i'm in tears because i miss it so much

So in case I have missed anyone of you….I’m really pissed. And a sobbing mess. But mostly pissed.

I didn’t watch Naruto and Sasuke grow and fall in love only for them to end up marrying people that they don’t love.

I didn’t shed tears because of their bond for them to lose their smiles to marriages that lack chemistry just as much as the sun lacks water.

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I'm actually genuinely curious to hear what you think the White Rose reunion will be like? Do you think there will be tears? Hugs? Will they be closer? Etc :3

For starters, I think they absolutely will be closer. I think both of them will genuinely value one another more - because the distance and time apart made them appreciate it so much more. Weiss had to have missed Ruby’s positivity, since she was surrounded by so much negative back home. While Ruby probably missed Weiss’ stability. I am a big believer that Weiss is very good at keep Ruby out of trouble and helping to combat Ruby’s “hero syndrome” that she often throws herself at things she’s not really ready for 

As far as the actual reunion goes, I fully expect (and demand tbh) a hug between them. Possible tears would be pretty amazing - though it’d probably be more just teary eyed. They were strangely kind of inseparable at Beacon already (they’re always around one another) so I expect that to continue and even increase. 

I think Weiss will really value Ruby’s friendship and how Ruby never asks Weiss for anything or expects anything from her

Sns family discord be like:
  • Disclaimer - compiled real life events
  • Me, just woken up: Hhmmmmm, what should I do tod--?
  • Snsfamilydiscord chat, going wild: 103+ new messages
  • Me: God damn!
  • Me, 15 minutes of scrolling later: God damn... I missed? everything?
  • Me: Now who are we forcing into reading/watching what, when, where and why?
  • Member L: good night people
  • Me: Nuuu! *sigh* Oh, okay, sleep tight <3
  • Member H: Oh no, what did I miss nowwwww???
  • Me, dealing with fomo: SaMe dUde. *TT.TT*
  • Member I: *restarts a convo I missed but wanted to be a part of*
  • Me, kinda in love: *types furiously, tags like 10 ppl, oops they might be sleeping, oh well*
  • Member B: Guys check out this sns video that ripped me apart!
  • Member R, arted a thing and shares it on group: I did a silly, hehe
  • Me, staring at art for 5 mins straight: Damn, she good. Maybe...I can share some of my art. //Hey guys, I worded some sentences today and uploaded a crappy chappie, pls read, k thanks, bye// Well at least I put myself out the--
  • Member A: Need this now.
  • Member B: omg what if... *throws a hilarious scene idea at me*
  • Member C: LINK ME THIS ^^^^
  • Member D: <3
  • Me, outright sobbing, singing: Where I'm meant to be~~~
  • Member E: Guys! take this to the other chat, k thanks
  • Me and like six other snooping members, giggling: Oops
  • Member X: omfg guys I need an AU where *details an A+ fic*
  • Me, dying from want: Neeeddddd!!! Write it and finish it yesterday!
  • Member X: Sox, can't have an exam... but after
  • ~An hour later
  • Me, desperately: Fic me, fic me, fic me now!
  • Member N: *feeds me fics, like a loving enabler*
  • Member Y: guys! //this// live spectacles is awesome! look it!!
  • Me, red-eyed: Omg lolzor, hahahahahaha
  • Member Z: I can voice chat in 45 mins
  • Member O: I can come on in 15!
  • Me, pulling out my earphone: Hells yeah, more diverse voices to hear!! <3
  • Member F, that comes on once a day for like one hour: I love you guys so much
  • Me, overwhelmed, slightly tearful: I'm home.
  • ~15 hours later
  • Me, falling asleep over my cell phone while ranting about the possibilities of Team Taka and Team 7 getting along: It's 1 am, lol should prolly go to sl--
  • Member L: good morning!
  • Me, having missed member L: God damn it!!
  • ~2 hours later
  • Me, crying because my battery is on 1%: I'll miss you all, don't forget me!
  • New member, kinda shyly: Hi everyone
  • Me, typing furiously to welcome but the battery dies: And that's why I'm anti-ending! -.-"
Underbright: Shine of Hope

I really love your Underbright AU, its so beautiful and well done that I wanted to make a fiction of it as well. You could say that it’s a brightly idea and lighten ups our mood because it really shines and sparkle our inspirations. Heh, heh…anyways, I hope you like!


