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🎁 May 24rd • The Matsuno Brother’s Birthday 🎁


Mom: did you wish your father a happy Father’s Day?

Me: @ harrystyles happy Father’s Day daddy

aph--portugay  asked:

*Hello! Would you mind giving me a brief explanation about the deal with Portuguese towels? I just want to make sure I double check my facts before I say anything about it :)

Ooooh yeah! 

Every country has a preferred joke about their neighbors. For Spain - it’s Portuguese towels. 

Okay, so the long story is that some decades ago, towels, furniture and things like that were much, much cheaper in Portugal, so people either went there expressly to buy them or bought a fuckton whenever they were in Portugal. Brought them back and gifted them to their friends and family. 

Nevermind that they didn’t dry well, from what I’ve heard. But try to tell that to your economy-obsessed mom. 

The thing got so out of hand that the “stop stealing our towels” return joke from Portugal was born, and even there were discovered cases of… entire operations of illegal trafficking of towels. *sigh* iberians

Anyway, now almost every time Portugal is mentioned, people start making Towel jokes™. Even if the towel business is not what it used to be and people mostly still buy them for the sake of the joke. But there are still some grannies that legit go to Portugal only to buy old-fashioned, terribly quality towels. Unironically. 

Anyway, some towel joke gems can be like this:
Q: are there Portuguese street gangsters?
A: Yeah, but instead of gold chains they hang towels from their neck

But mostly they are situational. You mention Portugal around and somebody always finds a way to immediately bring up towels. And you all laugh. Except that one Portuguese person that rolls their eyes and tries to murder you with their mustache. 

Oh yeah, hairy women. That’s another recurrent joke, but I don’t know where it comes from. 

Q: “Are you tired or upset?”

GP: I’m always happy to be here, but as always you’ve guys have asked me about 10 questions and none have been about the game so…

Q: “Why do you think people jeer at you, because of politics or Madrid Criticism?”

GP:  “Why do you guys care so much? I don’t understand why you guys give this so much attention? Why don’t you talk a bit about football? Why?!

Q:”Because it’s news..:

GP: It’s news? It’s been a year an a half and you guys keep on asking me about this? Why is it still news, because you guys want it to be!

Q: “We want to know how you react”

GP: My reaction? You’ve asked me this for over a year now… every single time, and you think it’s important? YOU make it important”

Q: “The public jeers…”

GP: “No, no, you give this importance, the people weren’t jeering anymore after the Eurocup, but by you and everybody here in the media reporting on this, giving it importance, and making ridiculous polls questioning ‘Should Pique be jeered with the NT?’ you guys all make people jeer again… You seriously think this is about politics?? When have I ever positioned myself in favor of Catalan independence huh? No right? well then?

Q: “Again do you think this has to do with that or your criticism to Madrid?

GP: “I’ve responded 20 times, check your archive…”