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i just wanted to point out how important it is to me that Kaneki told her how much he loved that shop, a shop she’s been building up for the past 4 years and worked so hard to get… because of him, for him. To me, it’s extremely relevant that he told her that minutes before the shop was destroyed, because I don’t really think Touka cares about that anymore when Kaneki told her that he did like it, that all the work she’s spent into it was worth it, because he liked her shop.. even when he didn’t even know who she was, what that place was, and still he doesn’t exactly know he’s the main reason for the existence of :re. It’s like Touka’s mission is complete now at some point, :re did what it had to do—to bring him back and make him feel like home, I just can’t even imagine the way Touka must feel at knowing that all her hard work and hopes were not in vain, that in the end that shop wasn’t just a regular shop for him, that he liked it, it was special for him too *bursts into tears*

8) things you said when you were crying

“I’m sorry, I’m just really happy.”

Victor isn’t convinced by Yuuri’s words—not at first. He sits up in the bed, palms splayed behind him. He watches him carefully, almost analytically, as the tears build up in the other man’s eyes, slipping down his cheek and landing onto the sheets. “Are you sure it didn’t hurt—”

He shakes his head, cutting Victor’s words off without a sound.

But he keeps crying.

Victor reaches out for him, and Yuuri lies down on top of him, cuddling against his chest and burying his face in Victor’s neck. Victor strokes his hair, shushing him as quiet sobs continue to come from Yuuri in between muffled words and the occasional kiss to Victor’s skin, almost apologetic. “I’m so happy,” he explains weakly. “It was perfect, Victor.”

At that, he shuts his own eyes, smiles sleepily towards the ceiling. “It was perfect for me, too.” He licks his lips and holds Yuuri closer, taking in a deep breath. If it weren’t for the exhaustion and his thoughts being dulled by the sudden flooding of emotions, he would most likely cry, too. But instead, he just holds him, loves him, whispers sweet nothings into his hair as he falls asleep.


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

happy birthday to me!!!!!! feat. my children


As much as I loved the Sincere Sibling Hug, I kiiiiiiiinda really wish it went more like this.

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Smol Harold C1

Hi yes this is a wholesome picture thank u for requesting it. I’m sorry there’s no tears here I was in the middle of a personal problem and drawing him not-sad helped tons.

Still takin’ em!

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Omg I'm literally crying tears of pure lesbian joy,, I was talking about crushes w/ my 8 yr old sis and she told me she had a crush on this girl in her class!!! I'm so happy I could die!!!!!


I'm Going Home
Dan Domenech & Company
I'm Going Home

I’m Going Home (Final Performance)- Dan Domenech & Company