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Discovery - Deniall fic

Today is my buddy Simon’s birthday (happy birthday bruh!!) and he is deniall trash so I wrote him a deniall fic for his big day. This is for you @lifegoeson-wecarryon​ <3

word count: 696

In which Baz finds out about Deniall and Dev and Niall find out about Snowbaz


“Baz, when was the last time you spoke to Dev and Niall?” Simon asked, leaning over the counter and reaching for the flour.

   Baz held the sieve over the bowl as Simon poured, reading “150g” from the scone recipe on his phone.

“Well, I suppose the last time I saw them was at the Leavers Ball”

“Don’t you think you should give them a call, catch up?”


   Baz put the sieve in the sink and leant over Simon for the bag of sugar, attempting to ignore the sudden questioning over his childhood friends.

“Baz, you were friends for seven years.”

“And I haven’t seen them in four.”

“I think you should call them.”

“I think you should preheat the oven.” Baz dusted Simon’s nose with excess flour.

   Dev and Niall didn’t want to hear from him, he was sure. Regardless, how would he explain that the boy he had them scheming against for years was now his boyfriend?


Dev pulled away from Niall, met with the frowning face of the boy he was just kissing. “My phone,” he said, reaching for the coffee table to answer the call.

   A look of surprise spread across his face, and he answered the phone while locking eyes with Niall.

“Baz Pitch?”

Niall mouthed a shocked ‘No!’, leaving his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

“What in Merlin’s name do you want?” Dev smiled into the phone, his voice laced with the light heartedness of the comment.

   Niall moved closer on the sofa, trying to listen into the conversation. When Dev put the phone down, Niall immediately asked, “Well?”

“He wants to meet us for coffee.”

“Baz Pitch wants to ‘catch up’ with us?”

“Why shouldn’t he, you numpty. We knew him for seven years.”

“He just…never seemed like the kind of guy who would be interested in a reunion.”

   Dev had to admit, he was surprised to hear from Baz after all these years of radio silence, though he was interested to hear what he was up to now. He never did learn what came of his feud with Simon Snow. More importantly, how would he explain that the boy he’d been best friends with for years was now his boyfriend?


“So Baz, let’s cut to the chase, why the sudden interest to reunite with your childhood cronies?” Niall asked, prompting Dev to shove him in the shoulder.

“Idiot.” Dev whispered, rolling his eyes while Niall grinned back at him.

Baz raised an eyebrow at the exchange across the table. “To be honest, this was Simon’s idea. Though-” He was cut off by Dev.

“Simon…Simon Snow?”

“Don’t tell me you’re now friends with Snow,” Niall scoffed, then continued, “after all those years of plotting.” He and Dev both let out a sigh, but neither of them could say they were at all mad.

   In fact, it hadn’t taken long before the three were comfortably chatting, just like old times. Dev and Niall were pleased to see just how happy Baz seemed; after years of teen angst and a pretty depressing childhood, they were beyond glad to notice that post-Watford life seemed to be treating their old friend well.

“Friends with Snow?” Baz repeated, “You could say that.”

   The look in his eyes told the two sat opposite him everything. After years of friendship with the heavily guarded Pitch boy, both Dev and Niall had become experts in reading him like a potion recipe.

   Taken aback slightly, they shared a glance, while Baz continued “And you two, still friends I see?”

Niall turned back to Baz, always the one to speak without a filter, and simply replied “You could say that.”

   A smirk fell onto his face as he leaned closer to Dev, the other leaning closer to and shrugging at Baz indifferently.

   Baz merely raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was glad that the three of them had finally grown up into lives that they were happy with.

   Even though he was pushed into this meeting by Simon, Baz was pleased to see his old friends after so long, and to see them happy together.

