i'm in new york guys

In a league that has: Sidney Crosby, who missed nearly an entire year because of concussion symptoms (as well as neck issues) that came from an elbow and a hit against glass.

In a league that has: goalies who have concussions from being hit by a puck with their masks on.

In a league where being hit by a pack has: Broken ankles, wrists, jaws, eye sockets, knocked out teeth, turned faces into bloody messes, broken noses, and damaged vision while players were on their feet, a good distance from the surface of this ice.

You want to tell me that a player laying on the ice is somehow undeserving of an immediate whistle. Undeserving of protection while laying on the ice. That the player laying down on the ice isn’t in more danger than the players on their feet.

Here’s an idea NHLPA, how about we lay you on the ice in that situation. Why don’t you see just how not dangerous and potentially deadly it is to lay on the ice. Show us how important possession is.

Sounds crazy, right? Like a bullshit suggestion and a ridiculous notion.

Just like your rules and your “player safety”.

Story Time: Another New York Nigga

Last night I was packing to head back to North Carolina. As I walking towards my sister’s apartment building, I saw this tall, dark, and handsome but older guy just staring at me. I didn’t think much of it because usually niggas in Maryland just stare but not approach. So as I was walking, I felt like someone was behind.

Me being me, I did my “did I forget to lock my car?” motion which is when I stand there get my keys, turn around, and go to my car. Bruhhhhh as soon as I turned around, this fine nigga was right behind me.

The first thing he said was, “Damn, you are gorgeous.” I just smiled and thanked him, then we proceeded to walk in our different directions. Then all of a sudden, he stopped, turned back around to ask me, if he can give me his number? That’s when I realized he’s from New York and y'all know I loveeeee a nigga with a New York/New Jersey accent.

So as I get his number, he tells me that he just moved to Maryland from New York and he wanted to know if we can be friends who converse. I agreed to being his friend, just as long as we stayed friends and nothing more. He said, “that’s fine with me.” Before we went our separate ways again, he looked me in the eyes and was like, “You are so gorgeous and that smile, that smile is amazing. Damn, you are gorgeous.” In my head, I was like:

 It was a really cute gesture and totally unexpected based on my encounters with New York niggas. I texted him to be nice and he’s a real cool guy.


Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees who passes Hall of Famer Willie Mays on the All-Time Home Runs list and becomes the sole owner of 4th All-Time. After hitting his 661st home run Thursday May 7th, 2015 against Orioles pitcher Chris Tillman.

In a very ridiculous way, I was thinking that I had control over when my baby was going to come… on Friday night he decided he wanted to start coming and he wanted to get there by Saturday, and so I texted Mike Shoemaker and Seth in the middle of the night and said, “I’m not going to make the show tomorrow.” From what I understand, it was really exciting because everyone had these fill-ins for my parts. Elisabeth Moss filled in for herself in a “Mad Men” sketch, and she met Fred Armisen that night, and a year later, on my son’s birthday, they were married. That was also the night where Seth had to do “Update” for the first time, and I held my newborn son in my arms as I watched Maya and Kenan sing a song to me and him. Seth tapped on the “Update” desk, which he does now pretty regularly out of a lovely habit, and I felt it was really one of those really incredibly moving moments where all these moments in my life were happening at the same time and I felt my heart crack open.
It was just love with a capital L all over there. Getting it, receiving it, feeling it, seeing this little person, my first son, and seeing the people I loved so much at my job. It felt very real to me and it is very real to me. I treasure the love and relationships that I have there and continue to have because of that job.
—  Amy Poehler, from the updated version of “Live From New York”.

How I feel about the K-Pop show on Nickelodeon:


The Strand Book Store haul 9.9.15 💕

  • Michael: So how do you get around New York City though?
  • Darren: I'm a big subway guy, I've got to say. It's just the fastest way to get around.
  • Michael: But nobody comes up to you, nobody bothers you?
  • Darren: I think you guys probably know it's like nobody cares. They just want to get to where they're going. And even if they did care, it's like "oh, I'm going to miss my stop" and then they go. But I've ran into a lot of Broadway folks on the subway, because it's the fastest way to get around. Going to Midtown, it's the difference between 10 minutes or 40 minutes, you know, in a cab. So I ran into Jesse Tyler Ferguson right at the 42nd stop, just you know the crossroads of every one going crazy and again, if anyone saw him, it was just like "I've got to go" and they're just flying off. Brian Stokes Mitchell who is another wonderful Broadway actor was just sitting across from me. So yeah, the whole Broadway community definitely does.