it showed that the mood was slowly rising since events in Metropolis. Asks moral questions
MCV: um, actually, you know what…

Unpopular opinion on the new Cas coat: it makes him look even more like a sack of potatoes than the original one did. There might be some meta-meaning for how flipping STIFF and uncomfortable it looks, but I’m gonna just… ignore it and hope it goes away.


fusion au with bumblebee B^)

if he was a fusion, he’d probably be made up of these two dweebs! i guess their dynamic is somewhere along the lines of “we like each other but we don’t know what love is so we just stay fused, completely oblivious to the fact that this is Gay”

nips-and-tats  asked:

Harry being in a very cuddly mood, not really saying much just laying his head in your lap, on your boobs or stomach, just to get your attention and for you to pet his hair. (I'm in a fluffy mood today as you can see). Hope you're having a wonderful day, hon. xx

You would probably be studying or reading a book and you’ll be struggling to concentrate because he looks so handsome with those heart-shaped lips, eyes absorbing every detail of your face and his soft hair tickling the skin on your boobs. You two are lying on the king sized bed which he fell in love with when he saw it in the shop.
“Love” he says with a lazy smile and you already know what he wants.
You bury your finger in those tangled curls of his and start massaging his scalp. His eyelids close and his smile grows. He looks so rested and calm and you can’t resist but give him a small peck on his lips.

My day is already wonderful by imaging and writing this. Thank you so much! Xx

Two moods when my instrument breaks:

Mood 1: *sigh* Oh gosh, what’s wrong with you now? Hopefully we can fix you by the end of the day. Now let’s see if we can figure out what you need in order to work properly…

Mood 2: Fuck you, you damn stupid instrument! What do you want from me, you needy piece of crap?! If you don’t work by the end of the day, I’ll push you off the roof!

graydalestairs  asked:

I'm in a Kierark mood today after answering an ask sooooo Kierark 2, 3, 7, 9 thx! :)

happy to oblige ;DD

2. Who reminds the other to take care of themselves?

Mark is definitely the more scatter-brained of the two, so Kieran has to remind him about a lot of things (”Mark- your shirt is on backwards.” *looks down at shirt* “Ah. So it is.”)

3. Who is happier when they are out in nature?

From canon we know that both of them love being outside from experience of the hunt, so definitely both of them. If they settled down I think they’d get a home with a large garden and a glass roof, so at night in bed they could look up at the stars.

7. Who plans the romantic date?

I feel like Mark would try and plan the date, but it would go horribly wrong, like they’d take a boat out and it would end up capsizing. Kieran doesn’t mind though.

9. Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare?

Kieran, definitely. We saw from Stars to Burn that he calms Mark down when he’s awoken from a nightmare, and I feel though Kieran can be hot-headed at times, he has a calming presence that relaxes Mark.

Send me a couple/OT3 and numbers and I’ll answer them for you!

I wish the show would have kept Irri around, specially now that we have a possible baby coming. 

Just imagine Irri running around Winterfell looking for Jon Snow, while pulling Missandei with her, because there isn’t any other way to tell him that he needs to get a stallion’s heart for Daenerys to eat without the girl’s translations. And Dany walking fast behind the two girls, talking in Dothraki as well. 

All this while a very confused Jon watches the scene from one of the wooden balconies, until he catch the Maester running behind them shouting “Your grace!, please is unwise to run on your condition!”