“About time too. Good men.”  

gobletcharm74  asked:

Hi Steph. I could use some advice. I have a (fan made) Sherlock wallpaper skirt that I used to love, but ever since S4, I haven't been able to bring myself to wear it, which makes me sad, because it really is a great skirt and I miss the days when wearing it made me happy. I thought that maybe I would try wearing it for Pride, because I thought that wearing it in that context would remind me why I used to love it. Sherlock was, after all, the reason I figured out I was queer 1/3

in the first place, and as angry and hurt as I am, I never want to let S4 stop me from loving the first 3 seasons. But now the night before the Pride celebration, I’m having second thoughts. What if I find wearing it too painful and it takes away from my enjoyment of the celebration? What if other people see it and find it triggering? But I’m also worried that if I don’t wear it now, I’ll never be able to wear it again. 2/3

(I never stopped reading fic and looking at fanart, btw. I’m not sure why this is so different). This is really last minute and I know you’re busy so don’t feel at all bad if you don’t get a chance to answer in time, but if you can I’d really appreciate it! Thanks! 3/3

OH GOSH LOVELY I hope I’m not too late!!! I seriously missed the last part of this ask so I am sorry if I am.

Personally? WEAR IT. Sherlock helped you understand who you are! You made it yourself, so it’s not even an official thing! I’ll be honest with you: I have a lot of Anons tell me I should “just stop” liking Sherlock (I dunno, maybe they can’t stand seeing me so happy? What a sad and lonely life they must lead), and you think I’m gonna let them tell me what I can and cannot enjoy? Heck no! Listen, the first 3 seasons of Sherlock plus TAB were a MASTERPIECE and they helped me rediscover my love of writing and helped me become the person I am today. Seven months on, I can laugh about the absurdity of S4, and push it aside most days and pretend it never happened. I know the series is probably done, but a lot of shows have that “one episode / series we don’t talk about”. 

Anyway, I think you should wear it; be proud of it, do it, and be proud of who you are! And if people are bothered by it, they don’t have to look at you. If anything, I think you’ll get more compliments than not, and if they ask you what you thought of S4, tell them “yeah, no, I don’t know her” (I have actually had a few people in my real life ask me, and I told them that even the fandom had a lot of issues with it, so no I don’t really like it). 

Seriously, don’t let the piss-poor writing of Mofftiss take away your enjoyment of the series. Sherlock Holmes is public domain, which means it belongs to Us, the public, which means your Sherlock is gay and in love with John and that is A-OK :D

I do hope you wear the skirt! <3 If I’m not too late, I hope you also take pics of it! I’d love to see it and show everyone how beautiful it is! <3

Love you, and please have a fantastic day :D <3

EDIT: In response to the fics / art: It’s because the fandom writes and creates a better ending than Canon did <3

take me home - Madelinedear - Cars (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

words: 6835

Smokey & Doc centric, with a helping of McQueen and dash of Sally

Inspired by Doc’s letters

Smokey leans forward in the bar seat, straining his eyes. The camera makes a quick pan over the pit crews before cutting back to McQueen, who was making headway. A glint of navy and a familiar outline parked next to the crew chief stand has his head spinning, and he unconsciously rises out of his chair to get a closer look.

Feeling slightly dazed, he begins.

“Hey, did that look like-”

Before he can finish his sentence, the image cuts to an overview of McQueen’s pit crew, finally landing on a close up of his new crew chief. Gray haired and stern faced, barking instructions into the head piece.

The announcer cuts him off.

“Darrell, it appears McQueen has got himself a pit crew, and look who he has for a crew chief.”

The crowd gives a vicious roar, and the figure on screen glances briefly at the screen, blinking when he sees an image of himself. He makes eye contact with a camera, giving it an entirely unimpressed look before turning his attention to the race.

It can’t be, Smokey thinks, eyes glued to the scream. Louise has his arm in a vice grip. He can feel the crescents of her nails digging into his skin.

“Wow, this is history in the making! Nobody has seen the racing legend in over fifty years!”

