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8) things you said when you were crying

“I’m sorry, I’m just really happy.”

Victor isn’t convinced by Yuuri’s words—not at first. He sits up in the bed, palms splayed behind him. He watches him carefully, almost analytically, as the tears build up in the other man’s eyes, slipping down his cheek and landing onto the sheets. “Are you sure it didn’t hurt—”

He shakes his head, cutting Victor’s words off without a sound.

But he keeps crying.

Victor reaches out for him, and Yuuri lies down on top of him, cuddling against his chest and burying his face in Victor’s neck. Victor strokes his hair, shushing him as quiet sobs continue to come from Yuuri in between muffled words and the occasional kiss to Victor’s skin, almost apologetic. “I’m so happy,” he explains weakly. “It was perfect, Victor.”

At that, he shuts his own eyes, smiles sleepily towards the ceiling. “It was perfect for me, too.” He licks his lips and holds Yuuri closer, taking in a deep breath. If it weren’t for the exhaustion and his thoughts being dulled by the sudden flooding of emotions, he would most likely cry, too. But instead, he just holds him, loves him, whispers sweet nothings into his hair as he falls asleep.


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

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anyways; you all have been so super nice to me and like, I’ve only had this particular blog for a short while, so I’m just like!! I’ve never been in such a nice fandom before!! so, thanks to all of you for making this really awesome for me so far!! 💗💗💗 ]

I'm Going Home
Dan Domenech & Company
I'm Going Home

I’m Going Home (Final Performance)- Dan Domenech & Company

[Kylux AU] ➟ Wuthering Heights.

You said I killed you—haunt me, then! The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always—take any form—drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!’


pipedreamminyard  asked:

dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette ,,,, it's just that no one else but me thinks that yet ,,, you're just a nothing in this HS scheme,,, but it's no big bc you and I are a team ,,,, (what we do is make it a two player game) (guys like us are cool in college) (you know that you are my favorite person? // is it really true I'm your fav-oh-wit person?) (i'm just Michael who you don't know, Michael flying solo, Michael in the bathroom) bye


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Holy Mary Mother of Jesus Christ!! *standing in ovation w/ tears in my eyes* I'm so happy for my man, Shiro, he finally got laid! :') I can't stop laughing, imagining him being a complete dork the next morning, like... the guy is completely zoned out, cloud nine with cheesy soundtrack in the background and everything XD... Thank you, Cathrel, your Vld Family is pure gold.

HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA I’m laughing so hard! HE FINALLY GOT WHAT HE WANTED *wipes tears* I’m so happy for him too. He was deprived for a year and 4 months. This man has the will to survive. T^T LMAO Thanks glad to know you think The Voltron Family is pure gold. 


The following morning after Shiro and Keith had sexy times

Shiro: *goes down for breakfast* *all smiley smiley* Good morning, family! This is such a wonderful day~ *sing songs* *gives his children good morning kisses*
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re acting weird.
Lance: *looks up from his milk mug* You’re walking like your legs are all jelly.
Keith: *snorts* *places pancakes on their kid’s plates* 
Hunk: And you woke up late today too. *frowns* Are you okay?
Shiro: *sits on the breakfast table stool* *smiles widely at his kids* Better than ever. I had such an amazing night, kids!
Keith: *coughs coughs* *places pancake on Shiro’s plate with force* *glares*
Shiro: *looks up at Keith* Good morning to you, my sweet pea.
Keith: *cringes* Really? That’s what you’re calling me now? Sweet pea?
Shiro: *grins* You’re just so grumpy. I love it. C’mon gimme my morning kiss. *pulls Keith closer*
Keith: *rolls his eyes and gives Shiro a morning kiss anyways*
Hunk: So Daddy Shiro you said you had an amazing night.
Shiro: *grins* I did. The Best Night Ever.
Lance: What happened? Did you win the lottery?!
Pidge: Did you discover the cure for Lance’s stupidity? *smirks*
Lance: *slaps Pidge* HEY!
Shiro: *still so out of it* Nope. Even better.
Hunk: Did you get a raise? *excited*
Shiro: *blinks and looks at Hunk* *points at him all seriously* Okay, THAT would be the greatest.
Keith: *pinches him under the table*
Shiro: Ouch! *looks at the husband* I’m just joking!
Keith: *grumbles* You better be.
Pidge: So what is it then? *frowns*
Shiro: Your Daddy Keith and I….
Keith: *glares at Shiro* 
Shiro: *smiles all sweetly* Your Daddy Keith loves me so much.
Three kids: *groans collectively* 
Lance: That’s so boring. D8
Pidge: That’s so old news! *rolls eyes and returns to eating her pancake*
Shiro: *scoffs* Oh cmonnnn! Cant you guys get a little excited about that?! At least be happy for me?! And I call you my children?! *scandalized* *places hand on his chest* 
Lance: Stop being dramaticism, Daddy Shiro.
Pidge: It’s dramatic, Lance. *rolls her yes*
Hunk: *hugs Shiro* *whispers* I’m so happy for you.
Shiro: *blinks at Hunk* *smiles* *hugs him back* Thank you, my lil sunshine. *winks at Keith*
Keith: *rolls his eyes but is so friggin amused as he eats his pancakes*

SHIRO IS SO HAPPY. *wipes tears* I’m so proud of him. 


THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE AGAIN AND HAPPY PALLETSHIPPING DAY TO ALL OF YOU LITTLE SHIPPERS!!<333 \( >u< )/ May your day be filled with lots of two dorks in love and fluff and porn! \o/ I shall submit something later tonight for it<3