Author: CrystalGemSmashMario


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him: hey

me: hello i would give up my life for harry edward styles without hesitation because he is my only source of happiness and he is the light of my life & i would hijack nasa just to steal the brightest galaxy and give it to him because he deserves it and i miss him dearly

him: ……. same dude

A conversation with my mother about Exo:

okay first let me say I’m really shitty about explaining things in general so if this doesn’t make sense please forgive me.

So as you know the Exo Ko Ko Bop mv dropped today, which it’s hella good obviously. I told my mother that their mv dropped today because she knows how excited I’ve been when each of the separate teasers were released. So I decided to show the mv to her (btw I didn’t play the music for her because she’s not into the music I’m into or the way she calls it “music now of days”) as we were watching the mv my mother was flabbergasted by baekhyuns hair. That she asked me if it was his real hair and I told her no that it was hair extensions. My mom is a part of that age we’re mullets we’re in and she said that in her opinion “the mullet kind of suits him, but it’s not a true mullet”. So we continued on and then it came to the part we’re d.o and xiumin were kind of “high or drugged”. My mother shouted 4:20 when she saw it and then asked me why I loved dudes that are doing drugs in front of a camera. So we finally got to the end of the mv without any real funny commentary from my lovely Hispanic mother. I asked her what she thought the whole mv was about. When I asked her that she responded with “I’m guessing it’s about these boys trying to save that fairy princess with the pink or purple hair? But like the mullet guy is their to do whatever he was doing? Then that guy with the dreads was trying to seduce the fairy princess with his abs. Then at the end everyone was chill and decided to stop smoking weed?”

Honestly I don’t know which is more funny the fact my mother thought up a whole new concept or the way my mother was legit yelling in Spanish at the computer that Exo was “not old enough to be doing drugs and they will ruin their pretty faces so many people love”

This was just a brief story I’m not good at writing so forgive me because Spanish is my first language so this was kind of hard to explain.

Requested by @sizzlesx: Draco x griffyndor girl based on photograph by ed sheeran?

You and Draco hadn’t seen each other in months. You were finishing your final year of Hogwarts and he was - well you didn’t know exactly where. Draco and you had been so close throughout you 5th and 6th years and had celebrated your 18 month anniversary, but now that he was gone it just hurt, although the pain could have been something to do with the Carrows’ earlier punishment.

It was now Christmas and you, along with the other students who were spending their holidays in the Room of Requirement were feeling a distinct lack of Christmas cheer. Rumour had it that Aberforth was conjuring some form of dinner, but whether or it it would be edible was another matter. Your best friend Neville had gone to check, and bring any food already ready, he was due back any minute.

And here he was, Neville had returned. Bruised and battered, he was carrying an armful of Honeyduke’s sweets and a letter. You bound up to him, eager to help - anything to alleviate the boredom. As you reached for some of the food, so that you could hand it out, Neville thrust his other arm in front of you. The letter was addressed to you. You seized it, recognising the handwriting immediately, and found a quiet corner in which to read it .

Dear Y/N,

I miss you, you cannot imagine how much. I hate it here, surrounded by Death Eaters all the time, but not as much as I hate being away from you. Especially on Christmas, our anniversary. All I want is to be with you, but you know I can’t. My parents fear for me and no one can leave He Who Must Not Be Named; there’s no point trying, I’d be killed in an instant.

I will see you, my love, when this is over. One way or another we will meet again. For now all I can give you is this stupid photograph, of us last summer. It’s the one I never showed you, the one you always begged to see. I kept if because I wanted it to myself (I know, I'm selfish) but here it is. A little piece of the past frozen for us.

Merry Christmas, I love you.

Your Draco.

You were wiping away tears. This was the first letter you had gotten from Draco and it brought all of the supressed emotions flooding back. You missed him so much. You looked at the photograph, the two of you were laughing and looking at each other. It was a memory of happier time. Your love kept in a photograph.