For a moment the entire bar goes dead quiet, and Smokey’s mind goes blank.

or; The first letter arrives on a Tuesday

anonymous asked:

"don't sub in catholic guilt for matt's canon depression"auden i love you so much oh my goddddd nearly everyone in this fandom makes fun of matt for being "mopey" like he's just a sensitive little baby. and then act like foggy is the model for what matt SHOULD be like and it really makes me angry after a while

i h a t e when people act like matt is just a mopey baby. it’s super infantilizing and dismissive to act like his response to a whole slew of things in his life is just being sensitive, and it’s erasive of his extensive history of trauma and abuse and mental illness. like matt isn’t some moody teenager, or even someone just largely oriented towards guilt and penitence by his faith. even if he didn’t have this fucking laundry list of traumas, it’s super gross to mark him as mopey or make fun of him for his pain. like?? he has depression. he definitely has symptoms that would line up with many other mental illnesses, especially PTSD.

i also really despise when people hold foggy up as the model for who matt murdock should be. it’s just… let’s be honest, it’s super ableist. the reason foggy gets held up as a model — and the reason matt can’t be like foggy — is that foggy is nondisabled. foggy responds to situations differently because he is neurotypical and nondisabled. matt is neither of those things, and so he has distinct emotional responses and faces different circumstances

like, foggy can’t understand or relate to matt becoming daredevil because foggy hasn’t been conditioned and manipulated into seeing his body as a weapon in a war he doesn’t understand, hasn’t faced the kind of violent loss without justice that matt experienced even as a child, doesn’t have to live day-by-day with the pity and imposed, presumed helplessness that matt experiences and struggles against. foggy doesn’t understand matt’s vicious anger because foggy does not experience the conditions that led to matt developing that, and wouldn’t respond to those conditions the same way anyways because he’s neurotypical and nondisabled. 

acting like matt should be more like foggy — should be more like a nondisabled neurotypical person — is super ableist, and also neglects the fact that no matter what matt does, he will never be sufficiently like foggy or another nondisabled NT person to be satisfactory for the world around him. if the aim is to be as abled and NT as possible, disabled people are always going to rank second best, because we can never be more abled than abled people. matt — mild-mannered attorney matt murdock, who plays the respectability politics game every day — knows that, and as daredevil, he doesn’t have to play that anymore. he can be something other than just ‘striving to be as abled as possible’ — he can be daredevil, who can only exist within matt’s embodied position of neurodivergence and disability. 

I’m happy @sormikhell tagged me because I actually wanted to do this one.

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

Tales of Zestiria (duh, you all saw that one coming)

Code Geass

Dramatical Murder

The first character you loved:

Mikleo - boy got me with that silver hair+purple eye combo that I’m weak to. And then he was snarky but so utterly adorable and devoted, ugh, I was dead from the get go and wasn’t ready. 

Lelouch - he had those purple eyes. You think I’m joking about how weak I am. I liked his cunning and ability to play chess with every situation. 

Kojaku - he made me laugh early on and he was my favorite until I learned more about others (Noiz and Aoba being my favorites now. Plus Clear baby.) 

The character you never expected to love so much: 

Zaveid - I saw the typical womanizer douche bag troupe coming in hot and instantly turned away. And I grew to love him like the rest of the Zesty cast (seriously, the only characters in that whole game I legit don’t like are Lunnare and Micheal). 

Suzaku and Shirley - yes I’m cheating and putting two, because within the first few episodes they were in the same category of expecting ‘bland character only here to serve some shallow excuse of character development for our protag’ Oh boy. How wrong I was. 

Noiz - literal aesthetic of punk ass kid with a superiority complex. But now, I will fucking fight anyone who insults him (even though he could do a much better job on his own).

The character you relate to the most:

Mikleo? Definitely relate to the insecurities and desire to become stronger. But Mikleo actually works his ass off, where as I… do not. 

Shirley - Yeah, once I grew to like her, I really really came to like her. She’s almost exactly me. 

Aoba I guess? He didn’t have any major life goals that were apparent; just working and having a comfortable home life. 

The character you’d slap:

Micheal - he needed a good slap after everything in Camlann. Hell, before that even, probably right around when he decided to ditch his responsibilities as Shepherd. 

Lelouch - I know he got at least one slap during the series (it’s been quite some time since I’ve actually watched it) but there were far too many times he needed a good one. 

