i'm in tears with this interview

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#10 Senator Ren/General Hux? 😜

“Senator Ren,” Intwing Sluice said, relishing the single syllable of his enemy/lust object’s name, “do you truly deny the nature of your relationship with General Hux? Even after the graphic holovid of you engaging in vigorous sodomy was released to the public through eXXXoTube, making it the single most popular vid on the HoloNet that didn’t involve tentacles?” 

Ren cleared his throat. “A moment, please,” he said, and took a few sips of water. “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to address rumors when they can’t get more views than a Rathtar anally loving a Quarren sexpert.” 

“You are bound by the Republican Constitution to answer questions dealing with national security,” Intwing pressed. 

With a smile, Ren replied, “According to this unsubstantiated holovid, it was not my security being breached.” 

“So you admit that someone’s security was being breached, unprotected?” 

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I think I left my oven droid on.” Ren got to his feet, gathering up his long robes as he made an impeccably stately exit. He slumped over as he took the single stair, and looked back on the camera with his effulgent brown eyes seeming to mist over with tears. “I think I twisted my ankle… I can’t do any more interviews today.” 

Intwing crumpled up the flimsi he was holding and threw it at the floor. 

so daddyofive is finally being properly investigated by cps, cps said they were unaware of the videos the first time they were contacted, they deleted all of their videos and i guess they’re done with youtube, they put out an ‘apology’ video which horrible, so they deleted it and made another where they look more tearful and upset and it was still a bunch of bs

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I'm kinda dreading today. Not because of the episode itself, but because of what is going to come out of fandom about the episode. And also, I always dread whenever A&E have panels or interviews anyway. And I don't like C$ so I think I can pretty much ignore whatever comes out of it. And if they happen to mention Regina, I hope it's not to crush us in tears.

I hate screener episodes because everyone lies about them.

me at a job interview
  • Hot Boss guy: So do you have any special talents?
  • me: *aggressively sweats* *thinks about all the smut I write* Well I write a lot in my free time.
  • Hot Boss guy: That's cool! So what else do you do in your free time?
  • me: *thinks about tumblr* *thinks about gay fanart* *thinks about all the hardcore kinky smut* *sweat begins to pour out of my pours like an ocean* I read...
  • Hot Boss guy: What do you like to read?
  • me: ...
  • Hot Boss guy: ...
  • me: *whispers* gay smut...
  • Hot Boss guy: *eyes widen and takes off glasses, and sighs deeply, as a tear falls out of the corner of his eye* you're one of them...
  • me: *stands up* Please I'm not like the others! I'm different!
  • Hot Boss guy: *stands up as well* You're all the same!
  • me: *tear falls down face and I sniffle* *I turn my head as a bright object catches my attention* *I look and it's... it's...the tumblr app open on his phone* *I gasp and look up at him in shock* No... You, you're?
  • Hot Boss guy: *eyes widen out of shock* No! You weren't supposed to see that I'm not-
  • me: *cuts him off* You're one of us... *whispers* I like your shoelaces...
  • Hot Boss guy: *tears start falling down his cheek and he lowers his voice, looking down* Thanks... I stole them from the president.
  • (A long pause before either of us speak)
  • Hot boss guy: You got the job...

sam beckett met a drunk man destroying a vending machine and was like “this is my new best friend. yes. this one will do.”

he probably ran right home and told his cat all about it.

okay, so after a few hours, i’m finally kinda less angry?? and i’ll just announce what i wanted to say. because gosh, i’m bursting with happiness and i honestly teared up on the train home…..

i was called in for an essay test + interview for one of the universities i applied to!

ok, i’m gonna say more because i’m afraid to jinx it!!!! but yes, i actually was shortlisted?? simple ol’ me??? this is crazy because i’m the least deserving individual out there. but i’m thankful for the opportunity and i’ll try to write a bomb essay and make a lasting impression!!!!!!


Frrrr….frrriiiickkk. I just called to set up an interview for my internship. I’m…I’m competing for the position. They’re going to do a group interview. I’m actually competing with three other students for two positions.

Lord give me strength. Somebody wish me luck because I really want this position.

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“He walks in the doorframe and looks at the machine, which is the embodiment of the love of his life, Christopher. He smiles, and in my mind, what I was saying was, ‘I’m coming to see you now.’ He turns off the light, walks into the darkness, and that’s it(..)”- x

I think I would definitely say that if people thought the Clockwork series brought on tears, it pales in comparison to TLH! I’ve already cried, and I’m only outlining!

Cassandra Clare, goodreads interview

God have mercy on our souls

If this is true, I don’t know how I’m going to function in daily life anymore. I was a wreck for weeks after Clockwork Princess.

Here’s a very interesting read from today’s Independent: No other actors will be allowed to play Colin Dexter’s detective after the late John Thaw.

Interesting bits include:

“Shaun will be the last person to play Morse,” Dexter said. “That was made clear from the word go.”

In his interview with the Radio Times, Evans revealed that rather than mimic Thaw, he settled on a Monty Python star for the detective’s mannerisms. “I listened a lot to Michael Palin, who was from the North, went to Oxford and was alive at that time. That’s how I imagine Morse’s voice.”