To everyone who's been messaging me about Jake:

Thank you for all your comforting messages. It’s been hard trying to take it all in, because I kept holding on to that hope that it was just a false alarm. Jacob was my best friend here in the fandom, and even if I did know about what he was going through, I never expected for him to be taken away this soon. I always thought we’d have more time.

Jake was one of the lights in my life. He was there for me when my grandfather was diagnosed with stage three bladder cancer. He was there for me when I was sick with a cold and stuck in bed. He was there for me when my grandmother passed away.

Yes, I’m still in denial. Yes, I still cry whenever I come across his last ever message to me. Yes, my heart twists whenever I’m reminded of what I promised him before he passed.

But I know that he’s in a better place, where he’s finally free from the pain he’s been going through for so many years.

Jake never failed to make me laugh. You have no idea how many pictures of llamas and babies were in our chats. If somebody were to look at it, they’d probably think we were mad. Haha.

Heart-wrenching goodbyes were being said. And even then, his final words were to tell me to smile in the midst of a tragedy:

I’ll remember our rants. I’ll remember our game of twenty-one questions that spanned weeks long. I’ll remember our virtual cuddle sessions and pizza hangouts.

Jake was great soul. He was a valiant fighter and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. He was one of the strongest and kindest people I’ve ever met, and I greatly admired him for that. Loosing him felt like losing a part of me, even if we had only known each other for the past few months.

To my jellybean, my sweetheart, my best friend, my twin, my soulmate, and my Mr. Simple. Miracles can happen, and I believe meeting you was one of them. I miss you and I love you so much. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Always.

That one scene from tonight’s Wynonna Earp episode between Waverly and Nicole made me tear up. That one scene where Waverly walks down the stairs, all smiles, with a beautiful dress ; while the person she loves (and loves her back) looked at her in awe. Except that time, that person was another woman. I teared up and sobbed and smiled so wide because of that little classic and romantic moment between two women in love. It’s a little trope I always loved. And I’ve never been one to fantasize about feeling like a “princess”, but now that I saw that scene, I think I might never have fantasized about it because I never felt it could be me. I never felt it could be me, or my partner, walking down the stairs slowly with gorgeous clothes and a smile so wide it becomes painful, because the equation always had a man in it. Those scenes were always gorgeous because, well, women are gorgeous, but something was missing. I knew what was missing. But when I got that very scene with Waverly and Nicole, I realized how much was missing, and I teared up. I teared up and smiled because that little cliché scene was finally whole.


I was just peacefully watching a Markiplier video and he mentioned wearing his ‘lucky flannel’ and man, you don’t even know how that made me feel. All of the memories from reading suga-of-daegu’s IWTH just came rushing back at me and I nearly burst into tears man. I love that story so much that it’s haunting me like this oh my gawd😢

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Because tumblr won’t load my picture post, I’m putting this one here -

@thisissirius - Siri, you are everything that I aspire to be in a person. You are kind, strong and brave. You make no apologies for being exactly who you are, which is pretty spectacular. You are also completely unaware of just how exceptional you truly are. I love your writing more than words can describe. You are the only other person that I feel strongly connected to in terms of a complete and utter devotion to Robert Sugden. I look forward to devouring your fics on Ao3. Take care lovely and never change. You’re perfect 💜

@turquoiseterrier - Nikki!!! I hope I won’t be gone for long either. I love talking to you too. Your theories lit up my dash. Your optimism, fic and all our discussions gave me solace during the mess on canon. Keep writing and keep me posted. You are unbelievably talented and such an asset to the fandom. Take care lovely 💜

@aarondingel - Haley!!! You are one of the sweetest, most kindhearted and generous people that I have ever met. You are the greatest Aaron Stan in the whole world. You are a gif making queen. Don’t let the haters bring you down. You are worth ten of them. They don’t deserve you or your time. I’m so happy that I got to know you. The Robron fandom is truly blessed to have you. Take care and keep shining my love 💜😚♥️


“Raylan said in his quiet voice ‘Boyd and I dug coal together.’ ” - Elmore Leonard’s Fire in the Hole

“We dug coal together.” - Boyd, Justified Finale 2015

Since I’m still crying like a baby (I’m very sad because it’s over but these are tears of joy, believe me) I’m just going to say THANK YOU. I owe this show/this story so much, 5 years of pure quality and laughs, emotions, tears. I will never feel like this for any story or tv show, ever. I’m sure of that. Elmore would be proud - of that HAT mostly - but seriously, this was the finale we all deserved. Now let me go cry some more, I will miss the shit out of this show.