Virus - Trip too, but Virus more so. Though I’d rather him get a fist shattering his jaw. (The main game, I didn’t hate him too much, but then ReConnect… yeah…) 

Three favourite characters (these are in order of preference):

Mikleo/Sorey/Rose (*sheds a tear because hates having to rank Mikleo and Sorey* Mikleo just barely wins. Barely. It’s never my first choice though) 



A character you liked at first but don’t anymore:

Lunarre - liked him for a short while as in interesting villain but then he never had any development

Kallen - I liked her for a while as a strong female character, but after a while she just started to feel flat and too focused on her feelings towards Lelouch.  

Virus - He was interesting and I trusted him for a while, but once I grew suspicious of him it was all downhill from there

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

Heldalf - Couldn’t help but feel sorry for him after learning his backstory. 

Milly - I found her annoying at first, but seeing how hard she tried for what she wanted made me grow to like her.

Noiz - ugh I did not care for him at first at all, and then he turned out to be this cinnamon roll who deserved so much more. 

3 OTPs:

Sormik/Rosali/Mikuedo (as brotp)

EuphSuza/LuluCC/SuzaLulu (I bounce between platonic and romantic here)



@amarietie @skia-visuals @neodiji (apologies if any of you have been tagged and I just never saw it) and anyone else that wants to do it.

10 fandoms/10 characters tag except I sketch little profiles for all of them

Tagged by @ferelden-doglord <3

Now witness me go a bit extra on an ask tag bc it’s never a bad time to draw my faves

1. Sherlock Holmes is my all-time fave tbh and I’ve never drawn him before?

2. Javert, what a surprise considering what I post lately

3. Haytham Kenway aka I was crying over this video game for weeks

4. Regis, the only vampire character I’ve ever loved

5. Iorweth (or Iorveth, whatevs), he made Tolkien references, how can I not love him

6. Aaron Burr, precious child

7. Legolas, my elf son, I was dying watching him defy gravity in the cinema at 5 AM

8. Archie, my dumb son who almost drowned the world

9. Koga, he wat throwing blood around (also can u feel the anime tonight)

10. Aaaand Haymitch, I loved every scene with him


Hourou Musuko ED “For You” English Lyrics

(Verse 1)

“You should always put your needs before others”

There I go, a twisted point of view!

I pretend I’m joking when I say this, but I know that can’t be true!

I get drunk off of praising every move I make.

To be honest, I live my whole life just for my own sake.

(Verse 2)

“Have I helped this planet that we live on become a more loving place?”

I often ask myself this question, monologuing into empty space.

If helping one person will let me start anew,

Then I guess I should start changing right now, here with you.


When I got used to the feel of the town I’m in, everything begins to change!


I wanna cry for you,

So I can take away the pain and share in all your happiness.

I wanna smile for you,

So I can find a song of love that’s not for me, and we’ll be friends, you and I.

(Verse 3)

I’ve been taking what I have for granted, putting wants before my needs,

Just to clear all my sins from my mind, so I can hide the bad in me.

So I can try and look like the good person that I want to be.

I don’t know why, hard as I try, I’ll never be who I want to see.


All I do is build an illusion around me, though you say I should act natural,


I wanna cry for you,

And when I show my true emotions to you, my heart starts to clear.

I wanna dream for you,

So I can find a song of hope that stays within my mind, forever and more!


All for you, all for me,

The things, I do for you become things for me,

Even when I try to be selfless, it helps me too.

(Verse 4)

And when I meet a new person for the first time, my wheel of kindness starts to grow,

And when I stop joking to everyone, and become someone I want to know,

When I speak with my true voice, and help someone with their healing,

Maybe that warmth in my heart is the world’s best feeling.


I wanna live for you,

So I can take away the pain and share in all your happiness.

Oh, I wanna sing for you,

So I can find a song of hope that stays with me, even after I wake up!

I wanna cry for you,

And when I show my true emotions to you, my heart starts to clear.

Oh, I wanna sing for you,

So I can find a song of hope that stays with me, even after I wake up!

I wanna cry for you, smile for you…

Dream for you.

-Me watching the FNAF fandom die-  

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