i'm in shock right now oh my god

Emotional rollercoaster
  • <p> <b>Me before D23:</b> "I'm fine, life is good, life is great"<p/><b>Me after D23:</b> "HOLY SHIT! JACK LOOKED SO FREAKING NICE! DARK GREEN HAIR AND DARK BLUE SHIRT? YES PLEASE!!! OH MY GOD, SPEAKING OF THAT DARK GREEN HAIR, IT LOOKS SOOOOOOO GOOD!! WOW, I THINK THIS IS THE REAL DEFINITION OF MY ASS IS IN SEPTIC SHOCK! FUUUUUCK!!!!!"<p/><b>Also me after my ass was done being in septic shock:</b> *sobbing* "I'm so proud of that Irish bean!<p/><b></b> *sobbing harder, thinking about the journey we went on to get to this point* "We've come so far.."<p/><b></b> *sobbing even harder, thinking about the amazing things to come* "And it's only gonna get better from here..."<p/><b>Me right now:</b> "Oh yeah....Anti could still appear at any given moment. Fuuuuck, I'm too emotional right now for your shit Anti!"<p/></p>

Something happened about “8 or 9” minutes ago…

A facken’ Earthquake here?! Everything’s facken’ swaying left to right, oh gosh i hope this won’t get any worse!!!
Before a facken’ Volcano erupted & now another earthquake?!

I STILL WANNA LIVE!! (even thou i really wanna die) BUT I STILL HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO LIVE FOR!!! *ahem* stop should stop this drama… hope no one gets hurt… there is still some after shocks right now but i dun give a Fack? Maybe? Lol!!! *dabs out* Was facken’ overreacting about this shi– didn’t i?  ̄ε  ̄

aboycalledsean  asked:

Although you doubt us getting many answers next week, you think the overall plot and AD's identity will do justice? like I'm aware that you can't please everyone, but how would you judge Mona's reaction?

I think the AD story will be good, I really do. After seeing the first half of the endgame with Charlotte’s killer… I’m saying it now: AD will not be shocking. How many times have the cast and writers said that people online have got it right. We have seen it, somewhere, sometime, on Tumblr. I won’t be shocked at all. When the hoodie comes off, I’m fully expecting it to be a moment of “oh so that’s the theory they went with” rather than “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL!?”

But yeah I’m not expecting answers other than who AD is. In terms of the finer details like who Jason was hiding in his house in season 2… forget it.

I think Mona’s reaction wasn’t anything to judge now. That could be mid conversation rather than her first initial reaction. “I never thought it was you” could’ve been after an hour of discussion. Plus, it’s what they put in the promo. They wouldn’t spoil THAT much.

anonymous asked:

Please post more selfies, you are so cute and all this time I literally had your display photo as you in my mind and got a culture shock when I saw how you look irl hahaha

Tuycvccecyja anonnn oh my god, this is one of the nicest and funniest anons I’ve ever received hahaha to be fair, I am displaying a very ‘eye rolling face’ most of the time in real life as well haha I look horrible right now but I’ll post some selfies in the next few days, I promise!