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Pandora Hearts 1 ➝ 22 : covers + back covers 

On today’s edition of ‘I hate the world and everything in it’: why having naturally large breasts is fucking awful

- back pain
- never being able to find a bra in your size
- never being able to find a swimming costume that fits you properly
- rarely being able to buy shirts or blouses or suits or body warmers or fitted coats or anything with front buttons and zips because they never do up
- back. pain.
- exercise
- seriously sports bras are useless unless they’re made of fucking cast iron or something
- bonus back pain after exercise
- also getting catcalled and shouted at when you run miraculously even more than you do when you’re just walking down the street (I now only ever exercise in a gym because of this)
- men constantly staring at you like they have some ownership over your body?? Like you were designed specifically to please them?? Old men, young men, creepy men, men from every socio economic background you can think of, they’re all the same.
- bonus: this started at a really young age because you developed breasts before everyone else and men are disgusting and think there are no age limits on this shit
- b a c k p a i n
- women constantly staring at you with this vaguely disgusted expression, like you’re some kind of slut?? Like you had any choice over how your body developed??
- feeling like some kind of slut, mostly because of the above
- sometimes actually being told to ‘cover up’ when you’re wearing completely normal not-even-tight clothes (had this one multiple times at school and church)
- did I mention back pain

Feel free to add to the list busty girls! But don’t forget how “lucky” we are haha!!


“I like to think of myself as a strong influence for young people, and I think a big thing about being young is finding out who you are, experimenting, not being afraid to try things, and not being afraid to really embrace who you are and what makes you happy. And I think fashion is a big part of that. You don’t have to care about what people think or let people determine your happiness.”

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