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I really, really, really, really, REALLY hate you. SO. MUCH. SO. MUCH. JESS. I just reread the last part for the reblog and THIS FRIENDSHIP IS RUINED ALL OVER AGAIN. BYE. ADIOS. STAY WITH SAMMY. HOPE HE'S FUNNY ENOUGH BECAUSE DEAN AND I ARE LEAVING YOUUU


Our friendship is ruined…

That’s it. I’m never writing another word ever.

i donut know how i feel about this but i do want a donut

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After the Storm

Life is Strange; Pricefield; 1605 words
contains major spoilers for Polarized

“Where to?”

A startled breath escaped Max before she could stop herself. She glanced around in reaffirmation that it was Chloe who’d spoken. They were alone in her truck, and a quick glance at the clock told her that several hours had passed since either of them had spoken.

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  • I honestly can't see their reunion like this:
  • Sasuke: I'm home, Sarada.
  • Sarada: (crying) I missed you so much Papa !
  • No, more like that:
  • Sasuke: I'm home, Sarada.
  • Sarada: Don't pretend to be my dad you scary weird man ! Where were you all this time ?! Do you know how Mama suffered because of you ? Why did you left ? You didn't love us...? You didn't love me...? Do you know (sobs) how I felt when I saw all my friend... with their dad ? (burst into tears) Papa...
  • Sasuke: (hug her) I missed you.
  • Sarada: (sob) Hn.

I love how Ezra is effortlessly part of Aria’s life even though they’re not actually together. When she broke up with him in season 3 and started seeing Jake in season 4, she referred to Ezra as her former teacher. Now, he’s not her former teacher. He’s a part of her family. 

I picked up a lot of little things in this episode that gave me a lot of Ezria feels, despite the fact they only had one scene together. When Aria needed help to protect her brother, the only person she felt comfortable going to was Ezra. And it wasn’t even like a big deal to her. She just went to him because that’s what she’s used to doing. She didn’t nervously knock on his door, or contemplate her decision like she may have in past seasons. SHE JUST DID IT BECAUSE HE’S EZRA. 

Remember in season 2B when Aria’s family wanted nothing to do with Ezra? Now, in season 5, not only was he invited to Thanksgiving dinner where he met Aria’s family, but Aria said that her parents trusted Ezra to drive Mike up to his cabin and spend some time there while sharing a frozen pizza. Even AndrEW noticed that Ezra had Aria’s parents on his side. Speaking of his cabin, I love how Aria and Ezra aren’t hiding the fact that they spent a lot of time together there, as if it’s perfectly normal. (IMAGINE ALL THE LONG WEEKEND SEX.)

”It takes about two hours. Your sister usually falls asleep.” NOTICE HOW HE USED PRESENT TENSE.

Ezra argued with Caleb because he wanted to protect Mike, as well as do exactly what Aria asked of him, because she’s practically his wife and if he doesn’t do what she says then he’ll get the death stare.

At first, I was angry after last week’s episode because it seemed as if Aria wasn’t the least bit upset that she broke up with Ezra, but after tonight’s episode, I realize why she wasn’t drowning her pillowcase in tears. It’s because Ezra is still very much a huge part of her life, so she doesn’t have to miss him. Yet. 

I cannot quite comprehend the fact that Glee is ending. Even though i’ve gone through periods of hatred, annoyance and dissapprival of this show… it did save my life. I will always have Glee to turn to when i’m feeling really low and i know it will always make me smile. For me, not having anymore Santana storylines is going to be the most difficult. Her’s and Britt’s storyline helped me come out and Brittana will always have a place in my heart. (NAYA I’M GONNA MISS YOUR TIGHT DRESSES) I wish so much that i could meet and thank all the cast because this Glee journey has been so so special. I know how many people there are like me who feel the same towards this amazing cast and show, so we’ll just have to get through it’s ending together❤️